Quincy Jones ‘Can’t Handle’ Lil Wayne’s Music!


“Music has gone so far down lately because everyone is going after the money.”

You know the game’s gone left when Quincy Jones reflects on the true art of music. Quincy blames the likes of Weezy [and other pop artists] for following the money, rather than the music.

“When you come from the era of Ray Charles, Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Aretha Franklin, Frank Sinatra and Michael Jackson, it gets hard to get used to Lil Wayne. I just can’t handle it.”

Here’s what Quincy told The National:

“People are making songs to sell all sorts of things such as tires, clothes and alcohol. When you go after the money, God walks out of the room, trust me. I never went out after the fame and money. I was just doing what I loved and the money came. You gotta do what you love and really believe in it because that is your truth. I plan to stay like that.”


  1. Is Q one to talk? He must be unaware or in denial about his own reputation. Maybe he thinks being musically talented gives him some weird sort of pass. I’m surprised he even referenced god. Esp since I would’ve thought his god is the one who shows up at the studio especially to make sure the music made is as corrupt as possible

    • Well said Anon 8:50! I know good and damn well he did not come out his mouth and said that!

    • quincy like other jazz musicians put their hearts and souyls in the music they created from scratch and can arrange and produce and know the purpose of instruyments.

      q seen the best come and go in his lifetime q has a right he his legacy is impressive he scored the color purple film, he arranged songs for tv shows bill cosby, Sanford and son anmd ironside and produced the greatest album of all time thriller, and don’t forget off the wall and bad were produced by quincy.

      • Q is the epitome of a producer/Arranger of music.His work with new age artist like Tevin Campbell and Tamia was impeccable.

  2. He propositioned Tupac for sex when he was seeing Qs daughter. Tupac said no. No thank you!

  3. And tore lil Michael Jackson lil ass out the frame smfh this at this fat neck nearly old and dead pitbull looking ass

  4. WHY AM I FORCED to listen to some crappy music everytime I come to this site?

    Some music by some artist I DO NOT WANT TO LISTEN TO?

    YES that BOX in the top right hand corner.

    FORCED LISTENS so that you can claim that people are clicking on these NO NAMED ARTISTS videos?

    I like you site, but this is ridiculous. NO I dont want to hear – “Travante and them”


  5. Hip/Hop & the Culture should just go. Studio gangsters and record companies has fed the black community a load of garbage and we fell for it

    • They fed the garbage to everyone. A lot of ppl fell for it. Eminen brought in the whites that weren’t already there.

      I really regret falling for it. 1990’s is when they “got ” me.. I wanted the shiny suits and bottles of erk I saw on videos..

  6. I love how he pretends not to know about the private prisons he helped build and the purpose of music like Lil Wayne, etc.. Hes been in music long enough to know the real.
    I hate these back peddling lying a** fools

    I been off these new music acts for about 5 yrs now.. so if he don’t like what he hears, turn it off. Find a different station. Listen to country. Who cares? No one is forcing him to listen to Lil Wayne.

    Does Lil Wayne still even make music? Lost track of him after they tried to kill him w them seizures..

    • wayne did that to himself with all the coke, mollies ans syrup he drinks mixing it with antifreeze.

      wayne said he’s gonna keep on drinking syrup in memory of pimp c well keep it up he’s gonna join him.

  7. Let’s NOT forget how “D.L” cool j got his show…and po Tevin Campbell lookin like Ned the wino these days…

  8. Q spoke the TRUTH and nothing but the TRUTH and this is coming from a guy who not only with some of the greatest artists alive and now dead like Count Basie, Frank Sinatra, and the vocalist who influenced the singing styles of Aretha, Patti, Gladys and Dionne, MS. D (Dinah Washington)this guy is responsible for creating one of the greatest and best selling album of all time “MICHAEL JACKSON:THRILLER” so what is LIL WAYNE going to do now write a song titled f*ck QUINCY JONES?

  9. Music has turned into a running commentary just like most things do after they die…

  10. Music will never be the same.Too many people sold their souls to the devil. How in the world can you explain Beyonce having as many grammys then real talent like Chaka Khan. There is no real talent anymore. Too much garbage like Kanye and Jay Z.

  11. to any of the old heads was the disco period as bad as current mainstream? I honestly think the last ten years or so have been just awful for every genre…I wish there were more adult artists than teenagers w/ the annoying ass formula of being young/innocent, then still jailbait less innocent…then no more innocence and feels “finally in control of image/material/sexuality”.

  12. There record company execs are laughing at how easy it is to get rappers to slaughter their own people with just a few bucks and a record deal.

  13. Who CAN ‘handle’ Wayne’s music, especially nowadays? He’s gone (Even further) down the toilet since he’s been released from prison.

    As for ‘Q,’ while he made good points about the above and Techno music, that doesn’t excuse the fact that he has some shadiness about him, as well, which is to be expected for one who’s been in entertainment as long as he has.

  14. Has anyone got more proof than the tupac tape and the will smith connection. I wanna dig on this guy.

    • Go on youtube. Usually I type in a name “and illuminati “.. you’d be amazed whose names autofill..!


  16. Yes the great one is coming soon read all about it in your bibles stay true people dont let satan fool you

  17. Brilliant man muaically but he still looks like he diddles with children. Always have that molestor uncle vibe. Dont know why peggy lipton married him.

  18. Please, Quincy Jones is on Olympus and all these wanna be-so-called musician need to take a seat…several seats and learn a thing or two from the master.

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