Fantasia Keeps It 100 @ Kandi’s Wedding Gone Wretched!

Fantasia vs Kandi's Wedding Party

Kandi Burruss may have planned for a bougie April 4th wedding.. but she may not have briefed BFF Fantasia on the uppity event she wanted. Know why? Because Tasia kept her toast to the sextoy-slangin’ Bride and Tucker-Groom 100 — and was reported to have left guests “horrified”. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Freaky Phaedra.

“The wedding was a blow-out event, with two live lions greeting guests as they arrived and Burruss’ father, a minister, performing the ceremony.”

A witness from the wedding says.. Tasia’s speech was filled with f-bombs; calling the bride her b!tch; and even references to Kandi’s cakes!!! The insider reveals Fantasia’s “foul mouth led a fellow bridesmaid to rip the microphone right from her hands.”

Here’s what an insider revealed to The NE:

“Kandi was horrified! She and Fantasia are close, but this may ruin their friendship…

Fantasia started by saying, ‘Kandi, you are my m*therf**kin’ friend and I love you. Then she called Kandi the ‘realest b*tch I know’ and rambled on about her big butt. Todd was furious, and the other bridesmaids got Fantasia to sit down. Thank goodness!”

Fantasia's Ratchet Wedding Toast


  1. They look like they could be sisters. Fantasia needs her mouth cleaned out with soap as my grandmother would say.

    • When the chips r down the ones u THINK R your friends show their true colors. Way too many black women lose their mind with jealousy and cant be happy 4 U. let her go kandi

      • I honestly don’t believe that Fantasia meant any harm. I do agree that the statements that were made were very inappropriate. Should be made at the bridal shower & not at the wedding toast. She just doesn’t know any better. Etiquette classes 4 the non informed are badly needed

      • Duh! That comment makes no sense…”When the chips r down!” GTFOH! you sound stupid! the girl was drunk, but a true friend! move on with your non-assessment of the situation!

  2. Is this foreal? Kandi appears on national Tv with the most ratchet old heffaz calling them her friends and acting ratchet as well,BUT NOW you wanna have some class,and Todd ass was just fighting on national tv..

  3. I did not know Fanny was down with that devil stuff now I see why she had an reality show.

    • This is an old picture. This is just my opinion but I think that you have to agree to this craziness (referring to this hand sign and what it represents) before they will even choose you to win American Idol. That’s my opinion but I really believe that.

  4. Ahh Noo baby, If Kandi was a true friend she would know already to talk to Fantasia. Fantasia has always been real,never phoney. Kandi on the other hand is now tripping ? Todd not getting what he thought!!! Shut up MaMa Joyce !!

    • Real is good. I like real. But there is a time and place for everything, and a formal wedding is not the time or place to be real.
      I think she was drunk and not thinking right.

      • Not sure how formal Kandi’s wedding was, considering her gown was made by a local ATL stylist who appeared on Married To Medicine.

  5. Well while studying in the Triad area NC during Fantasia’s hey day and unwillingly visiting a “18 to dip 21 to sip” establishments one will witnesses. – 1. Tasia shytphaced wasted 2. Tasia being loud (country bc thats how many NCers talk) and inappropriate 3. Tasia being carried away barely able to walk. Chances are she was at level 3 during this speech. What a country fried mess I can imagine in the synagogue of Bama known as ATL.

    Call me old fashioned but if you have a child from a previous relationship(unless widowed)and are near 40 as a first time bride, just save the money and go to the JOP. Sick of expensive parties instead of actual marriages ceremonies. Was Riley flower girl too?

    • I agree. Lions are not just here for man, they are extremely clever and intelligent animals which should be treated with respect. They should be out roaming the African plains not doing meet n greets in wherever she lives!

      • Thank you. She got what she deserved with those lions.

        I would have laughed my face off if I was there. I love it when black folks try to act all siddity, and one of us gets a little too much drink in us and…

        IT’S ON, LOL!!

  6. Lol…everyone wants a class wedding but if your peeps are otherwise ratchet 365 days a year don’t think they won’t show out at your party. Bottom line, Kandi, you are FINALLY married. Focus on that.

  7. Kandi .. ( the Joker) and her non singing as is flying above all her haters … Fly above!

  8. Kandi B. is fine, but I don’t know about her being worth 30 Million, I say more like 5 to 10 Million, I luv her presence on the show along with the rest of the cast, I say her so-called marriage will last two years at the most, because if this was a real marriage why is it so, so public like being televised on RHOA show, the marriage is suspect to me remember when ATTY Star Jones got married in a televised wedding also KIMYE and Kris Humphries?

    • Just remember selling albums like TLC doesn’t get you rich. OWNING songs like No Scrubs does make you rich. Kandi is a shrewd business woman and she invests well. She never flosses, that’s why this wedding was a first for her. She holds on to her money and lives within her means. I think 25-30 million is very believable.

  9. Now you know sum thing is wrong when not only Mama Joyce, but your other two aunts saying that Todd is NOT the one you should be marrying. I think Mama Joyce knows what she is talking about.

    • Naw her mother was just so worried about Kandi’s money. She was like that when she was with AJ and her baby father. Mama Joyce is money hungry. That’s it that’s all.

      • True!!! Mama Joyce wants to keep the money in the family. She needs to be more concerned about her daughter’s happiness.

        • Mama Joyce doesnt want to go through Todd to get Kandi’s money LOL

          Todd is a gentleman. Very few marriages last forever.

          • I agree and I think that Kandi is going into this in a very realistic fashion. She hopes it is forever, but she’s smart enough to cover her ass.

    • A bunch of meddling azz miserable women that need a life of their own! They have lived their lives..Allow Khandi to live hers! In life you make good and bad choices.If its a bad choice she will find out. I’m sure that Khandi made sure that Todd signed that prenup! She loves that man, and he loves her.. Let them live, and if you can;t be happy for he stay the hell away!

    • A bunch of meddling azz miserable women that need a life of their own! They have lived their lives..Allow Khandi to live hers! In life you make good and bad choices.If its a bad choice she will find out. I’m sure that Khandi made sure that Todd signed that prenup! She loves that man, and he loves her.. Let them live, and if you can;t be happy for her stay the hell away!

  10. …So Fantasia has pretty much completed her transformation into your drunk Auntie who can’t utter a sentence without cussing, still dresses like she’s 20, and dances to Hurricane Chris at barbeques. Didn’t take long at all.

    • Raheim have you been to my family’s Sunday afternoon throw downs lately? Because you just described my Aunt Bussy to a tee. 🙂

  11. What’s wrong with speaking from your heart. Motherf*ckers, act like they shit roses and probably do or done worst. Khandi and PHAKEdra are on the Ratchet housewives of Atlanta.

  12. This headline…. Wretched
    The headline about JayZ and the 5% being about the 7% because of the No. 7.

    Y’all Jacky has obviously left the building.

    I won’t be helping anyone write their sociology thesis.

  13. All of us have a crazy female relative that gets turnt up at the wrong time and place. So, we need to maintain proper perspective. Fantasia got wasted hours before the wedding, she was on it…No Doubt!

  14. I dont see what was so wrong with what Fantasia said because it was the truth. Kandi is a real bitch because she hustles hard for her money. Maybe Fannie was a bit tipsy. I think Fannie should get a pass on this one.

  15. Kandi should be more embarrassed by her mother’s behavior on the show. Fantasia meant no harm. She had a little too much to drink.

  16. I dont get it they give Porsha a pass for beating down Kenya but Fantasia saying a few curse words is a problem. Kandi I dont see how Todd married you with that nosy and miserable mother of yours. She needs a man of her own.

  17. Kandi/bougie?? Have you seen the show? Nothing about Kandi screams bougie or classy. Her dress is ridiculously over the top. She looks like a character in a Wayans Brothers movie. Todd’s suit doesn’t fit right. It’s all hiked up in the back. She should have taken notes from Ne Ne or at least got the number to her wedding planner.

    • Amen, Southern sistren. I just chuckled aloud when you said Todd’s jacket was hiked up in the back. I’m no NeNe fan, but her wedding was phenomenal. Folks shade Cynthia, but her dress was everything and I also liked her venue. Her wedding was beautiful, IMO. Kandi deserves more than what she seems to settle for. Well, she is married now so mission accomplished.

  18. Khandi and Fantasia may have that type of dialogue behind the scenes when they are just hanging out,The wedding however is not the time nor place to get hood with it. Its a formal event,and many other people including her parents are present. Show some damn respect. Fantasia grew up in the church so she knows better, whether she still goes or not, some things you never forget! Was she drunk? Must have been to speak in such a foul manner at someones wedding!

  19. Clutches pearls…shocking (side-eye)

    Fanny is ghetto as hell..but then so is having Mufasa and Simba at your wedding greeting guests (two live lions..tacky chit)…she set it up as a zoo and look what she got…

    And you just know they all took off their “red bottoms” off on the dance floor in their *cough* high society dresses. Please kuntry is as kuntry does…

  20. I was holding on to the last bit of hope and but its now more than clear to me that Jackie is offically gone and not the mastermind behind this site anymore. I used to look forward to this site, but its quite obvious by the new set of wack, unnecessary posts about unecceasary ppl. Its quite obvious that is the wording was studied by even the slowest person, that whitey owns this now and whitey hired his little minions to troll. The comments are nothing like they used to be. Oh well… This is just proof enough for me that whitey can copyright any book, but can never redo the material. The black woman who originally wrote the Matrix and the Terminator is but one great example of that. This is my first and will be my last comment here. It was good while it lasted though.

  21. Why would this ruin their friendship? Kandi is not a classy bitch either, she is just as ratchet as Fantasia…. Fanny you still my girl!

  22. For the ones throwing hate at Kandi and Fantasia need to shut the hell up. Kandi was fine with what was said and for the record they are grown.

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