Rick Ross Doesn’t Pay His Black Bottle Rep


HSK Exclusive – Rick Ross’ “Black Bottles” assistant Malita Rice has opened up a casting agency “Malita Castings” only to rip off inspiring video models — Know why? Because Malita Rice aka “Malita The Mogul” doesn’t get paid from the “Everyday I’m Hustlin'” rapper, leading her to scam and prey upon up and coming video models. Don’t believe me.. Ask Malita’s bisexual partner Taylor Hall.

Here’s what the insider is said:

“A few of us paid Malita hundreds of dollars to be cast on the Drake & Lil Wayne’s video. She took our money, but never called or cast us.”


Here’s the drop:

“Rick doesn’t pay her — that’s why Malita is running a fake casting agency.

I’m warning all video models not to send Malita any money — she’s a fake casting director.

Rick talks about being on the Forbes List, but he doesn’t pay his staff.”

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  1. Why would u pay to be in somebody’s video?? That’s an azz backwards move and anybody that does that deserve to get bamboozled!

  2. Someone needs to fight that bitch like that student did to Dragon Fly Jones on Martin. She preys off the ignorant wanna be somebody on Instagram females. As long as you let her she will keep doing it once you bash that bitch and get her about 2 steps closer to Jesus she won’t stop She takes your loot damnit go get it don’t whine about it

    • This is fake af !! Malita is an established business woman with a business license in the state of Georgia .. This is the most petty story of all times !! Everybody knows Malita in Atlanta and knows that she is loyal as loyal can be and realer than any person walking these streets !! And they talking about Taylor is her bisexual partner ??!! Like WTF ??! Y’all posting fake statements I know damn well Taylor did not provide y’all with a statement of lies .. Somebody shut this weak ass blog down !!

  3. rick ross with his pumpkin looking ass needs to lose some damn weight!!
    fatty mcfat fat needs to lay off them fried chicken and purple hot wings he like to eats soo much!!!
    with all the money he get surly this fat controller looking hyena would of lost some damn weight

    you know what they say about fat men they can f*ck better then skinny men!!!

    • Na, first he has to find his dick under dem rolls, den if he find his dick he gonna suffocate any woman he lay on. Fat boys gotta lil dicks.

      • rememeber that cheap azz sex tape he done with his mama baby she was ridding him. he was too fat and lazy to d*ck her down

  4. Just because he on Forbes that don’t mean nothing. Isn’t that spot paid for jut like those Billboard spots?

  5. Education is Fundamental… Casting Agencies hire video models, not random chicks that know x rapper…Common Sense!

  6. If I miss a paycheck from my boss that does not mean I can go out and flimflam somebody out of their dough. There is no excuse for taking people’s money and not doing what you said you would do.

    This chick is an amoral predator and should be dealt with in the manner to which she aspires.

    • Are these guys playing with real money or play-play money? Rich Forever has a new meaning, no, Broke Forever is the new title. Foul Ways, swindling money from young women trying to survive just like the rest of us!!!

  7. how do we know if this is true though? lol because I know people in atlanta that get casted by her, and they never said anything about her doing that.

  8. LOL whom ever wrote this article should be FIRED!!! Check your information before you post an article…. As a journalist/blogger you should know what your writing is indeed TRUTH before you post things on the world wide web…. I know and have worked with Malita and have been paid after a video shoot and there was no money exchange prior to the video!! Some chic is obviously pissed bcuz she couldn’t shake her a$$… Work Harder Work Smarter and then you won’t have to try and damage someone’s reputation

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