Openly Gay Rapper Signs to YMCMB?

Gay Rapper Signs to Cash Money Records

“Lil’ Wayne Signs Openly Gay “Throw That Boy P***y” Rapper Fly Young Red to YMCMB?”

Times have changed especially in the rap game with major stars wearing skirts, now Lil Wayne has signed rapper Fly Young Red to YMCB. Though Fly Young Red is not the first openly gay rapper, see Sissy Nobby out of New Orleans and many more, he is one of the first to be openly gay and signed to a major label.

Fly Young Red did speak about the controversial song in a recent interview with Huffington Post, saying:

“I decided to make this video for lots of reasons. When I go to gay clubs and I look around I see a lot of gay guys dancing to songs that are made by straight rappers talking about females… I think females are beautiful I but I don’t find them sexually attractive. I like gay guys, so I made a song for gay guys to enjoy and dance to. I made it to play at gay clubs. I never wanted this song on the radio at all — I’m not trying to push a gay agenda on the African American race or turn young black youth gay. This music is not for either of them. All I wanted to do was make a song for the gay people that like hip hop to dance to. That’s it.”

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  1. Nobby and Messy Mya(rip) had talent and were good dJs. This here is garbage for house mother ball room anthems. Besides being gay its just whack.

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        • In my Floyd Henderson voice from Soul Men. ” f*ck you Fly Young”, I don’t even Like Boy Pussy”……lol

          On the real, I have never heard a more disturbing song in my life.

    • I believe that tip story because my dvd man swore up and down that his gay customer showed him nude pics of him and tip

  3. This is why hip hop is in the trash. There are no positive messages in any of the music. Just pure trash to send your ears into a coma. And we wonder why the youth of today is so lost. The only thing more tired than rap music is the gay agenda being shoved down our throats.

    • gay hop.

      rappers been sending gay messages for years.

      nicki minaj pushed it.
      wayne kissing baby
      puffy and kanye wearing kilts and swearing trhe’re showing the irish love.

      asap rocky saying its cool for men to wear dresses.

  4. Ciara and beyonce crossdressing, Rihanna dyking with shakira.

    lil kim been camew out we knew about qaueenpen, mc lyte, isis, eve, and latifah can’t forget lady of rage, yoyo, and missy and all the girls she ate loike tweet, aaliyah, lil mo, keyshia cole, Olivia, too many more.

    702, swv, tlc, kelis all these lesbos in the game.

      • boss Admitted she was a fake gangster and only did it for the money and it killed her career.

        guess she was tired of the rap game.

        • Chris:

          Boss said, “I’m tryna get to Watts, but I’m stuck in Baldwin Hills/trying to find myself…” We knew she wasn’t gangsta. She was fronting.

    • Get outta my head. I swear I thought the same thing. RIP hip-hop….#officiallydead

  5. I agree but we are haters if we say so. If you are gay you are gay but don’t promote it in the community.

  6. I remember a few months back there was this show on the fuse network with an openly gay artist from New Orleans named Big Freedia the queen of bounce. Im surprised Wayne overlooked him.

  7. I think it’s a f*cking disgrace I blame the south for destroying hip hop since 2004.South niggas think that shit is cute because cities like Atlanta and New Orleans condone that shit.Not in NY you’ll get your f*cking head chopped off.A$AP get away with it because real niggas don’t f*ck with him.

    • Nas, Jay-z, Busta Rhymes, Method Man & Redman, 50 Cent, LL Cool J, Mase and many, many more from the great NY have been caught in gay activities or whatever u wanna call it, so don’t go blaming the south. oh I forgot the main one, Diddy. I know a guy said he seen Method Man & Redman kissing, Kelis saw weird behavior w/Maxwell & Nas, so have a nice day.

    • New york was i the closet with theirs! But the south brung it out cuz alot of them southern niggas was dippin in that gay shit! Really the south f*cked the rap game up! Minus Getto boyz. Kanye bitch ass f*cked it up too. He embarassed chicago but that bitch ass nigga from the southside tho! Im westside via Humboadt park!

  8. Watch your sons AND daughters no matter where they go: school (big time hangout for male and female pedos/gays), church, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, next door neighbor, relatives, etc. Watch your kids. And for the love of God please do not expose your kids to rap music. Hip Hop started out as a true art form. It has been straight garbage for a long time. Don’t expose your kids to these demonic people and the filth they’re pushing as “love.”

    • You are absolutely correct. But there is a strong push to make you black males gay but there is also a general push on all people no matter the race and no matter the gender. I never watched the show ugly betty until a year ago and I was disgusted with that young kid and his flamboyance. And it made me wonder how many show had gays on them, so I looked it up and here is the link telling how many shows in the year 2013 and, 2014 that have gays on them. I had no idea it was this many

  9. The gay agenda… LMAO. As a lesbian I do agree with how media and org. are shoving it down ppls throat to accept and respect it. I don’t feel the need for acceptance or respect. As a black woman I feel the same about the black agenda… Respect and acceptance is not something given. We were not here to hate each other but grow from the differences. The mindsets “Christians” “religious fiends” have towards the gay community is disgusting but I don’t walk around condemning them. Just because you feel it isn’t right doesn’t make it ok for the hate. I applaud him for making music for HIS community. What he eats don’t make none of us shit. So why so up in arms about it. At the end of the day its up to you to guide your children. Not government, rappers, media. HIP HOP IS NOT DEAD! There are plenty of emcess bringing hip hop life but yall don’t listen to those artists because they not telling you to get drunk and shake your ass. Stop saying whats dead if your helping killing it…. All these commercial artists are there because you keep supporting.

    • I am a Christian. Do not call me or my religion or my.mindset disgusting because that just makes you a hypocrite. Hip hop has flatlined and yea there is a gay agenda behind it. Don’t climb up on your rainbow soapbox and pretend you don’t see it

    • I aint takin no input from a hoe that has Submitted herself to eating p*ssy! Bitch please… You confused ho. You wud commend another fag cuz u one ya dam self! Foh. An dykes an fags need to be on a island together. Being gay is unnatural an demonic period. Dykes r the most dumb cuz u hoes dont want men but u use dildos???? Really! Confused hoez. Lanay or whoeva take yo coochie eatin ass on.


  11. Sure thing. I wasn’t that attached to his movies anyway. I don’t trust anyone who is in business with Oprah anyway. Cause I will never believe that she’s not a Satanist.

    • She is and I despise her. I always have. She’s always talking about “spirituality” , and The Secret…bullshit like that. No Christian does that. And what’s up w helpless African children being sexually abused by female staff at that south African school she founded. Wicked old bish…

  12. That’s it. I’m done. I simply WILL NOT procreate. It’s that simple. This world just isn’t safe for young black men. I’ll wait and see what lies in store for us on the other aide of the tribulation. I’m so disgusted by the direction this world is heading in. I wish I had it like that…I’ve never been materialistic and I don’t love money but how I wish I had ny own private island…then again these satanic f*ckers would just find a way to flood it or drop radiation on it. Mind you, they can’t find that f*cking airplane…but griffin facebook has recognition software that can pick a face out if a crowd of thousands. Go figure.

    • Don’t be deterred because what’s happening now us the same as what transpired in the days of Sodom/Gomorrah.This is the last trick of the devil as he tries to hold on to his failing Kingdom and the end of the Whitemans Rulership.We Got Next Israel.

    • they don’t want that plane found.

      or if you’re a Armageddon fanatic you might say they was raptured.

      • The plane could have been forms of human sacrifices like abortion are? Each time that a woman has as abortion she is bring the devil closer into the world because the blood sacrifice open a portal that is letting the evil in. Life is a gift and many of us sacrifice that for our own evil deeds because pregnancy does not have to happen. People are using the loss of life as birth control. Who would have ever thought that human being could be brainwashing so easily. If our black community really knew the real story behind abortion and it racist motives I would hope that they would be more guarded of their minds and actions.

        Your thoughts they become your words
        Your words they become your actions
        Your actions they become your habits
        Your habits they become you character
        Your character they become your destiny.

        • Im pro choice. An shouldnt no women feel obligated to having a nigga baby. He shud marry her 1st or soon after he finds out she pregnant. Sometime the sacrifice is worth it Peace. An if u fornicating u sinning an bringing a baby in sin anyway so stop! Sistas… Make the best decision for u an dont let fools like this convince u otherwise.

          • I am pro choice as well but I also don’t have any children and never been pregnant because I believe protecting myself with the best choices which is self contol. I still spoke on what I beleive and to me making your best choices starts before the pregnancy. I have been to abortion clinic with friend and it horrible because more of the women in there act and talk like hoodrats and are using it as birth control.

    • “Mind you, they can’t find that f*cking airplane…but griffin facebook has recognition software that can pick a face out if a crowd of thousands. Go figure.”

      You ain’t lied, I’m watching this and something clearly ain’t clean in the milk, or should I say ocean.

  13. I want these confused souls to acknowledge one thing: your anus is not a “p*ssy”…so stop calling it that. Your anus was designed to push filth out. My vagina was designed to welcome the essence of life in. So don’t get it twisted just cuz you the ones conflicted.

    • most *bullshit* piece of garbage.
      Sticky keys

      I don’t think even the velvet (gay) mafia wanna promote this

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    Michael Jackson would definetly like this if he was living.

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    • An so wud your father Bitch! You prolly speedraced yo lil dick to the video hoe! Foh!

  15. Sweet Jesus…….he’s saying, ‘throw that boy pu$$y’ and ‘after fawkin, I’ll have you limpin’, ‘let me get a rubber and beat it from the back’ ………….I CAN’T with him.

    Birdman got him on the roster for ‘SERVICES’ purposes only.

  16. Funny as f*ck. It’s so bad no one is gonna change sexual orientation cause of this. Agenda fail.

  17. This is deplorable.

    But we have accepted the glorification of other vices such as drugs, pimpin, gun violence, racial hatred, robbery, and calling our women hoes and bitches for years… Homosexuality is wrong but the other things I have mentioned are just as harmful to our communities.

    Hip hop’s chickens have come home to roost. When we began glorifying evil the genre went into the tank

    • Lol….is that what you got from is thread? Fascination? Cuz I m getting a lot of folks are disgusted.

      • Nobody held a gun to their heads to post on this post

        They came on their own will

        Mostly all the gay related posts get a lot of comments because we all are fascinated by the gays.

        • Who is we? U mean for example straight women. I.don’t think so. I think the opposite is true actually. Drag competitions and calling butt holes by a term usually reserved for female genitalia seems like the height of fascination. I JS

        • People post for many reasons why do people in this world want to make everything singular. I swear we are getting dumbed down by the minute we can even have option in our opinion, habits and thoughts. We are not all one big brain but many brains and hearts and interest. I swear the world does not want for any of use to have any critical thinking skills and it is evident. If ya’ll can’t see the persecution coming it is and this time it won’t be on the GODLY side either Satan is coming to destroy and Rome like the ruthless lion that he is.

  18. Wayne made a smart move. (Even though he shoulda signed Nobby) gay is really hot right now so is bounce! Wayne signs anybody though!

    • This shit is gross an a damn shame. I showed this bull to my Og las week an we shook our heads cuz this is total disrespect to The Creator. This gay agenda is alive an black women will suffer from this. Live yo life but dont drap you eating shit literally on me! This is a gotdam shame an there parents shud b shame.Period! Men an Women. An boy p*ssy my ass… Nigga my p*ssy populates the lands .. The universe! Your funky shitty ass babysits hiv an passes it to innocent sistahs! Fuckin faggots! How dare yiu compare yo tired ass infested shitty ass to A Womans Flower Bomb! Fuck you faggots. You wanna be ass hies. Never will u be Equal to women! An Mothaf*ck who got offended by what i said an you dyke hoes need to find yo life. Nothing compares to the power of dick. You confused hoes. Gtfoh lol! FUCK U IF U MAAD TOO! Bitch.

        • I love you too. But this here is sad. Look if u gay ? Do u but dont drap that on me. Eat shit all u want but keep it to yourself. But i will give a gay man props for being out an not hiding itto women an passing the bug to innocent lookin for love sistahs. But these closets gays need to be burned. An stop tryn to compare your ass to a vagina lol Stop! Much love sis an it will forever be Team Dark or Brown sistahs over here!!! Okay lol

      • Mo made a valid point. That is why we have so many sideline hoes, girlfriends, misstresses til its pitiful! The odds of one heterosexual man is 5:1.

        • Thanks Daradiant. I dont condone killing nobody cuz they want a dick in their ass. But, These bitches should not be given the same respect as women. They think they are better than us chicks. This will be our demise if we support gay men. Remember, Most men dont use but a crumb of their brains.. Anything to get off an escape being a blackman day to day! An men are the the biggest prostitutes than white women. When u will do anything for money, You f*cked up! Sistahs…. Fuck them! It is a war against us. If their are no men , Where does that leave us? Sistas set up secret camras in the cribs so u can watch what your men r really doing. Trust nobody but The Creator! We are the Original Queens… Sistahs! We just need to choose wisely an pray an ask for all things to b Revealed. Much love.

      • You know I am also amazed by how many so call staright people and won’t and men want to date and have relationship with people who they fully know are homosexuals. This is crazy to me. You got men talking about transs are the new women since when just because you have an interest in men who look like women.

  19. The Father needs to flush them out! These poor lil gurls coming up got a raw deal.. I feel bad for them. Hopefully the lil kids wont have it so bad. Smfh! Genocide all over again. Sick! Your ass is for cleansing not f*ckin! Loose boity bitches! Do u but keep that Shit to yo self! Period an im noylt accepting that shit!

  20. You like what you like…each to there own.
    But this song is plain nasty, disgusting and an insult to “Everybody” regardless of orientation.
    If you going to promote for “your people” at least promote something positive, not this nasty sh*t.
    Which self respecting person is gonna dance to this trash.

    • Homosexuality is based off of the sex act! What else is these assholes gon talk about? Eating shit an Aids is all i see coming from them. An passing the bug to women. Cause thats all they have been doing. The last thing on a sista shud b worried about is if her man is sucking a dick! But! These deceiving cowards are greedy an need to be burned. My motive is … If u are married or are in a relationship an u find out yo guy is a fag? Or passed u the bug? You shud have a right to kill em! All this life sentence shit my ass! Bring back the death penalty! Aan it does affect us sistahs cuz we are suffering . Period! Find yo life.

      • That is why I could never see myself messing with a man who like both. I don’t want no one who use like men because you will like they again at some point. I want a manly man only don’t offense to anyone but I what a man who knows what he want deeply.

  21. People dance to disrespectful rap songs all the time and most of you say nothing.

    Gay Person makes a song and people act all offended mainly because their issue with gay people.

  22. Heh…I’ve been saying for years now that gay-friendly (And gay acting) rappers/wannabe Pop stars Nicki Minaj and Drake were heralds for the first openly gay rapper, and now this…person gets signed (After that skirt-wearing Young Thug clown, of course). As if hetero people with actual tastes in rap music needed another reason not to give that label the time of day…

  23. Be apart of the change and stop sharing/indirectly promoting artists like this. There are many talented and conscious artists that need exposure.

  24. Women encouraging other women to become just as strong and powerful as a man…men encouraging other men to become just as feminine and soft as a woman. If that doesn’t sound like an agenda designed to twist, confuse, discombobulate and depopulate… then you may want to check into getting a hormonal panel of bloodwork done, something just MAY be off o_o.

    Looks like all tricks are being pulled out of the box in this 21st century (pun most def intended)…and if you don’t protect YOURSELF as well as any of your dependants, you have been and will continue to be the fool the tricks were made for in the first place.

  25. This type of anti- black women mentality has been in effect for over two decades. It all started within Dr. Dre and Easy E’s era when most rappers would rap about hating hoes and not loving them which was repeated time and time again. Divide and conquer was the objective and still is. This, coincidently, took place right after Public Enemy rapped about fighting the Power that be. This was during the time of black consciousness.
    Most of today’s rappers continue to interject gay lyrics into rap music, which are by design and they get away with it. This fool gets no respect regarding being real because it’s extremely negative and is detrimental to the future of the black youths. It’s the same thing as giving props to a prostitute. I condone anyone who promotes promiscuity whether they’re straight or gay. In this country, we have laws for reasons.
    50 percent of the hits are against this bullshit. No dought most women, straight men, gays of lesbians with sense will not support this.
    This fool stated that the intention of his music was for gay clubs yet has posted more than eight videos on u tube with the intention of promoting this demonic shit from hell. This is bigger than what’s being portrayed. This is black genocide at its best. Black Men are made in the image of God. This is not of him but belongs to the Greeks. Give him back his culture.
    This video is the ultimate embarrassment to Black people. Now the whole world is starting the realize the true intentions of most gays and it is not good.
    If lil Wayne did cosign to this than he must realize that he have a daughter and should be concern about her future. If your doom to hell than what’s the sense of having all the money in the world. It’s not a dam thing you can do with money once your time is up.
    This has gone too far and it’s time to wake up and take and stand people because this is bullshit.

    • Well said an much respect to u. This us an embarassment to All blackpeople. Take notes ladies cuz we r losing em to jail cave women an fags! The devil is winning!

  26. correction….I do not condone anyone who promotes promiscuity whether they’re straight or gay.

  27. Stop talking about this parasite and clicking on his video and eventually he will disappear

  28. Hip-Hop been gay for a long time, black folk chose to ignore the red flags. When it became acceptable to attack blackwomen for profit, that was a sign. Throw in the drug and gang culture, and we end up with a bunch of soft, feminized, scared black males. As blackmen, we’ve allowed this ish to happen on our watch…Shame On Us!

    • Totally agree. Cuz uf you dont love these hoes… Who do u love? Men in rap r so down on women so u must b gay!

      • @Queen

        The hatred of blackwomen in hip-hop never made sense to me. If these negros hate bitches and hoes so much, what are they really saying? Remember, none of this ish is accidental. Jamie Foxx, Martin Lawrence, Wesley Snipes, Ving Rhames, Tyler Perry, etc. Illuminati pushing this s**t real hard…Really Tho! All this insanity based on an assumption. “But Ty, the black guys want all the white chicks.” So, whitewomen lusting blackmen justifies wickedness…Really?

        • Agreed. Tyrone, i vibe u an wat u said was appreciated. Peace my brother an blessings to you.

  29. I cant deal the mans talking about p*ssy? But wait batty men are getting feisty to rarse lol. Eeeee keep your gay ass shit to yourself, these people are of the devil what f*cking man can be so brazen to chat that shit? Thats why these fags die because they are NASTY BATTYMAN AND GYAL FI FUCKING DEAD!!!!

  30. Poor fella. has more dislikes than likes on youtube channel vid. The public has spoken 🙂

  31. Welcome to HELL, get your souls right we are in the last days and it will be consequences for evil, as in all we do. It is really sad, I remember when hip-hop was born now it is dead and they don’t wont to let it rest in peace. We will never resurrect what we lost.

  32. Wayne don’t mind signing a GAY rapper because he’s Gay
    Meth & Redman
    The late Guru
    Gay Z
    Just to name a few

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