Melissa Rivers Says “NeNe Leakes Can’t Walk In My Mother’s Shoes”


Melissa Rivers is displaying aggression towards the executives at the “E Network”. Know why? Because the daughter of Joan Rivers doesn’t think NeNe Leakes can walk in her deceased mothers shoes and should not be the replacement host for the television show Fashion Police.

But, Andy Cohen thinks it’s a great idea for NeNe Leaks to replace Joan Rivers and the executives at the E channel are listening.

Here’s what Life & Style is reporting:

“Melissa Rivers thinks it’s a huge mistake and Kelly Osbourne and Giuliana Ransic think it’s an outrage. They’re afraid that it will become the NeNe show.

Melissa just doesn’t think NeNe should be in the running and definitely doesn’t think she even comes close to filing her mother’s shoes.”



  1. For the love of Yaki, Remi, synthetic and blended. They could have considered Sarah Silverman; shes Jewish, mouthy and recently unemployed from SNL. They need an attractive person on that panel. Good luck to NeNe.

    • LMFAO!!!!!

      I think Sarah Silverman is an excellent suggestion.

      She does remind one of a young Joan Rivers, comedically speaking.

    • It should be that man that was on there before Joan. He wore cowboy boots and jeans most of the time. He was ignorant as hell just like Joan. He had me dying. He said some of the most ignorant shit.

    • NeNe would b GREAT on that show but I’m sure little Ms. Racist Olive Oil twin and the beast Kelly Osborne r the real ones who wouldn’t want NeNe on the show. They’re some durty little no talent jealous bishes

      • @ Olive Oyl- You’re better than me because I refer to the snitch as Bobby Football Head Bratz Doll Rancic. In addition to: First name (Ana) Last name (Rexic).


    • ROTFL @ NI. I’m trying to figure out how Alice the Goon can judge anyone’s fashion sense when she wears tunics and moo moos. Bitch is the Black Helen Roper with a bad blonde cut and paste, founding fathers hairpiece. She needs to take her big mouth, those horse teeth and walk away. I don’t see her being afforded opportunities in Hollywood when she is just a vile, disgusting person.

      • CTHUP, Right????? I cna’t stand her ass, and I hop she does not get it, lest us forget how big her head gets once she’s given something,

  2. Melissa is all about the money. I like Joan Rivers because she said what we all were thing and wanted to say. There will never be another Joan Rivers. Nene Leaks is funny but i don’t think that fashion police is a good fit.

    • This site is becoming more and more like MediaFakeOut. No sources, mis-quoted headlines, made up stories. I know competition is tough in the blog world but please get it together. This site used to be great but now it’s looking more and more like MediaFAKEOut.

  3. I like nene leaks on RHOA. Nene leaks is the loud black woman and besides Kenya Moore dramatic self she’s the only person who makes that show watchable which is why E casted her. What does Melissa do anyway besides riding the coat tail of her mother. I wonder what she will do nkw

    • If they want to go with the out spoken, direct, insensitive black woman I nominate Chrissy Lampkin She has great fashion since. Caroline Manzo would also be a good choice personality wise but her personal style sucks.

  4. Melissa needs to stfu. Ain’ t nobody trying to replace mommie dearest. Give Nene a chance. If she doesn’t work out. Get Tim Gunn who would have been my first and only choice.

  5. Melissa jus thought that she’d be her moms replacement, but its like mister told cealy(?) Nene got spunk and charisma. Melissa jus cause you put your mom permanently to sleep dont mean you her. The rest of those prejudice bitches just dont wanna see a black woman in charge. I think Nene will be good Joan was rachette and direct like Nene.

    • Melissa thought she’d be selected & WASN’T. I don’t watch the show, could give 2 shits & a rat’s ale about any of these people but NeNe & no one else “should be concerned with filling Joan River’s shoes.” Instead, whoever gets the spot should bring in their own style & flare to the show & make it THEIR OWN.

      Melissa, if you happen to see my comment PLEASE go somewhere, plan on how you can maximize you newly acquired $300M windfall, shut your damn mouth & leave the forward planning of that show to those who are paid to do so. At the end of the day most of us know you don’t want to see ANY WOMAN OF COLOR in the spot your mother previously hosted & we know why.

  6. I agree with Melissa there is no way in HELL i do not want to see this Kathy Griffin would be a better fit thumbs way down to NeNe Freaks whatever her name is

  7. I dont see what the problem is both Nene and Joan are both hateful and spiteful individuals. I think the fashion police cast and Melissa are mad that a black woman yes I said is going to shake things up. Whether you like Nene or not she brings the ratings at least when she was on RHOA until my girl Kenya came along and took her spot. Lol.

    • “Yes I said it! I said what I said and I meant what I said…”- RHOA Nene Leakes Season Finale


  8. Please nobody wants to hear nene constantly talk’en ass on no show hell naw that ain’t a good choice no try again naaa nene to over baring and talk to much no manners. Unclassy

  9. I think Kenya should take over fashion police because she’s a real pageant queen and knows how to twirl in her dress.


    • I know right. Her nose reminds me of the one Humpty wore in the video, “do the humpty hump”.


      OMG…I thought I was the only who saw her that way. That is a horrible nose job & did nothing for her looks at all in spite of various the offers she’s currently receiving. Wait until they stop coming…

  11. Nene is the last one that should be on Fashion Police…Bytch ain’t got no style. LOL

  12. What daughter comes on her mothers job and gives input on who’s next?! Melissa can’t even pick a man let alone an employee. Nene may not be a great fit but she is good with telling it like it is. Let the show decide who’s next. Melissa will say that about any black that is next in line for the job. At least Nene and Joan have something in common. Botox!!

      • OK. Melissa should come up with the next person. Joan will never be replaced. Rosanne Barr is nasty like Joan. She is just not attractive but she’ll say anything.

        • lol Could you imagine Roseanne on that show? OMG!
          Put yourself in Melissa’s botoxed shoes. Your mom just passed away and people are already trying to find people to take the spot on a show you two created together. Of course the show has to go on but you aren’t going to be happy with anyone who is picked to take your mothers place. So I can understand her not wanting someone like Nene coming in and taking over the show but they need someone with a big personality to take over because the rest of the crew is dry.

          • I disagree she don’t want nene because nene doesn’t fit in with the fashion police. I don’t like her for that roll. She is too much of a diva it will turn into something else. It has to be that white man that Joan replaced. He was ignorant like Joan and on point like Joan. Can’t recall the name.

          • Exactly! They need a junk talking grimmey loud mouth to take over. Cause that’s what her mother was. Or they can pull the show. It’s not like the show was a smoker anyway. I only watch it if nothing else was on.

    • Melissa is supposedly an “Executive Producer” of the show so certainly she feels her input is paramount & of great importance!

      My previous comment explains it best.^^

  13. Shouldn’t it be someone who can actually dress? Never seen it but nene looks tacky to me.

    • I think if they want to go with Nene they should consider Mary J. Blige. She is very stylish and I think she would add some edge to the show. I mean after all Nene’s attempt to copy Mary J. Blige look is a fail!

      • MJB would be too nice though. She’s still having money problems so it wouldn’t be a good idea for her to burn any bridges.

  14. I don’t like Nene at all but I’m happy she got the gig. Does Andy Cohen get a percentage of what Nene earns?

  15. The whites are intimidated. They don’t want nene but andy Cohen is queer mafia, so they listen to him over Melissa any day. I say give nene the job cause if they don’t give it 2 her they probably give it to some trans…Kathy griffin sucks & she couldn’t save her own show so what makes u think she could save Joan’s?

  16. I’m telling y’all they need that guy that Joan replaced. He had everybody mouths dropped all the time.

  17. I don’t like Sarah Silverman she is too racist and don’t y’all remember how Joan talked about her on the red carpet. She be looking a mess.

  18. Tim gunn is too nice y’all forgetting they are replacing Joan rivers it has to be someone ignorant as hell. That makes you spit up your drink like Joan

    • Good point. I don’t think there is anyone out there now who could get away with saying the messed up stuff Joan used to say.

  19. No. Just cancell the show. I watched this show and DVRed it. No one can fill her shoes. Joan ran circles around that moose when she guested.

    • Datmeangirl trust me if you could find that white dude that was on there before Joan you would agree. I like ignorant when it comes to jokes. To me Joan was ignorant as hell and so was he.

  20. Please do not place Ne Ne Leakes on anymore tv shows. She is disgusting to watch.

  21. Melissa is right; no one can fill Joan’s shoes so why even try. I agree with everyone who suggested Tim Gunn. He knows fashion and he can throw shade in a subtle way. Everyone was complaining how mean spirited they thought Joan had become towards the end, why race to replace her with someone who at best would be a poor imitation. Melissa definitely has a say as the Executive Producer of the show.

  22. NeNe has no style hell she sells a line on HSN she is the type the fashion world jokes about. And her Paul Revere wigs don’t help her cause

  23. What the hell is that thing in the picture? I thought the ‘Land Before Time’ movies ended years ago?

  24. I think nene will be ok julianna and the other chick are whitbread racist lol afraid of wat they don’t know or understand but no one is trying to take mom place just watch and see if she fails ok but let her try

  25. I ain’t no fan of Nene, but what does it take to fill Joan Rivers shoes? Just a nasty attitude and mouth to match.

  26. Youz r crazy. Youz all say you can’t stand Hollywood but you can’t wait to see who takes this miserable bytches spot. Turn off the f*ckin idiot box.

  27. No, Nene cannot fill Joan Rivers shoes because the Fashion Police was all about what JAPS do best: talk about clothes and JEWelery. Joan Rivers was a JAPed out b*tch to the max, so that was her show. But Nene has one thing in common with Joan: tacky azz bottle blond.

    • This!!!! And for those that don’t know, JAP = Jewish American Princess.

      That snitch was a stone cold personification of it!

      RIP Joan.

  28. Joan’s whining ass daughter needs to sit down and stfu and have a coke and a smile. She is nothing but a spoiled little bitch who lived off her mother her entire life. She never accomplished anything on her own. Her mother’s fame is the only reason anyone even knows her name.

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