Colin Kaepernick Fined For Using The N-Word

Colin Kaepernick Fined N-Word

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick has been fined for allegedly using the “N-word.” According to Fox Sports, Kaepernick used the racial slur after exchanging words with Lamarr Houston of the Chicago Bears.

After the two players exchanged words, Kaepernick was penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct. The NFL eventually fined Kaepernick $11,000 for using the slur.

Kaepernick, who is mixed with white and black, denies using the racial slur. Houston also denied that Kaepernick used the term.

After Riley Cooper, a white player for the Philadelphia Eagles, used the “N-word” at a concert in 2013, the NFL decided to ban the use of the racial slur on the field by any player regarding race.

Kaepernick and the NFL Player’s Association will appeal his fine


  1. not to make excuses for the word but hes half black and all fine sooo he can get a pass in my opinion i kno we use the word amongst each other btw why is this a headline

    • He gets a pass on calling a black man a nigga (out of anger) because you think he’s “fine”? Aren’t we lacking common sense? The type of hoes to get pimped and slutted out just to be accepted by other races.

      • A Blonde? wtf?

        Kaepernick was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to Heidi Russo, a blonde who was 19 years old, almost broke and single. His African-American birth father was out of the picture before he was born.[1][2] Russo placed her son for adoption with Rick and Teresa Kaepernick, a white couple who had two kids already—son Kyle and daughter Devon—and were looking for a boy after having lost two other sons to heart defects.[1][3] Kaepernick became the youngest of their three children. He lived in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, until age four, and attended grade school in Turlock, California.[4][5]

      • I agree his head has a abnormal shape to it and his face looks like a down syndrome baby just a bit.

  2. Well, we allowed the rappers, celebrities and athletes to use the word, so we cannot cry now. You cannot patent a word so that only one group gets to use it, but others cannot.

    BTW, I bet his mama is the YT parent. He probably heard both his parents say the word all day long. And his daddy is probably more racist against black folks than the KKK.

    This black men/YT women thing really got us to a progressive place, didn’t it?

    • Honey, learn to think before you speak. Colin k was adopted he doesn’t know his birth parents and his adopted parents is white.

      • I stand by my words.
        Has been identified as interracial.

        If you think a QB in the NFL couldn’t track down his real parents, or vice-versa, honey, learn to learn before you come sideways at someone.

        Also, If both his parents are white, then yes, his mama is white.

        Wonder what happened to his black daddy. Hmmm…

        And if you think he is foine, you need a colorstruck check. Ain’t nuthin’ fine about this sidesmashed faced lookin’ thing.

        • Colin does not know his birth parents and you definitely can’t come up with proof which parent is black or white. Colin have no reason to loook for his real parents being as successful as he is, who cares about then now. And like i said you need too think and do your research before you speak on topics.

          • Well thanks for clearing things up,i didn’t know he knew his mom. But either way he’s still loved.

        • “Wonder what happened to his black daddy”?
          Same thing that happens to 90% of all black daddies. Either they are in prison, on the DL, or skipped town. White women gone learn!!! Once u go black, u become a single parent!!! Fact!!!

      • Sis… What are we gonna do with the half-black guys? Never understood them, and still don’t. Sistas like them, but they’re afraid of chocolate for some reason. Him using the n-word is funny to me, doesn’t jive with reality?

    • Anon 4:22

      You are doing too much. Black people know it there are no hidden motives when they call each other nicca.

      Black people know this.

  3. Damn this man is to fine !!!!! I heard he dated Sinai Lathan or was it nia long anyway, was she/they thinking to let this go.

  4. He looks like he could be part of the Marley clan. In what context did he use the word? Ending with er or a? Noun, adjective or adverb? It makes a difference. If colin and lamarr were the same complexion no one would care about the n-word shyt.

    • Thanks for the info. Yup. That rule will be the bain of black players existence since they use it more loosely. I try to refrain from using it but understand that many do not since that just what n****s do. These cry baby athletes.

    • Anon 10:08

      What special rules did black ask for?
      Are you referring to Project MK NAOMI aka N.egores Only Momentary I.dividuals.

      That is the only special rule for us and we did not ask for that.

  5. I don’t know for sure…but I don’t think it was racial. It was just anger.
    But why is this news?….


  6. Thats so retarded. Colin is BIRACIAL. leave his sexy ass alone

  7. I can’t stand all this new ish talking bout people are BIRACIAL.NEWSFLASH folks. Whites dont want to claim you! You can go out of your way to not be black.but let me tell you something. Go to jail or get pulled over and see how BIRACIAL you are!

  8. #1 I was not talking about him I was referencing the comments Ive read and in general.#2since i didnt clarify i will let u slide on how u addressed me.#3 blacks do claim him, anyone who is not ignorant does.

  9. half bakes are more racist then you can imagine they think their “white mother” is the best and black women are nasty and disgusting etc etc these wrinkly white women
    are using these n1gga’s as a dildo more like a sex toy then tying the know do’t you agree??

  10. Dude is NOT fine, he look like Swiss beats long lost brother. Gonzo from the Muppets. And if Houston is denying it and GONZO, why is this a story???

  11. When people of any race use language like this it shows a complete lack of:
    self respect
    respect for others
    self conrol
    and above all it shows a lack of being raised right.
    The way you treat others is a reflection on your raising… you do your mama a dis-service when you go out and act like a moron who has no control over your own tongue.

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