Dr. Dre & Jigga Hov’s Copyright Claim Against Gospel Group Dismissed


A judge has dismissed Jay Z and Dr. Dre’s suit against gospel group “Crowns of Glory” after the pair filed a motion to fold. The now closed case involves Rapper Rick Ross’ track, “3 Kings”.. featuring music revealed to be a ripoff from the 1976 gospel song “I’m So Grateful”.

Back in November 2013, Clara Shepherd Warrick and Jimmy Lee Weary — refiled their copyright suit against Jigga and Dre. According to court docs the “Crowns of Glory” pair cited the rappers for pushing “unsavory language” in “3 Kings”.. forever defacing their original spiritual tune.

Peep the history reported on the case:

“In February 2013, Plaintiffs filed a Complaint asserting claims of copyright infringement and related state law claims against Defendants. On July 17, 2013, this Court dismissed that Complaint with prejudice,” the hip-hop stars said in court docs. “Nevertheless, four months later, Plaintiffs filed their action asserting the same specious claims.”

Dr. Dre and Jay Z further explained that the gospel duo gave up their rights to the song through an agreement they entered into with Universal Music more than 35 years ago.

“In 1976, Plaintiffs assigned their rights in the Work to ABC/Dunhill and its successors through valid music publishing agreements,” the rappers said in the docs.

“Pursuant to these agreements, ABC/Dunhill registered a copyright in the Work that same year. As a result, ABC/Dunhill and its’ successor, Songs of Universal, had the absolute right to license and administer the Work as they saw fit and did so without complaint from Plaintiffs for over 35 years.”


  1. what kind of evil/satanic motherf*cker would turn a gospel into a trashy/vulgar rap? sad day in the neighborhood!!!

    • Exactly! And how long exactly is “over 35 years.” That language is vague and ambiguous. Glad the gospel group refiled their litigation since it is now over 35 years. The devil is such a liar. Make his minions pay.

  2. DRE, JIGGA are we the public going to still get that collaborative album that you all was supposed to do together. DRE, lol you are arrogant and lazy as f*ck

    • DRE’s just scared. He’s had everyone waiting so long for ‘Detox’ that he’s scared to fail. He’d rather have the LEGEND of ‘Detox’ than lay a Kayne goose-egg. I really dont get it since he’s produced a LOT of hits for other people. He could have kept a couple Eminem/50 cent tracks and made album of the year. (He HAD to know ‘In the Club” was a SMASH-HIT!!)

      • Dre can’t give you Detox because he no longer has the in-house producers in pocket that produced the heat he is famous for. Why do you think these exec producers have to venture into vodka, headphones and clothing lines? Dre’s rep is forever burnt.

  3. Stop stealing from other people and be original. Both gay z and gay ass dre have been known for stealing other peoples stuff.

    • and they both the artists they sample. dre and jigga both know they both admitted to listening to old school funk and r&b records.

      • if u listen to love on a 2 way street u can compare the hook to alecia keys and jay z new york

  4. I think “Detox” is some satanic code word for something! That’s why this is no surprise,these dudes don’t respect God,Lucifer is their God

  5. I will not forget watching a documentary re: Death Row where RBX said Dr. Dre told RBX that Dre would sell his soul for $1 million. What is his current net worth? That’s how you know these people are demons.

  6. dre and jigga know better they been around too long to be sampling without permission.

    this ain’t 2 rookies jigga and dre know better they know their musical influences too well.

  7. These two look great together! I wonder if they are dating and planning on creating Detox:The Homo Sessions.

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