Al Sharpton Enters Informant Spin Zone

Al Sharpton CI #7

From Claiming “False Info” to Saying “I did what was right”

“Nothing is hidden that won’t be exposed. Nor is anything concealed that won’t be made known and brought to the light.” ~Luke 8:17

Al Sharpton says he “did what was right.” That’s good Reverend’s response to reports that recently pegged him as “Criminal Informant #7” in the FBI’s 1984 sting into NYC’s Genovese crime family.

That’s a far cry from his ‘I was set up by the government with this false information’ story.. penned in his October 8, 2013 autobiography, “The Rejected Stone”.

“[That] could have gotten me killed. So I have been seriously tested in what I believe over the years.” ~Al Sharpton, “The Rejected Stone”

Sharpton now reveals he secretly recorded conversations with mobsters over a two-year period. That’s what Rev. Al said from the pulpit of his Harlem National Action Center’s headquarters.

“Sharpton did not say directly whether he was or not an informant in the cases detailed in the report. He did say, however, that three decades ago he cooperated with authorities, recording threats made against him in conversations with suspected mobsters.”

Check what Sharpton had to say:

“In this situation I did what was right. I did what I was always raised in the values of a praying mother to do… I did what I tell kids they should do everyday, all over this country… and that is deal with getting guns and crimes out of their community and cooperate with the law.

I was not and am not a rat, because I wasn’t with the ratsI am a cat. I chase rats…

The only thing I was embarrassed by is those old fat pictures. Could y’all use tomorrow the new [ones]? Because a lot of my younger members don’t know how fat I was.”

In our November 2013 Sharpton expose, was HSK the first to reveal Rev. Al’s prior joint-dealings in crack/cocaine with a currently well known ATL-based chef? [Both of whom are featured in “The Sharpton Tapes”?] Of course! Just ask La-Van Hawkins.

Sharpton Admits Working w/ FBI


  1. Al Sharpton is nothing but a joke who thinks we are stupid enough to really think he was a real activist like MLK or Malcolm when he is nothing but an opportunist who runs wherever he can go to sing songs and collect a check so he will go away. We are not fooled by you Al. After I saw pics of this guy holding up illuminiti signs with Paris Hilton I Was done with him. Go away you are not helping our cause.

    • Please add Jesse Jackson to that list. Jesse, Jr. f*cked up and killed his career by using campaign funds or something of that sort to buy Rolexes and furs for him and his wife. He will never have his father’s longevity.

      I also question Louis Farrakhan. His followers are pushing Muhammad’s Economic Plan. He wants Black people to donate a nickel a day in hopes of collecting $240 million to invest. But who is going to oversee that money?

      • CORRECT!

        BTW, What Happened to the $10 Million collected @ the Million Man March? (Remember, LK asked everyone to donate a $1?…never heard who it was spent did we?)

  2. Republicans are EVIL, SLEAZEBALLS, FILTHY DEVILS. Al Sharpton is one of the last FAMOUS Civil RIghts leaders whose STILL ALIVE, vocal, out here fighting, not to mention he has a close relationship with President Barack Obama and Republicans despise that, they hate it. Sorta reminds me of back in the day when Malcolm & Martin were planning on coming together. The CIA/FBI couldn’t have all that power and influence over the black community coming together and we all know what happened to them.

    Republicans are trying to destroy the relationships President Obama has with Al Sharpton, Jay Z, Beyonce, Eric Holder and any other powerful BLACK person with influence that associates with the President. They even tried to destroy ‘Commom’ a few years ago, not knowing “Common’ is not a gangster rapper. All because the President had him at the White House.

    I know Al Sharpton isn’t the perfect leader, Lord knows he has his fair share of skeletons, but he is out here fighting for the Treyvon Martins of the world, voter rights, minimum wage increases, sticking it to the Confederates in Congress and Governors across this country and If not him, then WHO? There isn’t anyone else who has Sharpton’s popularity or his platform to fight and Republicans know that.

    • U BRINGING IT, but I also respect the comments of those who say he did snitch as a young man, that is a well documented fact

    • Obama is owned by George Soros and the 13 Illuminati Families so the Republicans don’t have to be threatened by his relationship with sharpskin because both are ventriloquist dummies whom are told what to say and do.

      • George Soros is the chief Satanist who has a reputation for Singlehandedly,destroying Economy’s and was the Brain Child behind the most recent Stimulus Package.The Hamite was just the figurehead used as they’re pawn to do as he’s told or suffer the faith of Kennedy.

    • Civil Rights?Can someone please tell me what is Civil or Right about America?If anyone wants to know why the white man hates us blacks so much go and read the birth of Jacob & Esau.Genesis the 26th chapter.

    • True, Lena. They’re both wicked because all the govt cares about is money. They exist to preserve the rights and liberties of rich white men. Women don’t matter, poor people don’t matter, minorities don’t matter and immigrants don’t matter. And many of them are campaigning on the platform of promoting family values and Christianity while being Satanists, infidels and/or closet homosexuals.

      • I stand by everything I said in my comment. I don’t care who owns who, The Koch Brothers own the Republicans, Soros SUPPOSEDLY owns Obama, ok. Republicans have been very disrespectful towards this President. No President in the history of politics have experienced this level of disrespect or HATRED, politics aside, there is NO EXCUSE for it. President Obama and Michelle have been called everything from Monkeys, Water Melon Eaters, Chimps, N………iggers, Thugs, Moochelle, pretty much every derogatory name you could think of. Their kids haven’t been off limits either.

        • Keith:

          Some people find bliss in ignorance. They claim to love God but worship false idols. Obama is a devil of the highest proportion. He is a puppet who is being manipulated to get the attention of Black folks who don’t usually vote and ignore politics. Too many Black people voted for him because they wanted a Black President. Disregard the fact that he didn’t have the experience to effectively run the country. Now they’re learning the hard way.

  3. Sure the REV.SHARPTON was an informant, I first read of this back in the 1990’s in a book on boxing promoter Don King by the late, great investigative report Jack Neufield, in the book he describes where the FBI caught BIG AL on a wired bug speaking on his affliations with NY MOBSTERS and after hearing this the FEDS decided to try and flip BIG AL (REV AL SHARPTON) to get him to get criminal information on Don King, but the FEDS claimed that Sharpton double crossed them though

    • You are an idiot. This snitch and informant stuff is stupid. If know one talks we have drugs any our community. Al Sharpton is not perfect but he stands for something.

  4. Rev trying to get over on us like a fat rat , but you on tape asking about how much is the coke … You’ ve become so arrogant and self loathing that you refuse to even acknowledge you was that fat permed out snitch … You may hide the truth from us but the Most High will always bring your dark dwellings into the light

    • The reject malnourished rat knows he need blk ppl more than ever .. Blk leader he not a pacifier … Yes … I hope blk ppl see him for what he is A exploiter and properganda expert connoisseur of his ppl for filthy lucre!

  5. All this East/West is not called for All.If you’re not guilty a simple no would be more sufficient. Going off into a long drawn out Congo speaks of Guilt.Stop hiding being the Makeup because you’ve been exposed.

  6. Jacky should not being trying to take down one of the few black leaders that we have that will speak truth to power.

    Kevin B what have you done to help or fight discrimination. Never heard of you damn hypocrite.


      Al was Hand-Picked by YT as a leader to quell the emotions of Black Rage against this Racist society in the god ol USA.

      WHY do so-called “Leaders” CHARGE A MINIMUM OF $15,000 JUST TO SHOW UP @ A RALLY?

      Why was Rev. Al caught on Tape discussing Dope Deals with Don King in 1983? (I have seen the Tapes)

      After the Riots of 1968, TPTB chose Al and Jesse to gather folks, March and disband angry Blacks by promising action, and delivering NOTHING, ALL THE WHILE SHAKING DOWN CORPORATIONS FOR THEIR OWN GAIN.

      Al is no Leader.

    • Anonymous:

      Kevin is right. Al Sharpton has been on the CIA and FBI’s payrolls for decades. Jacky’s revelations aren’t new.

      In order for govt agencies to infiltrate the race, they need to find willing participants to plant themselves next to the REAL leaders. Our real Black leaders are dead. The living ones are frauds. They’re trying to lead the collective to oblivion — always via religion.

        • status quo are snuffed out, and replaced by “Leaders” who will quell anger and uprisings and keep to the agendas laid out before them.

          How can Farrakhan, Jesse and Al afford those nice Suits?????

          Where does their Salary come from????

          How can Jesse Talk REAL Truth to Power when he is on Cable TV? (part of the Corporation?????)

          • Jesse and Al are getting checks from the CIA and FBI. As far as Farrakhan is concerned, the NOI people are sheep. Don’t come for Christians who tithe, because those tithes go to the church, not the pastor/bishop. I honestly believe the people in the NOI are handing Farrakhan money to enable him to live. But they also have their own businesses and schools which he likely receives a cut from. He lost me when he sat on Twitter condoning Jay-Z and Kanye’s actions. Devil with a slick down.

  7. Maybe this will go through…

    Y’all stupid callin’ him a snitch. What you all defendin’ an “omerta” code for? The mob ain’t checkin’ for our black azzes. You adherin’ to somethin’ that was against you. If he took down the mob, for whatever reason and however reason, good for him.

    The mob put heroin in black neighborhoods, in case you didn’t know. They took large cuts from the numbers game and killed any numbers runner that could do it better than they can. They busted up numbers joints if the owner called them out on some BS and they would change the number if too many people would hit. They would order number runners to not give “the ni**ers” turkeys on Thanksgiving.

    GTFOH, talkin’ ‘bout bein’ a snitch. Don’t adopt codes that were in place to destroy you. How dumb is y’all?

  8. Ooooooooo Wendy! I saw all seven parts! Folks need to look at that! Nothing but the truth!

  9. Sharpton is a typical sellout black preacher, i despise them to the utmost. They’ve helped our enemies destroy the black community…Screw Them!

  10. The scary part is this man has to power to assemble thousands of blacks in one spot! Not safe

    • If they ever want to kill millions of us, they know exactly who to call to organize that.

      • They can just call Foster Farms and LVMH. Poison the chicken and the Hennessy and you’ve killed a smooth 85% of the Black race. You can stop cutting checks to these fake Reverends who don’t have church homes or congregations.

    • YT troll. I missed your comment. What is so unsafe that there should be an assembly of a large number of Black people in one spot, that we take back what you’ve stolen from us for over 400 years? Get thee way behind us, satan.

  11. I feel sorry for people who are still falling for the same bullshit. Al Sharpton is a piece of f*cking shit who was raised up by the enemy to trick Blacks into thinking they have a legit leader. Some Blacks are so dumb to think that fat motherf*cker is a real Rev. He is a parasite who uses Black suffering for his personal gain. Why do you think they gave him a show on MSNBC? Apply some common sense yall. That faggotis in bed with the enemy of our people. Why are yall so blind and dumb?

    • @Keith

      We don’t need a black leader to babysit us like kids at a daycare. These leaders don’t care about us, the hood look the same in every city. As long as he delivers the black vote to the new-school dixiecrats, He’s Good! Farrakhan, and other black muslims are no better. Want us to support a religion that has been and still is anti-black to the core…The Cost of Freedom! Any blackman that soaks himself in god-like attire is not fooling me. It’s a mask that needs to be removed once and for all.

  12. Sharpton… smells like Boule Shit to me mon. He $old his Soul a long time ago like some other famous evangelicals in the community for that Freemason 33rd Degree complicit in crimes BS = Boule Shit.

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