Spanky Hayes Eats His Words After Calling Tyrese Gibson Gay


HSK Exclusive – Earlier this week, comedian Spanky Hayes, made wild accusations that Tyrese Gibson gave Hollywood movie director John Singleton oral sex to land the leading role in the movie Baby Boy.

Now the Wild ‘N Out cast member is saying Tyrese Gibson is not gay and it was all a bad joke.

Spanky Hayes received a phone call from his Wild ‘N Out boss Nick Cannon and he suddenly had a change of heart about how far to take his joke.

Here’s the drop:

“Spanky thought about it. He doesn’t want any problems with John Singleton. He should also expect a beat down from Tyrese’s paid goons too.”


  1. Spanky probably got threatened and then got scared because he didnt post his response to Tyresa YET lol notice how shit really do be happening to people out of nowhere whenever they try to warn the world and put the truth out there. smmfh

        • RIGHT!!! I like “WTF”!!! I couldn’t even read it all, now THAT is some VOODOO BS that I rebuke in the name of JESUS!!! Cause some type of spirit got a hold to her. Whoa!!

      • Seriously? 0_o

        Exactly what Anonymous @ 8:07 said but I’m adding we need to send a paddywagon for you. Who in the world behaves like this…

      • Lmaooo you are so right! Somebody snatch the keyboard, iPhone or whatever this crazy mutha used to torment us and hide the shit..

      • lol, I think the wtory was planted to throw us off the subject. I kept trolling not reading just to see how long that fool took to post that nonsense!!

    • Girl or boy, what is wrong with you?!?! Your brain is on major overload. Calm down, geez!

    • “I also say to you that you are Peter, and upon this rock I will build My church”

      The word Peter means little rock/ pebble. Yahawashi, the Word Of God, is saying that Peter is a small rock, but the church WILL BE BUILT ON THE ROCK THAT IS CHRIST. YOU GO TO CHURCH, BECAUSE YOU ARE EITHER MISLED OR WICKED.

      ◄ Acts 7:48 ►
      “However, the Most High does not dwell in houses made by human hands; as the prophet says: 49’HEAVEN IS MY THRONE, AND EARTH IS THE FOOTSTOOL OF MY FEET; WHAT KIND OF HOUSE WILL YOU BUILD FOR ME?’ says the Lord, ‘OR WHAT PLACE IS THERE FOR MY REPOSE?…


      1 Timothy 2:12

      12 I do not permit a woman to teach or to assume authority over a man;[a] she must be quiet.


    • I will pray for your mind sister. I feel that you are under attack by the enemy for your sanity. Read the bible and pray. Stop worrying about what these celebrities are doing!

    • Glory to God, Trumpet Blower! I enjoyed reading your post very much.

      I’m very happy God used me to confirm for you!! When I didn’t hear back right away like usual I thought I said something wrong, but I was so compelled to say what I did. Now I know why!

      As far as mcdonalds I can personally attest — this isn’t second or third or friend of a friend info — that I knew a man who owned several mcd franchises and he said most of the burger is EDIBLE PLASTIC. he also said the quarter pounders and how they make the required weight to claim to be quarter pound is because the patties are filled with water (ice) that melts out on the griddle. So…yeah…not much meat, human or otherwise!


      Can’t wait to tune in!

      Also it’s amazing but I can read your typing very easily now. The first time I literally got a headache. But i knew you were speaking truth. I see it as a hedge keeping out people who don’t have the eyes or ears for the truth –they can scroll on past. With their insults. Who cares?! Know this, they hated Him first.

      God bless you!!

      • Yes!! Trumpet Blower, since you’re talking about dreams…I know hearing about dreams is boring but this was something else. More than a dream. I woke up crying for a good 15 minutes and had to put on gospel music to bring me back.

        2 nights ago at 5am I got up to use the bathroom and wondered how my life would have been different if I had stayed on the path I was on before I got saved. I was making a lot of money and had a bit of fame. But one day I left it all behind bc I knew I was on a path to destruction. I didn’t know God yet, but I felt so strongly I had to change my path completely. It was a small moment of clarity on the midst of a deep intoxication and I thank God I recognized that and immediately changed.

        Anyway I went back to bed. I have lucid dreams all the time, meaning I know I’m dreaming as I’m in it. But this time I was so immersed in the dream it felt like reality.

        I was on the bus and FBI came on and handcuffed me, putting me under arrest. I went to a prison where the inmates were looking at me wondering how long I’d last. I was so confused and scared! I spoke with the warden (who had demon eyes but seemed nice) and told him the abilities and work experience I had, thinking that I could show him I could be useful. He didn’t say anything about that, just sent me to my cell.

        My cell was my home and it was the last time I would be there before I got the death penalty. I worried about my pets and felt sorry my mother would have to deal with my home once I was gone.

        Apparently I had been involved in the murder of a friend of mine. I love this friend and have never done or said anything against her. I had no memory of killing her but they had evidence I pushed her off the top of a tall building.

        Then my friend appeared in my home. She was more beautiful than ever, wearing clothes like I’ve never seen. Immediately I was hopeful she was still alive and I would be pardoned. But she said her body was destroyed in the fall. I was doomed.

        Finally I got down on my face and prayed to God “Lord I’m a sinner, I need you to save me if you will, I’m begging for your mercy,” praying like I never prayed before. It was so real, all of it.

        Then I woke up. I was so relieved it had been a dream and I was still alive and able to repent that I just cried and cried.

        It was 5:15am when I woke up.

        I realized I had an idle thought: “what would my life be like if I didn’t walk away from the world.”

        God sure gave me the answer!!!

        • I’ve had dreams where my children are being abducted and I swear I can’t breathe when I wake up im afraid because the anxiety and sheer terror of that happening literally makes my heart race like I’m running. I also have this reoccurring dream that my teeth are eithier falling out broken off or all turned to maggots WTF?

        • applesandonions…Not to get you worried…I’ve got several Shaman in my family and symbols in dreams are something I’ve been privy to. From what I understand when you dream of your teeth falling out it means death. No joke, not frontin for the site. There are many symbols associated with death, some of them are…teeth falling out, toilet bowl overflowing, a lot of roaches, bugs scrambling about and you trying to kill them. It doesn’t mean your death, but those type of images in dream state represent bad omens. It is not saying that this will happen, but it is the universe’s way of alerting you to something.

        • @applesandonions can I just say The bible promises us sweet sleep. God doesn’t talk to us through nightmares so it’s either coming from the enemy or you have to watch what you let in through your ear and eye gates, because we file that away in our subconscious and it bubbles up later.

          The devil is a liar and relies on belief in witchcraft shamanism etc to ascribe meaning to symbols to get us to accept and believe what terrible things he wants us to. Rebuke it in the name of Jesus!

          Your guard is down when you sleep — the enemy comes at night to sow seeds of weeds in the field!

        • ILOVEJC, dreams do mean things…and I’m not a devil worshipper…I love the Lord…please don’t speak about me indirectly. This is your subconscious mind when you dream, and your mind is the most active when you sleep. Why do you think she is not the only one that has dreamed these images?? I have heard of other people speaking about having dreams when their teeth fall out. There are no enemies in her sleep, it is her own mind giving her the visuals.

        • The Shamins I know are into healing and curing…nothing negative. Step off…

        • Hi @taino

          If you read what I said , I said our subconscious provides images. We’re not disagreeing. And I also believe dreams tell us things.

          If you want to equate shamanism and witchcraft with yourself personally, then go ahead and take my comment as being directed at you. It wasn’t. Personally I absolutely believe in the power of witchcraft — as does the bible — hence why we’re warned to stay away from it.

          Where we part ways in this discussion is your system of interpreting symbols in dreams. The source of those symbols is not the issue: we agree it’s either subconscious or something else. When it comes to nightmares, I’m just saying it’s not from God. Which leaves…

        • Ilovejc i rebuke him in the name of Jesus this minute! Thank you for your words of encouragement!
          taino yes I’ve had those dreams about the roaches everywhere as well so and my spirit told me that it was something dark festering but i don’t subscribe to the fear so it’s ok. I have had the feeling that death may be upon someone that i know though and i think that may be what that manifestation is. No worries though but thank you for your perspective as well

        • @taino No need to be rude, especially since I wasn’t talking to you or about you in the first place… But I’m just going to put this here for anyone who’s interested (trust, I know it’s not you, don’t worry) that the bible says satan himself can appear as an angel of light. The devil baits and traps with BAIT like riches and fame or healing or whatever you want. The point is he wants you doing voodoo and all that to get your mind off God.

          Now I will address you, Taino. How can you claim to love God while you’re dabbling in shamanism or claiming it in any way as you’ve clearly done here? The bible says you can’t serve two masters ijs.

          God bless you.

        • Hey LOVEJC. Okay, I hear you…but it’s not about me taking your comment as being personally directed towards me, it’s your reference to the phrase Shamanism, which you used after I said I know Shamans. So, I’m not making it personal, it comes across as a direct reference to my comment. But we do agree that what she is dreaming are symbols. AND MANY PEOPLE HAVE HAD THAT SAME DREAM WITH THEIR TEETH FALLING OUT…She’s not the only one. I’ve even had a dream in the past of my teeth falling out and I don’t even know applesandonions. LOL…I don’t have a system of interpreting dreams, I know that God made the Universe, if the Universe, through it’s convergence of forces are giving us these omens via our subconscious, then it is our God given right to protect ourselves from evil and the Devil’s work by being aware (not scared), but aware that these negative forces do exist and doing the necessary prayers and protection rights that we must in order to keep God in our hearts and lives. These symbols are shown to us by the almighty so as we may Guard ourselves against Demonic forces. But in order to protect ourselves we must be aware of them when they arrive, hence knowing how to interpret your dreams. We good…I appreciate your feedback.

        • ILOVEJC…not being rude…just keeping it real. Tired of people sidestepping.

        • @Taino Yes you’re correct I did use the phrase and it’s very fair what you said. I apologize. I wasn’t trying to attack you. I should have been more careful with my words.

          I’ve had the teeth dream myself — I think everyone has!

          Have a nice day.

        • A accept your apology. I think we are on the same team. Be Blessed and stay well.

        • The only time I dream is when I haven’t smoked weed that night. I hate dreaming. I’m always dreaming cops are after me and that damn dream about my teeth falling out. Had an outta body experience one night while sleeping. Shook me up pretty bad. It wasn’t evil but I felt myself walking up the wall, it felt so f*cking real.

        • Thank you anon 20:56. Very nice of you to say. I know everyone isn’t interested but I got woken up bc someone else wasn’t afraid to talk so I feel I must when I can.

      • Lol wow you outdid yourself, Trumpeter.

        Good idea about another room — let us know where to go. I don’t like people attacking you so I think that’s for the best!


    • ACDEFG…Get off that brother dick bitch …damn what did he do to you ,for you to keep his name in your mouth,you in love with him?????????????

      • Hey Willow, its people like you that makes GLOCK curse them out ,.Why call him an idiot if he never attacked you? I never seen you on here until now …That brother gets nothing but love and I seen him apologize to the women and other posters so he’s not that bad in my eyes … he turn HSK out if you ask me.Just my 2cents, I LOVE GLOCK TOO,LOL

      • @Anon 8:39, I’ve posted on here before.
        You said, people like me make Glock curse them out? And that’s why Glock, gets cursed the FUK out to. TO ME, ME he is an IDIOT and I stand by that. Who the FUK is he, like nobody can say shyt about him, FUK you and him. You’re just as stupid for even condoning him speaking that way to females in the first fkn place.

      • @Willow Um bitch why you sound so salty bitch?,..did he curse you out and you changed your name ho? why all the anger? ..f*ck me? what did I do to you? lmao yea you brought his name up tryin to get in where you can’t fit n huh? …you are so irrelevant, and HE TALKS TO STUPID BITCHES LIKE YOU LIKE THAT NOT ALL FEMALES. YOU ON HIS DICK THAT PLAIN AND SIMPLE ..dont respond becuz like I said your sooooo irrelevant in here ..gnight sourpuss! oh I was lurking and seen your whack ass new name bitch !





    • i had that dream about the camps also, i overstand you with what your saying. it is good to know that people are awake.


    • WHOEVER u are, YOU better believe that you NEED JESUS! I am STILL TOTALLY LOST! Baby, do me, yourself, & EVERYONE else a f*cking favor & stay focused! The topic went from Tyrese to people staying at folks homes! Hopefully, that was your therapy for you, but I personally need ANOTHER shower AND meds after that shit!

    • @THATCHICK414; how in the blue hell r u able to type all that. I can’ t even type 1 sentence b4 REFRESH. U be scaring me…HaaaaaaH.

    • Goodnight, Sis, love you too. Off to bed, hope you get good rest too.

      Goodnight to everybody, pray you have a blessed week.

    • I might be super late lol but I believe you, these demons are sick and will do anything to go against the Lord Almighty, smh.

  2. Was it just an extreme publicity stunt? If you do the math, Spank was obviously too young for this to occur so why then?

    The Tyrese video reminds me of the ISIS videos. Well made and thought out ahead of time; obvious Hollywood productions.

    • Exactly, I was about to say he was only 15 when the movie came out, which would have made him 13 or 14 during casting.

      • you people are really not thinking …the dude NEVER said the movie was baby boy ..what he said was the STAR of baby boy …he was using the movie so people would know who he was talking about and FUNNY that he never really said a name but TYRESE new to RESPOND

        Tyrese is so GAY its not even funny….he cried like a girl when his boyfriend Paul walker was killed…even Pauls parents were confused on why Tyrese was taking it harder than them….and remember when tyrese went of a rampage about black overweight woman and then you find out both is sisters and his mother are fat ….this dude is the classic case of gay ..I am not against gay people but keep it real and be honest ..but we know that is the farthest thing hollywood will allow

        • I was thinking, And I will tell you exactly what I was thinking. I was thinking, spankey is a f*ckin joke talking about somebody sucking dick for a part in a movie. Not that I don’t think it didn’t, doesn’t or won’t happen, but how is he talking shit about sucking dicks while he is sitting there, nut to butt with a hotdog jockey, the guy sitting there is not straight. But he goes on to say and I quote. “I go to gay parties and I take my gay friends and they will suck every bodies dick there” or something to that effect. STRAIGHT DUDES DON’T GO TO GAY PARTIES AND DEFINATELY DON’T GO PLACES WITH HOMOS, DON’T HAVE THEIR PHONE NUMBERS AND DON’T VOLUNTARILY MINGLE WITH THEM. THE ONLY THING THAT CAN HAPPEN WHEN A STRATGHT PERSON AND A GAY PERSON ANG OUT, IS AN ACCIDENT. Because that will be what they say happened the homo says that he sipped his wine. Spankey is telling on himself.

            • Nobody is a tyrese fan, say what you want and ignore the fact that this dude admits to goingto gay parties. Fuck tyrese and f*ck spankey, but spankey is the one taking back his statement. If he was telling the truth taking back what you said is a bitch move. Speak about it be about it, he jumped his ass out there and started placing names on people and situations that we already know is going on. If everybody already thinks tyreses is a queen, why throw that rock and then say I’m sorry. He put himself in a no win situation. All he did was prove that he has no backbone and that he is stupid. If you got “tyrese fan” from my comment, then you are about a smart as spankey

          • Hollywood is a weird place. I know NO straight men that would hang out with gay men. And as their girlfriend, if I were to accidentally put them in that situation, it would be all bad.

            • @ just Joi, I know that you live out that way soI know that you know what you are talking about. But some things are common sense, but not everyone uses the things that God gave them, the most uner used gift I the brain. I would swear some people don’t have access to one…lol.

          • I really do not care about that spanky guy because I always thought tyrese was gay ..tyrese has NEVER been associated with any female other than the mother of his child and we all know how he treated her ..I am sorry but Tyrese is very gay and dont get me wrong I am not against gay people I just think its funny that he feels the need to hide it ..but like I said that is hollywood for ya

            • I agree with you guest. Somebody threatened spanky and he got scared and took it back. Now there is a report out saying that tyrese is dating sanaa nathan. Seems suspicious to me that all of a sudden he dating her now since this story broke.

          • I think Tyrese is a queen too but spankey exposed himself in his lil radio interview.

            • Spanky was with sweet ass dudes in the interview…and his
              Gay comments and party goin made me think he was gay but in denial.

        • [Blind Gossip] Two actors claim that they went up for the same role in the early aughts. The First Actor got the part. Years later, the Second Actor says that he was asked to perform a sexual favor on a man in order to get a role but refused to do so.  He further claimed that the reason the real reason the First Actor got that same role is because he acquiesced to the demand and performed the sexual favor.

          The First Actor confronted the Second Actor about the gay sex claim, but the Second Actor refused to retract it. Then, several days later, two things happened: The Second Actor suddenly claimed that he had only been kidding when he made the remark. And a sexy Actress popped up to reveal herself as the First Actor’s secret girlfriend.

          Here’s what’s really going on: The Second Actor was not kidding. The First Actor provided the Second Actor with a significant incentive for him to change his story. And the Actress is a friend who is has been upgraded to a role as the First Actor’s contracted “girlfriend” for the next few months. Everybody wins.

          From Blindgossip

  3. LMAOOOOOOOO! Jacky u out cold mane lol! It’s clear you do not like Tyrese, the video I’d give it 4/1 star’s lol, yeah Tyrese sent the word out, and ol boy had to say sorry, well Tyrese the word is out, the allegations were made I think might just be true mane lol, ion know but I have doubts, now all of a sudden shit done changed whatever

  4. If the allegations weren’t true, Nick wouldn’t have called and made him retract the claim.

    I don’t think Spanky was there.. maybe he heard this story and repeated it, putting himself in the mix..

    But I have no doubt in my mind that it did happen. That’s how Hollyweird is..

  5. This reminds me of snoop, tip, and the white chick. What is being said during these ” phone calls” thats making these n@ggas bow down?

  6. Hqe did say he would end dudes career,yep tyrese rear… ends up in another mans rear,haha

    • OKAY and we have heard rumors about so many actors and I have yet to hear of one who felt the need to release a 7 minute public statement of ranting on how it could NOT be true and how he will get revenge (again a girly move ) …lmao

      ..and then all of a sudden a report comes out that Tyrese has been dating sanaa for years …oh my goodness..I just cant with this type of buffoonery

      • Agreed!! Just exactly WHEN was he in a serious relationship with her. When Sanaa was pictured out with Colin K. After the super bowl or when Ty showed up on stage high with Ginuwine and Tank singing off key on morning TV??? Lol.

  7. You just never know in Fagit-hood what they are doing. Too many gay suspects up in there.

  8. Boy did he have that greasy ass Tyrese in a hizzy fit. Old boy walking around like some King in his smoking jacket, preaching his sermon. I did not go down on John..
    All the producers are no better, they’re gay also. All in the DL

  9. Tyrese could’ve simply denied the rumor and called him a hater but he decided to be a bitch and say Spanky would never work and again and that his career is ruined. Bitch move on Black Ty’s part. That’s why I believe he do suck on a director’s dick on the low! Then a day later it was report he was dating Sanaa Lathan? C’MON MAN! If this shit ain’t damage control, I don’t know what is!

    • LMAO I CO-SIGN EVERYTHING YOU SAID…the fact he went on that 7 minute rant just old me he was guilty NOBODY is that passionate about something that is NOT true

  10. I still believe Spanky. Tyrese is downlow and hates women. I read something about Tyrese and Morris Chestnuts being gay lovers.

  11. Vote 2014. Vote early. For those that say Obama hasn’t done anything, he can;t because the Republicans block everything. Vote them out. If you don;t vote you can;t sdy anything

  12. Yeah I’ve been feelin that he slurp schlongs for a long time now he’s a girly boy like Tyson Bedford

  13. Told yall…once tyresa put that mink shawl on, you should known wat was..only females do what tyresa did…I guess she should Scarlett in gone with the wind now…


  14. Tyrese made him self look really guilty responding back to Spanky’s accusations about him. He never once said, ”Spanky lied on him”. He basically said ”he knew big people in Hollywood and Spanky’s career is over”. Yup, he’s gay and mad, lol.

  15. Tyrese’s rebuttal video was whack. First of all, what grown man walks around with a rat fur blanket on his back in the house. Second, when he walked around his backyard, why was there a gigantic sized picture of him and Paul Walker hugged up, at first glance I thought it was Sayvion Glover. Like “truth” stated, he didn’t deny it. In my day, if you got upset about something someone said about you, then it was true. Tyrese isn’t relevant then and now, go sit down homie and have a coke and a smile.

    • So that’s who that was huh? This fuk boy could’ve had his daughter his mama hell just him (cause we all know how he thinks he still poppin) but he got Paul Walker? Bye black Tye

      • THANK YOU! Same exact thing I told my husband, why wasn’t there a picture of his kids or family members that big. The P. Walker photo could’ve been smaller inside the house. I love my friends, but I don’t have no poster size photos of us like that.

  16. Pretty much only white folks say “suck my cock” so that lets it be known that the one producer or director was WHITE..not john singleton


    • Why did you get “it” started again?
      This whole story and posts were ruined by the long rants.

      Hard to be the victim when you are the obe bringing on yourself.

      • Yeah I can’t take it. Haven’t read one single word.. if that person is even writing words..seems like a lot of punctuation and emoticons and no actual content.

        Very annoying for the adults on here trying to speculate and gossip to have a child bothering us with nonsense.
        Adding zero value to conversations and attacking and crying when we don’t like it.. not very Christ like.

      • @B. Stiviano 2 months ago when the first super long and oddly punctuated all caps post appeared, I said that it seemed like it was from a bipolar who was experiencing mania. You went HAM on me and gave your imprimatur to 411 Chick at that time. I guess you’ve changed your mind?

        I’m not trying to start something. But it does show that sometimes, your initial reaction just might be wrong.
        I think as I did then that she’s a very bright and interesting person, but I also think she has troubles aplenty.

        • OK Thanks for the suggestion. I will start building that bridge as soon as I remind you of the time you clapped back at Smarter than U Think about his son attending Wharton–a fact he revealed several months before in his first post.
          I guess I’m not the only one with a good memory.

  18. Tyreses we don’t believe you, you need more people. They all Gay,Bi, or Tri. All of them. Sparky get ur knee pads ready you’ll be sucking a few dicks for your next roll. Sparky probably sucked Nick’s dick. All of them Gay.

  19. What the f*ck just happened on this dam post..hell naw, I thought it was a dam virus or something and how the hell did they just post a whole book chapter without auto correct f*ckin it up..

    • Probably used Word first then copied and pasted. It had to have taken at least an hour, to correct, edit, insert parenthesis, and emoticons. The world really is coming to an end.

    • That post was short compared to some of hers. She’s a very bright woman but she;s on a different plane than the rest of us.

  20. What a coincidence that after this BS beef, the media coming out with stories that Tyrese and Sanaa Lathann have been secretly dating for years. Phuckin’ PR is obvious on this one. Who got a movie coming out??? Or what MF project is coming up for who??? FOH

  21. Tyrese said in the response video, “u know u done f*cked up riight?”…I laughed and turned the video off cause that was all I needed to see, I dunno why Tyrese did a damn 15 minute video walking around like he auditioning for Tony Montana…girl bye. Spanky is alittle suspect b/c u not gonna be in hollyweird urself witout getting a dick wet or two, just sayin..he went to gay parties & he was sayin Jaime Foxx hit on him, & his ass was smilin at the shit, like he entertained the thought of runnin up in that, U know Tyrese boule ass always sitting up these gay boule dudes…Steve Harvey included & don’t yall remember Tyresa got Big Willy Will to call Michael Bay & smooth shit over? -Meaning go over to his house & slob his shit up=apologize…Ty-Ty obviously got da Boule involved & they called Nick, who is a boule boy himself, so naturally u know they wasnt gonna let this Spanky nigga expose da secrets so Nick shut him down…how it work tho, is now Tyrese owe Nick a favor..some shit aint it? lol…Its ok Ty, u could suck all the black,white,jhewish dick u want, I could give two f*cks nigga..

  22. …So all of a sudden Tyrese is dating Sanaa? This is especially interesting considering she and her Sisterhood of Traveling Pant(ie)s (Nia Long, Gabrielle Union, and Regina Hall, just to name a few) are no strangers to getting down with the same sex.

    Hollywood is a strange place.

  23. I don’t think this guy lied on Tyrese…..he really did give the man a blow job. They have now threatened that comedian and he is backing off the truth, but it ain’t a lie. In the industry that is how they do it. Suck dick eat p*ssy to get deals and/or roles in movies. This comedian just broke the code of silence. Back in the day i heard Tyrese also gave some sex to R Kelley so he could help him with his album. It is all coming out about these celebs day by day. Nowhere to hide for them.

    • Yes and the producers and directors use alot of this informatuon to keep the artist/actor (ess) in question in line or in control. If that artist/actor (ress) even began to try to want to leave or programing breaks down the men in power began to release little bits of leverage that they have on these artist/actors(resses). i don’t think i’ve heard more info on Tyrese than these last two years. Another question is how does this guy from wild-n-out know what went down between Tyrese and the director/producer on the casting couch?? Was he there? or did he simply hear through the grapevine about Tyrese’s situation? And of all people why was this kind of unknown comedian wad allowed to release this info od Tyrese??? Inquiring minds want to know?

      See sometimes in exposing someone we end up exposing ourselves. You have to be careful of the seeds you plant for your harvest might be not produce good crops. What did this wild-n-out comedian had to do to get on Nick’s show?

      • I tend to agree with you. He was way too eager to drop names without hesitation and was bold with it. If it was me and I said what I said dropping names and clues, when people stepped to me asking about my statement, I would have said “you f*ckin right I said it. Him being in Hollywood he knew what running his mouth was gonna bring. What does it say about him to take back what he said because of pressure from people in Hollywood. If he didn’t think there was gonna be ramifications to what he said, he isa stupid mother, he should have been ready for this, he knew what he was saying. Wether tyrese sucks dicks or not he is no better because he is literally dropping to his knees at this point, and he is probably gonna have to suck a bunch of dicks now. He is weak and he bitch made

      • Babs, the same rules apply to the black side of the industry. Many of us may shrug our shoulders and say that the earth is flat and unicorns actually exist…Propaganda! Hollywood is a gay man’s ballfield, in the same way sports is for macho dudes so we think. Tyrese is opening up a pandora’s box without realizing it. Brick by Brick, the layers of deceit show themselves… The Awakening!

    • It was cute but now you just look like you’re trying way too hard. Find a hobby

  24. nick cannon threaten him with his job either he keeps quiet or he will get fired!!!! by the looks of it spanky needs the money
    and nick and tyrese must be friends or connection some how

    tyrese is a little bitch who snitched and cried like a baby. a grown as man would of taken it on the chin!!
    but tyrese decided to make a video about whiney like a spoiled child got no respect for celebrities they all lie cheat and steal nothing
    real is all fake fake do’t be fooled

  25. Wow I guess people didn’t get the memo that this is an entertainment blog site for people to express their thoughts and opinions but not write their damn memoirs lol I don’t know how I ever got to post

    • I agree. Some people are lonely and I will guess they feel comfort writing post like that. ijs

      • I’ve been thinking about this comment since you posted it — it really stirred something inside.

        You use it as an insult, like it’s something to be ashamed of. But EVERYONE in this world (well, except you, apparently) experiences loneliness.

        The bible even says the curse placed on Adam after the fall was he would now have no place to lay his head, that he would eat only from the sweat of his brow. You must be extra special to have missed out on that whole deal.

        Have you ever noticed on the street or in a restaurant or really anywhere there’s people that most of them are on their phones? Do you ever think about why that is? It’s the need to be connected.

        The bible says seek fellowship. For someone who believes in Jesus, it’s a little harder sometimes. But when you do, it doesn’t matter if you’re connecting to them in a pew or online. This world isn’t for believers. It’s a hard place to be in. Even a crumb of encouragement and fellowshipping keeps a believer going.

        Why is that something to shame in a person? Is it because you truly have no empathy? Or is it that you yourself are lonely and ashamed of it, so in your mind that’s the worst thing to say about someone?

        I’m not trying to insult you. Your comment really made me think, that’s all. Loneliness is the human condition. God knew that — it’s why he sent us the Holy Ghost as a comforter.

        And it’s why HSK has commenters. Yes, you can keep it superficial and talk like you know these famous strangers personally (because you don’t have people to talk about or with in your own life — and most people need to talk about people bc it’s how they understand people– it’s normal) or you can go a little deeper and talk about what these SYMBOLS mean in a way that does affect you. These famous people are fables and stories and images that we can interpret as we’re told to, or we can use our minds and let them inspire more fruitful discussions IMO.

        God bless, anonymous 16:11.

        • Wow you really got in your feelings. First of all I was responding to a question as to why someone would post a damn near memoir on HSK. Where did I say it was wrong to feel lonely? Do you find comfort in posting on this site, is that why you were offended by my comment? Instead of being offended and making it about you, why don’t you exchange email information with 414 and correspond with her privately and offer her some moral support. Because you clearly know in your heart of hearts that something is not right with that woman (and that is no shade). She seems like a nice person who has suffered a break down. Have I felt lonely of course but I rely on the lord almighty to be my comforter. *on another note, I’m always weary of people that attach the scriptures to their own opinions on a matter. Don’t hide behind the word. I have discernment, I can separate the real from the imposers.

    • @cornbread, chonilla and the anonymice
      She doesn’t need anyone defending her and I agree the first time I encountered Trumpeter’s colorful way of expressing herself, I couldn’t read it. But now I can and I’m richer for it. People do take her seriously. I can only speak for myself but I’m pretty sure other HSK regulars agree with me. You can just scroll past her if you don’t want to read, no need to be rude.

      The good thing about this commenting community is how awake everyone is. You an go literally everywhere else for straight gossip. But here intelligent saved people use the stories about what’s happening in the world as a jumping off point for what I think is very important discussion.

      When we’re in the tribulation people will be saying Where’s the Trumpeter?? Where’s people who speak truth?? Trust and believe. God bless.

  26. I think Tyrese video response tells a lot. Listen very carefully to what he said. It was overkill….Tyrese is very much hiding people. He even said him and on other guy he mentioned are of a small few who have not gone gay for roles or success. Why did he say a small few? Go to YT and listen to Tyrese very carefully and see what you pick up out of his response. Something not adding up with Tyrese.

  27. Tyrese’s problem is a problem wit many-a-black starlet..b/c they know the majority of they fans are god-fearing blacks who (every now & then) go to they always feel the need to cater to that crowd & make it seem like they something they aint, hence Tyrese ass going on Steve Harvey bullshit show on TBN, I saw a video onn Youtube where Steve Harvey & Rickey Smiley on TBN doing frat gestures & Steve even had to tell this dumbass Rickey to calm down wit the shit cause they on the church channel….i kid u not, just look up Steve Harvey Rickey Smiley TBN, u will see the shit clear as day…smh but yea thats Tyrese problem, cuz the whites don’t really have to hide like that cuz their people are different & don’t give a fukk if they sodomites and dykes, its only blacks & latinos who care who they stick they dick in…U see Tyrese new white boyfriend Channing said it turn him on to think about big dicks & he openly say he bisexual & he dont wanna hide the shit no more..& u think that changes the minds of the whites? no, they still gonna fukks wit him at the end of the day. Just like Kandi Buruss, she on the same shit Tyrese on, her gay satanic ass & she always pretending she on some church shit, just like her ace-boo-koo The Undertaker Pahedra..even tho everybody kno she blood sacrificed her man…& U would think big head Todd would feel some type of way….NOPE, he don’t.

  28. If you start writing with a little normalcy, maybe more people will start taking you serious on here. I can’t with the font…

  29. Damn that sick puppy wrote a damn chapter about me! Wow for a bitch to use that much energy in regards to “me” must mean im an obviously powerful woman! Thanks ThatChick414 for making that so obvious…nite to ya

  30. dude askin for a good ole fashioned beatdown. og tyrese aint playin that shit! og in the music game!

  31. All them dudes in Hollywood are switch hitters. None of them Black or White are calling the shots. The industry is run by fags from the very top. You either give up some dick and/or ass or you are out the game. I don’t believe none of these Black males can go into the industry talking about what they like or don’t like. It simply don’t work like that. Katt Williams spoke on those parties they have where men go to f*ck other men… is not just gossip people. Wake Up! Go listen to YASH QURAAH video on Tyrese and open your eyes people.

    • **Co-Sign**

      It’s becoming crystal clear for all to see what’s going on. Black males in hollywood are the sacrificial lambs the suits feast on for dessert. All the counterbalance behavior we see going on among many… Do The Math? The story about LL Cool J and the Russian or Turkish Bathhouses did not shock me one bit. He hasn’t disputed those claims… Self-Explanatory!!!

      • Hey brother. How have you been? Hey I understand and agree with what you are saying about Hollywierd 100 %, And LL exposed himself several times. But reading some these post they are blasting Tyrese for the exact opposite reason that you say LL has exposed himself. Now like I said before, I’m not a fan of anyone in hollywierd and I’m surely not riding for tyrese. But what is anyone who gets accused of something react to accusations. Do they come out and defend themselves and as result get accused of telling on themselves or do they keep quiet and tell on themselves for by, not responding. I’m not trying to throw shade, but I respect your opinion and you know this because we Have similar ways of thinking and I believe we think alike due to the fact that we are both from the 305 and it seems like we were born in the 70s and raised in the 80s. But I’m interested in your take on this contradiction. Thanks for lending your ear to me, much respect bruh.

  32. confidence is what ty teaches his daughter ,what he really meant to say is by anything neccessary to get yours….real confidence means not having to sck anoyhr mens cock

  33. confidence is what ty teaches his daughter ,but what he really meant to say is to get yours babygirl by any means neccessary …shit that may b the reason larry fishburn daughter doesnt respect his azz ,,,could have seen her daddy doing some wild shit,who knows….real confidence means not having to sck anoyhr mens cock

  34. Do you believe all white people are racist conniving hate the black race types? I have white friends. I also have white friends that have helped me more in their position of power than any black person i know. I had white professors that gave me that extra grade I needed to pass a difficult class simply because they loved my personality as a student or individual. So at times, I’m conflicted, while I understand the evils of white supremacy and the subtle obsession they have in screwing over people of color, there are white people I’ve come across in my personal lifespan who have literally ride for me, stick up for me, helped me out, etc….so I really don’t know what to think.

    • Bet most of the white people you get along with belive in god. See the connection.

      • Come to think of it, you’re absolutely right.Anonymous…they had faith in some form or fashion, or good natured people if you will. There is an obvious difference between the white trash white people and regular down to earth decent white people. And white trash doesn’t have to mean poor trailer park raised either. A lot of white rich republicans are nothing but white trash hiding under a false set of values.

        I just realized ME is BLACK ANASTASIA….Oh hell naw, I can’t reason with insanity. *hops off thread*

        • I agree. All the cranks on here come on using different names. Was Black Anastasia finally barred for threatening to chop off people’s heads?

          • OMG…Please say you’re just kidding..
            BA wasn’t in here making comments like that?

          • Hey Ms.Reg- sorry but no I’m not kidding. Both BA and that Glok were up in here threatening to chop off heads. When challenged they used God as an excuse. Maybe HSK can validate what I’m saying?

  35. the spanky guy is also a bitch azz….how the puck he knew about niggas playing naked basketball….the dumb azz even admitted to hunging with f ags…..he’s telling on himself…bird of da featther flucks together

    • you think.

      seeing prince should tell u something period.

      don’t care how many women dig his music let a straight guy dress in bra and panties and you’ll be every fag in the book.

    • Blouses or shirts? That was the shit!! Excuse me while I go bathe in the cleansing waters of Lake Minnetonka.

  36. cant stand niggas like tyrese acting like they like p*ssy but secretly want to be a butch,,,,these are not real men ladies….becareful but these undercovers calling themselves straight…..straight means stictly females

  37. don’t care if tyrese slept with john singleton or not.

    john always looked kind of not saying fruity but open minded.

    saw a sacene in higher learning and I swear if you look closel;y you can see ice cube licking his tounge at omar epps.

    • I got to steal “open minded”. U nailed it bro he should wear a shirt that says I might.

  38. Spanky Hayes…Don’t Fall On The Sword Brothaman! You said what many think in private, but, you gotta cover your azz…Understood! Bad enuf Taraji P. Henson set him on fire while appearing on Arsenio some months ago. Now, he wants to get oiled up for a movie that didn’t want his services. What are we supposed to think about that? His actions fan the flames…He Is Roman or He Is Not???

  39. These celebs be playing yall like violins. They talk so well and so convincing and you dudes fall for it. Don’t fall for Tyrese bullshit yall. None them get to climb up in the industry unless they down with that homo shit….none of them!! Tyrese is not special in the least. If he wants to grow he must play the game just like all the rest. Why is it you think the rules apply to some and not others? GTFOH with that gullible bullshit.

    • This is what people don’t get Keith. You are not going to be in Satan’s camp and not play by his rules. People think certain actors,singers,rappers are exempt for the sex rituals of Hollywood while others have to give up some dick-n-ass… don’t work like that in the industry. You either play by their rules or get the f*ck out. There are 1,000’s of others waiting to take your spot. None of these dudes who are high on the list in Hollywood got to where they are without having sex with another man. None of them!

  40. man if puckg dudes are so bad why be ashame fa g pcks….yjey know dam well they the act as much like beastiality…they whole licking of the ass hole and stick the dick in shi t,,,,,even a\with a open mindthat shit is nasty as fck n uncenitary,,,,thats why they hide….

  41. We (well, me!!) love Chocolate Tye, if ONLY because we’ve watched him grow up and win from being the coca cola boy on the city bus. Proud of him.

    That being said, he has an innate animosity towards women that he doesn’t even realize is there. He can’t hide it because he doesn’t know it’s in him.

    He prob IS at least Bi. Gay? Maybe, but bi? Yeah. Have thought that since twitter gave him a voice to match the face we already knew.

    Point is, WHO cares??

    Hey Tyres(a… lolol. #ha!!), i clown a lot, but most of us don’t care who yall lay with.

    I believe some of the celebs give themselves a chance to be cowardly about their sexuality by saying they have women fans who would be turned off.

    Lies. The women fans will never sleep with you ANYWAY, and some of us are just out here rooting for the energy you exude.

    Stop shatting on your lady fans and you wont have to be concerned about how we’ll respond to the idea of yall being Bi-sexual.

    Wtf cares tho?? Fug him.

  42. …btw, the next time this happens. Ignore it. Dude you made a MOVIE about a “lie”?? Whatever. Told on yourself.

    I’d have ignored the ‘ell out of him. And when folks asked me about it and him, asked them “who’s that??”

    Read something above that made sense tho… SOunds like it was done with intent. And YES i believe that Tye is at least bi, but who knows whose dack he’s sucked and who cares?

    Who’s dack have YOU sucked?? …loooooooooool.

    Why did someone want to air Tye out tho? Seems like the comedian was just the messenger…

    and WHY is it assumed that info on sexuality is gonna be a gaf moment for us out here?

    I could care LESS who you dack up. Period.

    • I used to never read your posts because the font distracted me. I thank God for compelling me to rebuke laziness and read(my people perish for lack of knowledge – that verse comes to mind). I pray God keeps revealing himself to you and that you never get tired of sharing HIS vision with us. If you leave HSK, let me know how to find you because I need that cooking advice from you. The synchronicity is amazing because this whole year I’ve been trying to ignore this feeling that I must prepare for the worst(food and water supplies drying up and no money in the banks), literally every week, I’d get the feeling I should be getting ready instead of living like everything is okay, it is not. Oh and you are not crazy, God bless those whose eyes are not yet open.

      • My sister is not going nowhere. Her crazy behind is staging right here! 414 KEEP YOUR BUTT RIGHT HERE AND TYPE WHATEVER GOD AND YOUR HEART TELLS U TOO!

  43. In my opinion Tyrese would have been better off NOT responding at all, and certainly not via an almost 8 minute video rant. In doing so he made himself appear almost insecure and suspect. I don’t know why he felt the need to record himself walking around his property with a fur and cigar but it was lame. He allowed himself to become engaged in a war of words with someone who industry wise wasn’t really significant or known beyond appearances on a TV show. I don’t watch Wildin Out ..Nick Cannon’s show, though I have heard of it. Nothing personal..just not my cup of tea…From my understanding this guy is a comedian. I have never heard of him, and based on video alone he isn’t funny to me, but that of course is my opinion which I’m entitled to. In responding to this guy about a comment that he made at a radio station interview/video Tyrese made some people who weren’t familiar with that dude curious enough to want to find out who he was, and what he said. Comedians talk sh*t all the time.Its the very essence of what they do for a laugh and living. Celebrities are considered fair game, and often become the subject of some comedians joke. So do friends, family, and regular people sitting in the audience at a show. Sometimes there is some truth to some of what they say, and other times they make up and exaggerate content to make what they say more funny or interesting. If something is not true why go to such great length to address it? If it don’t apply let it fly. If you must address it keep it short and direct without all the dramatics. Tyrese has raised more eyebrows because of his response than he would have had he ignored it. Now he has pics of himself on the internet with actress Sanaa Latham. Why? More importantly why now? It looks like a PR move on his part, and again he has given life to a situation that he could have handled differently.

  44. Now as far as alleged gay/bi men and women in Hollywood. I too have heard that some are or at one time have been involved in same sex relationships/encounters. Notice that I said SOME. My issue with some of the comments on this and other similar type websites is that many of you hear about or read a story on a gossip site/TV and run with it like its always factual. If I had a penny for every time that I logged on to some site that claimed that ALL MEN and WOMEN in the industry were part of an Illuminati or gay I’d be very rich. Truth is I distrust people who make sweeping claims and generalizations about an entire race/gender/ industry that are “all inclusive” Are some men and women gay or bi? Yes ..perhaps “many” but All? No that isn’t true and to claim that “everyone” in the industry had to bend over or f*ck someone for a role is insane. EVERYONE? Some of you need to stay away from You tube Conspiracy theory videos and gossip sites, because you come across as mentally off, insane, and incapable of using the brain that God gave you. If there is a secret society I refuse to believe that everyone is a member of it. Societies are usually selective so why should I believe that everyone would take part in one..or even be welcome to? THINK PEOPLE. Whether few or far in between there are still some people with some integrity left.Everyone isn’t willing to do any and everything to work or be a part of something. Trust me the men & women who want to get down like that do so because THEY WANT TO.. CHOICE..Illuminati doesn’t have sh*t to do it..Casting couch theory doesn’t apply to everyone either. Yes many may have been propositioned for a mutually beneficial implied or direct offers of more work, or a promise of a role in exchange for something but again it comes down to CHOICE. It all comes down to how far some are willing to go to make it. Some will do ANYTHING or ANYTHING WITHIN REASON and some will PICK and choose what NOT TO TAKE PART IN..even if that means losing or walking away from a role. Fact is some of these people are FREAKS who enjoy getting down with men/ women/transgender/orgies, sex parties, etc . Their participation in that sh&t is optional,and when they take part 9 times out of 10 its because they want to. I have heard all the tales of alleged down low celebs both men and women. Some I agree are highly likely true while others I think not so much so.Almost everyone who is anyone in the industry has at one time or another been called gay or bisexual. Truthfully I have heard that sort of statement made about many men in the entertainment industry,and some I believe to be very true. I don’t however believe that it is true about every industry dude. I have never heard gay/ bi down low rumors or really much of anything said about Morris Chestnut to be honest other than some people speculating about the nature of him and Gabrielle Unions friendship/relationship in the past.Many of the other guys I have at very least heard it said before that they got down like that.. hearsay of course.

  45. Some have been painted with a certain brush simply do to who they hang with or who they have been seen with.The assumption is that “birds of a feather flock together” Whether you to believe that to be true is of course up to you. As for me ? I say sometimes, but I also know that it doesn’t have to be.I have been cordial to or even been in company of people who get down with things (lifestyle that I don’t and won’t ever). That has more to do with me accepting fact that everyone isn’t the same and allowing people to be who they are. What another person does or doesn’t do can’t reflect on me.I march to beat of my own drum. I can still say hello or carry on a conversation with just about anyone..nothing more or less. Its not far fetched to believe that these people will be seen or photographed together at some point. They are all in the same industry and many run in same circles. Again some of them really are getting down as described by that comedian and this and other sites… BUT not everyone that’s all I’m saying, and I’m not a celebrity…

  46. Believe it or not some of these entertainers are just really talented and good at what they do, and their talent has opened doors for them. If they do some extra freaky or nasty/questionable side sh*t its because they enjoy getting down like that.If they do certain things to get put on in the industry that too is a choice and they must be pretty desperate to go to that length to be a part of something. They could always say NO, and let the chips fall where they may. I’m speaking of adult entertainers not children..because children should never be put in a position to have to do anything questionable, etc They also shouldn’t be prey to some nasty azz perverted adult or industry big shot looking for someone to prey on.

  47. people need to understand these idol that your idolizing are fake and phoneys!! they lie about their up bringing
    they lie about where their from just to appeal to mass audience fake phoney’s do’t believe none of them

    many celebrities lie about their age their race etc etc do’t fall for it that’s why these celebrities parents and friends will
    expose them!!!! remember “what’s done in the dark comes out in the light” we living in a modern era!!

    we have blog sites like these to exposed low lives like these maybe antic that happen in 70’s 80’s 90’s will eventually come out!!

    • Yes. Actually all of it is surprisingly, if you look beyond the style and listen to the message. I will pray for your family 414.

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