Keith Olbermann Rips Derek Jeter’s Career!

“Derek Jeter is not the greatest person in human history. He did not invent baseball. He did not discover electricity. He is not the greatest shortstop who ever lived” ~Keith Olbermann

First it was Ray Rice and the NFL

Now, Keith Olbermann is aiming his guns at the MLB’s Derek Jeter.

Olbermann proved that he is the ultimate Red Sox fan when he tore into Derek Jeter’s career during his show on Tuesday, claiming that Jeter is not — and will never be — the greatest baseball player in history.

The Yankees captain and shortstop retires this week following a 20-season run in Major League Baseball.

Do you agree?


  1. The only thing Derek Jeter is good for is spreading herpes. Ask Jessica Alba, Mariah Carey, and Gabrielle Union.

  2. Jeter is Yankee Royalty, let’s not kid ourselves. Personally, Dave Winfield and Don Mattingly are 2 of my favorite Yankees… Old School!

  3. Not only did Keith claim Jeter isn’t the Second Coming, he proved it by comparing all his stats with the league’s. Jete ain’t all that and this “stadium tour” thing is overblown and annoying.

    I love Keith, he tells it like it is and the way it is is Jeter ain’t the greatest.

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