Nick Cannon Drove Mariah Carey To Substance Abuse


HSK Exclusive – Nick Cannon is alleged to have been verbally and emotionally abusive towards his estranged wife, Mariah Carey. Insecurities caused Nick to tease Mariah about the men she slept with before they were married in 2008.

Mariah’s older brother Morgan told a source that it was Nick Cannon’s verbal and emotional abuse that led his sister back to drugs and alcohol.

Here’s the drop:

“Nick would tease her about Eminem, A.J., Puffy and other men; it drove Mariah to the edge. Nick was so insecure – when he and Mariah went out and met other male celebrities he would ask her ‘Did you sleep with him too?’

The romance in their relationship was gone a longtime ago.”



  1. Ladies I have a question, why do so many successful, intelligent women choose to date men who ain’t shit? Remember what Katt Williams said, “n***as ain’t shit, n***as you f*ck with ain’t shit! Something is wrong with your p*ssy that keeps attracting ain’t shit n***as.”

    Ladies, why do so many of you keep attracting ain’t shit n***as?

    • Aint but so much blaming of your problems you can put on others until after it happens over and over you have to look at self

  2. Wow Nick sounds like a very unsecure man but lets not forget Mariah suffers with mental illness and has probably been abusing drugs and alcohol way before Nick came into the picture. Also Tommy Mottola did a number on Mariah during their marriage. Tommy was one crazy man!

    • Mariah stayed there with Tommy she was not under lock and key she chose to stay for the money and fame honey trust

  3. Emotional and verbal abuse= ritual abuse… Nick was Mariah’s MK Ultra handler…. Do y’all remember when she supposedly hurt her shoulder during an alleged video shoot… smh.. Nick has been beating her down…well that was over a year ago, right when rumors started they were done… Its clear Mariah was having MK ultra meltdowns and Nick didnt want to be her handler no more… Unfortunately now she is going to be sent to rehab for reprogramming, or just offed altogether….

    • If she is truly addicted to any substances it is more likely that she suppresses her abuse physically by doing so but she definitely a subject of such Monarch Butterfly programming but Nick is def not her Handler Tommy M is & unfortunately not for long because while I enjoyed Glitter, After Tonight, Fantasy, Emancipation Of MiMi, & Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel others must have not because her sells are boof which leads to smears such as this story then a “overdose” then she’s immortal & selling like she did when she 1st hit the scene

      The rehab is not an option because she’s simply too old & unrelatable but that’s cool that you’re aware

        • Yeah unfortunately this how the elite works that have to replace the real music with this devil whorshipping noise that the new generation are now accustomed to Mariah is the lastfew artist with actual talent left. Celene Dion sold out with that BACK TO LIFE song ft. Wayne. These true artist have to either show their allegiance or get destroyed.

      • IKR.
        I’m on a plane reading this and I can’t stop laughing at your comment. Took the words RIGHT out of my mouth. People are probably wondering why I’m laughing so hard.

  4. I’m sorry but Mariah has always looked like a pig in a blanket. She always came across sleezy in her music videos and that was a turn off.

  5. Jacky do something with this site. My page keep reloading
    Can’t leave a message

    • This, totally!!!
      Coming from a family of alcoholics, I know from bitter experience how they act. It’s one of two things–either they don’t have a problem, or they admit they have a problem but someone else besides them caused them to become an addict. Bull. The only person responsible for Mimi’s drinking is Mimi, pure and simple.

  6. Whenever men do that to a woman that usually mean they have a small penis and the are insecure about if the other guy was better in bed. He will always feel less than the other dudes. For same strange reason,i always knew he had these insecurities about himself. I could tell that about him long before i read this. A insecure man is hard to love and deal with. Comparing dick sizes of to any man you have had in the past.

  7. Yeah for real! Its always the man’s fault. He cant blame anyone for shit or he’s bullshittin but somehow women are exonerated from everything


  9. The romance in their relationship was gone a longtime ago.”

    so, you mean to tell me there was actual romance?????? Thats hard is hard to believe

  10. They are both positioning themselves to avoid responsibilities for the failing of their marriage. They are both to blame.

  11. Humph, I’m sure Nick had his fair share of d!cks, if Hollywood rumors are true.

    I’m a Mariah fan and I feel for her right now. A divorce, being a single mother, substance abuse and her terrible performance in Tokyo (I think she was drunk) – it’s got to be really hard for her right now.

    I’m rooting for her!!! #TeamMariah

  12. I believe the problems started as soon as the babies were born. Miriah wanted a nanny. Nick wanted MC to be a mom to their kids. Then he got sick. I think the big problem is the kids. On most pictures Miriah has the little boy. Her daughter wears glasses. I think she makes a difference between the kids.

    • Dem Babies = Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.

      It’s been said that The BiRacial Butterfly was downing drinks while pregnant.

    • Mariah was messed up long before those kids and Nick came into the picture. Tommy was part of the problem but I think her issues went back further than that.

        • Tommy is a bad guy but Michael was right in there with him thinking he was one of the gang until Tommy stopped returning his calls.
          That what pisses me off about industry people. They know those people are evil yet they continue to happily work for them until the checks stop coming in. Then they want to call people the devil and speak out on the injustices that have taken place.

  13. I love Mariah but she needs to stop blaming everyone else for her problems. No one can “drive” another grown up to do anything they don’t already want to do.


  15. FIRST OF ALL: society is too dumbfounded to remember that it IS bad luck to tattoo names on our bodies if it is our own name. SECONDLY: men are so f*ckin deceiving, im still trying to stomach the fact that Mariah chose to give that bitch ass nigga a chance in the first place. and its sad that people are comparing her new world tour to the Whitney Houston performances from 2009. smh The devil is always busy

    • i tell everybody the same shit it is bad luck to tattoo somebody else’s name on our bodies even if its our mother or kids smmfh

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    • some of these low budget sites love to use “AUTOREFRESH” so that it can count as millions of visits LOL #fraud

      • Ya think? He might have but maybe it was motherhood but she hasn’t done much since they married and Nick been been hustling every chech he could even before they got hitched. The marriage might have helped him but it just seems like he gets clowned because her networth is more than his.

        • Eddie, is this another Bobby/Whitney implosion in the making? Mariah was and is a bigger star than Nick will ever be…Your Thoughts?

          • I don’t think so brother, the dynamics are different. I don’t think Mariah cares about Nick as much as whitney did bobby. Even though It didn’t take us long to find out what they had in common was a drug habit after they made the song. They had a crazy relationship but I don’t think anyone will tell you they didn’t love eachother. I remember when NC and MC were dating they did an interview and ironically they were asked “what they had in common” And they said we are both big kids. That let me know they were not supposed to be married, they were emotionally were we all are when we find that person in high school that we think we gonna be with forever. But you must remember that once Bobby and Whitney got married, he became a drunk groupie/roadie/house husband. But I think MC wanted that in Nick because she is a control freak but it didn’t work out that way. I think the play here will be a nasty battle fo the kids, money wont be an issue. But you will soon see Nick with some industry jump off and MC become a cougar/sugar mama for one of these young oporotunist, sort of like Ray J was for Whitney. MC will do some crazy stuff. I met her once and she was as high as Bird crap on the top of Kilimanjaro. But, I think she is gonna have another melt down

  17. Mariah was drinking long before Nick Cannon entered the picture and I never felt she was healthy enough to have kids.

    The marital problems may have triggered a relapse, but cause a drinking problem, NO!

    If Mariah didn’t have a voice, she would have had the same fate as her sister, an AIDS ridden drug addicted, ward of the court hooker.

  18. I smell little dick issues here. Nick is very insecure about his size. The model he used to mess with before Mariah says he is not very well endowed and perhaps he feels insecure next to the other guys Mariah has been with. She is sick of him throwing that bullshit in her face.

    • You must be one of those little dick types. I guess that comment hit too close to home for you. All you had to do was shut your mouth.

    • Bitch you are on a gossip site….so what does that say about you? Motherf*ckers like you always trying to pretend like you are so above other people,but reality says you are here.

  19. Why y’all hating on Nick? Yhis marriage was a business mariage in the first place. They both got paid, had two babies, and now contract ended. Stop believing these sad stories the media feeds you! Nick and MC are both laughing and getting paid!

  20. Black men chill on the white women. They ain’t that much better than a black women. Stop spending money on them and watch what happens. Nick took her as far as he could with her career and once again, she gets mad and ready to leave. What happened to her the first time she was on drugs and alcohol? Now that she has his children, she really going to take him down forever.

  21. Little dick Nick done figured out that he don’t measure up to all those other guys she has had in the past and he is insecure about himself. This is why women need to keep their past to themselves and most definitely from a insecure type dude. He will always be comparing himself to other men. Isn’t it funny how money does not change somethings.

  22. You took the words right out of my mouth they cleaned her up and tried to make her a non thot ala Christina Aguilera
    but she is what she is and it aint Nicks fault

    • Nick will get the blame anyway, paparazzi love sob stories of the rich and famous… The Harder They Fall! Grown ass women gotta buck-up at some point, both sides are equal. Ladies, if it’s going south, Bust A Move!!!

  23. She’s been drinking and has had a mental problem since long before she knew that Nick Cannon existed. Can’t blame it on him. Maybe you can blame some of it on Tommy Mottola, who was with her when she was still young and tender. But she is long in the tooth and had all sorts of problems for years that have never been addressed.

  24. I had always heard that Nick was supposed to be well-endowed. Anyway, I hope that Mariah is not about to join the “worth more dead than alive” club. She seems to be set up for that fate.


  26. Nothing worse than dealing with a insecure man who always wants to throw your past in your face.

  27. Why do it look like they are about to kill MC off and replaced her with that new girl AG. The one that sound like MC alot and if you talk about MC to her diva ass she gets mad. I thinks that’s what about to go down and MC know it.

  28. poor mariah oh how i will never feel sympathy or sorrow for her stupidity and sexual uptightness its not hard for her to find the perfect dick get over it mariah this is what you get when marry someone lower than you and you f*cked around.

  29. Exactly!!! She been drinking for years. She has NEVER stopped drinking. She may have stopped popping pills for a while, I don’t really know, but she NEVER stopped drinking. Not Nicks fault!

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