Beyonce Covers OUT Magazine…

Beyonce Comes Out

Beyonce Liberated?

In the Power issue of Out Magazine Beyonce tackles the double standard between men and women regarding sexuality.

Here’s a quote from the “Queen B”:

“There is a double standard when it comes to sexuality that still persists. Men are free and women are not. That is crazy.

You can be a businesswoman, a mother, an artist, and a feminist—whatever you want to be—and still be a sexual being. There is unbelievable power in ownership and women should own their sexuality.”

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  1. She isn’t doing anything, but quoting other females and calling it “feminism”. Just like that “visual” album of hers. She did it with Bday, but Annie Lennox did it back in the 90’s. Janet Jackson did something like it, but she did a short film that incorporated 3 or vids. They were the socially conscious songs for her Rhythm Nation album. *yawns*

    • b like janet, and annie lennox was payinh homage to Ishtar or semiramis or whatever Lilith is.

      annie lenox triedf to hide her sexuality we all knew she was a dyke just like janet and beyonce.

      Madonna is the head priestess of Ishtar, or easter or esther or whatever venus and leto she turns into.

      • No, I’m talking about the “visual album” thing. Annie Lennox did it in the 90’s.

    • So embracing your sexuality is about letting your camel disrespect you by having you azzed out screaming while the chauffeur listens with only the lil partition closed? bish lucky she didn’t get gang raped.

  2. Once again, Yawn-say using big words in oxymoronical talk. I’m surprised she didn’t use ‘beautiful’,’dream’ and ‘crazy’ .

  3. Same rehashed interview with that femme nazi psycho babble I read on a Lufthansa flight. I can dress like a whore wear the pants and be a mom. Generation lost

  4. beyonce come out the closet or is you giving us another hint since you’re on out mag we know what out mean.

  5. She need to murder that old Nicky Manage wig! Even Nicky murdered those wigs!

  6. Why is all her feminist babble always about sex, sex and more sex? What about speaking on education, Younce’? I think all this talk is really just her way of trying to explain her album’s songs and visuals and not be judged by it because she’s trying to justify it.

    • EXACTLY!!! Real feminists don’t have to exploit sexuality if they have a brain, or legitimate talent that isn’t borrowed/copied/stolen etc. from someone else. Feminism is about receiving equal pay for equal work. Why airheaded chicks or guys think it has to do w/ sex is beyond me and are mental midgets.

    • She cant speak on education cause she don’t have one..

      Who cares what any of Satans puppets have to say anyways? Shes pushing the slut agenda.

      Or the embarrassing mama agenda? Who wants their mama acting & talking like she does?

      Power in ownership. Ok dummy.

    • Hah! She is one very uneducated dimwit, so education is something is knows, literally, nothing about.

  7. Why if a woman haves a blonde wig are weave why do they say she is plain Jane bitch are she is trying to besomething she is not are she just hates her self can you explain that please. just asking

    • All american negroes bred with the massah but the ones that hate themselves run around claiming to be everything but black like beyonce

    • its probably like the same type of feedback Asians get after they have eyes procedures to look more “western”… things that are not naturally common occurring within certain populations but are more likely in others may give the impression of self hate to others if one is going out of their way trying to emulate a look not common within their own population.

  8. Sex is all she has left to try to hawk. Her albums don’t sell the way they used to. Her movie career seems to have come to a halt (thank God). So, letting her senior citizen husband grab her ass on stage all the while trying to appeal to women as a feminist roll model is all she can do at this point. She wears those blonde wigs/weaves all the time for the same reason she let Loreal or whatever that company was airbrush her white. Everything she does is geared towards her base which is white women. People don’t pay attention to what is in front of their eyes.

    • I have never saw a decent man grab his wife like that, or make her su8ck his d8ck on her knees in an alley, or f8ck her with other men looking on pretending to drive. they usually pay hookers for that.

  9. All celebrities have to do a Marilyn Monroe pic. It’s required. I just think it speaks volumes that she chose OUT magazine.

  10. I wish our daughters would pay more attention to woman like the lady that played aunt viv the first one on fresh prince she a very intelligent black woman not this garbage b is selling

  11. This is such bullshit

    She is in a blond wig talkin’ about female empowerment and freedom.

    I guess she too ignorant and self-hating to front her bullshit with an Angela Davis look.

    Damn, when are her batteries gonna die out for good?

  12. Jay likes to treat her like a prostitute.

    I was watching her videos a little bit ago and i was thinking, I can’t let my young female cousins see this, it’s adult entertainment.

  13. Shes in his stable now that hes her manager. Shes his top ho

    The grammys he was having her advertise, singing & gyrating for everyone while he stood around & watched.

    Pimpin pimpin!

    • Damn its so sad that she got turned out this way. After 30 sumthing odds years, she finally got her G.E.D. and still dumb as box of rocks.

  14. She knows that her time is ticking,she know that in 5yrs she will be dust on the shelf and irrelevant as a artist, this last music she made was garbage due to the fact that she is clearly on some kind of substance

  15. Your rite anon 19, she could never be MJ because he remained relevant for over 40yrs so I wish she would stop calling herself the female MJ…Bey your delusional

  16. singing about giving blow job in back of limo oh you that girl. who gets on stage showing you ass p*ssy and pubic hairs for price of ticket whore. whores don’t know somethings are for private veiwing knowing and hearing

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