Who’s Jacky Talking About? – September 9, 2014


Two hookers sold two pictures of them smashing Oscar De la Hoya with a strap on and pulling a champagne bottle cork out of the Golden Boy boxer’s ass for 50K to the top dogmainstream gossip website.

An insider is saying Oscar De la Hoya’s lawyer Robert Shapiro paid off this website not to publish those photos.

Source told HSK:

“They had Justin Bieber’s racist rants for four years and never released it because they were extorting Bieber for stories”

Here’s the drop:

“The face of site who’s also a lawyer goes to the gay spa at the La Prairie Beverly Hills Hotel every Sunday. The hookers are afraid to come forward because Oscar told them the Mexican Mafia will deal with them if they go public.”

Can you guess which website Robert Shapiro paid not to publish Oscar De la Hoya’s graphic anal pictures?


    • “An insider is saying Oscar Dela Hoya’s lawyer Robert Shapiro paid off this website not to publish those photos.”

      Oh, because of the way it’s written, I understood that, since it was Dela Hoya’s attorney
      who paid the website off, it was Dela Hoya’s money, and he paid the site off FOR Dela Hoya, not for the hoes.
      My bad.

    • TMZ: THIRTY MILE ZONE, no doubt.

      ESPN, FOX Sports, Sports Illustrated et al.
      has to be shaken in their boots right about
      now bcuz TMZ (a blog) has broken nearly
      every MAJOR sports story of the past 5 years.

      donald sterling,
      chad ocho/evelyn
      tiger woods
      oscar dela hoya,
      lamar odom
      ray rice

      the others escape my memory,
      but i know there is more.

      Harvey Levin is killin’ ’em.

  1. Let me guess, TMZ. Harvey has been getting away with a lot of of shit towards blacks. I guess he feels that dreadlocks will shield him from the racist tag.

    • I love Dreadlocks! He says what he feels. Raquel on the other hand is from Oxnard and went to UC Santa Barbara, she needs to tone it down A Lot!

    • Bullshit.

      That site (TMZ) doesn’t publish no more about us than they do whites or any other race or nationality. Stop it. In fact, we dont even hear half of the shit that goes on in the black community or shit involving black folks because the media dont want to be called racist so they dont publish a good portion of shit. Why? Cause we some crybaby ass muthaf*ckas, THATS WHY!

      This would explain why we never hear about all the black serial killers out there that has existed for years. They dont print it. That IS news worthy, and if they were crackas we’d hear about them.Let niggas tells it, serial killers are always some peckerwood.

      This is because we are some sensitive ass, hypocritical ass muthaf*ckas who LOOKS for ANY sign of something we dont like so we can scream “racism”. That shit makes us look weak as f*ck like we are incapable of integrity.

      But I digress….

      • Morgan with a jewish name in brooklyn, talking in black linguo while white pretending to be black. Ok. Deception is not your strong suit.

      • I only partially agree Morgan. Over the past decades, there was a real war in the media on the image of Black people.

        A correction was necessary. Perhaps there is an over-correction. For example, I was surprised to learn that there are several Black serial killers.

      • There are black serial killers? I thought they were all white males between 30 and 50.

        • You are living in the pre 1990 era toomuch. Ever since that dude killed all those women in Baton Rouge, black serial killing has become the next big thing in Criminology 101. Hey, we always catch up to YT eventually. In 15 years there will be black teens shooting up their schools. jk

      • Morgan,

        You are not black.

        It is not black men who have the whole planet shaking in their boots.

        Think about that.

        Also the people over could never compare the boards over at AMREN
        they let black people have it.

        • Correction the people over here can never compare to the site at AMREN

  2. Everyone knows Harvey gay. But I thought those pics were on this site? So now everyone knows about Oscar, big into BDSM. Maybe Harvey takes lots of bribes to keep things quite.

  3. Love the typo of “de la”. “Dela” does suit him better. 😀

  4. Why does anybody give a f*ck about Oscar’s sexual proclivities? He is not exactly sexy in the first place. If that dude want to stick things up his ass then let him have at it. Maybe one day something is going to get stuck up there and he will have to be rushed to the hospital ER.

  5. This Too Funny! I’ve heard about weird ish like this in the past. Gay dudes dying from internal bleeding because they stuck a hamster or some other exotic rodent up their backside…Horses As Well! Amazing how thugs and killers meet up with The Flamers when it comes to keeping a secret. Oscar can scare these women all he wants, the cat is out the bag. Photos would make it really official, but, no need. The visual itself is disturbing.

  6. I guess to be famous, you have to deal with TMZ at some point. However, they will never-ever write about certain, very extremely powerful people who have the power/ability to shut them down instantly…or worse.

    • @Anonymous; I agree. Harvey is selective about who he will dish dirt about.

      Harvey is scum & I truly believe his downfall is coming

      • I also agree and also believe that Harvey will shortly write/gossip/what have you..the wrong person, whether they are a powerful individual or not AND that said person, will either catch him hacking/getting info illegally and sue/take it to the courts, OR a certain “hyper” power person, who is connected to secret organization will conduct business…quietly.

  7. Why do people care about his sex life bcuz he’s rich broke people do the same shit

  8. TMZ like most of the corporate media outlets pay big bucks for stories & interviews…And Like Fox, TMZ is know to pay hackers to hack into celebrities cell phones and computers..What y’all thought Fox’s Rupert Murdoch was the only one hacking into peoples phones..??? It’s really easy to hack somebody’s cell phone..too easy..

    Sex is Better When You Cheat (Must Be 18+)

  9. I thought TMZ, but CDAN could fall into this category, although I don’t read CDAN often, only when the blind items are revealed. both sites are run by lawyers…*shrugs*…usually jacky makes it easier to figure out, but I guess I’d lean towards TMZ because this just seems like more their thing…

    • CDAN is a fake site with a fake lawyer. That was all busted out about two years ago.

  10. Al Haymon and Mayweather are under extreme pressure now because SHowtime wants to force Floyd to fight Pacquiao. De La Hoya wants to force Floyd to fight Pacquiao. Floyd wants to duck Pacquiao forever. Haymon wants to protect Floyd and keep him unbeaten for as long as possible, until he can manufacture his next fake star. This planted De La Hoya story is somehow connected to Mayweather ducking Pacquiao.

  11. @Hmmm, Ain’t nobody afraid of Manny Pacquio. Manny and Floyd have fought the SAME people, with the exception of Bradley. Only difference Floyd won all.his fights. Floyd is a world champion, undefeated boxer. Fighting Manny, especially here in the United States, WITHOUT STEROIDS would be a walk in the park for Floyd. They should have fought years ago, the bloom is off the rose. He doesn’t deserve a fight with Floyd. Floyd doesn’t need Manny, Manny needs Floyd.

  12. it doesnt even matter cause people forgot about him anyway. Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquio already put all of them out of business. roflmfaooooooooooooooo

  13. Hey Jacky – They got you in this article poppin isht! Check it out.

    We’ve been told the voice is that of Kris Jenner, the media mogul and Kardashian family empress. If it were, it would be the biggest gossip story of the entire year. It certainly sounds like her.

    The recording—supposedly an hour-long conversation between a small-time black gossip blogger named Jacky Jasper and a woman he identifies as Kris Jenner—has been for sale to celebrity gossip blogs and tabloids for months. But no publication has decided to purchase it—not because the Kardashian family is powerful and gossip outlets are corrupt. Because that voice isn’t her.


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