7th Heaven Actor Stephen Collins Is Going To Hell


Stephen Collins wife Faye Grant leaked to TMZ, the audio tape of the “7th Heaven” actor admitting to molesting multiple prepubescent children. Know why? Because Stephan Collins and his soon to be divorced wife Faye Grant are going through a nasty divorce and Grant is using the press to gain leverage in the couples divorce.

Grant did it for money, not to seek justice for the victims or to prevent more children from falling prey to the pedophile actor.

An insider is saying actress Faye Grant’s legal team turned over the audio recordings to TMZ and that’s why the media outlet is a hundred percent sure the voice on the audio is Stephan Collins.

On the tape, Collins is heard talking to Grant and to a therapist about exposing himself to underage girls. One was 11 when he started and Collins says it continued to when she was 12 or 13 years old. That particular girl is thought to be a relative of his first wife Marjorie Weinman.

Stephen Collins said on the audio recordings:

“There was never any conversation… There was one moment of touching where her hand, I put her hand on my penis.”

Police are investigating, but at this point no charges have been filed against Collins.



  1. Someone in the top elite allowed this recordings to get out. Hollyweird is full of child molesters. Sadly this is the ritual that kids must go through to be casted in hollyweird. And whose to say he didn’t touch someone from the tv show

    • Sis… This is the norm! Do you remember the name of the white guy that was accused of molesting boy band members during the heyday of such groups in the 90s and early 00s? He was based in Orlando, Florida?

      • Ty are you talking about Nsync manager Lou Pearlman???.

        If anyone knows correct me if i’m wrong.

          • Sis…Thanks for posting the link. I haven’t heard much about him in a long time. Money will make humans do things they claim to despise. Many are afraid to talk on the record, meaning, Lou got to them. And this still goes on today… Babylon!!!


          and I see why aj mclean turned to drugs early in his career.

          if I had to phukk lou peralman in the ass I’d want drugs too.

          • Chris, i can see how that would turn an angel into a demon…The Cost of Freedom! He just one man alone, how many others like him exist in the industry?

        • Yeah…That’s his name! When this hit the airwaves, it was poppin. But, media has done a good job of whitewashing what went on with him and the boy bands…Thanks Sis!!!

  2. She didn’t do it for leverage, if you want leverage you leak it to your lawyer and your lawyer leaks it to his lawyer so a settlement can be reached, nah she did it for a whole different reason

    • She had the tape since 2012. She could care less about those kids. She did this for revenge!

  3. But yes, TPTB leaked it, what bothers me is that pedophilia is also used to set up people they want taken out. I always question the authenticity of those child porn raids of high ranking regular working professionals. Other than that, this stuff is so dark and demonic.

    • Right Lucid. This is sick apparently he was going to counseling for help???. He and his wife are also getting a divorce. The wife had to know what this manwas doing?

      • Exactly Babbsbubby not only that, i just went on Gawker website, and read what else she said about him. White people man, they scare me. Like how the hell do you hear such a thing and then carry on for a 14 year marriage?

  4. Where was the outcry when Obama appointed ambassador Gutman, a married man, was diddling with underaged boy prostitutes on the tax dollar. A child is probably being molested by a neighbor as I type. Sick sad world.

  5. Haha don’t I keep telling all folks? End is near for this devil nation….all praises to the Most High for bringing this place down bit by bit

    • You know i remember that this guy played Lucifer in the tv miniseries THE STAND. That movie scared the hell out of me.

      • different person. Jamey Sheridan played the devil in the stand b/c he is one.

        • U ain’t Neva lied Fried. Babs U are not the only one who got scared of that movie. But the funny part where he was singing that song,” Can you did your mannnnn. He’s a righteous mannnnn.” LOL!

  6. I used to watch 7th Heaven religiously back in the day. He reminded me of a priest so heavenly and holy. I guess thats not the case anymore. I’m totally shocked by this news. I feel so sad for the victims.

    • SAME HERE! It showed me black or white, preacher kids be wild! But seriously, ive been thinking is this why ONLY Jessica Beil is the only one trying to act?!

      When your a kid actor and you just disappear(not because u grew up and became odd looking) something happened to you! Remember Nicki from Fresh Prince of Belaire? How many other kids stars, just disappeared?! At least Aaron Carter tried to tell us, just like Cory Feildman!

  7. The wife has known about his behavior all along. How did she get a copy of the tape? Yes; his behavior is sick & disgusting. But it appears he was trying to get help. By no means does that excuse his behavior.

    • He wasn’t really trying to get no help because in the culture he lives in,pedophilia is a required thing. If he was really trying to do the right thing he would walk away from Hollywood. Pedophilia is all around him. If he really wants to do some good he should expose it all. From top to bottom. These people go to therapist so they can cope with what they have done.

  8. This sounds like another Sandusky. The wife should be ashamed of herself because she knew her husband was molesting little girls and one of her family members. Shame on you Faye! All you want is money.


    • Is it a ritual when the people in your neighborhood are doing it too? Are they also members of the illuminati? Stop blaming some mystical group of people hiding in the shadows for the sick behavior of others.
      Perverts exist in Hollywood, our government, churches, our neighborhoods and even our families. Parents need to be more vigilant in protecting their children.



        • Thanks for the clarification crazychris. Continue to open the minds of the blind.

          • Do you know how many families cover that shit up in order to keep their friends, coworkers and family members from knowing there is a molester in the family?
            Conspiracies are one thing but you can’t deny this stuff happens in real, everyday life. Fuck Hollywood, you all need to wake up to what’s going on with the people around you on a daily basis.

            Please excuse my language but this is not a topic I take lightly.

        • You can’t seriously believe all child molesters in the real world are caught and prosecuted.


    • What About Daniele Watts?, Her And Her White Husband Were Caught Having Sex In Public
      Do You Think That’s A Ritual??

      • no more than hugh grant GETTING HEAD FROM DIVINE BROWN.



  11. This guy has been on almost every popular Tv show in the last 5 years. His wife hasn’t done anything noteworthy in a decade an basically is washed up as an actress. She always knew, but now she needs the money. I you really want to see how far this rabbit hole goes, check out his first wife.

  12. Our children needs to speak up about these things when it happens. Makes me wonder if the children kinda like the attention from the molester. People wait until they are in their 50’s and 60’s to tell what happened. By then the molester is dead and stinkin. Parents talk to your children about how a person is suppose to touch and talk to you.

    • It’s not about liking the attention, it’s a very embarrassing and scary situation for the child. It’s even worse for the child when a parent is doing the touching. The parent may threaten the kid and tell them no one will believe them or even worse tell the child they will be put in foster care.
      These sickos are predators and should all be put down like dogs.

      • Life for a child being molested is one of fear and shame. I council these children and their lives are full of anxiety – a virtual hell.

        • I commend you Anon because that has to be a tough job. Those poor victims need more people like you to help them work through and hopefully recover from the traumas they have experienced.

    • Right! Stephen’s wife was trying to use the tapes as leverage in their divorce and then the tapes leaked and foiled her plan.

  13. When Susie told Greg you was crushing on him was it tptb or does Susie just have a big ass mouth?

  14. Corey Feldman told us that pedophilia is a common thing in Hollywood. Brice Taylor told the truth about how Joe Jackson allowed his own sons (mostly Michael) to be butt raped by those elite men. In Satanic Circles this is called “Sex Magic Rituals”….this is why so many kids are coming up missing across this nation. They are using them for this Satanic Ritual. They all follow Aleister Crowley who was a big child molester. I can’t wait til THE MOST HIGH pulls the cover totally off this secret society. Many celebs have participated in this practice.

  15. Remember when Brook Shields was a little girl back in the day her mom allowed her to made up to look like a woman and pose nude for those men? This has been going on for a long time. People who are in high places are into this ritual of having sex with kids. This is why so many childhood celebs grow up messed up,on drugs/alcohol because they realize that their own parents sold them out to pedophiles in the name of fame and fortune.

    • @Darlene

      Kim Richard From “RHOBH” She’s Mentally Messed up In The Head And Kyle Doesn’t Seem To Care
      Kyle Doesn’t Know What Kim Had To Do For Money

      • You know their mother was the original Kris Jenner. Big Kathy pimped her daughters hard back in the day.

        • @Say Cheese

          Thanks For The Info

          Kim Is Mentally Messed Up In The Head She Was With Disney Back In The Day And “Race To Witch Mountain” Is Very Creepy And Dark
          Is About Magic And Mind Control. There’s Some Questionable Symbols

  16. I do believe there is a connection between these high level pedophiles and these kids that are coming up missing in America. The same people we see on tv talking about what a shame it is are the same ones who are behind it. There is a interview in YT with a notorious pedophile and he tells some very deep stuff. When i learn his name i will come back so you all can go hear him out.

    • Yes indeed Ms Earlene because on YT there is a interview with a man named Paul Bonacci and he tells an investigator and former FBI man all the sex he was forced to have with men and little boys. It is a very candid interview. Sent shock waves through my body about what they did to those boys.

      • Baby,baby,baby….somebody look like they gonna touch my little boy in a improper way i am going to get to cutting everything in sight,both sitting and standing. This is why so many young men are so messed up in the head today because they have been messed with and were too ashamed to tell. Boys are not like girls. Girls tend to be willing to deal with it more,where as boys hide things because of male pride and ego trips. Yall boys better tell somebody. We must teach our children this is not their fault. A kid is a kid and they don’t ask for this.

  17. all these mugsd aRE PEDOS.




    Michael Jackson didn’t give a damn he thought he made it he thought by becom ing a white girl he can phukk all the little whiterboys he want.

    don’t trust bill cosby’s ass either.

    guess some parentsa don’t care as long as the damn celeb is paid.

    never watched 7th heaven either.

    • Paul Walker wasn’t a pedophile. His gf was a teenager and way too young for him but 16 is the age of consent in most states.

      • She was 14 when he started messing with her not 16. So tell the truth or leave it alone.

        • No you need to learn how to read and interpret the truth instead of making up your own stories. The child was 16 years old.

          • Sorry Cheese, but she was 14. She lies and said she was 16 but she told on herself when she spoke about being with him for almost 9 years. She said that right before she turned 24. So 8 years minus 23….see? She was under 15 when they started and he KNEW how old she was! Plus, he cheated on her with other underage girls. And what i can’t understand…he was hella cute for a white boy. Many grown women woulda gave him some and he sought out children. It’s so sickening.

            • Where did you find an interview with her? Last thing I heard the girl is still unable to talk to the media about Paul. As soon as Paul died the story came out saying they had been dating 7 years. The cleaners then came up with the story that they didn’t actually date until she was 18 but it was too late we already knew the truth. Either way neither Paul or Russell are in the same category as Stephen. They are technically sexual offenders but not pedophiles. There are a lot of sex offenders out there and most of them are weird but they aren’t sick like pedos.

          • And you know who else gets away with it Unka Russell. Kimora was under 16 too. Difference there is he had her mothers permission!!! Sick. And don’t even get me started on Elvis and how those parents let their 14 and 15 year old daughters have slumber parties with a 24 year old man. Just disgusting.

  18. On “Maury” A Woman Said Her Uncle Was Watching Her When She Took A Shower!!!

    Her Parents Didn’t Even Believe Her!!!!

    • They don’t want to believe her.

      Look at how many mothers allow their boyfriends or husband (baby’s daddy or not) to molest their daughters. And then they BLAME the child for seducing the men.

      • @jaded

        Very True, It Seems Men Only Date Women With Kids To Get Closer To Their Girlfriend Kids!!!!
        And These Women Are Stupid As Hell. Nia Riley Is Letting Soulja Boy Look After Her Daughter She’s Crazy Letting A Druggie
        Look After A Toddler Is Not A Good Idea

        • So you saying women with kids shouldn’t date men. Come on now. Either your a gay man or women. Smh

  19. I believe the pedophiles killed that girl from the tv sitcom “Different Strokes”because she was going to talk about what they did to her and Todd Bridges and many other childhood celebs. She died from a overdose they say,but that never sat well with me. Reason being,they always blame drugs when they want to kill those who are willing to talk. Like same goes for Corey Haim who was opening up about being raped and messed with. Next thing we knew he was dead. They wanted him to shut up. His mother learned he had been messed with and that bitch said if she had it all to do again she wouldn’t change a thing.

  20. I use to work in the public defenders office the worst case involved a stepfather mole acting his step daughter it began when she was 7 ended when she was 14 he raped her killed her and continued raping her as she died then dumped her in the trash an of their apt complex. Worst part she told her mother and her mother didn’t believe her said she was always fast. I quit after that case jut still bothers me today. He pled guilty never denied it He is now serving life in prison

  21. Most celebrity pedophiles are protected (Bryan Singer). Stephen Collins must have pissed somebody off; somebody very powerful! One more thing, how the hell is TMZ (Warner Bros.) getting all of these exclusive tapes? They got the tapes with Donald Sterling, now this shit? What is going on?

  22. When celebs are young and hungry for fame and wealth they willingly participate in these sick sex ritual with kids…because these rituals are mandatory. As celebs grow older and get tired of these rituals they buck up against the elite and that is when all of a sudden the truth comes out about them and what they have done. TMZ is a agent for the elite to expose what they know about these sick motherf*ckers. All of them screw kids behind closed doors. There are some really sick rituals these celebs must get into they don’t have a choice if they want to get famous or stay famous. They record them having sex with kids and same sex.

    • Someone told me that all celebs on the A-List have a copy of Aliester Crowley’s book somewhere in their home. That book is their gospel. They say he teaches that sex with kids is a gateway to power from Satan. Especially if it is a boy child. They believe they can call on demons to help them along in their career and goals if they do these sick rituals. I also hear that Jim Carey has become the newly appointed high priest in their secret society and he tells them when they must offer a human sacrifice and/or participate in sex rituals of all kinds. This stuff sounds like fiction but it goes on in Hollywood all the time.

  23. The elite purposely casted him on a show with children they knew who and what he was,he did abuse those kids on the show they just can’t speak out, remember Jessica Beal abrubtly quit the show she said she didn’t get along with one of the cast members,

  24. Wow… first this sickening info is leaked, then today it was reported that another actor from the same show “7th Heaven” who played his son’s wife , “allegedly” died in her sleep at the age of 40. & then the so-called “Ebola” patient from texas, has now succumb to his infection, something aint kosher!!!!!

  25. Luke 8:17…..happening in our life time. Each week more and more dirtbis surfacing about these twisted celebs.

  26. Remember That Creepy Film Called “Leon” Natalie Portman Plays Teenage Girl Hanging Around With A Older Man
    The Movie Is Creepy

    • Damn, I forgot about that movie! You are right it is creepy. Imma see if I can find a copy on Amazon.

    • You can’t make it about race because my husband works at the Avenel Diagnostic Treatment Facility in Avenel,NJ were they send sex offenders of all kinds in NJ and there are plenty of Black,White and Hispanic offenders there. Not about race.

  27. This dude pissed someone off in the elite Illuminati. There is no way the news would have been allowed to report this otherwise. He might have been up for a human sacrifice and refused. He might have been required to participate in a sex ritual and refused so they exposed him. I find it weird that the police knew of this since 2012 and kept it secret.

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