Yung Berg Owes $87,000 Back Child Support Payments


Love and Hip Hop Hollywood cast member, Christian “Yung Berg” Ward, hasn’t paid child support since 2011 and is currently past due a total of $87k

Here’s what’s being reported:

“Yung Berg is on the Illinois website for parents who are delinquent with child support payments.”


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      • Word!! These people kill me with that Satan shit.Everybody who in the industry is the devil! Shut the f*ck up!! Weirdos!!

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  1. If I am doing the math in my head correctly this dude has roughly 2400 a month to pay and he can’t do that. Sad sad world.

    • @Non I..yep but if you hear this lame speak in interviews all he does is name drop all the “entertainers” that he produces music for…SMFH..he is so broke hence, why his lame ass is on L&HH hollywood, those blood money check can surely take care of his child support issues…

  2. What really? Not the richest cat in the business lol not berg look like you want more child support you stay up in bitches face any bitch that’ll stop and listen he’sIin her face and try’en to f*ck, I look for another broad to be a scream’en she pregnant pleaseee don’t let it be hazel ugly ass cause I know you still call’en for a free f*ck cause you know she like ya use what is called a condom that might help that situation think silly ass boys think before you decide to do dumb shit

  3. ALL THESE IRRESPONSIBLE — NO money making – smoke and mirrors

    YOU PRODUCE KIDS but dont want to feed, shelter, cloth or nurture them.
    Then LEAVE the woman, to take care of your seed.


    • Oh…you are waaaay to kind in your comment.

      I HOPE they throw his “I got a different woman everyday of the week, 2 on Saturday & how many ever on Sunday if I choose to, I’ve worked with____________________”
      (fill in a ANY name you choose because this little runt-ass wannabe playboy swears he’s produced some of EVERYDAMNBODY)…in jail.
      Not now but RIGHT NOW & HURRY UP!

      How can him or anyone for that matter justify his not paying child support for the past 3 yes WHEN HE CLAIMS TO BE WORKING oh so much & is currently getting paid to be included in a reality show?

      The court should make a straight up example of his sorry ass by placing him in jail until he comes up with ALL the money & pays every cent of that arrearage.

      How does his sorry ass think his child eats, sleeps, dresses, attends school & navigates their in life?

      • If he is in jail how will he work to pay back the child support fees? I’m just saying. I know he a playa playa but still…I don’t think he’s producing any records like that the way he claim to be. I don’t know anyone who running to Berg for a beat. Plus, he’s not really making much off Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood. He does need to pay his support and the back pay!

        • @LOL901,

          Who cares, right? Let him get the total amount from “his wide range of women he says he sleeps with & some of the many artists he claims to produce & write music for.”

          All I know is…I FEEL LIKE he talks way to grandiose for a cat who isn’t paying his current child suppirt to the tune of $87k.

  4. He’s always bragging about people he produces and writes for but he cant cut a check to his child. This is one selfish piece of you know what. He’s out there in Cali while his son is in the gang infested Chicago dodging bullets.

  5. How does this dude even have a kid? It’s obvious he’s not even into women. He looks disgusted when a woman comes into the room. The chic Hazel E looks a bit mannish. Yung Berg you aint fooling nobody.

  6. this is really pitiful, she shouldn’t be blaming yung berg she opened her legs to him he didn’t force her to have sex
    she was a willing participant. she wanted it as much as he did is easy to blame a man but women must get the blame

    women stop putting yourselves with deadbeat men!! do’t let the sex talk stop opening your legs to these bummy nicca keep your got damn legs shut
    look after your kids do’t make more

    • Agreed. What happened to using condoms and if he doesn’t bring them, she should have had her own. I don’t get that people are fearless about contracting diseases than producing children.

      • @Maia

        women need to buy condom or femidoms women!! do’t relay on the men because their crap!! all they care is about their dick getting tickled

        • @BWOT Exactly, like an old timer told me, once they get their stick wet for the first time, its all over. They can’t control themselves from that point on.

          • What’s so damn hard to stop at your local health department and getbsome condoms? Hell, they have female condoms! I like them better than the regular condoms cause they are bigger. U can take that ring out, put some lube on that sucker and there U go.

            • @BWOT, Whose blaming who? I made a general statement to both parties to take they asses to the damn health department and get some f*cking free condoms! Hell, if they give out some free f*cking sense they need that too! I am putting blame on both the men and women! I didn’t one sided no side whatsoever! Reread my first post.

          • Don’t understand yall at all . U r saying since she had sex with him its her fault or something. Yet some of yall have out of wedlock kids to. U love em right? Of course, mommies usually do. So you want them supported. Why let this mangey Lil f*cker spread his seed with no consequence? he coulda used a condom too.

            • OMG…Thank YOU!
              PLEASE refer to my comment posted a few comments above this one.

              A man who has a 9-5 job TRYING to make his support payments & is making time to guide, nurture & love his children is the man who should be allowed some slack & grace.

              THIS low life bitchy-ass cat deserves nothing but a hard way to go. He is wrong as two left shoes on this. How anyone can make the mother in this case out to be the villian is beyond my realm of thought.

              You know I love all of you here & I tend to get along with most of you BUT…y’all got me on this one!

            • I’m not saying its all her fault, its both of their responsibility to take charge of their moment of bliss. If he doesn’t carry or use condoms, she should have her own & vice versa. I agree with the sex out of wedlock, but sometimes ish happens. I’m sure at some point a time or so, we’ve all dated someone that you somehow knew there was no foreseeable future with that person, yet there was intimacy at some point. But in that, you should still use condoms to prevent pregnancy or std’s. Most people aren’t knowledgeable about the Bible and what it says about fornication and procreation, especially most young people these days, not all, have no concept. I work in high school and these kids definition of “sex” period is what they learn from songs, youtube, social media and home. One girl actually thought just because she willingly gave boys head, that wasn’t considered sex. Lots of these boys and girls in school this day and age has had more partners than people on Earth and they’re in HS.

            • @DaRadiant1 @Anonymous @Maia @Ms Reg Says

              do’t blame the men these women know what their doing they get pregnant deilbery for the money
              these women expect these men to fork out on child support. when these men do’t pay child support then the women do childish antic
              by blasting these men on the internet telling sobs stories on chat show doing magazine interviews

              bottom line blame the women as well

              hospitals/sex clinic’s are giving away free condoms

  7. Y’all let a sista finished paying her bills and Imma holla at y’all later.

  8. Don’t complain when you do baby daddy things (sex outside of marriage). Its that simple

  9. Who’s the biggest producer in the industry? I ask that question because the dream has six baby mothers and Ive never heard any money problems with him. Now Yung Berg I dont know how much he gets paid to produce but its probably not enough.

    • The-Dream makes way more money than Berg. He is on wife #3. He has 2 or 3 kids with Nivea, 1 with Christina Milian, 1 with his ex-fiancée, Lydia and I’m not sure if his current wife is expecting. He spreads his seed, but he apparently financially supports his seeds, unlike Berg.

      • Thank you…
        The Dream has & had WIVES.
        He’s not running out making illegitimate children all over the place & not taking proper care of them.

  10. He looks like he smells like pee. He needs to fix that too. Hazel is delusional.

  11. How da hell can u take care of child with no damn $ berg ain’t producing no damn body dat little $ he get’s from dat bullshidd L&hhla ain’t shidd we all kno theyre all z-list mofo on a no $ making bullshidd reality shows

  12. See, I said it before. These trifling knee grows are so quick to flash those hand signs. Whether they represent some gang or crew, or devil worship is that’s what they are playing at, is all the same to me. The point is, you are doing all that and you are STILL BROKE? Smdh. Just be true to yourself, be a man and be a father. They would all be so much better off.

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