Gabrielle Union Denies Cheating Rumors: Threatens Legal Action


Gabrielle Union’s lawyers made the editor of the Inquisitr news website issue a written apology to the Being Mary Jane actress. Know why? A few days back, the Inquisitr published a story claiming Gabrielle Union cheated on her husband Dwyane Wade with Def Jam music producer Ike Ferrera.

The Inquisitr printed that Gabrielle Union and Ike Ferrera were too comfortable with each other at the Def Jam 30th Anniversary show on October 16th.

Here’s the editors written apology:

“The editors of the Inquisitr would like to officially retract the original version of this story and to apologize to all parties involved, including Ms. Gabrielle Union, Mr. Dwyane Wade and Mr. Ike Ferrera, for the irresponsible conclusion one of our contributing writers drew from the photos and stories published by the sources listed.

The person has been counseled and reprimanded and realizes the grievous personal error in judgement he made in taking these photos out of context and including his views when filing his initial report.”

Gabrielle Union Cheating Scandal


  1. Ain’t nobody don’t won’t no flat chested, worn down, stanky ass burnt out iron board but D. Wade!

        • I smell hatorade on your breath….have several seats…..this sista is far from ugly…..if she looks like a shoe then u like a walking death….how fcked up that is.

    • Wasn’t there a story on here about leaked nude pics of Gabrielle Union. This is just another irrelevant nobody trying to be relevant.

  2. Gabby needs to go and sit down. She has been acting extra saucy ever since she married her swinging cheating ass lover D. Wade. Who cares who she is sleeping with..stank ho

    • My sentiments exactly. How is it that a “side piece” wife or not(now) sue a mutha f*cka? I fail to see that logic. Bitches are more out of control than ever! THAT’S a whole lot b.s AND nerves!

  3. Union has been going down hill since she started dating Wade. She acts like she wants to be classified as a HO! She admits to sleeping with married men on national tv. It’s probably true and she is trying to clean up for her next movie. Town HO!

  4. I never knew Gabrielle Union was raped so maybe she’s still dealing with personal issues with that moment back in the day. Whatever the case maybe, I hope she find some closure and change her ways.

    • What ways? If they would have shown the entire shot and not minimized it, her hubby was there. We are so quick to judge and analyze other people

      • I heard that D. Wade was there but Gabby has a history. I don’t know what happened at that event but I’m just speaking on her history.

    • No excuse. She can learn various scripts, learn WHAT the f*ck ails you, step your m.f. game up! Cry, throw shit, talk about it, whatever you need to do for self, but being “a proud hoe”, homewrecker ain’t NEVER cute. Own your shit, do whatever needs to be done, HOWEVER long it takes. Forgive herself AND the perpetrator, make amends & stop all of this unnecessary f*ckery. Period.

  5. I think she cheated, com’on your man made a break baby. She f*cked ol boy and probably been doing so. Ain’t my snatch I can care less.

    • She was “proudly” f*cking this man when he was married to someone else, AND knew it! NOW, she’s seeking compassion! How f*cking convenient! Really?

  6. I’m tired of this homewrecker! She destroyed a family and her acting career is in the toilet. I lost all respect for Gabby.

  7. This old WHORER needs to have several seats, she disgusting
    Oh and don’t worry Dwayne will keep cheating….

  8. Yea the retraction is saying one thing but those photos are speaking a whole different language. There’s something about that hand on the bare shoulder business that ain’t complimenting that lie she trying to sell

  9. This is nothing new to see here Gabby is playing her position in and OPEN MARRIAGE as she was instructed to do. She knew just who she married Dwade played her butt like a fiddle now she’s tricking her marriage like her girls Jada and Will and Tiny and TI. This is also there way of showing the allegiance to hollyweird through sexual acts such as swinging. Gabby been doing her thing for a while now. This is nothing nee. It just our first time seeing a picture of it. It’s not cheating if the other partner knows what’s going on.

  10. I don’t give two shits gabby is afraid that her chickens are going to come home to roost like my granny says gain a man by default lose him by default lol I don’t feel any way sorry for her

  11. Honestly, Gabrielle Union is shady to me. Some of her past conduct i can’t wrap my head around. Why is she so-so close to this dude? A married woman has no reason to be up in another man’s grill like that…Business Be Damned! D. Wade got off the fence, married her and all that good stuff. Come on Ma, You Sloppier Than A Pig In Dirt!!!

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