Rah Digga Sh*ts On Iggy Azalea


The Newark, New Jersey rapper, Rah Digga revealed that Iggy Azalea is an artist she can’t get into and doesn’t consider Hip Hop. While addressing Iggy, Rah Digga even referenced an Australian female rapper by the name of Chelsea Jane who does rap in an Australian accent.

Here’s what Rah Digga said:

“Iggy Azalea, it’s like I can’t get into her. It’s just not real to me. There is a white girl from Australia that spits in an Australian accent, and her name is Chelsea Jane. That I can get into.

Teach me Australian Hip Hop culture. Don’t come to America and try to convince me that you’re Gangsta Boo.

Personally, I don’t consider her Hip Hop. I listen to her album. Everything that I hear on there is everything but that. And I feel like Hip Hop is Hip Hop.”


  1. Love me some Rah!!!

    Amethyst (Iggy) is nothing but Al Jolson in a skirt… modern day minstrel show courtesy of TI…
    With her fake as$ Bankhead Hwy accent…he could’ve gotten a chick out of the Blue Flame if he was looking for a “Bankhead Gangsta Boo” to write lyrics for…

    No, instead he gets a pimped out, illegal immigrant from Oz who’s considered ugly in White America.

    Can’t make this ish up…

  2. Omg! Yeeesss! Rah preach! I agree with you 1000% its about time a real female rapper spoke some truth. Thank you rah.

  3. Now Kim Remy ma foxy Trina and all the other veterans lady lyricists need to follow suite and shut iggy powder robot pretending @ss all the way down.

  4. Rah a hater plain and simple. How dafuk can u even compare her music to gansta boo’s? Sound like these bitches mad cause iggy making noise in the industry and they ain’t so they wanna play the bullshit racecard game. Anybody should be able to make any kind of music they f*cking want and if that artist idolizes a particular genre of music which happens to be from another country and wants to emulate it, then they should be able to without negative backlash. If this was a black artist from another country nobody would be saying a damn thing.

    • You totally missed the point. It’s about the real vs the fake. simple as that. Race has nothing to do with it.

      • No i didnt and since when is showing appreciation ffor something you admire (no matter if it’s good OR bad) considered “fake”? i

      • The business you speak of is a myth. It is a deeper science than that and it revolves around programing peoples minds. Dont take my word of it uproxx.com/smokingsection/…/iggy-azalea-on-the-verge-clear-channel/

      • Excuse me ATL Bully, but nick did get dissed for trying to be something she’s not . Why you think she had to rerelease pink Friday twice? Nobody bought that crap, just like nobody is gonna buy ickys crap. Point blank, she sucks, in rap you either come hard or go home. She’s an infatuated fanatic, in an industry she doesn’t understand. That’s why she’s using (or shall i say ti) black women in her shows just to make us comfortable with seeing her. Sistas, don’t fall for it, white music execs are taking our art form of music, don’t give in like the negroes who sold out for pay.

      • That’s nonsense. All of this shit is calculated. Anytime management in “the business” wants to introduce a new White act it’s never done in one fail swoop. First, they slow down whatever hot Black artist activity is on top. Then they create a drought. After the drought, they copy the “Nas affect” and swoop in with someone to save us all.

        At first glance, it may seem like my theory is bull… but if you look with soft eyes, you’ll see it. Word to Bunk.

    • Rah was talking about her accent, how this thing come from a different culture and a year or 2 later you come from the ghetto. This is what ugly white women do when their not good competition in their culture they cross racial barriers to standout,*coughs* coco & this fake a$$ having trick. Oh and Kim and Kloe as well.

    • “they wanna play the bullshit racecard game….”

      Really? Ytes have been dealing the cards from the bottom of the deck since this country’s inception and you have the nerve to be offended about someone mentioning race?

      The problem a lot of rap fans have…and it’s legit…is that in a few years his-story will have it that ytes INVENTED rap.

      Rap is a black art form like jazz, blues and gospel that has been taken and exploited by others to their gain and our detriment.

      So pardon us if we’re as protective of rap music as ytes are of country and western.

      • Honey we already there about five years or more ago my husband told me that Blondie’s rapture was in the Guiness book of world record as the first rap song…

        • Wrong!!! Millie Jackson was the first, they did a documentary on her. Some will even argue that ester from sanford and son can be considered also, listen to her material on youtube that go back 40-50 years ago.

          • Wrong!!! Millie Jackson was the first, they did a documentary on her. Some will even argue that ester from sanford and son can be considered also, listen to her material on youtube that go back 40-50 years ago.

            To be honest blacks have been rhyming to rhythm for ages just happens that since the invention of recording and since the creation of the library of congress we can get actual dates of works now.

  5. If music is liked then it’s liked. What difference does race, state, country, language, genre, …have to do with anything.

    • Let me help you comprehend.Her music has been forced down the throats of clear channel listeners like no other rapper in her space because of her race and what she stands for.

      • What a bunch of bullshit. “Forced”? LMAO! Nikki’s shit gets played more than anything.

        • #1 Im not speaking of Nikki #2 read for yourself uproxx.com/smokingsection/…/iggy-azalea-on-the-verge-clear-channel/

        • @atl bully….. Nicki garbage,icky ismellya, beyfakemuch, and many others are being forced on the public. the entertainment industry is losing money, they don’t sign talent anymore just new satanist recruits.

      • Read for yourself uproxx.com/smokingsection/…/iggy-azalea-on-the-verge-clear-channel/

  6. Iggy’s success is manufactured by the white corporate structure by the way of T.I. Not by the fans. I challenge anyone to prove me wrong! Dont take my word. Read it uproxx.com/smokingsection/…/iggy-azalea-on-the-verge-clear-channel/

  7. Iggy fake butt looks horrible, Rah could’ve left out the promotion of another great white hype. I wish black people remember went rap was started, it was call to the world for help and to look at what we as a people was going through in a white supremacist society.

    • I agree. I remember X Clan, Public Enemy, Big Daddy Kane,Eric B. & Rakim,BDP, Poor Righteous Teachers,Paris from the BP Posse etc. They were the reason I read a marcus garvey book, got engaged to the apartheit movement, I was a teenager in Baton Rouge Louisiana, the first time ever heard of a Louis Farrakhan was a Public Enemy cassette tape.Rap reflected the times, now in a world with more documented racism, wars and perversion we are making songs about druggin, sex and promoting the destruction of our race.funny but in the 60s the song was sam cookes “change gone come” 70s was James Brown’s”I’m black and I’m proud” 80s was Pubic Enemy’s”Fight the Power” 90s was Tupac’s “Brenda got a Baby” now in the 2000s with all that’s happening with the supreme court destroying the voting act of the 60s, we have ppl singin “I’m Happy”

  8. This is my last time posting, if this chick can be offered to black men, then the industry need to start offering up some desirable white men to the sistas. TPTB can start with Mr.Hemsworth, chuckles !!! 😉 🙂

    • #1 She ain’t desirable #2 Don’t give up on us just yet. They’re still a few of us left who drink our coffe like HeavyD!

      • Are u kidding me? Give up on you? Never. However, the M more the, that’s what i meant. Tptb needs to stop disrespecting black women through the media using propaganda.

  9. expose this creature iggy is fake fake phone bytch you low rent 0 inch dick n1gga’s love hyping this powder puff girl

    • I love me some Rah Digga, but, this ain’t about no damn’ accent. Them folks trying to push Rah, Remy Ma, Eve, Latifah, and the others to the back of the bus. This is the issue!!!

  10. Rah diggah should snatch up that fancy track and show Iggy how a pure female lyricist
    Get busy, and dare her to come into battle with you. Bottom line!

  11. …And just like that, one of the greatest female rappers ever has spoke the truth about the Culture Vulture Aussie Gecko. Let one of the posters on here I don’t like diss Rah Digga…When they aren’t Trolling or being self-important, that is.

  12. Forgot all about Rah Digga ~thank you. Constructive criticism of this clown, what a relief to have a view as such on the front lines.

  13. Rah digga broke that down so even a 6 year old could understand. Love it! Dude looked like sump smh

  14. Everybody should trash T.I. instead <<<< HE is the faggot that gave I-G-G-BYE a record deal in the first place. but i get the point at the same time because they are showing Nicki Minaj that she is NOT the only hoe on this planet that can change her accents and characters. there are thousands of other hoes that will f*ck an executive just to give flopaconda a run for her money too. facts. lmfao

  15. I see everybody saying they love Rah digga now but if she put out a single will you purchase it??? You all cry for real hip-hop but the only way we can push this new hip-hop out is by supporting real hip demand it on the radios demand them to host in your city .. it’s easier said than done but at least try

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