Master P Releases Video Of Family: Kids Say They Want To Stay W/ Dad

Master P Custody Drama

“We love her. We just want her [Sonya] to get better.” ~Master P

Master P and the three kids –who Sonya Miller claims he kidnapped — have spoken. Just yesterday, Sonya filed for an emergency custody, alleging that over the past two-months, they were each abducted by their dad.

Now…TyTy, Hercy and Mercy Miller have announced that they all chose to stay with their father.

It’s all documented in a just released YouTube video. In the footage, Master P lets his kids know that they each have the right to decide which parent they want to live with. This, while affirming his love for their mother, Sonya.” I even love your mom, because she a part of our life. I want her to be successful,” Master P said. “I can’t change her, I can only change me. She got to change her.”

Here’s what three of Master P’s four kids had to say after being asked where they want to stay:

“I want to stay with my dad, not for you or mom — for myself. I think mom should understand that.” ~TyTyana Miller, 17

“I’m stay with you because I already know she’s a bad influence. When I’m with you, you teach me to do what’s right” ~Hercy, 13.

“I want to go with you because she’s not gonna take me to school in the morning… she gonna wait till nine o’clock to take me to school when my school done already started. ~Mercy, 9


  1. P is not letting go of his family gotta respect his will power. I suggest family counseling and if Sonya C is on drugs detox and stay with your family.

  2. Master P aint shit. He have 3baby mamas and 1 of the outside kids was born a few hours after his wife Sonya baby

  3. Ok so what does the 3 baby mamas got to do with him taking care of his kids?? You could fault him if he turned his back on his kids the females he owes them nothing. His wife is the only one he took vows with trust those other females knew he was married so I guess that makes them aint shit as well

    • All that shit probably drove her crazy. Thats what niggaz do! Now she need help. She loved that man, now look! Fuck Niggaz. Ladies, wait for a MAN!

  4. You just answered your own question. He took vows with his wife and then procreated outside the marriage.

    This is also very manipulative and a PR stunt. Only the naïve cannot see this. You don’t have little children expressing their desires, good or bad, outside of a confidential area regarding their parent(s). He is violating their privacy rights and their emotional inner life.

    But we are so used to bad behavior and condoning bad behavior, we think that this self-serving stunt is good. Newsflash: He is a father, he SHOULD step up to the plate, not have a parade because he is doing so.

    • This is called Maternal Alienation. A lot of Hollywood rich fathers are taking the kids from the wives through brainwashing. Whether or not the mother is a drug addict, the kids should not be allowed to speak about her in such a negative way. They are obviously being coached so he can get custody. Those of you who agree and are on Facebook, please please come by the page and LIKE US. We are working hard for alienated mothers, to get the message across so that eventually, alienation becomes illegal in the courts. It’s not now, so many many fathers are getting custody through dirty tactics.
      Thank you.

  5. P sounds like hes very upset.omg.well one child wanted to stay so shes not leaving her mom shes watching over her thats great.hes at her house the mothers at the sons …? Wow.shes gettin better at the sons house? Usually the other way around…seems strange.

  6. Why should we believe them. Im Master P paid his kids to say that so he wont have to pay Sonya child support because its cheaper to keep em. Shame on you P. If she has a drug issue you drove her to that point because you had a child with someone else while married to her and who knows who else you cheated on her with.

  7. Hercy and Mercy? What hell LMAO! Master P is slowly turning out not to be shit…

  8. I watched the video and I heard what P had to say and I think she is just tired and beat and turned to drugs. P bashed her so many times for turning to drugs and not wanting to improve herself but he exposed himself to more than just the ghetto and learned a different way . Although he was married, he didn’t bring his wife with him. I can barely surf the internet and find pictures of he and his wife together. He always had Romeo and Cymphonique on his arm when he attended events. This is not an excuse for what she has done because she could have got into a church and turned into a soccer mom and focused on taking care of her family. But as he stated she’s from the ghetto so she needed to be introduced to a different way of living . I think it was a struggle for her to adjust and adapt to her new life. Master P is a powerful man and during his peak he was that dude. I’m sure Sonya C was in love with him. But it appears that he kept her tucked off away in a house with a load of kids and never showed her better.

  9. MasterP is just bribing these kids with money, trust me a time will come when they really need a mother’s love and touch and Sonya is already gone. They are going to regret this.

  10. Master P is wrong for this and he knows it. Why not call a family meeting and let the kids have an opportunity of saying their grievances instead of posting this on youtube? He is busy bribing kids by making them doing this and disrespect their mother. They are going to regret doing this and it will be too late.

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