Janet Jackson Shows Off Her New Face Lift

Janet Jackson Pre-facelift

Janet Jackson showed off her new face lift last Friday night when she attended a Vogue Fashion event in Dubai.

Take a look at the new face of the 48 year old pop star:

Janet Jackson Facelift

Lets go!


    • The only thing I see is a fat azz woman with a very stern looking arab behind her watching her every movie. She has the same tense look latoya had when she went out with her jailer husband. They are so stupid and keep making the same mistakes. The only men who give black american women a decent life are European or American.

  1. Nothing new. That’ s what they do in Hollyweird. Fkng, sucking, licking, drugging & facelifts.

    • Proves money makes those who hate themselves prove it, by getting face lifts. The Jacksons blame their self hate on joes ass whoopings, what’s your excuse?

  2. I am upset at that non-blended ponytail because she has the resources to fly in a stylists that is familiar with textured hair. Janet is generally so well put together. Flawless skin as always though.

    • Once she married that middle easterner she lost everything under her control, including her money. He’s going to kick her out penniless when she’s broke.

    • Considering she was wearing the first bundle ever wefted of Indian hair. Or maybe Naomi was…still..

    • @Anon..plus the “face lift” is probably just weight gain, you know Janet stay yo-yoing with her weight

  3. Look like the same face to me. Ponytail just pulled tight than a mf! But those eyes…

    • I see it. Even at a time when the entire world is screaming about how middle eastern men abuse their women, the fool goes off and marries one LOL LOL what an idiot. i have no sympathy and when he takes all her money and she comes here begging for us black americans, to buy her music, i wont spend a dime. how much money has she put back in her own community through jobs or marriage? none. MANY MEXCIANS ARE WEALTHY BECAUSE OF HER, AND NOW SHE TAKING CARE OF ARABS

        • I doubt deanna is jelly. Anyway can be a fool for love. But Janet doesn’t look happy. That billionaire Arab can buy a solid gold cage, stud it with diamonds and line it with cash, I still wouldn’t want that life . Or him.

          • Hell all she gotta do is stay in the marriage for 5 years, get the money, and haul ass. Now if she put her money in another account, her money now, in an account where Wissam don’t have access to it, then she is good to go. She is living in Qatar. Its not all that strict.

            • No because like the rest of the elite he has access to the real cure. Best believe there really is one considering the guv had it patented back in 1990. That’s enough time to work on a vaccine, dontcha think.

            • You best believe he has at least one wife under 30. Who you think he f*cks more often?

  4. She just looks like she gained a lot of weigh. The weight gain makes her face look out of proportion with her “reduced nose” and other previous procedures.

  5. Janet Jackson and the whole Jackson family are no stranger to plastic surgery addiction. Minus the weight gain, I think she has recently had some work done to her face.

  6. Janet Jackson, should have allowed herself to age gracefully, she looks like a stuff, bloated cow literally

  7. Is that what the billonair new husband is for? So he can keep up the facelifts? This how ever the 5th or 6th one, I guess you have to keep all that up.but one good thing is she looks pretty much the same, just everything is pulled up and she has more slanted eyes like Chinese people that’s about it, and the cheeks still looks to be the the same ah it’s not so bad, so bad is hazel off hip hop and love now she should sue she looks horrible!

  8. I really don’t notice a lift and she looks like she has on alot of make-up. She’s a beautiful woman but I hate that nose.

  9. too much money and not enough sense, instead of this trans looking self hate coon spending her money are stupid she should of donated
    her money to a charitable calls but instead she gets a face lift (only old looking white women do that shit)

    • You f*cking bigoted tool. Vivica Fox had a face lift, is SHE an old white woman? You generalize shit to death. In real life, maybe old white women dominate the cosmetic surgery patient community, but in show business, even black women have to keep up appearances due to the competition.

  10. when are you nicca’s gonna wake up the jackson family do’t act black there’s nothing black about them
    fame and money turns black people stupid is the truth!!! the jackson are a laughing stock they care about more white people than their own kind!!!

    most of them took up with white

  11. Dang! Gone Janet… I wouldn’t touch my face, but let Janet do her thang. Countless white women start touching their facing in their 30s why can’t Janet? She is almost 50

  12. The Jacksons are very much black. Big nose, big lips before the surgeries. Janet has thyroid disease and thats why her weight fluctuates but then again she might just be a pig. You know an emotional eater. She never had luck with men. They were either gay or on drugs.

    • That’s why I laugh when people try to claim those kids are Michael’s biological children. Those kids would be brown skinned and afro’d if they had MJ’s DNA. I still don’t understand why he lied.

        • I know. They are the only fan base that’s crazier and more delusional than the Beyhive.

      • Hold up Cheese. I have a classmate whose father is black and her mom is white but her hair texture is just like her mom. And she is mixed. Same complexion like Prince and Paris. So yes, they can be his kids. U don’t have to hair semi natural wave pattern for your child to be mixed. Now this I do know about hair and bone structure. Those his kids. He may not had sex with Debbie but his sperm says other wise.

        • Okay let’s remove the hair and the skin color from the equation. Those kids have none of the Jacksons original features and the Jacksons have some strong genes.
          Just look at the kids all the other Jacksons have made. They all have the same eye shape and the same noses (pre surgery). He may be their father but IMO Michael did not make those babies.

          • Blanket he can’t deny. Paris looks like LaToya and Prince looks like MJ’s granddaddy.

            • I see why you think that but I think its just the power of suggestion. Prince really looks like that broke ass doctor Debbie Rowe used to work for. I agree blanket could be his because i know an Iranian chick who family disowned her for having kids with a black darkskinned baby daddy and her kids look straight up middle eastern. The daughter especially has long straight hair and light skin. But i just don’t believe those are mj kids. I think he disliked his black features and did not want bio kids to inherit them. And also I think he was doing his own little f*cked up version of that Hollywood trend of adoption. All these white celebs get black kids. He got white ones. And because he was married to their mama he didn’t have to go through the legal red tape to adopt. He likely wouldn’t have passed the psychological background checks for a legal USA adoption. Notice he went overseas to buy blanket.
              Shut up stans, I’m entitled to my opinion, lol.

            • @17:22
              He didn’t have to adopt those children because Debbie the surrogate put his name on the birth certificate.
              I have noticed people have a hard time admitting to MJ’s faults but you are absolutely right, he did not like his Black features. I’m not hating on MJ, I still enjoy his music but the man was the poster child for self hate. Permed wig and all.

          • Cheese, this is an unwinnable argument. As you said, if Mrs. Jackson herself were to make an official announcement that the doctor is the bio father, MJ’s stans would still not believe it.
            Just like they all believe “he wasn’t into little boys…he just never had a childhood so he FEELS like a little boy too! He just likes to have fun and play with his little pals!”
            Uhh huh.

            • MJ stans are so crazy they claim those claims were false and were the result of Michael being setup by tptb for speaking out against the machine.
              My theory is MJ was guilty and tptb knew what he was doing all along but they didn’t expose him until he spoke out against them.

              Ooh we should probably stop unless you really want the crazies to come out and play.

  13. Lawd no….don’t like it when women look stretched and pinched in the face. She didn’t need all that. She was beautiful just the way she was.

    • If it is a face lift, it will soften and loosen a bt when all the swelling goes down. Plastic surgeons tell you that it takes a full year for the face to assume a normal un-swollen look following surgery.

  14. I’m not seeing a face lift here but it does look like Janet has gained some weight. She still looks good though.

  15. Janet should ask herself how her husband became a billionaire and once she does the research she’ll clearly see that those stinky Arabs enslaved us and became rich because of it.But a sellout gold digger like Janet J could careless about her people marrying her enemy.

    • Dam i wish i could get 1 of those sexy stinky filthy rich arabs to marry me
      And im dead serious. Arab men (next to the black men) are 1 of sexiest breeds to walk the earth
      In my opinion

      • Spoken like a true Prostitute.Why am I not surprised.All hoes have a price.

        • BlackAnastasia,

          Now, I know YOU know I was just kidding. I think you of me well enough to know that!

        • @BlackAnastasia

          your right, she’s the same black woman let justine timberlake expose her breast for all to see
          janet probably kept her mouth shut about the whole incident. but if it was a black man she would of cuzzed him off

          the Jackson family are white but in black skin they all married white people. if they wasn’t rich white people wouldn’t be
          f*cking with them and it’s the truth

        • @Ms.Reg I was not talking to you love.You know we’ve always been good.Shalom

    • A good book to read is How White Folks Got So Rich: The Untold Story of American White Supremacy by the Reclamation Project.

  16. Perhaps she should take off all that ugly Ass Witchcraft Makeup and we’d see just how average her and multiple other women in Hollywood really look..Ask Cristi Brinkley..

  17. That before photo was taken in 2004 for her Damita Jo album. How are you going to compare how she looks today to a 10 year old picture? She’s almost 50, she’s supposed to look different. Her face just looks a little fuller to me, maybe she’s picked up weight due to hormonal changes. Leave her alone and stop trying to start something.

    • Because she is alone. You know those Jacksons weren’t brought up to be functioning members of society. Joe wanted them be me nothing more than entertaining ATM’s. And now that she’s with this so called billionaire.
      It’s a sad life that proves money and fame are not everything. I tell you I would never want to be in her or her blonde wig wearing wannabe’s shoes…ever.

  18. She look like a waterlogged female ferret to me…….Not impressed at the thrown away thousands for another unrecognizable facelift……she prolly eating herself to death, cause she forgot a man like that …GOTS TO HAVE A BANGIN HAREM….no offense to her…but the culture sayyyyys so…….dude dat rich can’t have just one MARE…….in his culture that dont look successful………plus her money compared to ARAB OIL money…..is tantamount to….Chucky Cheese tokens…….they prolly told ms nasty to “have a seat”……..(snuggling)

  19. I might be in need of that facelift myself, mid ☔️50’s and going strong..
    She’s too young for a lift, but women are doing Botox in their 20’s.
    I’m just considering Botox …ugh

    • As soon as I get some serious dough saved up, Im getting some major plastic surgery
      Fuck the bullshit
      Lol !

      • Hey I say do whatever makes you happy. Just be careful and don’t get the cat lady cheekbones, lol.

      • Her husband is wearing his white robe holding her hand. That’s her makeup artist, but Janet’s husband is a fine ass Capricorn.

      • That’s her make-up artist, Preston not her husband. Oh, but…her husband is on the cute side of life.

  20. DAM! @vonnie
    U sound very hateful, jealous, envious and spiteful.
    With your fine big dyck rich arab husband.

    Fuck the haters MRS. Jackson. Lol !

  21. Why are all these females destroying their natural beauty. It reminds me of the movie death becomes her. Cant leave well enough alone. Oh well.

  22. Janet had no business getting platic sugery.There’s plenty of black women who aged gracefully like Angela Bassett, Regina King, Taraji P Henson, Chili from TLC, Sanaa Lathan, Nia Long, etc.

    • Quite a few Black women both famous and regular have gotten little tweaks done here and there. It’s just not as obvious unless you go overboard like Jada, Vivica and Janet.

    • If you think Ms Bassett hasn’t had some very subtle and judicious work done, I have a bridge I’d like to sell ya. Even we black don’t crack women have neck and jaw issues which are untenable when photographed on the big screen. There isn’t a black women in the movies over 40 who doesn’t have little adjustments done regularly. Think about Diahann Carroll. BEAUTIFUL woman…but you best believe that when she was cast as Dominique Devereaux on Dynasty, she had the full on refresher done.
      We regular folk can age gracefully, they can’t if they wish to keep working(as a glamor actress, not a maid.)

      • Yep. The bright lights and the caked on make up celebrities have to wear in order to look “flawless” wreaks havoc on the skin. And don’t get me started on what happens to their hair.

    • My p*ssy don’t smell so nasty so I can relate a lil bit I still smell something fishy!

  23. Makes me want to cry.
    Just SO wrong. She was beautiful when she was a kid… why all that change to that beautful face?

  24. Anybody with half of a brain can see that Arab lifestyle is not Janet’s comfort zone and she looks very uncomfortable and unhappy in this photo.Lets not forget about the story that broke months ago in the media about how miserable Janet was and this picture validates the story.

    • Exactly bro! Harems and prostitution is big in middle eastern countries. Arabs are rich beyond belief they have cars imported from Dubai to London [ferraris, porsche’s etc] but I agree ms jackson looks dead behind the eyes, I don’t believe she’s happy with the life her Arab husband is giving her.

      • Agreed Sis..Those Arabs had a hand in slave trade as well.Janet married her enemy and don’t even know it.

      • But on the real, when did Janet ever look all that happy? With Rene? NO. With Jermaine the gremlin? NO.

        She’s never been a real smiley happy person(except when she’s performing.)And with good reason too I expect.
        Wissam gave her something nobody else could. He gave her space, distance and a buffer zone from her crazy parasitic family. She wanted that as much or more than the money.

  25. That’s her same face she is just heavier and she had her eyebrows arched to the heavens. She looks like Penny. She looks bloated, she is probably drinking and eating good. We have seen Janet fat many times. This is no face lift. Come on now…side eye.

  26. pro-black people age differently from sellout-blacks!!

    pro-black people look younger but sellout-blacks age badly is the truth!!!!

    look at all the black celebrities who are married to their own kind!!
    and look at all the black celebrities who are married to white people

    the difference is outstanding we all Janet date out her race because the Jackson act white!!!!

  27. I hope the money is great she looks soul depleted. She has many a facelifts before but she certainly doesn’t look happy. Relationships take work and I don’t think wissam is a bad dude. My current boyfriend is persian and comes from wealth (not on wissams level). I could never marry him, though I enjoy him thoroughly. I won’t give up my Christian beliefs for anyone. I don’t think wissam is a bad dude, but she looks drained. I pray I’m wrong and she is in bliss but I doubt it.

    • Amen Keli on the belief part that is. Janet didn’t have a lift on this pic. She just gain some weight. I know exactly how her artist achieved this look. My uncle is a professional make up artist and I asked him does this look like a face lift? He said no.

  28. She looks like she put back on the chunk. I wonder how her heart is doing with all her yoyo weight loss. That kind of behavior can kill you.

  29. Yes Jan looks unhappy but a pic only captures a split sec so I’m trying to give her the benefit of the doubt though I suspect she truly is miserable as she looks. I have loved Jan my whole life but I have to tell the truth, I can see some serious psych issues going. Facelift or not who knows but I will always love her and I wish her the best. I wish I could be her friend right now because it’s apparent that she needs a good gal pal right now. Love you Jan

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