Did Chad Hugo Make The Music For Blurred Lines?

Chad Hugo Real Hitmaker

HSK Exclusive – Allegedly, Chad Hugo’s wife, Rachel, is saying her husband is the real music maker for the multi-platinum music producer, Pharrell Williams.

A source claims Rachel Hugo said, Pharrell can’t read music and that “Chad is the real hitmaker”.

Here the drop I got:

“When I was in Virginia Beach I overheard Rachel saying ‘Pharrell can’t even read sheet music. He likes being famous, but Chad prefers the family life.'”


  1. I always figured he was the brains behind the machine, loved their music when they first came out. I guess the lime light is not for everyone.

    • I wouldn’t say he’s the brains behind the machine… you still need swag to manipulate those ivory keys and computer keys…

      I would say this is more of a Steve Jobs / Steve Wozniak situation, where Chad deals with nuances of the music and Pharrell deals with the overal theme and tone… could be wrong, but that’s what it seem like.

  2. This got me to thinking about Pharrell’s daddy’s old house. It’s been sitting there abandoned for years. He must be paying taxes because the city hasn’t taken it. Why not donate it to Habitat or the church? Give someone an opportunity to own it?

  3. yes pharrell sings while chad and the 3rd member shay haley who rarely does appearances.

    yes chad and shay does all the work while pharrell gets the glory.

    saw an old clip with chad singing and got to admit he sings better than pharrell.

  4. The wife needs to keep her mouth shut Chad has no problem staying out the lime light hell their whole beats etc.. where leaked online a few years back I wasn’t impressed. Chad is not broke or being cut out of anything so his wife needs to shut the hell up

    • I agree whole heatedly, who asked her, plus she is talking like its a requirement. She can miss m with this one. Who the hell said you have to read music to make music. Half the people who pay music can’t read sheet music, those who can are called musicians, but that in no way says you can’t make music. We have had composers that didn’t get their just credit. People like Curtis Mayfield, Barry White. Oh Lawd, Isaac Hayes is a Genius that has never been given his just due. These people wrote read and composed music. I play bass guitar and some of the best ever didn’t read music, Sammy Hagar doesn’t have a clue about music theory. Jaco Pastorius didn’t start reading music until he was already the bassist for weather report. Music producers these days are computer programmers not musicians. You will b hard pressed to find a person more talented than R Kelly and he can’t read th English language much less music. So I ask his wife, “So what you sayin”

  5. He likes being famous ???? so why is he irrelevant ever since 2003 ???? lmfao

  6. Most people in the music industry can not read sheet music. That is not a big deal. Pharrell does the drums and can play the keys but not better than Chad. Chad is more skilled musically but Pharrell comes with the ideas and lyrics too. They make a good team either way.

  7. Plus since when is it necessary to know how to read music Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye Lionel Ritchie, Slash The Beatles could not/don’t read music yet hit after hit so she sounds bitter to me Chad does not have an issue the wife I can’t figure out her angle

  8. He doesn’t need to know how to read music. All he does is steal music from people who make REAL music, remix it and put his name on it. See Marvin Gaye’s Blurred Lines for details.

  9. knowing how them chinese people get down chad’s wife is a white women!!!!
    and white people love taking credit is in their blood

      • I’m lost on that statement black Asian is a race they have to fall under one of the nationality’s Chinese Japanese or something homie….don’t believe ask my wife…her mother is Asian race but from Taiwan and my wife is black/Taiwanese….afro-tiwanese

  10. I can believe this rumor. Oftentimes, the engine behind those in music are too private to seek the spotlight in like fashion.

    • Ha! I just had a Casio flashback. I wish you could hear the beat that is playing in my head. LMAO.

  11. Say it aint so. Pharrell wasn’t an honest business partner. I would have never though that this happy smoky the bear hat wearing brotha was a cheat. Look he has not been bumping the right booty in the industry for nothing. Cause only chad Hugo can prevent forest fires. Lol!

  12. I know i’m going to hell for this but is it me or does chad look like victim of down syndrome. Jacky could have used a bettre pic. God please forgive me.

  13. they can just stop bullshiting, that music is Marvin gaye got to give it up. point blank period. so quit playing, cause you ain’t fooling no dam body.

  14. im from virginia beach and i say eff them both no they didnt open a center no they dont do shit here so who da hell cares about this group!

  15. Sad truth is Chad’s wife is right, but it goes both ways. They (Pharrell, Chad, N.E.R.D., Neptunes, etc), have been doing this for years. They sample everything (mostly obscure songs, loops, hooks, breaks, jingles, etc) but twist and distort it so well, it’s indistinguishable from the original (unless you know the original sample well). They bank on the ignorance of people not knowing where a certain note comes from or the fact it came from a “one hit wonder” or a record label that went defunct decades ago. It was just Ego, plain and simple that got them caught in the Blurred Lines fiasco. They been doing it for so long, they just assumed we were too stupid to know (or care), like their other artists they’ve ripped off throughout the years and never gave credit/money to. Hence, why they had Robin Thicke sing it and not Pharrell (in case they were finally caught. They knew it was too close to the original). But what they didn’t see coming was Robin throwing them under the bus (stating he had nothing to do with the song and he was high).

  16. Guess what, Dr. Dre doesn’t do half of those beats. A couple of Asain guys do it. You have heard of rappers using ghost writers, some producers use ghost producers. The music game is as fake as the watches Rick Ross wears.

  17. For the info of some here, Pharrell is half Asian. His mother is a Filippina, his father is black. That shouldn’t make any difference to anything.

    But why he doesn’t make that known is something to question. As for him supposedly being gay, where are the receipts on that one?

    Lots of talk about others but then we actually know information like when Larry Johnson was giving mouthy interviews about Jay Z telling him what clothes to wear etc and the two of them being in the Trump Tower but maybe Jay Z was just sharing rent because he aint as rich as he pretends.

    So where are the names of those associated with Pharrell?

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