Drake Stiff’s His Ghostwriter


HSK Exclusive – Shi Wisdom, who is the ghostwriter for Drake, is suing the Toronto rapper. Know why? Because Shi Wisdom hasn’t receive a red cent from Drake or YMCMB Records for her songwriting  on the Grammy Award winners albums.

An insider is saying Drake has been dying to sign Shi Wisdom to his OVO Imprint for the past three years, but the deal through because Shi didn’t want to give up her creative control.

Here’s the drop:

“Shi is the creative juice behind Drake. She’s Drake’s co-writer and she’s deserves to get paid.”

drake-ghostwriter Shi Wisdom


  1. if it was a white women he would of gladly paid for her service!! since is a black women he doesn’t give a f*ck these half baked motherf*ckers
    think their so special because they got white in them……

    • it’s not a race thing dumbass it’s a morals thing . Not everything is about race and yes I am a 100% black man Smfh

      • clearly some of you coons are sellout do the f*cking maths

        he didn’t pay her because she’s black. you people are dumb!! if this was a pasty white bytch this half baked motherf*cker
        would of paid her!!……so get off your hight horse and stop cooning around

        this is about race

        • so u make up a fictional story about her not getting paid cause shes black, then you make up another fictional story where a white person gets paid and that they think they are special because theyre white. youre a nutjob.

          • @wat

            first of all shut the f*ck up she didn’t get paid because she’s a black women!!! you big blathering dummie, damn you people
            on this thread are all nutjobs i’m pointing out the obvious and some of you are too dumb to realize it

            he didn’t pay her because she’s a black women!!! if it was a white wrinkly bytch he would of glady paid her and more!!
            biracial people are on the fence they do’t know what’s right or wrong!!! by not paying her he was wrong

            like i said if this was a white blonde bytch she would of gotten paid!!!!

            go suck on a iced white d*ck you dumb sellout coons

            • Im black, and I’m telling you that you are LOST boy. No wonder our race can’t ever f*cking get anywhere, we have uneducated losers like you bringing down our community always asking for handouts. better believe that there is a lot of white people who get f*cked over every day. YMCMB is known to be a shady label. with people of ANY color. man i hope someone smacks some knowledge into your dumb ass. U probably never been outside a 3 mile radius of your “trap”.

  2. I been say in drake is trash, no respect for rappers or hip hop artist who need writers, no talent fake ass nigga, next story

    • i actually disagree. having a ghost writer or a co writer actually doesn’t make you bad or weak. It’s when you dont give credit where credit is due. that is what messes you up. ALmost every rapper has a writer on their team or someone they bounce ideas off of and co write with.. It just depends on if the artist your working with decides to give you credit . thats why it’s called ghost writing… your behind the scenes as long as you get your bread though its a respectable exchange.

    • He sure is gay. Of course he needs a FEMALE ghost writer since he has zero genuine interest in women.

  3. Listen…u gotta pay to play. I’m sure she signed some stupid writers contract which entitles her to NOTHING. But with those hits maybe she can get paid going forward. Wait it out. Writers are a dime a dozen

    • and you do realize when you make assumptions like that you look like an ass right? Not to be rude I’m just saying. Obviously you’ve never heard her music possibly even of her, because if you had, you would know she’s not like that.
      Also speaking as a blogger, good writers are far few in between.

  4. Is there any originality now a days. Rapping is no more than poetry in a song form. If you’ve lived an experience you should be able to write about it. If this story is true. Drake needs to pay the young lady. I’ve been hearing alot of negative story about drake lately. Maybe he didn’t Baphomet his sacrifice this year or something. Sometime i think Drake believes that he’s Jesus reincanated? And i don’t mean to sound racist but because your half Jewish don’t mean your right. It just make money look a little funny.

  5. This is unsubstantiated false info. It’s defamation to who you’re naming. Lol be careful, and people don’t be so gullible to everything you read. Please.

    • Remember it, write it down, take a picture, we don’t give a Fuck (in my Smokey voice)

      • I personally know who they’re speaking about. Philly you just sound like a bitter bitch because you’re butthurt no one cares for you. Go find your life. You can’t be bitter and broke pick one struggle babes. Toodles

    • Does Drake still get his boy Nebby’s sister to write his shit on the low? Oops. Did I say too much? LOL

  6. Why would she associate with these pigeons? The record is crystal clear, these dudes are master manipulators. I make millions for your crew, i don’t get paid… See You In Hell! Just because they f**k with Nicki Minaj, doesn’t mean they respect the talents of Sistas like Shi Wisdom. Baby had the gall to sign Paris Hilton to YMCMB… Self-Explanatory! Blow it up God, Let thunder and bolts demolish these sellouts in Naw Leans once and for all.

    • Tyrone I pray for my people in New Orleans. You know it saddens me to be from Louisiana and hear about how these fools such as lil Wayne, baby, Boosie, etc. All come from my city and they act like slaves that’s still on the plantation. Cashmoney records got enough money all around go back and help their black people whose still living in trailers from Hurricane Katrina.

      • Cash money is owned by a French company. Go back and read about Colonialism to understand why New Orleans speaks French… nuff said.

        • Yeah and the french stole It from the native Americans just like the did the rest of American. And the freaking Creoles irks my life with there I’m better than you attitudes. CREOLES ain’t nothing but house negroes that where created for white men’s and often time usually the master that created them pleasure….so they taught themselves how to speak French, wore the latest fashion of that time but was never claimed by their white fathers or masters because their white wives wasn’t having that shit. They began to call themselves Free people of color, etc. And the rest is history.

  7. Cut a check, Drake. You don’t want your persona to dry up and blow away. If she goes so does your image so keep it real and pay her.

    To start over with a different writer is to lose your audience she built for/with you. It’s not good to switch partners in the middle of the dance, you might trip and fall ijs.

  8. Keeping creative control is like trying to make a cake but producers want to set the blender speed and measure the ingredients despite the fact it’s your damn recipe. Case in point….Dave Chapelle. They tried to pay him 50 million for creative control and he said no. Why become the puppet when you should be the puppeteer?

  9. Baby ain’t paying Wayne, drake. Tyga either. That’s why busta left. So how can they pay anyone else. Baby buy Wayne gifts and gives him allowance like a child

    • baby didn’t pay a bunch of his writers.

      gillie da kid was phukked.

      baby phukked all his producers ask mannie fresh.

  10. never understood the hype. I’ve only heard one song from him that was any good. just hold on the rest is bullshit.

  11. lmao Drake is a loser and the writer of this article and half you tards need to go back to school and learn how to spell.

  12. Is there any proof of this? Just because they have one picture together doesn’t mean anything

    • Precisely, lol there’s no proof it’s not true. People take a lie and run with it. It’s gotten way out of hand now

  13. Y’all will try to drag drake down any way you can. Y’all come up with these trash stories and idiots like the fools that commented above are so quick to believe this trash you’re feeding them with. This girl has only worked on ONE song with drake back in 2008 called “I’m Ready For Ya” with later was given to Rita Ora as R.I.P. Why don’t y’all update the story???? This girl has been tweeting I quote “Blogs Are The Devil” basically saying it’s not true and y’all came with these LIES!!! smh y’all are pathetic

    • The fact that you’re a grown man dickriding a celebrity who likely doesn’t know your bitch ass exists speaks volumes. Get a hobby.

      • Wow….That comment seems out of character Raheim, your persona here is normally pretty cool. So I’m not sure whether it is really you or whether someone has hijacked your tag.

        Maliks comment make complete sense (no dick riding!!). The hysteria behind the ‘wrongdoings’ of Drake and others in the spotlight are becoming a complete side show here. This blog does its job breaking ‘news’ or ‘gossip’ to encourage activity, but often at the expense of the authenticity of the stories.

        Yeah bottom line is it’s just rumours and shit, but I’m just saying………

  14. She look like a black Telly tubbie……….now that I’m playing back the hooks…does have a uterus touch to it!……… Girl got skills!……… Point is…..the damage is done…..folk now know….a woman is writing his stufffffff.lolllllllll……pay the fuel, and stop the bleeding!

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