Who’s Jacky Talking About? – May 20, 2014


He’s def got a God complex… and he’s got his wifey on the same tip, which could stem from his ginormous ego said to surround his fetish for f***ing other’s dude’s chicks. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Nas.

He recently caught a beat-down after blatantly pushing up on the ex-GF of his former business partner. Just ask Solange.

His upcoming tour with his “Queen” could be a last joint venture for the couple. Know why? Word is he’s knocked up one Belgium bombshell! Just ask Claudia Scheelen.

Now… Can you guess which ratchet rapper I’m talking about?


  1. God complex check, beat down check, tour check, knocked up bomb shell receipts are needed although not hard to believe.

  2. Shawn Carter aka Jay Z aka Camel aka Hov aka Jigga aka Dick Sucking lips aka Pimp aka Drug dealer aka Blue Ivy’s Pappy.

    • Basic white chick. Belgian. Won a pageant or something. Nothing to write home about but you know how foolish these ninjas get when a coot goes has blond hairs sprouting all over it.*shrugs*

        • Haahahaaa!

          Sistas be killin me gettin all tight about non-black paramours of ‘ugly’/sold out brothas y’all supposedly don’t want (Jay-z, Kanye, ____).

          That right of first refusal is a real thing.

          • Not buying it. I’d like to see how many women who talk crap about the 2 dudes would actually turn either of them down. Not for a hookup but for the girlfriend role.

            • I see you. My friend is a TA at Baylor and knew RGIII. RGIII once told him that sistas not only weren’t feeling him but they called him ugly and a white boy. He gets with a white girl and makes it to the NFL and all the sudden he’s gettin all this venom from sistas who didn’t get the chance to tell him no (or yes depending on when his big shoe contract was signed). lololol. That’s some sad shyt. What’s a brotha supposed to do let his d!ck dry up and break off while he’s waiting for a fly sista to love him?
              You don’t see brothas up in arms about Naomi Campbell, Denise Vasi, Eve or damn near any star or non-star who’s into non-black men. The most we’d say is they got good taste.

            • I sure as f*ck would. Jay Z is hideous inside and out. Kanye just isn’t cute. He’s short, loud and likely clinically insane. Both are rumoured to have herpes. So yeah, I would have no problem turning either down. I would turn down the opportunity to share the planet with them if I could, much less a relationship. Ugh.

            • @Anonymous 7:36
              I see you too…you sound very authentic. Still, I can tell you probably don’t go around spewing on and on about the non-black women jackazz celebrities may be dating. THOSE are the sistas who I’m talking about. Why worry about the sex/dating lives of men that they supposedly aren’t into? It usually amounts to just getting a few shots in about women from other races. Who really respects that?

  3. these black celebs are weak for white kitty kats
    they age badly very badly

        • Yep, just like that old 60 year old bitch Christie Brinkley. Looks like shit with her fake ass self.

          • Oprah at 60 looks much better than Christie Brinkley’s shriveled old ass. Black don’t crack but white melts in the sun.

            • BAAAHAAHAHAAAA!!!!
              If you believe this I’ve got some submarine screen doors to sell you!
              Oprah looks better than Brinkley. lol. That’s rich.

          • Long stringy hair cover a multitude of flawed face features by the time they old and go to the short hairstyles whyt women look like 90yr old whyt men

            • That’s exactly right 7series. Without her mane of blond dyed hair, Christie Brinkley would look like shit on a shingle. Whereas Oprah has nothing to hide. She’s all natural beauty. Not store bought beauty like CB.

            • HIGH SCHOOL LEVEL comment made by Anonymous 11:21
              oh shut up YT troll. you just jealous because your cave women look like ish and black women are naturally beautiful and don’t need no help to keep from looking old. Look at the old bags who are in the movies, Sharon Stone,
              Sandra Bullock, Julia Roberts, Michelle Phiefer, Susan Sarandon. They all look like shit. Angela Bassett, Viola Davis, Alfre Woodard, Lela Rochon, Garcelle Beauvais, all of them put the yt women to shame. And they don’t need no help hiding under they hair neither. Go back to your lily yt world troll with all your ugly long haired women.

              MY REPLY
              No trolling here ma’am. Just an ADULT, professional brotha who disagrees with you
              on this Winfrey > Brinkley (Bwaaahaaaa) issue. But don’t mind me…ask any random dude off the street (black or white) and
              they’d tell you that’s a reeeeeaaaaal stretch.
              Black people typically have oily skin which
              ages well due to the moisturization as well as our built in sun-block of protective melanin.
              So there is much truth to what you say. I’ll never understand why you have
              to say it with such a bitter tone but hey let it all out Mz. Anonymous 11:21.
              2 things though:
              1. To say these white women are hiding ‘under their hair’ kind of implies that white hair is more beautiful no? I’d have to disagree with that notion.
              2. I’ve always questioned both the agenda and the intelligence of people who can only see beauty or brilliance in individuals who they share the same traits with (age, skin color, hometown, background, etc…). It’s 2014 and you’re still that petty, elementary, tribal?

            • Kiss my ass YT. Go away and have sex with your ugly queen Christie then. We know the real truth.

            • Carol Alt and Christie Brinkley both look amazing. Oprah does not look better than either of them, IMO. Oprah slimmed down a bit, and she has been looking better recently, but Alt and Brinkley are the exceptions to the white women who age poorly rule. I was told they are both vegetarians. Animal flesh may not be the white woman’s friend.

        • I literally stopped everything I was doing and died about that old leather couch comment #stolen

  4. Wow Jay…. so is that baby #4 now… wonder is he going to have to cash out hush money, a comfortable home n get his legal team to draw up paperwork for her to sign to keep her mouth close too….

    • Why he has kids all over the place but only acknowledged, Blue, the one him and Beyodel purchased from the surrogate? Makes no sense.

      • Right @ Anonymous because the first rumor was Shenelle Scott (video vixen/model) with the lil boy then the next rumor was Jasmire Cashmire (the porn star) she suppose to have a lil boy too… then its Bey with Blue which she says she gave birth to and now its a Belgium Bombshell… He has the money to take care of them but why wouldn’t he public acknowledge them is unbelievable must be a image that he’s trying to maintain…

        • I want to know how is he hittin’ all these chicks and knockin’ them up with his herpetic dick??

          I mean he obviously ain’t usin’ a condom on that diseased dick.

            • @ R in NYC yea that’s just like all the stuff with Foxy Brown getting her at a young age… What the rumors about him Rihanna about messing with her at a young age… Rumors that he was messing with Aaliyah at a young age so

            • @ R in NYC my phone sent it before I could finish it… lol what I was saying, the rumors about Rihanna n him messing around while she was a teenager… n rumors about Rita Ora n him messing around n Cathy White the alleged mistress that mysterious died the same time Beyonce announce she was pregnant so basically he just all over the place n doing him maybe cuz he has all that money n can probably get it when n how he want it… lol

          • @ Anonymous its about that all almighty dollar… cash rules everything around him… how the saying goes.. money, clothes, cars n the hoes… dollar dollar bill yall… It’s the money, fame n the fortune that bring all types of attention some wanted n some unwanted but Jay Z seems like an attention seeker n these chicks know he got that bread… so some just throw it at him n he probably like yea o ok… let’s get it, I’m doing me… its all about him, so with that being said money can buy u any n everything but it cant bring u happiness…

            • You’re right. but I’ve been both rich and poor at different times of my life, and being unhappy while rich is a lot better than being unhappy while poor.

        • @ Anonymous.. That marriage between Beyonce n Jay seem more like a business arrangement than more than a actual marriage… it seems like exotic & freaky chicks is more his style like Rihanna, Jasmire, Shanelle, this Belgium bombshell n probably Rita Ora {his artist} he like them young n trainable… He got Beyonce while she was young but she already had money was in the spotlight n the rest of them was like in the background until their name was attached to his in some kind of way… So its more like a power trip for them, Bey n Jay both probably have big egos, both want power n control n usu that’s cause problems… so Jay probably just wonders off n do him when he feels like it… Also, I heard the rumor was they paid a unknown Latin to carry n have their baby because Bey didn’t want to lose her figure, wanted to stay in the spotlight n tour n a baby would make them look like the perfect family that they claim to be {image control}… lol

  5. and the moral of the story is…… what goes around comes around never brag about your marriage never fake a pregnancy or a marriage

    • be nice to your band mates be nice to your business partner oops beyonce and jayz never did that but they stole people’s ideas throw black people under the bus for white people???



    • Yasssss , Hunty! Julius is fine.who wouldn’t want him after having to cope w Jay zs mug up close for the past 8 years

      • oh damn you guys it’s all making sense now!Jay Z taking her phone at the Superbowl causing a scene, the elevator word jules was semi kinda stoppong Solange. I think he was letting her get a couple of punches in for all the times he messed around on Beyonce, at the same time they’re messing around on Jay Z. Detective Gluten Putin has solved the case!

        • I thought I was the only person that noticed the body guard kinda let Solange beat the sh*t out of him, he big enough and I’m sure strong enough to hold her back… big lips (Jay) did something super trife!

        • No, that dude was white. Julius is black…and bald…and delicious….and sexy and….wait, what are we talking about again? *wipes brow*. Loljk

  6. Need receipts on Claudia Sheelen because Bossip was the site that had the pic of Jay Z with his mouth hanging open, drooling, dead drunk in Antwerp. I doubt he could perform and damn he can’t even get Beyoncé pregnant. I believe they have been separated for months (probably a bit after Antwerp). No more tat for Beyoncé – big sign and other Beyoncé subliminal clues. Rumor has it that Rachel is a decoy, it is really Rihanna.
    He is a mess – Beyoncé should leave the tour and just get on with her life with Blue.

    • I think she should tour , get that money, than quit the biz and settle down into life w Blue on an island somewhere….oh and take Julius . Won’t happen tho. She’s addicted to the limelight

        • That’s ridiculous. You surely don’t believe that? She would need more than that for a possible emergency at the very least. That sounds like a typical gossip blog concoction.

          • Maybe you missed the memo when a slew of celebrities’ and politicians’ credit reports were leaked by Anonymous overseas. Bey and Jay’s credit reports were two of the reports leaked. My post wasn’t concocted. I have better things to do with my time than to lie about what became public information, if only briefly.

        • I believe it. Just like when her mother credit cards declined and her staff had to pay for the laptops. I found that odd bey didn’t have her mom set up with a “black” card being that she is supposedly worth 400 million. She let jay take control of everything.

          • Thank you, Jazzy! How far can a person get with a CC with a $1,000 limit? Beyonce wears $5,000/pair shoes and carries $44,000 handbags. Madonna’s daughter, Lourdes, had a CC with a $10,000 limit and she was barely in her teens. Someone worth damn near half a billion dollars should have a red AmEx.

            • It just shows you that Beyonce is OWNED. She don’t own really that much. A lot of the designer stuff she wears is rented because when she wears it means business for them. Why you think she was more concerned about her dress in the elevator? She is not rich as we think. Jay Z her handler controls her and her money.

            • I hope you meant borrowed and not rented. All stars borrow gowns and clothes from the top designers as a quid pro quo for the exposure.
              It’s because she is so rich and powerful that she is given that privilege. It’s certainly not charity.

              I doubt you could imagine how much money she has access to, and it ore will be known when they divorce. Then we’ll see how much of a “handler” Jay is. He’ll be handling a crying towel.

            • 10:12

              All stars don’t borrow clothes. Oprah has been very vocal about not borrowing clothing or jewelry. What she wears, she owns outright.

          • Exactly. Wealthy people merely sign for things. Bill is settled at months end with the rest. There are several places where I do this myself and I’m not wealthy.

            • I’ve purchased items and gone to pick them up later. No CC or cash ever exchanged hands. That isn’t new. Most rich or wealthy people keep CCs on file with their favorite sales associates, which is how their purchases are paid for.

              Cash is wonderful, but good luck chartering flights and booking hotels using cash. Credit cards are a requirement for certain things. I’m one of the only people I know who stayed in a hotel damn near an entire year and paid the bill in cash.

  7. Isn’t a pure coincidence that the careers of the singers whom Beyonce allegedly had a hand in sabotaging allegedly slept with Jay-Z (I.e. Ashanti, Keyshia Cole, Ciara, Keri Hilson, Tearra Mari)? Hmmm

  8. Y’all know y’all listen 2 Jigga’s music, he’s one of the best to ever do it on the mic, and he lives a GREAT life, c’mon Jigga give us another Hip-hop classic album

    • Naw man. Don’t know nothing about that. I don’t like Jayz and what he reps and I don’t buy and listen to his music.

    • I never considered him a good MC…less thhan mediocr. I have never understood his popularity.

    • Well I’ll admit to liking his old stuff. I could listen to 99 Problems 10 times a day, so shoot me.

  9. Beyfake is ‘barren’. She had too many abortions to call a child to full-term. Jay pimped her ass too damn much. She never wanted a child but to make Jay happy she turned to a surrogate. Jay have kids all over the damn place!

    • The world is full of children born to women who have had multiple abortions. That was a mean thing to say and inaccurate too.

      • I agree with you that woman who had multiple abortions can carry babies. I don’t know if Beyonce can’t but I know that she has been abused alot in the most horrible way. I have friends who work in the industry. She is a known sex slave (mind controlled) # 1 at that. So who knows if she can or can’t but I am 100% sure that she was pregnant in the past and had a abortion not sure how many times.

      • Having one abortion is like giving birth to 9 children. That’s the effect it has on the body. Eventually your body will give out and you will no longer be able to get pregnant. This happened to a friend of mine.

        • Damn. So then my body thinks I have had 30 children? That’s deep. And I stay getting pregnant
          still. My body must be real resilient. Or you got some faulty info.

          • Wow so you saying you have had about 4 abortions and still getting pregnant! You ever heard of contraceptives?

          • You’ve got serious issues, I wish you the best. But actually everyone’s body is different. You may still maybe able to get pregnant but you will be cursed in another way…real talk. Don’t think for a second you are blessed.

        • Bullshit Anonymous 14:41! Giving birth poses FAR more risk of dying & does much more damage to a woman’s body than having abortion ever could, esp. in the 1st trimester. Y’all need to talk to ob-gyn & stop falling for the pseudo-religious bullshit.

  10. Well she said “who wants the fairy tale kinda love, cliche,cliche,cliche…Just waiting. Instead of a prince you end up with an asshole!!

  11. It’s obvious that this marriage between jay and bey was a business deal. I guess after the divorce we wont have to hear from these two again.

  12. Beyonce watched lil’ sis go ham on Jay in an elevator…The End Is Near! Another blackman flushing his legacy down the toilet just to prove something…2014 2014 2014!

  13. @Anonymous i keep hearing rumours abt jay drop melanie fiona from the roc nation management team is it true and why is that?

    • You are everywhere asking about Melanie Fiona. Damn will someone give him some tea.

      • So determined to get info from here when no one has any or isn’t willing to share what they know. He/she needs to go to Melanie’s facebook, twitter, fan blog or something besides trying to seek all the answers here.

      • REALLY. I see as much of her name as I do fukkin Kim Kardashian’s lately here. Fixated much?

  14. I have one question does any one whom is sign to Jigga get down like him to get this paper coming.? I am just confused by their behavior can someone clear that up for me.

  15. You can’t be blessed if you can’t be broken, out of the cracks of a broken heart flow the blessings of life wisdom power! #INSTINCT

  16. lol funny as hell solange side eyed jay talkin to dame dash indian ex and caught him with the two piece

  17. My my my how the mighty have fallen .if b doesn’t have her own bank account and walks around wit one cc she really is mind controlled that kim k chick not even that stupid or is she???

  18. jayz has to chew alot of gum no women wants to chat with a stink mouth maybe he will be a spokens person for juicy fruit or wriggley’s extra





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