Slim Thug Gets His Pimp’in On!


HSK Exclusive – Slim Thug recently took up pimp’in, spills an insider. Know why? According to our tipster… last year a judge ordered Slim’s bank account frozen. Now, we’re told he was pimping a few strippers who danced and pulled tricks out of Houston’s Treasures strip club.

Long story short, a source is saying when the court froze Slim Thug’s bank account last year because of child support — the rapper turned to pimping.

Here’s the drop:

“When celebrities come to Houston they don’t wanna go looking for girls. They call Slim when they come to Houston for girls.

T.I. buys hoes off Slim when he comes to town.”


  1. Just like in the movie Claudine.
    When the CS start to garnish
    James earl jones checks he said
    Gotta get me a hustle. Imma get
    Some broads get me some real money.
    It’s sad people have to resort to
    Pimping to escape the hands of
    Greedy assed government.

      • True but freezing his account ain’t gonna help. Is their a court order that can be placed that his baby momma can get a x amount out his account every week for child support?

  2. These celebs are so retarded and lazy. there are rappers and singers that are over 60 years old and still turning it up. why cant EVERYbody appreciate their careers and use it for god’s sake

    • Beyond retarted. He’s a loser. Pimpin’ is just another “cool” way to say


  3. Welp, gotta do something when your career ain’t exactly poppin’ anymore. It can’t be 2006 forever.

    • Right! He got use to his lifestlye, already had plenty of ” women” plus he personally know all the people with money in his territory so why not.

  4. Alot of these local “modeling agencies and video vixen casting agencies” are undercover pimps. They set these girls up with stars, give them access to the stars, and they get paid for it also. I know they don’t look at it like that but they are. There are so many in the city I went to college in. They would have the girls there from the time they arrive all the way until the after party.

  5. The whole pimp, player lifestyle Black people glorify is disgusting. I’m not impressed

  6. Unfortunately pimping and hoeing is not going anywhere. I just hope the trannies don’t take over.

  7. Well quit having kids with people you just want to holla at. You don’t need a rocket science degree for that

  8. Wonder why he didnt go into the grillz business with Paul Wall and the Asian dude. Lack of foresight and business acumen will be the death of us. If true, hope Letoya jumped ship.

  9. hell letoya’s career ain’t going nowhere.

    sli’m rasp days been numbered alomng with mike jones who.

    lil flip, and really ain’t nobody popping in Houston if so correct I don’t listen to rap anymore..

    but rap a lots getting paid off unreleased pimp c albums.
    and the only rapper on there is bun b these days.

    doubt slim thug’s p[imping career lasts too long pandering is against the law.

    • It’s a lot of underground artist popping in Houston. The one’s that f*cked up and went mainstream and signing deals with major labels is where some of them f*cked up but yea they still popping.

  10. Slim Thug too old for this s**t, contributing to the hiv/aids plague is not a good look. Tip just a lame, that’s all i can say about him… Pathetic!

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