Chiraq Streets Claim The Life Of Chief Keef’s Cousin!

Chief Keef Cousin Murdered

Chief Keef’s cousin was left to die on a Chicago sidewalk, with a gunshot to the chest, last night.

Reports reveal.. Mario ‘Blood Money’ Hess, 33, was “on his way to the studio” when he was shot at ten times.

Cops say it happened in the 5600 block of South Elizabeth Street, around 9:30 last night [April 9th].

Blood Money’s murder comes just two-weeks after the late lyricist is revealed to have inked a deal with Interscope Records.

Here’s what Blood Money’s cousin/manager Renaldo Reuben Hess had to say:

“This was his dream and he finally got his foot in the door. But that’s how it goes in Chicago. He really wanted to get off the streets.”


  1. so he gets a record deal and then he gets killed.

    reminds me of boyz to men manager as soo as they made their first album he gets shot.

    will whoever who shot this blood money guy get caught or was it another rapper or wannabe whos murder gonna go unsolved.

    chief keef is another walking dead man ever since he hit the scene he had bad luck follow him.

  2. More blood will be shed…
    Its gettin hot outside so the murder will go up!

    This blood money dude is no angel and im sure
    He has slumpt a few n words himself

  3. go to dick gregory on youtube to hear his opinion about chicago murders. interesting video

    • Do you know the title of the video or a phrase that might help me pull it up? I typed in “Dick Gregory on Chicago murders” but still can’t seem to find it.

  4. Well, I wanna hear the folks and the sacrifice theories.

    But the funny thing ’bout Chicago, these black folks escaped Mississippi because of the krakkas, only to establish a more dangerous place, if not the most dangerous place for black folks to live.

  5. Isn’t he the dude who was pictured with the AK in the marble bathroom March 27th?

  6. Where is that chump sell out Jesse Jackson?
    Why doesn’t he lead some sort of event to show the plight of our people in Chicago?
    Oh, I forgot. Gt to be money first. My bad

    • And just exactly is Jesse Jackson leading a march going to do? JJ cannot make parents take responsibility for raising their kids. He can’t stop baby mom as and baby daddies from procreating. He can’t hold parents and grown ass thug men from being held a countable for their decisions. So learn your history Boom. Jackson May be many things but one things for sure, he sure as hell isn’t responsible for the crime in chicago.

  7. Violence is glorified. Intelligence is ridiculed. You are a nerd or acting white. How backwards are we? Why are the Black neighborhoods the bad neighborhoods? Why csn’t we keep our neighborhoods nice?

  8. Sad sad sad.. This dude died before he could even enjoy! Being from chicago an all, This city is FUELED with hate, jealous an envy so when u get anything of luxury? You need to shine from afar if u smart! Dude had no sense at all. You dont floss in the ghetto an stunt in yo old hood for broke niggas. If he was smart an had smart people around him? If he wanted to see his family, He shud of had them meet him downtown at a 5 star hotel an kicked it! See, niggas too busy tryna stunt but u got to b smart an wise an Aware! Fuck going back an keepin it hood be smart an thank the father for your blessing however an keep it moving. If u shining , Niggas gone know but dont shit on po mothaf*ckas cuz at that pint who cares???? ! I believe he was talkin too much to his people an they was talking an when he came to the hood? They killed him. A hater wud rather see you dead ifche cant have what u got! Blood money is a awful rap name anyway. He died by the sword. Inglewood in chicago is notorious for killin an it aint no joke! R.ip to da brother! But let this b a lesson to all the young brothers.

  9. That 100 grand shud have went on a condo downtown or suburb an he cud of got the whip an clothes an etc with that last advance. Think brothers… Think! Smfh.

  10. Chief reef whatever his name is! Is Gay gay gay! A homo thug! I watched his video and you can’t tell me he ain’t gay!!

  11. I just find it hard to be sympathetic to him being killed. Look at what they promote, I meam Blood Money wtf kinda name is that.


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