Twitter Goes In Omari Hardwick’s “Ugly Wife”

Omari Hardwick Wife Twitter Trollomari10

People on twitter are trolling actor Omari Hardwick hard!

Among other things, they are saying his wife Jennifer Prautch is ugly and she looks like ASAP Rocky’s BFF Jeremy Scott.

Here’s Omari Hardwick’s response:



  1. That is so silly to waste time responding to folks you don’t know. You married her you can’t make the world like her. Stupid you spent all that time responding

    • Thats what a husband who loves and got his womans back does.yall just jealous because a nigga wouldnt claim yall much less defend you.its sad how hatefull people are because misery loves company.

      • A man who is a man is supposed to defend his wife and family! I know this is a foreign idea to some but really it’s true!

        He claims his wife, he walks with her in public and he defends her against jealous jerks who would give their baby toes to be in her shoes for one day.

        Hateful cows! He’s doing what men do–get one to do the same for you!

          • Bitch I wouldn’t know… but as a certified BM, I can say I do.

            Take several seats, you a) overly thin mocha colored self-hating Black chick or b) slightly obese but still thick butterfaced White chick…

      • PEOPLE ARE ENTITLED TO THEIR OPINION! IF HE DID NOT APPRECIATE THE NEGATIVITY THEN MAYBE HE SHOULDN’T HAVE POSTED PICTURES Or allowed those pictures to hit social media! One sure way to get people to stop talking about you and your wife just disappear from the industry! No one will care at all. Trust

    • I doubt it took long to write because he was fired up. And I’m glad he clapped back . Defending your wife is what a husband should do. And she’s not ugly anyway. When it comes to white girls I’ve seen far worse on the arms of black men.

      • Gtfoh… That White Ugly Manly looking bitch is Ooooogly lol! She looks like a man.. Period! No Beautiful Sista would have a reason to hate on his gay lookin ass nigga an his ManLookingBitch he on Twitter crying about, Thats clearly f*ckin him in his ass. No wonder he hide the Bitch… Complete Trainwreak lol. That bitch busted an he should be Ashame.He clearly married his beard an he is not foine no way. He always gave me a Fag vibe… Word up! He should of got him a fine ass nigga, Then i would have respected him. He married the first white wierd thot that sucked his ass. Chile Bye! An whoever dont fancy….? In the words of Snoop Dizzle Gizzle… Suck a dick or die Trying!

        • What do you look like because you sound fat and ugly your dam self. Post your IG we needto see what you look like. Real talk

        • Kudos to you of course he is gay marries a trans with a jaw biigger than his,Its not even a female ok all the stuff about him being a fag is true and that thing is the original faghag sorry to insult faghags.

          With so many beautiful black queens out there you want to take up with a gary oldman look alike in fifth element….you are a sell out omari…the fact is that this guy is fcking ugly fugly and a man

      • The moral of the story is…. She is absolutely UNATTRACTIVE!!!!!! I said it lol. She toppin that nigga lol Omari is a Bottom! Ha!

    • You hit it right on the nose. The woman(?) is homely. You can’t change people’s ideas of beauty. The end.

  2. Nobody knows who these people are ROFLMFAO jacky stop wasting energy on all of these irrelevant people

    • @TDLYNM(Remix); I agree. If u have to google some1 to figure out who they r; it’s not a story. It’s a waste of time. Hey Jacky spend sometime time fixing the REFRESH instead of wacked stories that’s irrelevant

    • He is the star of Power (Fiddy joint) and he is the dude who got whipped with a belt and baby oil in “This Christmas”

      • Dont forget his break out role in the Tyler Perry produced movie For Colored Girls, as the DL husband of Janet Jackson that gave her HIV and thought poking dudes in the booty didnt make him gay.

  3. I agree. People can be so disrespectful and have no morals or ethics and think it’s all justifiable because the target is a celeb. How they went in on Blue Ivy’s hair (something she personally has no control over)lets you know people ain’t sh*t.

  4. i heard melanie fiona who is known to be a homewrecker and whore in the industry slept with omari hardwrick and dj stephloss lebron dj

  5. damn you low rent n1gga’s likes taking up with busted looking white women!!!!
    black women are sexy and sultry and you flim flam n1gga’s are sooo low rent it’s painful. then when a sista walks by with a big ass
    you n1gga’s with you 1 inch c0ck will moan and groan at a sexy looking black women

    your d*cks will pull you so you can chase then sexy looking black women with the big ol’ booty wooty

    • I Co-sign. This negro will defend that butt ugly white woman to the death. Why because she is white. She may look like a beast, but she’s white. Negro’s will ignore a beautiful, educated Black woman to be with the ugliest, nastiest, white skank ho on the planet. Don’t believe me? Ask Tiger Woods or Lamar Odum.

      They don’t care if she’s known for nothing more than being a knifed up ho that gets pissed on. He’ll worship the skank like she’s a saint. Don’t believe me, ask Kanye.

      Why? Self-hate.

      Years ago Negro Sammy Davis Jr. dated Kim Novak and wanted to marry her. Foolish negro believed that he could marry one of the hottest actresses in Hollywood at the time. After all, he was an extremely successful entertainer and an obedient house negro.

      When his “masters” found out, they threatened to kill his black ass if he ever went near her again. They told Sammy if he wanted a white woman, he could have Mai Britt, a known prostitute who was passed around in the industry for years. Good Negro Sammy was happy. He married his white woman.

      • YOU are speaking the truth!!! I don’t even mess with these stupid “brothas”. I was on an interracial dating site a few years ago ( where I met my a couple nice white men and I’m married to one, just not from the site) and I wasn’t on there 2 days when black men started emailing me. I was like, y’all on here looking for white women, why are u contacting me???!!! I don’t want ya black asses. Lmao

          • Exactly. Can’t let these lost little black boys turn us into whores. Bible says “Israel turn not thy women into whores nor thy men into effeminate.

      • Sorry, but just because Ellin Woods is an ice blond does not make her pretty. I thought she was most unattractive.

        That’s the truth, no bitter, no hate.

        • I agree. Her twin is prettier, but not much. They are just kind of washed out like those big head Olsen twins. Regular looking, not cute .

  6. Damn if you gonna rock outside your race, get something worth attainable. This Negro just mad and wanna go hard with this pseudo poetic intellect. Go sit down cornball! Now wonder he hid her from the scene because she is busted!

  7. I feel for him losing his Brother and his sister. But what does that have to do with the white person in the picture on the left bearing a striking, almost identicle resemblance to the white person in th picture on right. I’m trying to figure out the relationship between all of these things. But if we stuck to the subject at hand, ummmmm, yeah, he’ll yeah, they look alike.

  8. Omari is correct in what he’s saying and he should stand up for his wife but that’s just how it is. I give Omari credit for not being superficial because his wife is very facially challenged.

  9. It’s called, “Settling”.

    Gotta know your worth and marry someone who compliments you in every area of your life.

    At least he ‘owns’ up to the fact that he chose a chick who is not compatible/deficient in the looks department.


  10. you low rent n1gga’s are all the same you will wife these wrinkle busted white white women. then you will have a sexy looking black women as a
    mistress (more like a dirty little secret) then these 0 inch n1gga’s will treat the black women like shyt!! and lavish white women with gifts

    many artists have done this shyt they used black women like a sex toy!! because their wrinkly white women can’t f*ck good than a black woman

    • @Anonymous

      pick up your 0 inch dick off the floor you walking community dick mofo

        • @Anonymous

          love it when you yell my name babes keep yell my name and i’ll put my 100 inch c0ck in your mouth. then after i’ll stick it in you
          small smelly pum pum and my 100 inch dick will make you moan in difference langues from Spanish to German to Chinese and Japaneses

          you heard of 100 inch sub will my dick is better wanna try it!!

          • Like I said a hooker. I’m not joking, and your a he/she. Your hate gives it away.

  11. So, this is the chick he’s been hiding from us all this time? Makes sense now, in hindsight!!!

      • Omari Hardwick looking crazy right now. I knew ish was foul when he didn’t come back for Verses & Flows on TVOne. Real Talk, Omari don’t wanna be successful. Negros wanna s**t on their fanbase all the time, Naw Man!!!

      • Folk need to go in on Omari about this, because, if the shoe was on the other foot… Ya’ll Already Know!!!

    • And sisters should remember it and NOT support his azz or his projects.

      Him, Taye Diggs, Kanye…stop supporting folks that don’t support you.

      • This another Michael Ealy situation at hand. Was scared to death for sistas to find out about the exotical he married. His co-stars from TLAM didn’t even know he was married. Crazy Ish Going On!

      • The height of hypocrisy from his kind. Want you and other sistas to make them rich, but, are not willing to reciprocate the love. He can’t love you, don’t need your money. If he wants to be an honorary whiteman, he can do that in 2014. But, he should be real about this. Let’s see if he remains on “Being Mary Jane” when this airs out. Mara Brock Akil chose Omari because women like him, and the show is geared towards single, educated, career-driven ladies who go thru ups and downs in relationships. His character is useless now. In the first season, a sista could dream about him forging ahead with Gabrielle Union’s alter ego, that’s dead in the water. Again, none of this makes sense. Sistas are beautiful, no reason for this many actors, rappers, and ballers to run away from like this? Something deeper going on, it ain’t about beauty. Our women gave other women their beauty, so, that’s not the problem. Is he gay, bisexual, insecure, What Gives? He supposed to defend his woman, no brownie points for that. I’m confused about all of this ish, Dumbfounded!

  12. @13:48

    Gay black men hide behind white woman

    @topic : boo hoo @ this nigga lol that’s what u get for gettin white women white men don’t want BWAHAHAHA she looks just like dude

  13. Nobody cares but…

    Why does Omari Harwicke look like a young Frank Langella?


  15. Omari is on the DL and his wife, his beard, is fully aware of his extracurricular activities. There is an agreement in place for him to have his sausage on the side. Black women support Omari Hardwick and Idris Elba who also married a non-black woman! Idris is married, which might not be revealed because he wants to keep his “black female fan base”, married his stylist who just had his son and she is NOT BLACK! Now, as a black woman myself who has dated other races, I do believe in LOVE SEES NO COLOR. However, I do have a problem with the reasons SOME black men date outside their race or how their ex, a black woman, stood by them when they had nothing at all. Then, when they become famous and make billions of dollars, they drop the black queen and get a white/Asian woman?! That sh** their bothers me!!!!!!

    • Which woman are you talking about because the one I saw that was just pregnant is definitely black!

  16. That’s not the guy that got whipped with a belt and baby oil in “This Christmas.” That was Laz Alonzo or whatever his name is…

  17. Is that the guy from the Zest commercial. He look a little zesty to me. His wife looks like Captain Hook whose related to Captain Morgan. He probably felt shame #1 just look at her.#2 she’s not a sister but yet he’s on a black network on a black tv show kissing a black women who looks nothing like his wife.

  18. I thought he would be married to a sister. But I am not surprised. Her level of attractiveness is irrelevant but I think because he is a good looking man, the thought process is that he would have married his equivalent. She may have rode with him when he was a struggling actor, or they genuinely have a love that supercedes shallowness. Who knows? She is his wife and it does not negate his acting ability. Now as far as responding in those esoteric tweets. We could have certainly did without all of that. This is Hollywood Omari, you are in the public eye and EVERYTHING is subject to scrutiny. You can’t control the machine of public opinion. No one deserves to be called ugly though. That is just hurtful.

  19. I now know that this tom foolery is apart of their contract. The money that these brothers make are going straight back to Massa on the hollyweird plantation. Yeah his rich now but will die broke. Without a f*ck to give

  20. You are the one with self hate,if you loved your self you wouldnt concern your self with the looks of sees no color.
    Love your self and dont worry about who the next person is dicking down.

  21. At the end of the day Omari’s “wife ” looks like an UGLY dude I mean it is what it is and Omaris looks so proud lol.

    • You aint lying jackie. It is what it is. I dont care what color she is. The woman is ugly.

  22. Damn, callin’ dude’s wife ugly is rough, but I remember reading a poster on this site who said that all this black men/white women thing has a shelf life and it won’t last forever.

    To come at dude like this is outrageous.

    It is that time. Black men, your time is up. The situation in the NFL, Keith Olbermann just went for Derek Jeter (mulatto), this, man, it over for black men swirlin’.

  23. This knigga hid the man byotch in an effort to get the black dollar and blk women to support his career

  24. I don’t really agree with the way the twitter folks went in on his wife…but honestly someone needs to tell these Black men the truth. White women are not a prize! Start marrying the beautiful Black Queens God placed on this earth for you to love, protect & procreate with. Black men are so quick to come to the defense of a white woman but treat Black Queens like dirt!

  25. I’m fairly certain Omari’s wife was not born a cis-female (born with XX chromosomes). She clearly appears to be a trans woman (born with XY chromosomes) with surgery and hormones to feminize her. Y’all don’t have to worry about the “he couldn’t get a Black Woman” indignation cause I don’t think he’s interested in cis-women at all, black or otherwise. Ain’t nothin wrong with that, if that’s what he’s into. *shrug*

    • No comment about Omari’s wife.

      Your comment made me think about so called trans gender women.
      I am not arguing at you, but talking out loud…
      At the end of the day..a transgender woman is still a man. They still think like men,and they still have the muscles and power of men. A man made woman can outdo a natural woman in body strength any day of the week. Why?? Because they are men.

  26. as long as black women wear stinking weave they cant judge anyone, no not while competing with drag queens

    • Sound a little bitter, huh? I LoL at pathetic niggas like u that always got to hit the keyboard to clown black women to feel validated. This typical behavior is old u lame cornball. You are a butt hurt troll with no game.

    • how about pale, hip-less, ass-less yte women burning themselves in the sun or on tanning beds; getting lip injections and ass implants?

      Who are they trying to look like?

  27. Question,

    What would it feel like to wake up one day and racism no longer existed, and we all agreed to respect each other no matter what?

    Hmmm. I just wonder.

  28. How is he gonna get mad because the public can tell he’s married to a trans, this dude is not even a convincing looking women…be mad at yourself Omari

  29. I actually thought he was a single guy. They would ask him on interview s if he was seeing somebody and would say he is single… my theory is he was scared to announced he was married to this pale scarecrow looking hag because he know the sistas would pull a Wesley Snipes diss on him. That’s why Black Women need to understand their power in the dollar and stop supporting these counterfeits negroes.

    • If that’s the best you can do, then u are really lame. Stop wasting your time, please get some new lines. LolololololoL

  30. damn this busted looking chick looks familiar!!

    she looks like the white woman who f*cked her black husband’s twin brother!! on divorce court!! no joke!!

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