Maino Charged with Misdemeanor for Assault on Pornstar

Maino Arrest Pornstar Assault

Brooklyn rapper, Maino, reportedly found himself in handcuffs on Thursday for his alleged assault on adult film star, Mellanie Monroe, earlier this week in New York.

Here’s what’s reported:

“Cops arrested a rapper Thursday morning for allegedly beating up a porn star outside a Meatpacking District nightclub early Tuesday. Hip-hop star Maino, whose real name is Jermaine Coleman, turned himself into the 6th Precinct at 9:30 a.m. where he was arrested for misdemeanor assault. He’s expected to be arraigned on the misdemeanor assault rap Thursday night in Manhattan Criminal Court.”


  1. Wow! This is just sad. Herpes and jail just because you had to have poison puss. Was it worth it? Ass.

  2. You can’t get mad about getting a disease if:
    You screw porn stars, hookers, strippers, random slores.
    You don’t ask if they have a disease. Its a really simple question. And you’ve given them an opportunity to be honest. If they lie, well, now you can beat them down…

  3. These rappers are getting dumber and dumber each day. I guess OJ didn’t teach these fold shit, stay away from blued eyed whores or meet your demise.

  4. ~’Cops arrested a rapper for…beating up a porn star outside a Meatpacking District’

    Sorry y’all but that’s a funny azz sentence!!!

  5. Yeah rappers are dumb look at Kanye. Lol. Maino needs to wear protection because you cant always judge a book by its cover because it can be infested inside.

  6. This is not the first time he slapped a bitch,the streets say he use to beat on all his Bm’s

  7. Low key nobody gives a f*ck about a porn star getting their ass beat..they just don’t, because how you made because a nigga felt like he could beat yo ass,when your letting dick in and out all ya holes..

  8. He should be mad at himself. We you know better you do better. Folks are running away with this word called love. Everything that glitters is not gold my friend. The mind has turned off what is real from what fake. What virtuous to what is vice. White skin doesn’t equal purity and black skin doesn’t mean evil. The reprobate mind is a dangerous mind leading the blind and willing into deception. When the body soul has no it become void of all righteous concepts and feelings.

    • A few years back, i actually was diggin some of his music. Maino has talent, but, he fell off into the abyss. So many rappers and singers i could name who just vanished over the last number of years. For him to get caught up with a porn star, that takes the cake.

      • True Ty. I really hadn’t heard of Maino before the post but any brother who gets themselves caught up with pornstars, strippers, any permiscous woman is crazy. The types of females are cesspools for STDs.

  9. Typo: when the soul has no body it becomes void of all righteous concepts and feelings.

  10. Me thinks somebody done messed around and fell in love with a porn star.

    And he’s just mad because he got burnt in more ways than one.

  11. Maino is a very ignorant and violent fool. He was on an MTV show where he was being filmed while promoting his career, to make a long story short he didn’t like what the host was saying to him so he jumped up and choked him out. I think the show is called made.

      • 5’9″ is average height. People like Jermaine Dupri, Bow Wow, and Lil’ Wayne (All 5’6″ & below) are what you call ‘little.’ Plus, Maino is a street dude, so this kind of behavior is expected, especially since his rap career saw better days years ago.

  12. I did a little digging the night in question he was a a club called Griffins parting with Ashanti and a few others. In the clip you can see her standing behind him and he looks tour up with a glass in his hand dancing.

    I think they were both drunk and had a lovers spat because the police helped her out of the car. Wonder why they didn’t the arrest him right there on the spot ? This is article from page six.

    “Cops arrested a rapper Thursday morning for allegedly beating up a porn star outside a Meatpacking District nightclub early Tuesday.
    Hip-hop star Maino, whose real name is Jermaine Coleman, turned himself into the 6th Precinct at 9:30 a.m. where he was arrested for misdemeanor assault.
    The altercation began when skin-flick diva Mellanie Monroe was inside Maino’s truck outside of the Griffin around 3 a.m. and claims he punched her in the stomach and ribs and kicked her in the leg, according to police.
    Cops at the scene helped her out of the vehicle and Monroe left on foot. Maino’s truck also drove away in the same direction, according to sources.
    At the corner of Washington and Gansevoort streets, she saw his vehicle and threw a hair brush at it, the source said.
    The dueling duo began fighting again, but this time Maino stayed inside his vehicle, while his security stood by with a Champagne bottle, the porn star told police.
    Monroe then began tussling with his security guard and tried to snatch the Champagne bottle. The two fell to the ground causing the curvy blond to hit her head, she told police.
    Maino’s reps said he was at the hotspot celebrating the recording of “King of Brooklyn Part 2,” when “a loud, belligerent young lady, whom he did not know, was escorted from Maino’s presence.”
    The reps said he at no point had any physical contact with the actress.”

  13. whoa!! that thick414 person with all that cut and paste, 10 page long comments aint got to this story yet! YEEAAA!! lmao. ..some sick puppies on this mf’in site.

  14. The madness never ends with the “Show Me Crowd.” The cynical side of me thinks this domestic abuse drama is all for hype…No Such Thing As Negative Attention! But, i don’t think this applies with this one. All i can is bury my head, nothing funny about this. Messing with dirty-dirt chicks will make a man unclean in the worst way. Porn Industry is dead, so the next phase of inter-racial is at hand…Get A Rapper Dude Like Coco!

  15. FYI pornstars test once a week and cannot legally shoot a film without a clean test . Everybody making up stories on that chick who FYI had recently retired from porn . I will wait for facts before I pass judgement from a fake report leaked to a newspaper and rumors . We wasn’t there to see what went down. That girl was cool when I met her once out at vip

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