Is Tyga Really Chester The Molester?


Tyga denies dating underage Kylie Jenner but the “Rack City” rapper took the 16 year old KUWTK reality star to the Emerson Theatre nightclub this past June.

An insider is saying Kylie and her sister Kendall were both denied club entry because they were underage and the sisters waited in Tyga’s Bentley while the rapper made his paid appearance in the nightclub.

The insider went on to say, 24 year old Tyga got rid of his baby momma for a now, 17 year old Kylie Jenner. Don’t believe me.. Ask Blac Chyna.

Here’s Tyga’s tweets denying he’s a child molester:

tyge-underage-kardashian tyge-underage-girls


  1. He aint been knowing them forever he just came out bout 4 1/2 years ago when where are young money came out his lying ass just meet them a few years ago,I wouldnt put it paas him he f*cked her they lil hos in training now just like they older sisters. They gon be the same way hoes

    • It’s kool to b kool w fam, but why would u even want to kick it/hang out w a barely legal teen. What do yall talk about. . Who’s going to prom?

      • Also where r the parents? Do parents of celebrity children check out of parenthood once their children r famous?because it seems like celebrity children have a lot of freedom/actin grown. Please get this child an extra curricular activity. and some type of supervision. Act like u care about her actions. When I was her age I had a curfew and mom’s didn’t play. Remember being home before the street lights.I get she has money but that is why child stars/celebrities r so screwed up, no structure.

        • Side note:street light rule was as a child, not teen. Just reminiscing on good ole days

    • Don’t forget he also like them trannies in Vegas. Marrying a stripper tells you something about his character.

      • Marry?…You mean impregnate a popular stripper/hooker. There was NEVER a marriage & there shouldn’t be either.. For many reasons…just saying!

  2. What kimd of 24 year old man hangs out with 16 and 17 year old females? A nasty pedophile. Get someone your own age, creep. Can’t stand men like him.

  3. Why are those BM such bed wench sell outs always running to the slave masters great granddaughter if those were BW jumping into the arms of white boys yall would be calling them gold digging sellouts. BM the only race of men who don’t care about upholding the race and making black babies. BM swirl and swirl marry almost three times more than BW do so who’s zooming who?


      • He just broke up with her the other day, so what the hell was he doing with Kylie in June. That’s his BM fault for trying to be BFF with Kim. The whole time her man macking on the little sister. His ass needs to be locked up.

    • Naw chick the numbers speak. BM ain’t marrying bw the numbers are going south while bm swirl marriage rates go up men ask for womens hand in marriage. sorry the truth hurts you. i don’t give any bm a pass they don’t give me one a man is a man I judge them on character no skin folks passes. shit thats why so many bw are fat single mothers giving passes and getting pumped and dumped by bm. wake up look around.

      • Thee1:

        I read a statistic that showed BM are more likely to get married than BW. The swirl is real in major metropolitan areas, but keep in mind, other parts of the country are still very segregated. Even if they aren’t segregated, there are (excuse my broken English) ’nuff BM who don’t swirl. I don’t know many BM who seek non-Black women, and I am a born and raised Angeleno.

        Now in TX, my cousins are almost all married to white or Hispanic women. That may be because I have a large family there, and it is safer to marry other (you’re less likely to come across a distant cousin). Lol.

        Stats aside, I still see BM marrying BW. The media may strive to present opposing images, but in actuality, I question their propaganda.

        • Me too. I married in and so did most of my sisters. Two married out as did a few cousins . Most of my family though are on some “Operation: Make a brown baby” agenda, LOL.

          • I have two cousins who married Mexicans. I am disappointed, tbh, because they could’ve married Black spouses if they cared. My male cousin has been married for over 20 years (I want to say 25 years), so that is a blessing. He could’ve married a BW and been divorced. My female cousin is a newlywed of little more than a year. She isn’t hot, so I understand her taking what she can get. She photographs beautifully, but when she shows up in person, it is Catfish like a mf. Lol

            My preference is a Black man, but lemmetellyou, if God sends me a good Asian man who is between 6’0 – 6’2″ (it’s possible), I will rush him like a $300 52″ Samsung smart tv at a Black Friday sale. I will have a little Amerie and dare someone to talk about my man, lest they get poked in the eye with a chopstick!

    • okay, someone has had one too many red bulls.

      …as a bm i appreciate your point, tho.

  4. Chester The Molester Ctfu too funny hsk but this is gross but thats hollywierd for you full pedofilers

  5. Kris been grooming the Jenner Girls for a few years now. She stick to the formula, everybody knew hip-hop and baller brothas would be their first lovers. Tyga think he King Kong right now. I can imagine the list of cats that wanted to smash Kendall and Kylie for bragging rights. Kris has no shame, she’d be batting a. 1000 right now if not for Kourtney derailing her agenda. This is beyond creepy. Bruce is in transition, his mind is elsewhere. His baby girls are Gone Gone Gooooone!

    • You ain’t nevah lied. I never saw such blatant pimping in my life, she makes Evil-lyn Holotza look like Mother Theresa. It’s disgusting. Im glad both Kourtney and Rob have white kids. It’s their way of saying eff you too their mama.

        • Yup . He has a son. Baby mama is white. Don’t know how they manage to keep it quiet but he does have a relationship with his son.

      • What’s crazy about all of this, is that, Kris does not practice what she preaches. Her daughters gotta lay up with brothas to be relevant, What is That? Tyga may think he doing it big, Naw Man! Sexing whitewomen is so cliche, it’s not a big deal anymore. His status is not gonna rise because he smashin’ Kylie Jenner. What are we trying to prove? So What, some women like us for the aesthetics. Still not going down that road. Brothas, are we in charge of us… Yes or No?

        • The funny thing about Kim and Khloe, when they finish with their black men, they through them to the gutter. Not the other way around

          • They see us as springboards to bigger and better things. As per usual, they cloak themselves in “Sista Tude” to deceive. Men love exotic, different, out of the ordinary, etc. I talk about this a lot because it’s necessary. Lamar Odom was ballin hard in LA, and then he met Khloe via Metta World Peace aka Ron Artest at a party welcoming him to the Lakers. See how fast it went downhill? Khloe contoured her body to be curvaceous, and this man gotta pay her thousands every month. French Montana was spending the big homey’s dough with a smile. Not even once did he speak on it. Broke him down like a tree in the forest. To them, it’s about the money. Sex in and of itself does not keep a Caucasian female. Add money to the mix, it’s worth their time. I dealt with this stage, all of us do. Society wants us to lust them against our better judgment… So True! Sadly, Kanye is next in line.

      • You’re On The Money! White people should love themselves as well. Robert Kardashian was a proud man, he would not approve of his daughters behaving as modern-day jezebels for dollars.

  6. I wish the authorites go after this like they did Jada for that Willow photo. PMK is disgusting and Tight face Bruce is no better

    • Willow was 12. There is a big difference between a 12 yo and a 17 yo. I’m pretty sure a lot of the people on this thread were sexually active when they were Kylie’s age.

      There is a 7 year age difference between Kylie and Tyga. Big deal. I will take issue with them dating because he is a father, not because he is 24. Unless I’m missing something, she is able to consent to a relationship at 17. They may just enjoy hanging out with each other.

      When I was 14, I was talking to a 22 yo. My mom knew and she didn’t object. We never did anything other than talk on the phone and hang out once at my school. TBH, I was smarter than he and probably more educated even at 14. I stopped talking to him when he began mentioning marriage. (That, and he later told me he had two children, twins if I recall.) That was too much for me to consider, so I stopped talking to him. Pretty sound decision for a 14 yo, if I do say so myself.

      Fast forward, I was older than Tyga when I finally lost my v-card. You just never know.

      • When i was 16 i dated a 21 year old from my church, it was the biggest mistake ive ever made, but it happens, my best friend was dating a 25 yr old, im just wondering how this happened because i thought the kardashian sisters were friends with blacc chyna

        • See, you met him at church. Every woman I know who met a man at church regretted it. Hell, my former bff bore her son to a guy she met at church. Her BD is a deadbeat. Smh

          The Kartrashians and Wack Chyna were indeed “friends.” There lies the scandal.

          • Ok no real man at 23 Is going to be taking interest in a dam 14 yo. That sh@t is NOT cool. I don’t care which one of you try to argue my logic. Real men date real woman. Period! Not little girls.

            • I agree now that im an adult and look back on it, but at the time i thought i was mature enough to handle it, and i would never let my daughter do it

            • Most of these 22 yo “men” today act like children. It is no secret that girls mature faster than boys. I wouldn’t allow my 14 yo daughter to date a 22 yo in this climate because the world has changed and not for the better. He was an extremely respectable 22 yo. He just so happened to have a gf whom he thought he was going to marry, so he had children with her. He put the cart before the horse, as so many people do, especially today.

              When I was 16, I met a FINE ass 30 yo who wanted me to call him when I turned 18. As fine as he was, once I hit 30, I realized he was so damn out-of-order. At the time, he was charming and fine. It was like an honor for a grown ass man to think I was cute or smart. Fast forward, when I’m paid a compliment, I’m like, “Eh, thanks.” Lol.

            • What 22 yr old man talks to 14 yr old girl. What 23 yr old woman talks to a 14 yr boy. See any which way you look at it, it’s some f*ck up shit.

            • We didn’t so much as hold hands, more or less kiss or do anything sexual. It probably happens more often than people realize, but people will throw their sickness onto a child.

              Kylie isn’t Kourtney, Kim or Khloe. She isn’t Kendall nor is she Kris. If she wants to do something, I have no doubt she’ll do it. If she doesn’t want to do something, I have no doubt she won’t do it. Some kids grow up quicker than others. Just because she is 17 and may dress mature for her age, that doesn’t mean she is sexually active, drinking, taking drugs, etc.

              I went to my first club at 15. I didn’t start drinking until I was probably 25. I had a fake ID at 19, just to get into clubs. I would order cranberry juice or Coca Cola. I’ve been around people who smoke weed, but I’ve never gotten high. I’ve been around someone with cocaine once that I know of. They offered me a bump, but I declined. I could probably sit in the center of hell and still remain cool.

              Your actions are somewhat reflective of who raised you, but being in a city like Los Angeles, when you’re raised in an affluent community and have coin, you have unimaginable freedom. I was a free bird in school and out of school. The world was much safer then, so it was awesome. Today, I would keep my teen on a short leash.

            • 15 in the club. Ok u seem to have of turned out alright, but 15 in the club is the problem. Just ask Aaliyah or Chris brown.

            • I was friends with Aaliyah’s bff back then. I was also friends and a little more with someone who CB hangs out with now.

              I can’t say I would allow my 15 yo to attend a club today, because times have changed. JMO, but the parents who never let their children go anywhere, do anything, have friends over, etc. are the ones whose kids tried EVERYTHING. My mom knew I wasn’t in the streets acting wild. I was a reserved teen. I just loved music and dancing, so I’d go out and dance my little booty off. Lol. My best friend back then had to tell me to be cool because I was appearing my age with me dancing so hard.

              I turned out just alright. No marriages, no children yet, but also no abortions, no unreasonable behavior, no divorces, no arrests, no ODs…nothing of the sort. I’ve never even been drunk. Basically, I’m a nun who had sex a few times. Lol. The convent would still take me on a technicality.

          • And whats really sick about Tyga dating that Karashian chick is that a groupie stated that Tyga had a HUGE penis
            If that is true and coming from a pass around groupie, That Kardashian gal must have been sexually active and got around for a minute

        • With all do respect, club life ain’t changed that much. Bot sure when you guys were out clubbing but I was a very young teen in the late 90s and I was out in the clubs with my big sisters trying to hang and it was pretty dangerous. Sex , E, alcohol everywhere. No one cared how old I was. If you are pretty in NYC you just get waved in. Hello, all the models were my age and they were all there. My sisters watched me like a hawk and I still git drunk and made out with randoms. My mother didn’t know , if she had she wouldn’t have allowed it. She certainly wouldn’t let me date boys older that high school . Your mom wasn’t worried because she knew you weren’t having sex. It kills me the way PMK puts her daughters on birth control at 14 and turns em loose in LA.

          • A lot of mothers put their daughters on BC as teens. IMO, that is so irresponsible. Why would you pump a growing girl’s body full of adult hormones when her body is changing so rapidly naturally? Give her time to adapt to what nature is doing. Several of the girls in my HS were on BC, everything from Depo Provera shots to BC pills. That shit was causing girls to be severely depressed and even suicidal. They were 14, 15, 16 yo (white and Jewish) girls whose parents ran them to the gyno once they hit a certain age. Now that I think about it, I have yet to take BC. I will probably never take it because it is toxic.

            Little do these parents know, their stupidity and bad decisions, such as putting teen girls on BC, are the reason some of these girl act out of character. It is a chemical imbalance. Add antidepressants or drugs like Adderall to the mix and you just put a teen on a collision course straight to hell. The club and older guys are the least of most of these girls’ worries.

            If it means anything, I made out with randoms, too. I live for a good makeout. Lol.

            • I beg to differ! It’s about talking to your children, loving them, & setting boundaries. I started taking bc pills at 14 yrs of age, was having sex yet, but I recognized my mind /body were changing. MY mother & I ALREADY had “the talk”. No, she DID NOT give me cart blanc to go out & have sex, what she did enforce was arry myself like a lady, go to school, do my chores, & take care of my body. I appreciate her for that. If more parents are involved in their kids lives, there would be LESS teen pregnancies, diseases, high school drops, & blatant disrespect for self & others.

            • P.S. NEVER felt suicidal, abortions, heavy drugs, NONE of that shit! There HAS to be a sense of balance, if you’re easily misled, then it is what it is. Common sense MUST ensue & play a role at some time. That being said, if u feel as a parent that u cannot trust what U instill in YOUR child, then I honestly don’t know what to tell u. Maybe NEITHER one of u should leave the house. The blind leading the blinding is never a good fit!

            • Shortcake:

              I agree with you re: using common sense, the pitfalls of being easily misled, etc. It is just via tv, but I’ve seen Kylie assert herself on KUWTK against Kris. She doesn’t strike me as a follower, especially of Kris.

              I honestly think Khloe has more influence on Kendall and especially Kylie than PMK, as everyone dubs her. Lol

              You are fortunate not to have issues with BC. You’re one of the few women I’ve heard who has not had issues with it.

              As I said before, I may be dead wrong, but I don’t think that, because Kylie is hanging out with Tyga that she is having sex with him.

            • No hard feelings @B Siviano and I usually agree with all your comments
              But I wish my mother put me on birth control when I was younger and promiscuous
              But uknown to my mother I was sexually molested at a young age (Thank God not too bad)
              But it released premature sexual curiousity I went ape which as a result, at 22yrs old I had a son. I planned it but was not ready to
              And I luv my son to death but for his benefit, I wished I was more informed, more mature and more financially stable b4 having him
              But I also understand where u r coming from
              But the grass always seem greener on the other side or better said, There are pro and cons in every situation
              And in this twisted world, birth control is the way to go

          • A lot of mothers put their daughters on BC as teens. IMO, that is so irresponsible. Why would you pump a growing girl’s body full of adult hormones when her body is changing so rapidly naturally? Give her time to adapt to what nature is doing. Several of the girls in my HS were on BC, everything from Depo Provera shots to BC pills. That shit was causing girls to be severely depressed and even suicidal. They were 14, 15, 16 yo (white and Jooish) girls whose parents ran them to the gyno once they hit a certain age. Now that I think about it, I have yet to take BC. I will probably never take it because it is toxic.

            Little do these parents know, their stupidity and bad decisions, such as putting teen girls on BC, are the reason some of these girl act out of character. It is a chemical imbalance. Add antidepressants or drugs like Adderall to the mix and you just put a teen on a collision course straight to hell. The club and older guys are the least of most of these girls’ worries.

            If it means anything, I made out with randoms, too. I live for a good makeout. Lol.

      • Your mother must have hated you. That’s not cool. Just because your mother let you do it doesn’t mean it’s right. Where was your daddy at? He let that happen? If you would have said, and we are married to this day, I still wouldn’t have understood that dumb shit, but you didn’t. So your mama let a pedophile molest you, because you were fast as hell. What was your point of acting like we are therapists.

        • Well my daddy was gone, so looking back it doesn’t suprize me that i was interested in guys older than me, my daughter has her daddy so she wont have the same issues i did

  7. Sounds like the Kartrashians are setting Tyga up. Next thing you know Kylie will be yelling rape! Those evil witches dont care about nobody but themselves and when their down with you they wipe their feet on you and act like they dont know you.

  8. God these people are disgusting. Weren’t Chyna n Kim supposed to be real close? Says alot about that family but not something we didn’t already know. Just gross.

    • Kim was just hanging with Blac Chyna just to find more stripper moves and secrets. Also to find out about her azz injections
      Also Kim was trying to measure herself up to another black woman but she used a stripper because secretly Kim have a low esteem
      Blac Chyna was too thirsty but if she would have asked LaLa, Ciara, and Serena
      They would have told Blac Chyna what Kim and them are all about

  9. PMK must be so proud to see the youngest picking up on those ho and home wrecker ways so quickly! Who says she isn’t a good student? Who needs to know how to read when your mouth is always full of d***?

  10. I dont know why anyone is surpised they probably been f*cking at a age an they go to thoses rituals they mother aint shit her self so what people expect the kartrashians are witches they put spells on there men an f*ck their lives up thats what they about.Look at scott hes a drunk cause he offed both his parents for fame. IM NOT SURPISED BY THIS THEY ARE HOES IN TRAINING BY THE TIME THEY GET BOUT 24,25 THEY WILL BE TURNT OUT DRUGS,FUCKING DIFFERENT NIGGAS,CATCHING DISEASES,ABORTIONS, THEY GON BE A HOT ASS MESS ESPECIALLY KYLIE CAUSE SHE SNEAKY SLUTTY.AHE PROBABLY BEEN FUCKING WILL SMITH LIL SON JADEN,THEY GOT HIM FUCKED TOO HE LIKE WEARING DRESSES AN SHIT .WEIRD MUTHAFUCKAS THATS HOLLYWEIRD FOR YA

  11. The ignorance on this thread is astounding. IDC if Kylie is a product of an ex-Kardashian. Why would anyone say anything about a teenage girl having a mouth full of d?!. What part of the game is that?

    Again, I’m certain that both male and female posters here at least befriended if not had sex with older partners in their teens. Some of you were products of teen mothers and fathers. Some of you were teen parents your damn selves. Do as you say and not as you do is in full effect.

    • Thing is, i don’t really agree. It depends on age but before most of us dated by proximity , meaning close in location and age. Nowadays these kids are on some whole other shit. That poster said what she said because kids these days have ” lipstick” parties and film it on their cell phones. Miss Kylie is forever tweeting a pic of herself w this nigga or that one, and she’s often skantily clad and hugged up on some grown ass man. And she is. 16, not 17. If she’s dealing w adult men I highly doubt she is a virgin, ijs

      • I have no idea what a “lipstick” party is. Not sure I want to know.

        I suppose I resent the assumption that girls are promiscuous because they are photographed “hugged up” with a guy or several guys. I remember hugging my friends and us kissing each other on the cheek as teens. Again, it was innocent. I just feel like folks are forgetting what it’s like to be a teen. I am probably dead ass wrong, but something in me is telling me it isn’t what everyone is making it out to be.

        • Cosign! I don’t give two f*cks about them either way, but the fact the profound hate for this family is rather mind boggling! First up, NOBODY put a f*cking gun up to these niggas ignorant ass heads & made them f*ck with these people! Love my people but they have to love themselves as well. That being said, what’s the old school saying,: “see a sucker, lick it.” When & if they finally get it, it’ll be a joyous occasion, but I seriously doubt it. Sad!


  13. Kardashian rule #1 create controversy. This is how they stay relevant–and get richer 😉

  14. This article says nothing to prove he is a molester. It just says he tried to get a minor in a club. They know right from wrong. They are just trying to following in their sisters path for fame.

  15. They are a family of Home wrecking Hoes and he is a washed up never was. So why do we even care if they hook up or not.

  16. the kartrashian empire is built on sex!!! kris knows what’s she doing!!
    they love drama and bad press this family is sick sellout black men are dumb. kim and khole only befriend black women to suck out all their engery and steal black women images and looks
    kim and khole are like blood sucker they hate black women but yet they wanna be one

    just 2 weeks ago kim had the nerve to blast beyonce about stealing kanye’s idea etc etc clearly she getting too cocky for her own good
    then she said nori is better than blue!!!!

    these bytches are gonna get him into trouble for dumping black chyna

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