Grace Chavez Says Snoop Dogg Is Her Baby Daddy

Snoop Dog Mistress Pregnant

HSK Exclusive – Snoop Dogg’s mistress, Grace Chavez, gave birth this past weekend and she’s claiming the child’s father is Snoop.

Source is saying Grace is telling any and everyone that Snoop Dogg is her baby’s daddy.

Here’s the drop:

“When Snoop’s wife Shante finds out… it ain’t gonna to be nice.”

Snoop Baby Momma Grace Chavez


  1. Wow, I would never take a pic smoking a pipe shaped like that if I was a man. But I don’t live in Hollyweird, smh.

    • @Black Enga; I agree. I guess Snoop finally got turnt out. From the painted nails to the dick shaped pipe.

      Shante ain’ t going to do shit. Except sit her a$$ down. She has always known that Snoop is a bitch who swings both ways.

      • Yes snoop been turned out probably since Dre day. Anyway i loved snoop back when he was “drop it like its hot” and when hw was wearing the temple curls and pressed out afro but when he came out with a whole pedicure i was done with this brotha. If you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything. Even Bob Marley was not that damn free spirited to be walking around with pedicures and wigs on. As far as this woman goes it’ s probably true. All of these old heads are dropping their seeds in any young vigina now a days. And his wife shouldn’t be suprised because i ‘m pretty sure she knows and even been at some of his tour shows while Snoop was being Snoopy

        • Shante Broadus aka Boss Lady is not in the dark about the indiscretions of Calvin Broadus. Snoop always been on the ledge, he married hip-hop to the porn industry. At the time, Shante was on her way out the door precisely because of his association with the industry. How bold is that? Snoop Lion wants to feel young again, he too old for this high-school ish. Mami can claim all she wants, but, the DNA will reveal the truth… We Shall See!

      • From what I’ve heard in the streets…Shaunte’s got a man, so she’s unbothered. I’m wondering if this is the same Latina from ten years ago…ha, prob not.

        • He’s a rapper, lotta fast and loose opportunities at hand. What would fame be without the groupies? Part of the reason why dudes endure all the muck and devious activities…Grace Chavez! She running her mouth because the plan was successful. Reminds me of Dennis Rodman. He stated that women would dig thru garbage cans for used condoms to impregnate themselves. All the thots got the same memo…Be Unafraid To Dream Big! Brothas got the cash, Make a splash! DeepSea Diving in The Black Sea… Visibility Not The Greatest… But Oh So Rich!!!

      • I got family is the business that knows for a fact that that his daughter ain’t his!! He accepted her because he felt he was at blame for his wife messing with his ( boy).shhhh! Our little secret!

    • Most bowl pipes are shaped like that just smaller. Get your mind out of the gutter girl. Smh

    • Lmao! Lord I hope n pray I don’t miss and cut my fingers laughing at these folks today! I need my fingers to clip these coupons! LOL!

  2. Say it ain’t so snoop I don’t see how yall cat’s just sleep with these video popcorn ho’s and Don’t use nothen, look like you wanted a baby, well ms.cavaz or whatever that’s not gonna make him love you no more than he already do, that man is married and you knew that but you decided to have a baby with someone who I don’t think will leave his wife for you, you’ll be stuck with a baby, and he’s gonna go on wit his life silly stupid broads see you on Maury get a D.N.A snoop lol


  4. Well hello she just hit the jackpot. lol
    Snoop get that child support set up for your new baby, because you’re never with your wife..

  5. You on it B. That ugly ass tat looks just like Snoop’s doberman looking ass.

  6. What I always wanted to know is what happened to Shalae? Those in the know knows who I’m talking about.

  7. its a damn shame men are still letting some ol stank ass p*ssy hit the lottery at their expense

  8. Eww, with all the advancements for women, some women still just want to lay on their backs and get supported by a man. Any man. Even an old geriatric man. Sh@t is disgusting. She’s bragging about this too. Where is her father? My goodness!

    • Snoop is a decent lookin guy but I wouldn’t dream of having relations with him. His body looks afflicted to me just too damm bony. The way he speaks of women is not at all attractive eithier. We all know he don’t love them hoes

  9. Snoop, come through so U can get your braids tight again…I’ll hook u up…cuz bruh, dem ishts look like you been locked in the Tombs all weekend…And last week too.

      • LMAO, wassup sis! Hey, isht…I’m tryin to help a brotha out. Isht, he look like he been in a shelter since the summer…and they still ain’t find him no affordable housing. LML

      • LOL @Willie. Well than he needs to go back to the beginning, cuz this is a phucked up stage of that process. Homie needs some Beez Wax. LOL

  10. Is it possible to have a national day of “Defection” or “Conversion”? I do not need the likes of CB speaking for or representing myself or my people in any way. Time to drop the “one drop” nonsense. If you hate Black people/African Americans can you just disassociate yourself completely?! As a warrior Goddess I have bigger battles to fight;like keeping my teenage son alive in this madness. Just go away we only, have space for warriors and no room for traitors self-haters. ( I am done with my annual internet blog rent). Good Day.

  11. Lawd & Snoop and that bong! Just come outta tha close Snoop! If Snoop is the father then he is a nasty dude! I wonder if he still have sex with his wife or is she allowed to see other men?

  12. he’s wife isn’t nothing to look at either if she did cheat on him with one of friend that’s nasty

  13. Snoop has a few outside kids so this aint nothing new. And his wife aint gon do shit, hell she probably don’t even mind. Snoop only recently been acknowledging one of his outside kids a son named Julian.

  14. cori doesn’t look like snoop. usually with girls they look like their fathers but cori doesn’t look nothing like snoop women think their slick but their not!!

  15. You know damn well he’s just. Trying to stay relevant he’s slowly coming out the closet!!
    Look at that glass dick he holding. I blaze an I would never use something that reminds me of a penis. No homo!!!!! But snoop is?M?M!

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