Amber Rose Files For Divorce From Wiz Khalifa

Wiz & Amber Bitter Divorce

HSK was the first to tell you that Nick Cannon bumped Amber from Wiz last week…. Apparently the management deal is now consummated.

Now, TMZ is reporting that Amber Rose is filing for divorce from Wiz Khalifa, and is seeking full custody of their one-year old son, Sebastian.

The report states that the couple split on Monday due to irreconcilable differences in the relationship. Though Amber is seeking full custody of their son, she is willing to give Wiz visitation rights.

The couple officially married last July, and celebrated with a ceremony later in the fall. Reports are that the breakup is “bitter”.

Is Amber Rose letting a little solo success get to her bald head?


    • I heard Nick Cannon likes slim and trim and that’s why he got sick of MC. Amber rose a size 12!!! Nick don’t want dat!!!!

  1. I think we will find out..Kanye is in the middle of this mess.
    I dont think Nick is messing around with her.

    I do think that WIZ has everybody’s secrets. But cant remember where he put them
    And by the way. How much does he weigh..90 lbs.

    This Marriage lasted what 1 year 2 months.

    THIS IS SAD… Stop wasting our time, Celebs…did they even go to counseling?
    Or did she catch him in bed with a THOT, like Birdman

    • I highly doubt Kanye is on this one. He ain’t thinking about Amber….he has his perfect bitch.

      • You give him waaay too much credit. He might not have anything to do with it but Kanye put he “P” in petty. You better believe that cocksucker is somewhere laughing like the joker and popping bottes like he won a Super Bowl. The dude is in hog heaven right now.

      • He was always smiling with Amber Rose, we have yet to see him smile in a photo with Kim.

        • Sunni, soooo true. And Kanye is worth more than cheese whiz, why would she even get with that nigga????

      • You’re right! And to prove it he and his bitch, Ricardo are having a baby!

  2. Woman on a mission..all these RAPPERS are yesterdays news..
    And all the Reality Stars who cant memorize a script, are not far behind.

    Dont believe me..look at Kanye, desperate to leave the Rap World…cause unless you are touring. there is no money made on a .99 download after expenses


  3. His career is sliding….which means the money will start drying up…which means on to the next. #NickCannon

    • And what SHE gets for messin around with a black boy!!!
      These white girls gone learn!!!

      • Helicopters are dropping bags of money on I95. You have to stand there for two minutes look up, you can’t look anywhere else. At the 1:59 mark a helo will appear and drop a big bag with a dollo sign righ into you hands. Don’t miss out, hurry over to the highway!!! Asshole

        • @eddie…
          See, this is one of many, many reasons I wouldn’t get near a black boy, because they can’t speak or write intelligently. Look at all the grammar mistakes. Jeeeez!

          • I agree with you, Stay away. Faaaaaaaar away, you AIN’T hurting my feelings.

          • I know 4 white boys that speak an write perfect english. Problem each one has a disease. They have malaria, tuberculosis, hepatitis b and conjuctavitis. Go get near that, cocksucker….lol

          • I know 4 white boys that speak and write perfect english. Problem is, each one has a disease. They have malaria, tuberculosis, hepatitis b and conjuctavitis. Go get near that, cocksucker….lol

          • I appreciate the support. I know that the real people that come here to exchange ideas and opinions come here for that and not to be a lobby for the position of the HSK English teacher. Just because there are typos in my posts does not mean that I’m not smart enough to know that a person on a blog who is picking on the grammatical errors of a poster comments are only doing so because of their displeasure in their own lives. But a deeper issue is that they HATE MY LOVE FOR MY RACE. But I got news for them, thats not my problem. No matter how mad they are at the black person that hurt them, its killing them an them only. See, the PAIN that they tried to perpetrate on me, they know oh so well. No matter what they or try to say, that pain now belongs to them and is their burden and theirs alone. I hope and pray they get over it because it has to be miserable. But I figured them out, they change names and talk comment like they at black so they can sneak in the word nigga. Check out the “Brown girl” response to Sunni. See just because they think they use perfect grammar doesn’t make them smarter than a person that doesn’t at all times. But than you again for you love and support, it means the world to me. Much Love and respect to you.

        • Oh Eddie hunny, your feelings are hurt. They get hurt every time someone says something negative about black men. You comment angrily almost every time, because anger is pain, dear Eddie. If you weren’t hurt, you wouldn’t care how someone you don’t know feels about the worst group of men on the planet
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          Now that’s straight talk!
          Good night.

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    • Bitter Much? I understand, I don’t like race trading sell out black men either, but there is so much more to worry about than a self hating coon. You gonna f*ck around and bust a blood vessel.

    • Lmmfao….When I read the headline, the first word that came to my mi was BAM!!! Im dead ass serious….LMMFAO.

      • Lmao…Eddie I went to take a nap cause I wasn’t feeling too good. Wake up and see this? Lmao!

        • This shit is funny to me, the were a messed up couple from the start. I think she married him to make Kanye jealous. But it didn’t work, Kanye got a better thot and amber go no use for this walking pixi stick

  4. damn damn damn!! knew this shyt would happen wiz keeps puffing and huffing on them clouds amber got bored of it
    that’s why she hopped on nick’s d*cks!! wiz probably wasn’t d*cking her down cus the smoke cloud will cloud your judgement

    • Yeah he better enjoy that joking he puffing on in that picture because with no per nup she is gonna take his “roll up/rolling paper” and by that I ean the money he uses to bu his weed. No more smoking good…

    • Yeah he seemed a lil too corny for her and, though a non smoker, she rolled his blunts for him.

  5. It isn’t a coincidence that both Amber n Nick each are getting a divorce. Amber is an industry leash who hops from dick to dick to get to the top. At least Kanye didn’t fall from bait but went to a much bigger trap. Oh well as they say, these hoes ain’t loyal.

    • Jealous???? “12:31” never said she was light skinned or mixed, it was stated that AR is white. Quit hating yourself!!! I’m a brown girl, honey! Trust me, just because someone is light skinned or mixed don’t make them cute! Like I said, I’m brown skinned, and I get ALL KINDS approaching my black sexy ass!!!!

    • Are you that troll from rhymes w snitch that stays trying to start complexion based friction. That shit is so played out cuz no one else ever mentions skin shade. Just you.

  6. Nick just said he ain’t had nothin’ to do with their mess matrimony. when he met up with her last week they swapped marriage woe stories and then, BAM! @DaRadiant1 LMAO…she filed for divorce. He said he didn’t dip his brush in the stank cookie. LMAO

  7. I’m not surprised but it’s still sad because they have a little baby together.

  8. Dumb groupie ho needs to get of her knees. Stop trying to find the easy way out. Apparently, Wiz Khalifais is a dick sucker. Dumb groupies are a trip; knowingly being beards to nasty ass downlows.negros Amber Ross have no respect for herself.
    Why would any sane woman want to be a beard to a faggot. She eats p*ssy but two dudes are worst. Lately. Most celeb Marriage, relationships are arrangements that involves freaky lezbos and undercover down lows. If it’s all good, come out of the closet …can’t have it both ways.

  9. wiz got used like a little blunt he is!! amber saw dollar surrounding wiz’s weed up d*ck and the bytch hopped on it and get herself knocked up
    we all know amber rose is a industry hoe she gets d*cks down by major celebrities at one point nicki minaj was p*ssying her down

    nick cannon being her manager wasn’t a huge surprise she wants nick’s d*ck but mariah has it (because nick’s not man enough) to use it
    them glittery shoes were childish as f*ck!!! nick needs to stay out of his children play box!!

  10. im NOT surprised they broke up, it’s just the way it was done, just yesterday she took a butt naked pic which i commented hope she doin it for herself cause ole boy got MUCH women comin @ him so he will try something NEW! she ain’t stupid and aint up for gettin played, i LOVE that quality reminds me of myself! go do you amber / get out on top! by whiz! oh he out gettin high he dont give no fukkkks! nick got a BIG dack!!!!!!!

    sidenote: i peep ambers type -tall -skinny -with a BIG DACKKKK umph i like that too ooooweeee!

  11. Amber Rose thought she would be the next Kim K but she’s medicore. Kim K is way more appealing and drama filled. Amber could have at least given Wiz joint custody. Visitations? Really he’s not a criminal unless the rumor about him having the monster is true.

    • Full custody = a bigger child support check. Amber knows what she’s doing.
      They seem to genuinely care about each other but
      I’m sure Amber never took Wiz seriously. The marriage and kid were security for the near future but he won’t be hot for long.
      She seems like the type that will settle down with an older, business minded suit and tie type of guy, not some skinny jeans wearing, pot head teeny bopper.
      For Wiz, she was an infatuation. For Amber, he was a temporary come up bc she wasn’t going back to regular dudes after Kanye.
      Again, I think the feelings were real, but never taken too seriously as far as Amber was concerned.

  12. Amber Rose is feeling herself too much. Nick Cannon not even divorced yet. His good guy image is a mirage. Yeah, nerdy brothas pull dimes too… I Get That! Never seen so many messy dudes all at once like this!!!

  13. Nick will never be faithful to Amber. He is a successful man with plenty of options. It will blow up in your face, Amber…mark my words or stay with Wiz.

  14. I like Amber, been liking her since Kanye. Marriages fail all the time and just because they are hollyweird doesn’t mean its gonna last. And truth be told you have regular women marrying regular gay dudes as beards, she just getting a bigger check a job is a job.

  15. I read that a groupie from philly said she contracted hiv from Wiz. If its true then both him and Amber probably get their meds from underground clinics. Babies can be born hiv free if the mother takes care of herself and follow doctors orders. Dont believe me ask Charlie Sheen’s baby mothers Denise Richards and Brooke Muelller.

  16. I wonder if Wiz really has HIV. If he has it, shouldnt Amber have it too???? I hope Nick knows what he’s getting himself into. I know they have that HIV prevention drug for rich people, but damn! Just the thought of laying up with an infected person??!!?? #ChileBye

  17. Times sure are getting crazy, at one time men were not categorized as messy, can’t say that anymore.

  18. Does anyone wanna hear a joke!?Wiz and Amber were really going to be married forever.SMDH

  19. Niggas will learn not to make Permanent Decisions on Momentary circumstances.

  20. @ brown turd
    Yes jealous.if your going to put someone down do to their ethnicity/color get your facts straight.her mom is from cape verde of the coast of africa so yes she is mixed therefore light skinned,which is besides the point cus you the only one checking for skin color anyways.and your the one with self hate or her skin color / race wouldnt be an issue to beggin with.

    • Women deliver kids men plant seeds and the child is determined by the ethnicity of the father.So Amber Hoes race is determined by whomever her dad is not her mother.

      • So what, same the end of the day she is still mixed and who cares! we have more important things we should be focusing on as a people instead of acting like the white man and being judgmental of someones race/color. We are no better when we act like racist white people .

        • That’s not the same difference and if a Blackman has a child with a white woman that child is black because once again,the man carries the seed.There’s no such thing as a mixed anything.

    • Yeah if she found his meds and he got that Gangster STD, she better call Cookie. Cookie thought about leaving Magic but reality hit her in the face. Ain’t nobody gonna breath on you after you get divorced form a AIDS case, you igoy as well stay there and keep on getting that sic dick.

      • You know, most mothers just say, I love my son no matter who they chose to love. But this big fat queen is on the Internet soliciting every dick that isn’t occupied at the time. That is disturbing to me but it has to be devastating to a parent. But no matter how bad that is, it has to be worse to have your spouse come home with a nuclear sex organ. To me, Magic and the package is still worse

  21. I am not suprised at this foolishness. I do believe the government on the strip clubs too because it to many rappers investing these strippers.

  22. Amber, Kim, and Blac Chyna are set for the next 18 yrs. They did’nt have to apply to a college for education they just needed a million dollar sperm doner and take him through the court system. It amazing how easy it is to make money

  23. I happen to come across a youtube video of Blac Cyna shaking her ass in the club for all the rapper and general population to see naked. Tyga should be a shame to have planted his seed inside of that dead flower garden.

  24. Captain Save-a-Hoe

    These rappers got all of this money and hopefully they have good healthcare cause they gonna need it.

  25. I only feel sorry for the kids of these fool. When you know better you do better.

  26. Wiz is worth $20 milllion but I doubt he has all that money. Like most rappers he will probably end up broke.

  27. Thats enough money to go to the underground clinic for hiv meds. I feel bad for the child to have a slut as a mother.

  28. This fool stays too high to know what’s really going on around him. She’ll divorce him & be gone before he knows what happened!

    I swear…I believe he doesn’t perform well in bed due to his chronic weed use!

  29. What did Wiz expect? The woman was a stripper! A stripper is just a camouflaged prostitute. They will do anything for a quick buck. Even if it means losing self respect.

    • Kim K is no different, her mom has figured out a way to make being a pornstar normal. That is not normal. The woman has no talent, and that false fancy lifestyle she is living is straight out of a mental institution. Remember Marilyn Monroe was really Norma Jean.

  30. Amber stock dropped when she was dumped by Yeezy and downgraded to Whiz, I wished she gof pregnant by Kanye but maybe he will divorce the Porn Star and hook back up with Amber. I loved them as a couple. I just CANNOT get past Ye marrying escort vim sucking ads wipe Kim K

  31. For the most part Wiz is a cool dude but Simpin ain’t the way to go. He kicks it with Snoop so I know he has access to the GAME.

  32. Amber’s is an opportunist period she’s an x or still every now and then stripper who was looking for any way to get to Hollywood and live the life style. She got her opening with a host of celebrities so this doesn’t shock me, I really can’t say if she and nick are hook’en up or not both are going through divorces, but we will see we shall see if that is the case, wiz is a smoked out on his way to rehab sick looking man why she ever got with him isn’t that much of a mystery she’ll get almony and child support she’ll be aight

  33. Amber is a beautiful women despite her stripper background. I’ll never know what she saw in Wiz.

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