Eva Marcille’s Restraining Order On Kevin McCall In Effect!

Kevin McCall Restraining Order Issued

A judge has granted the restraining order Eva Marcille recently filed against her baby daddy. This, after Kevin McCall’s alleged March 28th attack on Eva and the pair’s newborn daughter.

Now… the singer/songwriter is ordered to stay at least 100-yards away from the ‘America’s Next Top Model’ winner.

Here’s the latest:

“Kevin her chased her around the house and kicked down four doors while trying to snatch their 2-month-old daughter from her arms, even threatening to punch her in the face.”


  1. He’s handsome but she needs to be done with him. If he tried to grab the baby, it shows he’s dangerous. Newborns can’t support their heads he could have caused her to drop the baby. That kid would be damaged for life. He’s handsome but I hope she has the strength of will to leave him alone.

  2. Ummm she needs to leave him he has a history of violence he raped someone while he was a football player at Washington state….

  3. Is she still on that Shht?
    Probably why they were fighting.. hes a coke head

    • I dunno. Her personality isn’t exactly the best…an neither is her mouth. I don’t condone men attacking women or babies but I highly doubt she’s innocent. And she strikes me as the type to make up a story for the sake of drama. She fights dirty. I think this is an example why crazy people should not be in relationships.

  4. Had sex too quick had and didn’t know each other. Quick sex a relationship does not make

  5. Be careful who you have kids with…men have a tendency to get territorial especially with beautiful women…

  6. This is sad! For they’re baby’s sake! You cannot and should not fight with a baby in the crossfire,what if he would have hit the baby?

  7. He reminds me of Tyrese another brother from Watts who likes to beat up his baby mother.

  8. I have never read ANY negative reports on this couple before Eva got pregnant and while she was carrying his child. She has the baby and now he want to light her up…..did I miss something?

    The baby has eyes are shaped just like his.

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