Kanye West: “He ordered his Auntie Jean to walk six steps behind Kim!”

Kanye Aunt Plays Nanny

HSK Exclusive – Kanye West being exposing as a man who treats his Aunt like a Mammie! That’s according to our insider, who exclusively tells HSK… Yezus’ Auntie Jean [who is the surviving sister of Ye’s late mother] isn’t only being paid to serve as baby North West’s Nannie, she’s also been given strict orders to walk six-steps behind Kim Kardashian!!!

Here’s the drop:

“Jean is divorced and she took the job as Kanye’s nanny because she really needed the money but the funny thing is Kanye under pays her.”

Kim & Kanye Nanny


  1. pay me and I will walk 60 steps behind you it doesn’t matter because he is the one with no family morals.

    • can’t argue with you

      also I question that she is underpaid
      If they bought or rented her a home and cover all her expenses, then yes. They may not pay her a really big salary. I can’t stand Kanye, and I wont even start on Kim, but I don’t buy for one minute that he disrespects his mama’s sister. I am guessing that everybody has to walk behind Kim because the paps are always out in full force to photograph her wherever she goes. It’s not that unreasonable that they don’t want an employee, even family to be in her shot. It’s just business.
      I’ll be interested to see what role she plays at the wedding seeing as she’s his only relation at the affair.

      • Cosign. The rule is best for the aunts safety. A pretentious overrated stunt queen he is not taking care of fam I dont believe. Here is a guy who worked recently with Chi’s urban league to create jobs for underprivileged youths, which he didnt have to since A. He grew up middle classdom educated parent(s) B. That demographic does not contribute to the bulk of his album sales. If he can help strangers in his city sure he is breaking auntie off lovely. He has all the money in the world to get the best most beautiful au pairs to coerce into sex like most wealthy folk. Why the term mammy though bc shes big and black? The help would have been more tasteful verbiage.

        • You mean an au pair like Elin Nordegren? lol
          Nothin’ like a Swedish nanny to cause household strife between husband and wife.

          • Thank you. Black women are nannies and mammies, but YT women are au pairs.

            Oh, la difference!

        • He ain’t paying her shyt.

          He don’t pay the people in his family whom work for him shyt but minimum wage. He bought em all cars and pay them $2000 a month. FACTS. That ain’t shyt. He has the ends to pay them double. They could live off $4000 a month. Cheap ass.

          • How the f*ck do you know???
            U sound like a stright up loser!!!
            Countin another mans pockets is some feminine
            Shit .. U got too much estrogen in your system!

    • he could save his entire chicago black community if he spent a tenth of his fortune creating jobs for them and set one black woman up who looked like his mother to live like a queen but that’s a dumb n8ggah 4 u

  2. Kanye is a overseas FAG! He is always wanting to be in the headlines and this is why he is rolling with the KKK’s (kardashians). Nanay? Please!

  3. I wish his mama was still alive so she could slap some sense into this egotistical fool.

    • hahaha don’t hold your breath me. That won’t be happening anytime soon

      I read in THE Daily Mail that the press is so mesmerized by them, and particularly her, that she no longer even has to try too hard to be the center of attention. They said that of all the “celebs” in the world, Kim is the only one who only has to get out of bed and breathe air to be followed and photographed. It’s as if they are all under a spell.

      • They actually call the papz on themselves. They have their own camera crew as well that follow them around and then sale the video and pictures to us weekly x17 and dailymail for profit. They put the pics and stories out there people click on the articles and that’s how they stay at top of the celebrity game. If people would quit clicking articles, tuning into their shit ass show and buying their merchandise im sure they’d go away. But yes people are fascinated by them for God knows what and why. And to keep it real I doubt they even like black people.I wish Paris Hilton had never put her on.

        • I agree me. I read just recently that even Angie and Brad call the paps for certain well timed photo ops(when they have a movie to promote etc.)

          The universal thirst to see these people in their every over is mystifying, but as you so candidly put it, even our own are guilty of doing our parts to continue the insanity. I’m not sure about the not liking black folks part. You may be right, but once you have blood relatives, things can change. And I can’t believe that they don’t love little Nori as much as they do her Disick cousins.

        • blame ray j and the other black men she dated who went crazy over her sweet heavenly white ass but she smells like roses.

          • On point.

            They won’t go away because they are part of the social engineering by the media.

            YT women and black men and gays.

      • Youre right they wont go away they have Kylie and Kendall to pimp out and baby North. And whoever has kids after that. They will def be around for our lifetime and maybe the next generations…we are stuck!

  4. as much as I dont approve of how this chick got “ON”. I must say I truly admire her hustle game no matter how she had to hustle all of this stems from a sex tape. I dont give a fug we all have done some freaky $hit in our lives, something strange for some change a dollar to holla…lol you see where i’m going! But although she is trashed by a LOT of people she still holds her head up high and get that paper she made a way for her WHOLE family to make money off of HER sex tape. How many of you have had sex on tape(honestly) for your eyes only or whatever! her doing a tape does not make her a porn star it was suppose to be private(damn i never thought i would be defending her) as much as I dont like the kk I dont blame them for continuing to strike while the iron is HOT. i will be glad when the iron goes cold because enough is enough. But cant knock their hustle!!!

    • Well ima knock the shit outta it. I’m sick of people acting like its somehow cool to be a plastic sex puppet w a Pimp for mother. She’senagged but she’s still turning tricks for a half million and brought her fiancee baby along for the trip. She is disgusting. And maybe u r willing to get past the fact that she made her debut letting brandys clownass brother puss on her but she is still just a fuk bucket. Yeah depravity pays. That’s the f*cked up world we live in. Doesn’t make it right

        I wholeheartedly concur. I feel the same way, and couldn’t have said it better myself!!!

      • my first sentence was I don’t approve how she got on!!! first off what do you suggest she should have done? they turned that humiliating incident into a stepping stone for an EMPIRE! With that said her daughter and her daughters children may not have to work a 9-5 as you and I do that entire fortune was created from her sex tape right or wrong. They turned lemons into lemonade and so many people want a sip. Say what you want but Kim is killing it getting EVERYTHING she wants and she aint hurting NOBODY!!!

    • She a high price fake booty tits an face whore! No props here but i will give my girl Jlo mad props cuz she actually has a talent unlike Coonye hoe! The only people who glorify this slut is niggas… Thats y she popular! She is fake an i cant an wont give her props for that!

      • Moe I love ya but I have to disagree with one point. I used to think that Kim was where she got strictly due to black deification of her, and that may have been true at one time. But you can’t maintain her level of media heat and attention for nearly 10 years unless the white population is demanding it too. That and the fact that whenever you get tired of seeing one of them, another one pops up and takes her place. They’re like a rotating starting lineup.

      • THANK YOU QUEEN MOE! I have to keep typing this WHEN HE DIES THE WHITE WHORES GET THE MILLIONS. And yall BP okay with this sell out shitstorm? BP are conquered and lost

        • why you so worried about who gets his money? Yoy think you should be getting some?

  5. sad remember when he had a black girlfriend
    remember when he was rapping about black issue

    now he’s a coon

    • Rapping about black issues doesn’t get you in the magazines and tabloids and it sure as hell doesn’t get you on the cover of Vogue. He’s not a coon he’s a capitalist, a business man. Nobody goes into show biz to lose money and be admired by a small minority. They put out conscious stuff to build a base, and then once they have that, they take it up to the next level, just like politicians:Obama.
      It’s all a business. Hence the term show business.

      • he’s cocky and arrogant chipmunk that’s all
        him and jayz are the same both brag about their skanky women

  6. He is definitely a protege of Jay Z, who use to have Bey walking 1 mile behind him. LOL.

  7. kanye needs to chill last week it was report he wanted to no air planes flying over his wedding ????

    he’s gone mad he didn’t be messing fuss if it was a black women

  8. Man, when that family is done with this koon, it’ll make what they did to Lamar look like a cake walk. I honestly can’t wait for it

    • He may be gay, but he is a master if self promotion. That’s why he hooked up with the very best at the craft: PMK.

  9. I hope this is false. If true, you never know what type of b.s. his aunt is willing to withstand just to make sure her niece is being taken care of and raised right. That is her sister’s grandchild. I know I wouldn’t trust kanye, kim and her Klan with that baby. They are all money hungry sell outs.

    • I believe this is true. They dont ever have blacks as part of their entourage. That goes for assistants, PR team and Jenner communications. They use black men for money and to gain access to Hollywood events they never could have been apart of before.

        • kim is worth way less than Kanye and w/o she wouldnt have been on Vogue and numerous other things she now has access to. Not reaching at all. Bruce is worth more than kane hes worth 100 mil. kris 30 mil and kim 40 mil. Kanye is worth more than all of them 120 mil. Looks like youre the one thats reaching!

          • We know he’s worth more than them NOW, but when they get through with him he’ll end up just like Lamar Odom – a broke has been and likely n jail

          • No disrespect, but id you honestly think that the Kardashian empire is 40 million you are retarded. They were worth that after the first year of their show.

            • Kim herself alone is worth 40 million according to the Huffington Post. She gets 25K just for putting a Tweet out which names a product. She gets 40K just to show up at a club and twice that to host a club party. Do you think Kanye can get that?
              The family not including Bruce Jenner is est at 200 million. Robert left the family 100 mill in trust and they’ve made almost that much since he died.
              Kim and Kanye are on equal footing and when they divorce, the court will NOT grant her half his wealth. They will split their earnings during the marriage, and Kim is pulling just as much as he does.

  10. All men care about is the frame. The uterus can have a 100 thousand miles, butt need a oil change, and ovaries need a tune up. They do not care.

  11. The only reason these two moved to Paris is because Kanyetta’s boo Riccardo lives there.

    I read somewhere that the Kardashian skanks, including Kris Jenner, call their black friends the Jemimas, as in Aunt Jemima. I’m not making this up!

    • Whoa @ Jemimas. Thats prob the code name for aunt Jean as well. Thats crazy as hell. I wouldnt put it past them though. Kanye is bisexual or gay so I cant understand why the hell he is getting married. Kim is so clueless and has a below average IQ so she goes along with anything. This is def a business deal set up by Kris just as was the shenanigan engagement party at SBC park in San Francisco. It later came out Kris had set that whole thing up. PMK is putting out several stories a day to different websites to confuse the masses that actual care about the wedding, which i think is about 2% of the population. I cant wait for the divorce it will be a saga to see.

    • True. But at least she refers to them as the Aunt Jemima crew to there faces. If they chose to remain bff’s with her knowing that, that’s on them.
      I know that Blac Chyna is her 2nd best friend to Britney Gastineau, so she clearly wants to be around the sistas off camera.

  12. Kanye Is Gone…His Soul Got Snatched! This blackman is a shell of his former self…If Donda Was Here?

    • amen to that! I remember years and years and years ago when he first came out he was dating a black woman and they just seemed like the most prim and proper uptight rich black people! I wonder what happened to her.

      • Blackmen like Kanye are obsessed with being loved by whites and others, they don’t love black. If they did, they would not have their noses in a bunch smelling the funk that flows from “It.”

  13. only 2% will admit to being interested. If only 2% were watching them, they wouldn’t be on. period.

    • Wow you really sat up there and calculated 2%. Haha they were probably being sarcastic and you pulled out your calculator. In the words of red fox … You big dummy!!! PERIOD

      • Just using logic. That’s not always a bad thing, but it’s seldom used here.

        Who in the hell stays on the air and on the cover of every tabloid for 8 years when only 2% give a shit about them?

        • Oh plz. You and I both know those covers are bought and paid for. Just like their front row seats at fashion shows, and their places at awards shows. Popularity has zero to do w it.

  14. Say What…!!!???!!!
    This is how this dude treats his family?!!
    His aunt?His late mom’s sister??!!!
    That’s some punkass animali beastiality shit.
    Because im african descent this is even more shocking there’s no way in hell!! you treat your eldest with disrespect, age is a position.
    Putting your aunt to be servant of your hoe and make her use an horrible servant outfit, make her walk behind the hoe.
    If he treats his family like this then i can only imagine how he treats a regular folk…
    May this punk burn in hell…

    • He’s a sell out bed wench! A damn fool when he dies the white whores get the millions wake up people BM love giving money back to the ‘slave massa’

        • Funny yall punks ride my jock when I call out Black men sambos but you steady calling BW sell outs. Yall COONS don’t like the TRUTH. THE TRUTH IS THERE IS NO BIGGER SELL OUT THAN THE BLACK AMERICAN MAN of which you are one, just another BUTLER.

  15. Kanye and Kim are so damned stupid that it’s scary. It’s not good business if no one gives a shit about your business. Re: Magazine and concert sale poison is what they are.

    • Kim is driving this relationship, Kanye is just another ass-kissing blackmen seeking white approval…More or Less! His Aunt deserves better than this, walking behind a proud whore…A Fool & His Money!!!

      • Ty, and I say this with respect for your opinion which I nearly always agree with, I have a completely different take on their dynamic. I believe the Kanye is completely controlling everything to do with their relationship. He chose the wedding gown, the bridesmaid dresses and every other thing she puts on as well as where they are getting married and who should be on the guest list. I know how women think, since I am one, and f a chick is subjugating all the wedding choices to her man, you better believe he’s in control of everything else.
        While i don’t condone Kanye or the choices he has made in female companionship, I will say I think he is smarter than most people give him credit for being. He knows what he wants and he got it. And it wasn’t a white chick to make lightskin babies with. He wanted a consort who would put him at the top of the tabloid news on a daily basis. I think he believes that as a power couple he will have a better shot of seeing all his artistic concepts in music and fashion come to fruition. Very very different from the typical BM athlete or musician who marries white for bizarre sociological reasons.
        Lastly, he appears to be the only human on the planet who PMK is in fear of, and that’s an accomplishment. He’s like the anti-Lamar.

  16. There is no bigger sell out bed wench than the Black man. When he dies the WHITE WHORES GET THE MONEY. Repeat that 10 times fast. Yall so damn brainwashed you accept these sambos being bed wenches to white whores and giving their legacy money back to white people wake UP! He’s a sell out sambo.

  17. Just change this fools name to kanye kardashian! Kanye west has permanently left the building

  18. Kanye probably told his aunt to walk six steps behind Kim because that booty injected behind probably smells fix a flat. The booty already looks deformed and lopsided.

  19. I dont know why Kanye’s mom was trying to have all those surgeries. Sistas start loving yourselves because nobody else will.

    • Even the smartest of women care more about their appearance than what’s between their ears.

  20. Exercise and eating right helps a whole lot. Having surgery to alter your looks isn’t always the best. Kanye’s mom had underlying health issues she had no business going under the knife.

    • I agree, and f she insisted on going under the knife she should have done it in the hospital with a board certified surgeon in a OR with resuscitating capabilities.




  22. I’m just tryna say the way school need teachers, the way Kathy Lee needed Regis…

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