Kanye’s Got Disses For Reggie Bush On Wax! Just ask Future…

Kanye vs. Reggie Bush

“I made it over NBA, NFL players so every time I score it’s like the Super Bowl.”

Ray J may have Hit It First but Kanye’s claiming the ‘I Won Kim’ title. Just ask Future, who’s about to drop the single “I Won”. The song features Yeezus delivering a diss at Reggie Bush.

“The track is set to appear on Future’s sophomore album Honest, due April 22.”

Peep some of Kanye’s lyrics from the song:

“I made it over NBA, NFL players, so everytime I score it’s like the Super Bowl. On that ‘Bound’ bike, I gave you only pipe / If people don’t hate, then it won’t be right / You can look at Kylie, Kendall, Kourtney, and Khloe / All your mama ever made was trophies, right.”

Did Kanye and Future recruit Hype Williams to shoot the video on South Beach? Of course.. Just ask Angie Martinez.

Kanye vs. Kardashian's Past


  1. Nigga plz, all Reggie Bush has to do is shoot back a rhyme about how you hit is 301st and that puts you in your place. Dumb ass.

  2. Kanye is pathetic. First of all Kim is likely still trying to fuk Reggie on the downlow because Kanye is gay . And Reggie ain’t really checking for these stunt queens no way. He has his version of Kim, a cleaner one who hasn’t been run through like the Boston marathon, Lilit.

  3. This is so sad, it is not even funny anymore. Kanye, PLEASE go check your delusional crazy azz into a mental hospital somewhere. You got Kim because Reggie Bush didn’t want her anymore. He was strong enough to break free of the K-dashian spell. Poor Kris Humphries got scammed for KUWTK ratings. I’m sure his parents helped him escape. he was just trying to save face by dragging out the divorce. Only it made him look weak/foolish. (That’s what Kim and them do)Kanye, you have been hoodwinked and bamboozled by the K-Dashian curse. The bottom line; you got the NBA and the NFL’s scrapings from bottom of the barrel. Only the strong survive the K-Dashian curse and you little man are weak. Very weak.

  4. That “liberated&educated” feminist and androgynous raising is exemplified in Coonye’s character defects/high estrogen count. Boy divas are not cute.

  5. GIVE KANYE A captain save a ho grammy fools making songs bragging about f*cking rich white girls who only wanted them for the money and fame anyway.

  6. So this is the type of men college educated middle class mothers rear (rip Donda). Pity the black community.

    • And Reggie Bush with his self-hatin’ azz.

      Two kneegrows fightin’ ova a YT ho.

        • Very, but all planned.

          All hype.

          Katrashian was supposedly behind him gettin’ that Heismann revoked.

          If they love YT that much at the expense of their own, they get whatever they deserve.

  7. I’d like to see Reggie beat his ass. No gay pun intended. I’d laugh when this old fart loses to a real athlete.

    When people have $ they talk. So much it ignorant. That would be Kangay

  8. Now if this isn’t proof that the trashians practice witchcraft! It can’t get any clearer

  9. Kanye, Kanye, sweetie, baby don’t you know if Reggie wanted Kim back he could have had her after the Kris Humphries fiasco and you would still be worshiping her from afar.

    Kim went after Reggie but he didn’t want her back so she SETTLED for you because she knew you had been trying to get with her for years.

    Someone need to school Kanye. He’s making a fool out of himself and why is it so important to let her ex’s know he won and what has he won? The ex’s are probably laughing at him because they know he ain’t got nothing.

  10. is he truly crazy or is this over compensation for covering up his true sexuality? did any of the million men Paris Hilton slept w/ write odes to her like she was some prize? I hope some gold digging giggalo gets his come up from the k clan and leaves them all broke and exiled from mainstream media outlets. I hope kanyes career tanks and see how long his “trophy” sticks around then. I hope the true numbers of vogue cancelations, and copies not bought buy Kim/kanye/conde mast come out.

  11. I don’t see this marriage ending well for Kanye. I just hope he doesn’t hurt the baby when he finally loses it.

  12. How could kris have made trophies if they allmgot plastic surgery? Kanye is so delusional!!!

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