Suge Knight Caught On Camera Threatening The Paparazzi


A video of the Sept. 5 Beverly Hills confrontation that landed Suge Knight and Katt Williams in jail for robbery has surfaced.

The clip starts with Knight going after a male paparazzo before the former rap mogul starts to call the female paparazzo a b*tch. Suge continues by accusing her of taking pictures of his son.

“I got a b*tch to come beat your motherf***in’ ass!” ~ Suge Knight

Here’s the footage:


  1. Suge Knight needs to sit down, everything he had he stole from “Eazy E” and then tried to duplicate “EAZY E’s” success, man SUGE had Dre, Snoop, Nate Dogg, Jewell, “DPG”, TUPAC to name a few and still screwing everything up, what a loser and an embarrassment to all aspiring Black Business people

  2. I can’t deal with his shenanigans… he’s just too over the top dramatic to me.

  3. Awww, Suge! Is you mad that they is coming for your old ass! Is you mad cause you have no power now, and they prob gonna get your son then you? Just ask Dr. Dre…

  4. Both these idiots need to get it together. They both have long rap sheets. Suge is an evil individual and Katt I think has to do more with drugs. I dont know how Suge got away with all the crimes he’s done in the past. I think Suge is working for the feds. I doubt he will do 30yrs to life but then again look at OJ Simpson.

  5. People can be extremely sensitive about their children and understanably so. If the man said he don’t want pic taken then don’t take the pics. If you do then expect drama to ensue. Invasion of privacy is a mf

  6. I just read that Suge fell in prison twice and has a blood clot in his lung because they wouldnt give him his medication.

    • I read something similar on TMZ. It appears as though TPTB are trying to exterminate Suge. Suge and Katt are both extremely outspoken against the industry, and I’m guessing that’s why they are marked targets.

  7. Wasn’t there a story about him yesterday? This site has lost its flavor. Something fishy is going on with this site. I smell agenda!

  8. How the hell do you pronounce his name? Is it Shoog? Or is it soooj? Why can’t he just be named Tyrone like everyone else?

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