Did a Side Chick Text Message Set Ray Rice Off?

Ray Rice Mistress

New details surrounding the night of Ray Rice’s elevator knockout reveals reports of a female Ravens employee text messaging Rice. Sources say that’s what led the the pair to go head to head.

Here’s what’s reported:

“The evening began innocently enough. Rice, 27, and 26-year-old Janay celebrated Valentine’s Day at the Revel Hotel Casino in Atlantic City with two other couples, close friends who were a regular part of their social circle. They had dinner and wine, then went to the casino’s main bar, The Social, where they split at least one bottle of Patron Tequila, Rice’s favorite liquor. By 2 a.m., Ray and Janay were intoxicated and heatedly arguing as he followed her into a hotel elevator.”

Here’s what two eyewitnesses said:

“The couple fought about the guest list for their upcoming wedding as well as text messages Rice had received that night from a young woman, a Ravens employee.”


  1. Here we go again, and this information tells us what? They both were drunk and angry.

    First world problems, mean while back at the ranch… Where is the president of North Korea and who is minding the button?

  2. She stuck around for the money because he is unattractive! Like they say, you marry for money you earn every penny of it.

  3. They are just a rowdy ass fighting couple, the type that embarrass friends at public functions and have make-up sex within hours. Two dumb asses that deserve each other. Leave them alone.

  4. He doesn’t seem too bright (the wife also) & he would be dumb enough to talk to other women

  5. Loom how long this messed been going on? Since Valentine’s Day! Here it is September going on October..why in the hell they bringing this bullshit out now? What’s the motto behind this?

  6. They fight all the time she stays for the lifestyle she is not a looker but yo him cheaper to keep her but now that motto is out the window. He is a ass and she is a gold digger factor in alchol and you get one hot mess plus a baby sad for the kid There is no way that man has any feelings for her the way he dragged her ass told everything

  7. A million excuses are not gonna make this look any better, kissing a frog or pig is still nasty either way. Ray wants us to think he’s a good guy because of his time given to charities in B-More! A lot of dudes ham for the camera, that is irrelevant.

      • His taxes i don’t wanna see, Uncle Sam Yes! What i meant, is that, Ray was the mascot for the team in Baltimore. Any endorsement or charity the team associated with had him front and center. Still, he didn’t live up to the standard. This is why the team broke all the rules to sweep this under the rug, but they ultimately failed. Same pattern of behavior keeps happening. Get a decent woman, do the engagement thing, get married… Still Cheat Anyways! As if, we as blackmen have no self-control… Amazing!


    Seems the REAL facts of this story get clouded when it comes to the PC Crowd, with Dogs (Michael Vick) being first on the List, and BW being second.

    Notice how Ray Rice is Front Page News, BUT HOPE SOLO is hardly mentioned, still playing, and WAS PROMOTED TO CAPTAIN OF THE TEAM??????


    • He spit on her first.

      But that is neither here nor there. He obviously grew up in a home where this kined of behavior was acceptable.

      But damn, this is like front page news all the time! Enough already.

      Propaganda war on black men

      • Please spare me your poor effort at sarcasm.

        No one is defending any of these pro athletes.

        But all of a sudden, we are being bombarded with this story line for weeks and it happened in FEBRUARY???


        The propaganda is to take the shine away from black men. It will be no longer “cool” to be swirlin’ with a black athlete, it will no longer be progressive to be down with “rappers”, it will no longer be a consideration by companies to give endorsements to black athletes.

        And you cannot see that, no I am SMH at you.

        • Finally somebody who really knows whats going on , they been trying to reach this point, its sad that 85 percent of us cant see it …….

      • No propaganda or campaign. Just Roid Rage coupled with typical neggardom 🙂

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