Drake Fears His YMCMB Boss

Drakes Houston Homies

HSK Exclusive – Drake was seen rushing to the back exit of the Story nightclub on Thursday night in Miami. Know why? Because when Lil Wayne entered the nightclub, Drake didn’t want Wezzy to see him partying with his enemies.

A source is saying Drake rolls with Houston dudes for protection, but Lil Wayne considers Drake’s Houston homeboys as his enemies.

Dig the drop:

“Drake was having a hell of a good time in the club, but when he heard Wayne entered the club, dude rushed to back exit and left.”

Drake Scared of Wayne


  1. I have a crush on Drake but he is a little too cocky at times
    I dont phuck with Tyga and he is wack 4 messing with that young girl
    At least Drake only phucks with full grown thots
    Either way they both belong to the same satanic club
    So at the end it doesent matter anyway

    • LOL, Drake is a true scorpio. Both egotistic and sensitive at the same damn time.

        • My dad is a scorpio (mom is a capricorn)and girl them scorpio’s are no joke. I’m pretty sure he cheated on my mother while he was in Vietnam but he hasn’t done anything since he came stateside. My father is too damn cheap to cheat, lol and he’s crazy…I mean CRAZY about my mom.

          • Lmao…did you say:

            “Too cheap to cheat?”…
            I am on the floor rolling!!!

  2. @Anon..am sorry but Drake looks like a salamander..he is not attractive at all, except for his pockets & Drake looks like he got touched with the “special” stick…

    • ROTFLMBO! A salamander….now that is HILARIOUS! Really he is not cute, handsome, none of the above.

    • @Candygurl, Maybe Drake is unattractive to u but he is very, very sexy and attractive to me
      If I was still rocking in the music industry like I used too I would have certainly gave him some.
      Different strokes for different folks
      *shrug shoulder*

      • I find him attractive too. I mean I wouldn’t f*ck him with a latex lined chocha but he’s cute.

  3. The whole so-called “CASH MONEY” and “YMCMB” empire is crumbling slowly, but surely, Baby and his Brother Slim don’t like to pay there artists,and “CASH MONEY” is surviving I suspect off of old publishing from songs they stole from there artists just ask “JUVENILE” “B.G.”, “YOUNG TURK”, “MANNY FRESH”, FEMCEE “STRINGS”, “MIKEY”, etc, even ask “LIL WAYNE”, I forget, his is too scared for his life to say this, Lol

  4. Hard to talk shit on records when you’re scared of your own shadow all the time.

  5. Houston, TX is where it’s at! They music there stands on it’s own. Waaaaay better than ATL. It’s some serious streets brothas over there! Wayne can’t handle Houston because they keeps it real and they’re very protective! Houston don’t give a damn about the industry. Mya went to Houston and Japan when she got shaded from the business.

  6. drake is more like a Canadian bacon than a steak!!!! real nicca’s can’t f*ck with a steak because their soft f*cks
    no women want a soft f*ck they want a hard f*ck

    you nicca’s can’t eve dick down women probably

  7. Kristina left her 4th at relationship with Jaz Prince to become LilWayne’s side chick,but Wayne don’t really want beef with JPrince Sr.because dude is quietly like the Teflon Don of the industry.

    • Rappers continue to glorify John Gotti as if he’s god but I guess they haven’t seen his jail interview where he’s referring to blacks as nigg#rs..Perhaps they should try google.

    • The funny thing is no one wants to emulate the couple of gangsters who really were untouchable like Tony Accardo and Joe Bonanno. I guess they were too boring.

  8. All of this fake bs. These demons are all a part of the same gang! The only thing they fear is ritchousness and the truth. This site is posting nothing but watered down bs. Its no different now than Bawshit or Mediafakeout! The demons has stolen HSK.

  9. Everyone involved in the industry is a satanic music sex slaves from males and females to record companies every male in the industry is gay but you have to be gay to get involved with millions of dollars cough cough #LBGT cough cough

  10. In some angles Drake looks fine in others he looks like a primate. Sometimes he favors a cute primate. I can’t figure out how he looks in this one. Is that first one with J prince Jr?

  11. Yeah nobody cares lol but the both of them need to just come on OUT of that f*ckin closet and join the list with Frank Ocean and Bruno Mars. birdman is their ”daddy” and Drake is doing nothing but signing GAYLORD NIGGAS to his own label like if everybody’s stupid. everybody already noticed all of the facades in 2009

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