Who’s Jacky Talking About? – October 24, 2014


Today’s blind is married to the Queen of Hip Hop Soul. According to persons familiar with our blind item husband, he was once allegedly charged in a rape case.

An insider is saying the old school rapper, and KRS ONE hype man, Busy Bee, told him our blind item was arrested back in the day for raping a girl.

Here is the drop:

“He was Busy Bee’s errand boy. When he met ____ he started to act brand new. Word is, he beat his rape case, the charges were dropped.”

Now, can you guess who I’m talking about?


    • Busy Bee got a nerve putting somebody out there when he is a certified RAT!!!! Him and Snoop from da Wire told on their federal case. Fuck those rats

  1. Kendudu as KC from jodici called him on the radio,and he made reference to him being a pimp with no receipts

  2. Everyone that’s in Hollywood is with someone like themselves !! Nobody in that industry deserves anyone decent and clean cause all of the stars are dirty.

    • If not personally involved, they have knowledge of their peers and can’t or won’t do anything to bring them to justice. The worst at risk are children who are at the mercy of pedophiles dressed up as producers and directors.

  3. what do you expect Mary stole him from his ex wife!! do’t feel sorry for this bitch she soul’d out long time ago she only cares about herself
    not her family member he f*cked her label mate “whatever you call it”

        • Freddie mercury forever. Wat he do that we need him around forever. He was a guy who sang songs and acted likea perverted pig off the mic. He was a nasty nasty bit of work.

          • @Anonymous; u r entitled to or opinion. Freddie was AWESOME singer/entertainer. His personal life was his choice. His voice was/ is a blessing from God.

            If I could; I would trade in a few ppl to bring back Freddie Mercury & Andy Gibb

          • @Anonymous; Freddie Mercury is not a hype. He is a music ICON. U can check out any of his songs on YouTube. Such as Somebody to Love; Barcolena; Bohemian Rasphycity(spell?); his performance at Live Aid. His music contribution is too numerous to mention.

            Don’ t judge him by his personal life. Look at his musical contributions.

            • I don’t see it that way. He gets nothing but a shrug from me. He was a huge agenda pusher in his film clips. You can say oh that’s just him being him, well if it’s just him, I don’t like him.

        • @Anonymous; u r entitled to ur opinion. Freddie was an AWESOME singer/entertainer. His personal life was his choice. His voice was/ is a blessing from God.

          If I could; I would trade in a few ppl to bring back Freddie Mercury & Andy Gibb

            • @applesandonions; u tell nothing but the TRUE. I’ve yet to hear/see another singer/entertainer on the level of Freddie Mercury. Always will love & miss Freddie M/Andy G

            • I really don’t get the hype your giving him as a singer. Give me a couple of examples of good for the soul songs he got so I can try to understand where your comming from. I don’t know about GOD givin talent. And that’s just my opinion.

            • Have you ever heard Bohemian Rhapsody? It is a classical opus.
              He’s not my taste, but dude was a talented f*ckker to be certain.

            • Sure have. Pull the trigger now he’s dead. That song is about him selling himself out, listen to that song closely. Song good for the soul I said. He was the dark side.

          • Gone head Freddie rep who you like, I liked him too along with Led Zeppelin, Journey, David Bowie, Super Tramp, Pink Floyd, and The Rolling stones. .

            HOOooooo Hoooo Hooooowa Hoo, . HOOooooo Hooooo Hooooowa Hoo, hoooo hoo hooooooo!

            “Hey, what’s the matter man?
            We’re gonna come around at twelve
            With some Puerto Rican girls that’s just dyyyyyyyyyin’ to meet you”

            “We’re gonna bring a case of wine
            Hey, let’s go mess and fool around
            You know, like we used to”

            Man that white boy sure couldn’t dance, SMH. Can you say chicken scratch?

            I had nooooooo idea I was rocking the goat back then. Teenagers in the 80’s, *sigh*……… I miss Midnight Special.

            • Females can like him all day, try finding a heterosexual man who does. I cannot connect with a gay guy dressing up as women singing Beelzebub. Get real.

            • I thought I was being real and I liked a lot of different genres of music. Especially music from the 70’s 80’s and 90’s. Even classical music sometimes.

              I heard this sung in a movie (Ailein Duinn sung by Karen Matheson) and I don’t know what the heck she is even saying. All I know is that her voice touched me. Spell? I don’t know?
              I just know what I like and don’t knock people for what types of music they like, to each his own.

              I wasn’t aware of all the hidden agendas in music back then unless it was blatantly obvious in the case of some groups like AC/DC for starters. Nope….Just couldn’t get into that.

              I did however lose my interest in David lee Roth after he said that in a song. Talk about screeching to a halt O_O!!!!

              Now as adult looking back I can see all the symbolism in music I liked back then. Absolutely mind blowing at times.

            • Fair enough. And I really ain’t trying to get at you, but Freddie, I just can’t stand him.

  4. I like mary and everyone has a past. I’m not excusing anyone’s behavior but I love her music and celebrity or not some of us here have not always had the best judgment

    • @cornbreadfedbaby You said it right! EVERYONE has a past! Even the self-righteous mu*^afu*@s clowning Mary. Its her life. None of us are in her bedrm or in her house nor in her life. Some here need to get some. Life.

      • True everyone have a past but then it’s something totally different when you don’t grow and change. This is the case with Mary and her husband, they both reap what they sow. So please spare me with the violins !!!!

  5. I would say Swiss beats and Alicia keys, the Jay and Be y. I dunno???? Most of these men in the Industry are perverted and some women.

  6. Crispy chicken, fresh lettuce, three cheeses, ranch dressing, wrapped up in a… tasty… flour… tortilla!

  7. no wonder Mary doesnt wanna have kids by him LOL i remember meeting them outside downstairs of MTV’s Total Request Live and one of the little girls that was with all of us waiting for an autograph got chased away by a bodyguard because she almost maced the shit outta Kendu’s controlling ass lmfaoooooooooooooooo

      • That’s what I read, but that doesn’t make sense unless she got illegal abortions. She’s too young for needing illegal ones and the procedures done now would not hurt a woman’s fertility.

        I think it was probably an STD that wasn’t caught early enough. A lot of STDS go undetected and can make a woman infertile if not treated in time.

  8. The entertainment industry is populated with lost souls. Tupac is lionized by many, but, he was accused of doing dirty to a female fan in a hotel room. Kendu being a rapist is not out of the realm of possibility, hip-hop has promoted the mindset for two decades and counting…The Ugly Truth!!!

      • Yup 100% @Tyrone No physical evidence at all!!! no condom, no proof physically that anything was done to this girl. Fed snitch hatian jack and his entourage tut and someone else set this up. Also “the others” that allegedly raped her got off Scott free.No deals….who gets out of a rape w/ no reprocussion even just probation? Everyone likes to comment on this case but if you read the facts you would see he was set up. As he often said ” I didn’t have a police record until I made my first record”. Also riddle me this how were the same cops he shot in GA because they were harassing a black couple then harass him end up at the scen in NY when he was first shot?
        Cops hate black panthers, police also don’t tolerate black men that advocate self defense.

        Back to Mary J a lot of entertainers seem to rely on people or are co dendant on drugs, swindler managers, cutthroat business men etc. Many women unfortunately ignore child abuse if they’re “in love” or money is somehow involved. Everyone may have a past, but not everyone stays mentally stunted, functionally illiterate, or continually picking bad spouses.
        My life was my favorite album of hers, but after the “Mary” album I haven’t listened to her much.
        The chicken commercial made me think she would do anything for money.

        • Black people can’t be associated with chicken
          What about this shooting of copsin GA and then thy show up in NYC? Quit making up shit!

          Oprah told her what?….and who told you?…Mary, Oprah, Gayle, or Stedman? Filthy fabrications

  9. I never cared for Kendu Issacs. In the early stage of their relationship, he had too much input to put in about Mary J ‘s business. Oprah peeped his game too, and told Mary to keep an eye on her own money.

  10. Alicia Keys has been dragged constantly by the media for her involvement in the demise of Swizz/Mashanda’s marriage,but its also been confirmed that Kendu was married when Mary basically stole him away from his than wife and nobody said shit!

  11. So what she did a chicken commercial?
    Was she in Blackface and pigtails bugging her eyes drinking watermellon koolaid saying ‘Eyeza Eyeza’?*

  12. at the American Music Awards they said that Mary J Blige was the queen of hip hop soul so I’m assuming her husband

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