Tyga Disses Drake During Supperclub Performance


Here’s footage of Tyga dissing Drake at his Halloween themed event Thursday night at the Supperclub in Hollywood.


  1. Ima roll wit Tyga. Neither are artist i care about, but i like Tyga’s flow better. Drake is overrated no real lyrics just gimmicks.

  2. So who cares? And? This site is fall’en off bad it’s bad something is different jacky use ta be more on game you slip’en these blogs is wack as f*ck. What happen jacky?

    • @on topa thangs; Co-sign+++. U can better tea from yahoo. Have no idea what’ s going on this site.

      Funny thing; when u question about the site. There is always some1 ready to fight(with words of vulgarity).

  3. Jackie hasn’t run this site in a few years. It’s definitely not the same anymore…

  4. here is our downfall, we worry about HOOD SH*T.
    While the rest of the world is dealing with REAL. Sh*t, we still talking about who dissed who on a song! REALLY? Com on people, we have some REAL BUSINESS to get to

  5. This fool Dissed a black woman, to be with a 17 year old teenager.
    I have love for him.

    this HIP HOP game has been the destruction of the blackfamily.

    Him and Kanye – Treasonist

  6. Tyga has a better flow and beats than Drake. I think one reason Drake doesnt like Tyga is because Chris Brown and Tyga are good friends. Drake is a hater and that has been obvious since day one.

  7. was this nicca miming his own song at the club?? lazy motherf*cker artist today are lazy they sing/rap with the backing tracks
    playing and clearly tyga is lazy

    as for disses drake honestly couldn’t hear it just proves cash money is not a family oriented label as they appeared to be

    lil chuck is bad mouthing cash money
    tyga is disses cash money and drake
    drak is scared of lil wayne???

    all them sex parties didn’t help with the money

  8. These fake beefs are just as pathetic as the people who believes them. All these demons are the same, one is not better than the other. Amerikkka loves drama and who brings drama better than these soul- out nigg*rs. Yes I said it because they’re not black people. Why do these n*ggers continue to let these demonic n*ggers make fools of them? Oh I know why its for the money! Stop commenting on these types of fake stories and maybe they will go away. This site has turned to garbage with crap like this. I believe something happened to Jacky because he was exposing the truth.

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