Draya Says All’s Good W/ Shaunie: “She gave me a chance…”


As word spreads of Draya calling it quits as Basketball Wife — the former video vixen denies claims of her supposedly telling “Shaunie ‘kick rocks’ as she walked off the set”.

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This news comes after the bully coup against Draya led her to refuse to join Jackie & Co. in Paris. That’s after the fight — an event which Sundy Carter is revealed to have thrown a curve ball over. Know why? Draya is said to have “socked Sundy in the eye…” leaving Carter with a black eye. Don’t believe me.. Just ask John Salley.

Here’s how Draya broke the news that she’s out:



    • I am glad! The only sad thing about this jumpoff Draya is that she is going to ruin Orlando’s life. He is so whipped! Who parades around with Draya on the their arm? Brothas are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo lost!Do you not have role models? Or are they driven by flesh only?

      • Draya has the look,so as long as she keeps it round,curved,and flat their will always be a Baller Salivating at the mouth over her regardless of her reputation.No one can deny that home girl is very Easy On The Eyes.

      • Preach, Ms. Black. Draya is a young Evelyn Lozada. Draya finally found and all day sucker and shr is milking him for everything she can. Orlando is young, dumb, inarticulate, has 2 kids and is definitely not husband material. Draya is an ex-stripper and professional jump off who spends more time around random men than she does her child. I’ll be glad when Draya disappears.

  1. If Draya’s management were smart they would have her do a fitness video, start a line of fitness wear. She already has a bikini line, a fitness video, work out gear and vitamine supplements would fit right in. She’s well proportioned, has a very nice shape and looks good in her clothes.

    • CaliGirl:

      Draya’s body is courtesy of the plastic surgeon, by her own admission. She knows you have to exercise to maintain what the surgeon gave you, or you’ll end up with a Body by Burruss, so she exercises.

      Sheree Whitfield should have an exercise video. Her body is real.

      • @Bella, I understand what you’re saying her body is fake and she did admit to breast implants, but at the end of the day, these young girls look at Draya and see nice body, pretty and ‘famous’ that’s all they care about, fake body, past or present h0e, they don’t care. I’m saying, capitalize off it, make money.
        She should stay on the show and while on, promote, promote her products, then quit.

      • Better Reply, “INFAMOUS” – Jackie was WELL known among Basketball fans as Doug Christies “CrAzY-Ass” Wife. I had heard about her for years before I ever saw a picture of her. cRaZY has ALWAYS been her ‘Hook’.

  2. I did like Draya but it seems like the fame is going to her head and she aint even famous yet. Orlando told her to quit the show thats why she is leaving. Dumb trick should not have quit until he made you official like a WIFE not a roomate!!! She gonna learn!!!!

    • oh and if she was as smart as she thinks she is, if she is “carring the show” then stay and demand more money the ball I guess was in your court.

  3. I dont know why jumpoff Draya didnt get fired for punching Sunday. Draya is no different than Chris Brown. I guess Jackie and her daughter was too much for her ass.

  4. Draya vis a dumb young girl, she’ll learn. Never give up money for a “boyfriend” who will break up with you later and not give you a dime

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