Al Sharpton’s Work as FBI Informant Exposed!

Al Sharpton's FBI Informant Days

Al Sharpton is vigorously denying a report that he was once an FBI informant spying on the Genovese and Gambino crime families.

The Smoking Gun yesterday published a major investigative piece based on hundreds of pages of FBI documents obtained via Freedom of Information Act requests that reveal that Al Sharpton, known as CI-7, was a major asset for the FBI’s “Genovese squad,” using a specially wired briefcase to secretly record 10 meetings with one Gambino figure. The mobster spoke openly on those recordings about extortion, death threats, and the feigned mental illness of Genovese boss Vincent “Chin” Gigante. Sharpton’s info helped investigators secure wiretaps on dozens of crime family phones.

For much more on Sharpton’s informant work, check the source. Sharpton told the site that he was selflessly tipping the FBI off to plagues on minority communities, an assertion he’s made in response to similar past reports. But one Genovese squad agent says they strong-armed Sharpton by recording him discussing a cocaine deal with an undercover agent. “He thought he didn’t have a choice,” the agent said.

Sharpton tells the Daily Beast that the Smoking Gun report is “embellished” and “crazy,” adding, “If I brought down the Mob, I want my ticker tape parade.”

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  1. Old rev. Al (Spam) been a snitch every time I look at him I can see him high in a hotel room with a crack h*e with a burning pipe in his hand burning flesh ahahahaha Sic bastard

  2. Wow! I’m not surprised!!! He was said to be a snitch for years!!!! I wonder how much longer he has on earth???

  3. Add Jesse Jackson to the list as well. Why Dr. MLK was shot? Notice everybody on that balcony was in a suit except Jesse.

    • Workin for the CIA & FBI…don’t forget Elaine brown who set bunchy Carter up…

      • REAL TALK and Ms. Brown was going with and bedding Middle age White guy who was a spy of the civil rights movemement by name of Jay Kennedy, if you view the documentary that HBO did on Harry Belfonte life a couple of years back he exposed this agent as not only a spy, but a dangerous one at that

      • REAL TALK and Ms. Brown was going with and bedding Middle age White guy who was a spy of the civil rights movemement by name of Jay Kennedy, if you view the documentary that HBO did on Harry Belfonte life a couple of years back he exposed this agent as not only as a spy, but a dangerous one at that

      • you a muthaf*ckin lie. elaine brown aint never been no informant and put in more work for the cause than any ten so called revolutionaries put together

        • Elaine Brown has infact been called a spy by both panthers David Hilliard and Bobby Seele in her book she credits a powerful white male named kennedy as her go to guy.

  4. Are yall serious. The mob wouldnt let Al Sharpton get close enough to tell him anything. If the FBI is leaking info like this, they are trying to bring down Al Sharpton

    • You may be right except their are videos of Al Sharpton video taping his meetings with the mafia connections.

    • You’re right but they do this to all sellouts once they outgrow their use…

  5. This is old news Republicans are dredging up NOW because Al Sharpton is having his annual National Action Network Conference this week or next and President Barack Obama is scheduled to be the Keynote speaker. They even through Eric Holder and his relationship with Al Sharpton in the mix, Its divide and concur, cause division, separate black leaders. They are even talking about Jay Z, his 5 percenter medallion/affiliation and his relationship with President Barack Obama. Again, they want division or a negative association…….again Divide and Concur.

  6. Jermiyah 14:2 clearly tells us Israelites that our Leadership is languishing so according to scripture all these so-called black leaders are jokes and nonexistent.

  7. Duet: I will send you up to Egypt again with Ships and by way I spake unto thee thou shall see it no more again:And you shall be sold unto your enemies for bond men and bond woman and no man shall buy you.(The word buy means redeem so who are these so-called leaders?)

  8. when james brown first started hanging around al jb’s oldest son was killed in a car wreck and al been jb’s adopted son ever since.

  9. Isn’t it ironic how the media was pushing that movie “American Husle” then they come up with this

  10. Shit! He look like a snitch with laid back Dax green hair grease stuck to his scalp. Yall know that thick ass green hair grease our moms put on our faces when it was cold as shit outside.

  11. Its a proven fact that the whiteman hates a sellout of his own people and once he’s done using you either you’re going to be dispatched,blackballed or blackmailed.Ask King.

  12. Hi, it’s the crazy person who flipped out when talking about Harlem about two weeks ago and I am back, (Hi Eddie Long’s Hairpiece, I’ll try not to get too emotional, don’t want you thinkin’ I kray kray)

    If Al did this, he IS A HERO. It is the mob who are the fat lying sleazy lowlife f*cks who could only sell dope to “the niggers” (as they referred to us) because they weren’t smart enough to do anything else respectable for white people. The Italian mob is the ultimate snitches and sellouts. They are parasites who prey on others, even their own in the form of “protection money”.

    If Al was a snitch on the mob, I say go Al. Our community is always willing to adopt the codes of whites but cannot understand that we cannot live like that because there are two Americas: one black, one white. Their rules are different, there justice is just not for us, their opportunities are not afforded to us. We need to stop thinking like them and think according to our own best interests.

    So Al saw that the ultimate gangster/badlands/drug dealer (the Feds) wanted to take down its competitor and so he just helped. Be glad – a black man who stood up to the mob. Good, f*ck them, their little coon, Nicky Barnes, their little sambo, Frank Lucas, and countless others who helped to destroy Harlem.

    As for Farrakahn, why is anyone surprised that he is moving in with Scientology? Islam’s worldwide appeal is its pagan roots. Islam is more closely allied with paganism than other religions. That stone that they march around in Mecca during their Hajj (the Kaaba) was once a monument to a pre-Islamic pagan god. Islam just co-opted it as belonging to Allah. So Scientology is a natural choice.

  13. Hey anonymous…what you just said, minus the part about Scientology/NOI is nearly verbatim what Al was saying on his show tonight n his own defense(as to being a snitch.) He said that if he was a snitch to try to keep the mob and their drugs out of the hood, then he’s proud to be a snitch.

  14. umm he basically has admitted involvement in killing Malcolm x, how people were able to look past that blew my mind

    • Because we were impressed by their refrain from smoke and drink and that they took care of their families.

      Sad commentary that this was criteria for givin’ them a pass.

      Islam basically destroyed Africa with its jihads from the 18th century onward. No better than European Christianity (colonialism).

  15. Al is a lying preacher that has forsaken the truth. He will do anything to get ahead. Sad!

  16. See Christa, and I did not even watch his show. Whether this is a public relations defense by Sharpton or the real deal, those of us who saw exactly what racist pigs the mob were made of and how they destroyed black neighborhoods are behind, if not Sharpton, definitely his actions. Sharpton’s got it all day with me on this one.

    Only ignorant useless kneegrows like Irv Gotti worship the mob and pay tribute to them by changing his name to Gotti. Those of us who saw how the mob destroyed Harlem with the likes of Nicky Barnes and Frank Lucas have no love for the mob.

  17. Most people would be more surprised that Rollo Goodlove WASN’T in cahoots with the Gov’t in some way. I’ve always wanted to research him and ‘Messy Jesse’ and see why people call them frauds, con men, ambulance chasers, etc., so this seems like a good time to do that.

  18. Too bad some black people look up to Obama, Jessie and Al. Check out some black men with integrity…Dr. Ben Carson & Alan West to start off with.

  19. Kevin you can 86 the music by installing Adblock Plus.Unfortunately, only Jacky can fix the refresh issue, and have tried to make him see what a negative effect it is having on his ste in the long run, but so far no luck. He wants hit, which is fair, but I myself have at least 4-5 replies per day “disappear” and like you, I am too pissed to rewrite them so I blow it off.

  20. @Raheim lmao @messy jesse!
    Al has always been no good. I remember how he ran his fat sweatin ass down to Florida after Trayvon, and as soon as everything died down, he was on to the next!

    as for the new info, nobody is trying to expose the man. The Freedom of Information Act allows legitimate media the right to certain classified govt info after a certain amount of years… His time was up apparently…
    as far as him being a snitch…. ehhh.. who shocked?? lol
    whether he was bringin down the mob or whoever, this is a man who’s actions are always born out of selfishness. period.
    these old school leaders need to just fade off.. after they sold out after the civil rights movement, the whole community just stalled for nearly 40yrs.. ijs.

  21. Hello

    Anonymous | April 8th, 2014
    at 14:57

    Thank you for shedding some light on the pagan origins of Islam . Apperantly there were 306 idols that Arabs worshipped before the inception of Islam now word is that AbduAllah(servent of Allah) was Prophet Mohummed’s dad and the idol he and his family served was called Allah. I personally think that Islam is the largest cult in the world.

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