ROHA’s Cast Forms Coup Against Kenya Moore!

Porsha Stewart Kicked Off RHOA

If Bravo fires Porsha Stewart from RHOA.. the network may be left without a cast. Reports reveal.. while NeNe Leakes and Phaedra Parks “are planning to have Kenya Moore forced off the set for good, the RHOA lady line-up are warning Bravo they’ll walk to.. if Porsha’s given the boot!

“Porsha’s job has been on the line” since the alleged attack on Kenya.”

Here’s the latest:

“Sources close to the show say the women hatched their plan this weekend at Kandi Burruss‘ wedding. They allegedly told the show’s producers how much they despise Moore because of all the drama she stirs up.

Reportedly, since the brawl, ALL housewives’ contracts for next season have been put on hold until the show’s big wigs can figure out what they want to do about the Porsha situation.”


  1. They need to get rid of all of them.

    Nene is “rich.” So let her go on and make her millions off of someone else besides Bravo.

    All the others are boring and have no story line, except they might hang on to Phadera as her legal problems will be very interesting.

    How do we start a petition for this?

    • True!!! Kenya is the one who keeps that show interesting. All of those fools will be without a job is they keep making wack demands. Porsha is a complete idiot, Nene is a complete fraud and Phaedra is a complete con artist.

      • Truth u a mothaf*ckin Lie! Hatin ass bitches on here! hatin on Kenya! Kenya got hoes shook lol Twirl on them nutz hoe! Give a referal on sum real shit not Goofy shit! You gotdam fool. Some of yall on here are as dumb as playing in dirt at 15 yrs old! Go wash yo ass.

    • Personally I love the show! It is what it is”REALITY”! You can’t erase who they are by getting rid of the show! RHOM,RHOBH, RHONY and RHONJ are all ratchet. If you boycott anything it should be ALL Reality shows. I am a hugh supporter of Reality T.v. and I do disagree with you. Just don’t watch if its offensive too you.

  2. Linda

    Oh, didn’t mean to bunch Kandi up with the rest, she has a thriving business and is making musicals and recordings for herself and other artists. So she is “good.”

  3. I don’t understand why there even is a Porsha situation. These hitches fight all the time. The Latina and the polish woman fought on the Miami show and no one was fired. I think this is all bs. neNe is a clever one w her stank ass. She’s probably behind the whole coup thing. She wants Kenya gone cuz she feels threatened. Kenya is the new queen b and nene knows it

      • Nene ain’t no beauty queen herself so apparantly that ain’t the requirement for top dog…no pun intended

        • Kenya is gorgeous, Porsha is a dummy, and her nameis stupid which leads me to believe that her mama is slow as well,, Nene is jealous and irritated that Kenya looks good with little to no effort, and her popularity is rising.

    • NeNe (HEHE) is definitely the one behind this..she cannot do anything without backup..the coward…she holds no juice at Bravo, especially since Andy pants demotion…but Moose isn’t leaving that paycheck for nobody, especially not ignorant Porsha..just more mess to hype up the reunion. All these heauxs have pens in hand waiting to sign on the dotted line. I would call their bluff and give Kenya the money, hire Marlo and new folks and keep it moving…

      I’ll help you bishes pack…

  4. Know where the whole housewives franchise goes wrong? Ms Andy doesn’t get it. He thinks cat fights are what people want to see, but if I wanted to witness a buncha chicken heads equaling loud and acting ignorant I could just go to my aunties house for thanksgiving. I want to see glam and glitz…whopping, dating vacations etc. They also don’t have to pretend the women are friends either. Show wa h woman w her real friends. It would be so much better if that vicious queen wasn’t running shit.

    • I agree. I loved Single Ladies. We fell in love with RHOA with a verbal catfight here and their like all women do. We dont need the Peters and Kenyas evil in our programming.

  5. Oh and they lying nene definitely not gonna risk that check of porshadstewart lol

  6. Oh and they lying nene definitely not gonna risk that check over porshadstewart lol chile please I’m done this was too funny

  7. It didn’t say she was. I don’t think Jacky literally meant the whole group was together at the wedding devising this “scheme”. They prolly discussed it prior to the event and those who were there finalized the plan there.

    Doesn’t matter tho. They aren’t leaving those checks for Porsha’s ass no way.

  8. Just saw this yesterday and I say this is BS because what grown woman co-signs with violence? Even little dizzy Cynthia (who’s starting to age rapidly when her face is not “beat”) knows that you don’t hit someone based on provocation. If there’s an alliance to get rid of Kenya, I say call their bluff and bring back the following –

    eric snow’s ex (to talk about life after him)
    maybe lisa wu (see above)

    Oh yeah, men (especially old men) look stupid starting fights and getting into their wives’ conversations. That was one thing that turned me off about my ex is that he gossips more than my grandmother!


  9. Lol kenya is responsible for the ratings lol…they should let them go just bring back kim & sheree

  10. Yenya Moore is the reason this show is still on let that dumb girl go and if the other girls want to give up a paycheck for that dummy let them go to. Nene is so hating on Kenya she can’t even control it its all over her face believe it or not candy and the other are to if they want to go keep Kenya and put new girls on it if Kenya go I will not be watching this show at all and the rating will go down.

  11. First off these chicks are not going anywhere. They all need their paychecks with the exception of Kandi. Kandi had money before the show and will have money after the show. This is all Nene’s fault she’s the problem starter. Nene it’s time for you to get your pink slip because there’s a new sheriff in town and thats Kenya Moore!

  12. Im definetly team Kenya. She brought the ratings up and the rest of the cast are not pulling their weight particularly Cynthia and Phaedra. It seems since Kenya’s been on the show she has made it watchable.

  13. Porsha is a very dumb chick. She let the other woman get in her head about her marriage to Kordell. Now your divorced and got nothing out of it. Im surprised Kordell did not sue them for defamation for dragging his name in the mud. Yes you Porsha and your whale looking mama!

    • Andy is somewhere kicked back with his feet up laughing his ass off at this pitiful demand. No good businessman/woman will willingly get rid of their cash cow. Kenya ain’t going nowhere.

      RIP Velvet

  14. There are probably many women in Atl just waiting for these ladies to quit so that they can take their places. The way I see it…Andy has no problems.

  15. I will stop watching RHOA if they get rid of porsha, phaedra, and the rest. Kenya and Peter need to go because they are vile, hateful, and just plain evil. No one wants to watch that.

  16. Sorry Team Kenya, can’t stand her! I would rather watch paint dry then to watch Kenya who insists on sticking her nose in every one’s relationships. She’s the most fake on the show, hiring a man to play her man and that fake butt and boobs of hers, UGH! YUK! She makes me want to vomit. When or if she can get a man, maybe it would be better tv!

    • You lookn in the mirror makes yo wack ass want to vomit! Bitch find yo life. Do u have a man? Pathetic ass bitch. You most likely ugly an baldhead… I stuck my dick in yo mouth now suck it bitch! Foh. Its always a bum bitch… ha! Twirl 2014 Bitches lol

  17. These old tricks are about to play themselves because Kenya is a ratings booster and controversy this shit would be dead without her..Bravo ain’t stupid they will mess around and give Kenya the show

  18. This street king MF should have done some research because Kandi was enjoying her wedding. Nene was not at the wedding, nor cynthia, So Where the hell did you get this made up shit? Now you getting like MTO for sure

  19. OK Kenya I smell you fakeness on here. you are replying as someone else…go have your head checked for the insecurities…FIREEEEE KENYA “WH*&%@” MOORE

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