Jaden Smith Reppin’ Booze & Black Magic?


HSK Exclusive – An tipster has spilled some shocking info surrounding Jaden Smith, revealing the 15-year-old could be delving into the dark side of self-medication and magic!

We’re told Jaden may be heading a personal revolt against Will’s reported efforts to turn the teen out into their L Ron Hubbard world.

“Will Smith tried to convert Jaden into the Church of Scientology but he wasn’t trying to hear any of it.”

This news comes on the heels of a recently reported child services investigation into the Smiths’ parenting — stemming from a steamy IG image of 13-year-old Willow Smith lying on a bed with 20-year-old Moises Arias. Jada reacted to the press saying, “There was nothing sexual about that picture of that situation. You guys are projecting your trash, and you’re acting like covert pedophiles.”

According to our source… Will and Jada may be nervous over the fear Jaden’s alleged “heavy drinking” could be discovered.

Here’s the drop:

“Jaden is into practicing Black magic, booze and he’s also smokes pot. He’s into triangles and all kinds of weird stuff.”



      • Sex kitten programming. Breaks my heart. And before the nay sayers show up, no not everything is evil. You can wear something just because you love it. But… this isn’t a 40 yr old divorcee who loves her animal prints. Those cheetah stretch pants are being worn by a 15 year old boy. That is not normal.

        • Thank You! I am glad people are opening their eyes to all this crap. Those children have been slaves for a long time. It’s sickening.

          • The Smith children read the blogs. They know who their parents really are. They will never be controlled because they already know the deal. Only the ignorant and ill informed can be controlled. Will and Jada have their work cut out for them.

            • If sex kitten programming is involved which I believe it is then the Smith family including the kids have already lost control .The whole family is programmed.

  1. He is into what? Black Magic? Ohh Lord.
    The weed, and the drinking at 15, is bad enought.
    Did he put a curse on the last movie…it was a BIG FLOP?

    • Why does this surprize anyone? How di hell U think Will made it to the top, esp when all his recent movies tanked in the box office, yet homie still banking $20mill a flick? FOH..Will sold his asshole, his wife’s asshole, mouth & poontag and now since they are used up it’s the children’s turn..that is if they didnt get tuned out alreddy…so sad…

      • Yep, he went from a TV Sitcom, 2 a “Coming Out” Picture, (Six Degrees Of Separation) 2 $20 Mili a Picture.

        What so-called Actor in the history of Hollyweird does that?

        Will been given up da Booty 4 a loooonnnnng time.

        • What so called actor in the history of Hollywood does that?”

          Tom Hanks Bosom Buddies sitcom
          Bachelor Party
          BOOM! $20 mill a picture actor, and there has never been any tea about dude suckin’ dicks.

          When white America falls in love with an actor, then they make it big, And until recently white America was in love with Will. Why do we always have to think the worst of our own people? It’s pathological.

            • He cross dressed in Bosom Buddies. Most comedians do have to dress in drag at some point. It’s much easier to count those who prove the rule than the few exceptions

    • Neither of their parents have said they were christian. He said his grand dad would wup him if he became a Scientology but yet they built a Scientology school.

      So, is there any wonder why these kids would play around with this stuff. Both their parents plays with it. What do you expect?

  2. In the words Phaedra Parks “Fix it Jesus” these kids are all the way fug up. L Ron and Black magic go hand in hand…he use to hand out with the “magus” himself Aleister Crowley…”do what though wilt” or you’re a grown little person as a child.Same BS different wording….pray for these kids they surely gonna need this. Devil is real….

    • The Church of Scientology claimed they could cure homosexuality. Many of their members are closeted homosexuals. When they joined the church they were programmed and they divulged all of their sexual secrets. If they come out of the closet the Church will reveal what they it’s members said about their sexual pasts. This is why Will, Tom and John will never come out of the closet.

  3. Both of their kids always look depressed and Jaden does look high. I wonder if child welfare took their kids away and put them in foster care what would happen. They need to make an example of these hollyweird people.

    • “Child welfare” in the INDUSTRY is a joke it’s not the same as the child welfare in the normal citizens world.

  4. Will’s boule ass & Jada bi-polar bi-sexual ass is under spell & they will do ANYTHING for the fame, money, influence & some of Satans blessings. EVEN if it means selling their kids out & getting them to join the “Organization”. If Jaden is into black magic it would only be b/c he’s participated in satanic rituals…..REMEMBER! Will & Jada got Jaden to join Hollywood Illuminati when he did the film with Will. Jaden, even at his young age had to sign the contracts & oaths binding him to the rituals….why do you think Will & Jaden were kissing on national tv shows? B/c that was part of Jaden’s ritual as part of his oaths to do that film “After Earth”, its also why Willow backed out of the Annie film b/c she knew what it would entitle her to do…she knows what Jaden got & she aint trying to do that, but eventually she will b/c w/ parents like Will & Jada her soul is totally up for grabs & these ppl don’t believe in the Most High! Willow had some music but thats just off the act she’s Will smith daughter, they havent asked anything of her just yet, but will & jada have already subjected them to the mind control & are ritualising them by dressing them in the opposite sex clothing…its really a sexual sacrifice & thats why these kids look so far gone but at least Willow is not in the blood sacrifice world like Jaden….ask Bieber & Kendall Jenner…..OOO yea, foster care aint taken them damn kids, Charlie Sheen molests his kids & watch child porn & he still get visitation….California is run by freemasons FOR freemasons..

    • also, all this stuff coming out about her kids, but you see Jada got a new show coming out on fox now don’t she?…Will & Jada get illuminati blessings for giving their children to the “Organization”…ask Jay-z

    • You’re right Kingdom8. The kids are the sacrifice. But they are trying to turn Willow into a boy and Jaden into a girl.

      She’s gotten into something, cause she wants out of whatever it is.
      Hes got a new movie where he plays a cross dressing slave.

      No, I did not know they were giving world’s worst actress another show where she can screw her married costars. Good for her.

      These nasty ppl have worked hard to destroy these kids. Dad started with Quincy Jones.

      The pic of Willow & older boy was inappropriate. A large gap exists between 13 and 20. A 20 yo can drive, almost drink, and can be sentenced to adult time. A 13 yo doesn’t know jack and couldn’t figure it out w a map. Will & Jada set that pic up.

      • yes, that picture could have easily been set up by Will & Jada w/orders from the Elite to do that b/c they are, again a sexual sacrifice for Will & Jada so further exploiting their daughter in that way could be a ritual that Will & Jada were asked to do…humiliation is a popular ritual w/ the Elite…ask Kendall Jenner..everyone thinks that she can’t read, but in reality she has signed up for rituals too, so they want her to humiliate herself as part of her ritual to dumbfound the youth & young girls to think not being able to read & be an idiot is cute & funny…Even Paris Hilton said that they wanted her to speak in baby talk so thats what she did…when u join them, they have a ritual they want u to follow….Kanye is dressing in female clothing & worshiping Satan(Jay-z’s ritual also)…Beyonce ritual is to get females to think they dont need a man & shaking ur ass is empowerment….The Kardashians ritual is to make girls think that selling ur sex is the key to success & being a whore can be a career, also being stupid is attractive. Will & Jadas ritual is to convince blacks that they dont need the MOST HIGH to make it & believing in “alternative lifestyles”…Will calls himself an “alchemist” who can “create”, it sounds crazy & such but I went to a job interview once & the “Boss” actually was showing us that interview he did w/Tavis Smiley as encouragement on how we could sell better…yeah right!…& boss man was black too!!…So you see how these hollywood ritual ppl really do affect the minds of society.

          • No, there some truth to it. When dealing w a gossip blog you always have to take it with a grain of salt. But keep an open mind.

            • You’re right. But on occasion someone says something which is so out there and completely unverifiable. It’s dangerous to just run with hearsay when it makes no sense at all. I agree that there is truth to some of the underground stuff which is stated here tho.

        • Taylor Swift got initiated on MTV Awards when Kanye ruined her speech. they always have to be embarrassed in front of a crowd. then Beyoncé let Taylor make speech during her acceptance speech. these Smith kids r weird, though, they don’t go to school, what r they gonna do for the rest of their lives with no education, no tutoring. I know they have money, but u need some kind of teaching or something, it’s sad.

          • The only person who embarrassed themselves on MTV Awards was Kanye. It HELPED Taylor Swift’s image because all the young kids felt so bad for her and Yeezy looked like a straight up drunken fool. That was right about the time he started going downhill. So f anyone was sacrificed it was him.

            • That’s because Taylor Swift was not sacrificed, she was initiated. She made her choice and its really not debatable if she did or not because a portion of her initiation was public…to those on the know. Madonna initiated Britney and Christina Aguilera publicly as well. Once in, notice her post ritual awards show performances have all the markings: demonic imagery, militarily styled back up dancers, hypersexual posturing. And baphomet somewhere onstage. Don’t take my word for it. Look up her performances before and after Beyonce welcomed her into the fold, and see for yourself. It’s pretty obvious.

        • I saw Will Smith talking to Tavis Smiley about his teachings its on You tube an alchemist is too far out there for me .

      • I figured yall would work a sacrifice into this somehow. Don’t people ever f*ck up on their own for no good reason other than stupidity or overconfidence? Is it always part of a demonic scheme?

        • well then explain why would Will Smith be kissing his son in the mouth on not ONE, NOT TWO, BUT THREE national broadcasts if it wasn’t something demonic behind it? WAKE UP!

          • yep and on Ellen’s show.

            remember when jim carrey’s faggot bipolar ass kissed will in the mouth years aGO AND WILL NEVER COMPLAINED ABOUT IT.


            • yes & then Will knew ppl thought he was gay so they set up a fake PR stunt of the paparazzi kissin him in the mouth & he slapped him…what they call that?…Stunt Queen? lol

            • Tounge kissing / open mouth kissing ones own child is incestuous and uncalled for. Seems pretty demonic to me. Why not just kiss their cheeks. Particularly when the kid is obviously uncomfortable with it.

            • Its germy. I saw my son eating a candy fish off the floor, couldn’t believe it, he’s nine.

            • He dropped it and did not hesitate to pick it up and eat it, and still had a full bag of candy. Nope, I will be kissing him on the cheeks.

            • Lol @ 12:23…funny! But u r a reasonable person/parent. The smiths are world class freaks. Total weirdos

            • Come on yall I agree that the kiss was weird and uncomfortable, but there wasn’t any tongue. Silly.

            • Which one of the three kisses are you referring to? Because none of them was a quick peck on the lips. Don t allow yourself to be so complacent as to call it weird and silly. Be fully human and call it perverted and disgusting because that’s what it was.

  5. I don’t think Will and Jada are going to be able to get out of this trouble so easy. That photo, no matter how innocent it ay have been didn’t look good.
    At the very least, even if CPS goes away, his career will suffer somewhat. That sweet family image they have with the mainstream Middle America has been tainted.

    • Trust, as long as they do what the establishment wants,they will slither out of any and all troubles. When they dont play the game any more THAT’s when shit’ll hit the fan.

    • Will has an older son by his first marriage with Sheree Fletcher. You only occasionally see him on the red carpet with his father, but other than that, he is not in the public eye. By all accounts he’s normal and well-adjusted. I think he even goes/went to college. I’m sure Sheree has a lot to do with that. Good for her.

  6. Yeah he has a older boy with that Hollywood Ex chick. She probably didn’t like the fact that her baby daddy Will Smith was gay and doing gay acts, so that’s why that marriage ended.

    But now she’s on TV now, so go figure..

    Jada, on the other hand, was right in there doing all the gay stuff or whatever they make these gullible idiots do. That’s why they’ve lasted.

    • Yeah isn’t she a preacher it something on top of that?!? Lol smh. She def deemed a lot stronger in her faith on the first season of Hollywood exes. Now she seems just as messy and drama filled as the rest if them.

    • yes jada was doing dyke chit on that dyke show different world.

      always thought her and jasmine guy were dl lovers along with everybody else.

      will was fagging with alfonso ribero, james avery, the butler and jazzy jeff.

      can’t forget benny medinas crossdressing ass.

      • A Different World?! (that title tho) Noooooo! Well as long as Kim thick chocolate ass wasnt on no DL shit we good…

        • yes they were all doing it.

          cree summer, jasmine guy, dawnn lewis, charnele brown, all of them.

          you’ll see pics of lisa bonet and cree summer looking like dl lovers.

      • That was all Debbie Allen’s lesbian ass doing. She turnt them all out. And all her dancers too.
        She is the female Clive Davis like Missy is too.

  7. This is a damn shame…I really used to like Will and Jada. When the kids entered the pic, and got old enough, all hell broke loose. Dats effed up!!

  8. No matter how bad you think these kids have it,you can take that and multiply it by 10 and it still aint the half of it. Reality is def weirder than fiction and our imaginations cant even begin to comprehend what really goes on behind the scenes because were not that evil. May god have mercy on their souls and help them find their way to him and he into their hearts.

  9. Tom Cruise’s kids you never hear them being messy. The oldest one is a dj and they lay low in the cut. Will and Jada seem very thirsty because those movie roles dont come like they use to.

    • Tom Cruises’s black son Connor is doing great stuff. And I hear that he isn’t all into the Scientology as much as his father. He seems pretty normal. I saw him at the beach recently and he reminded me a little bit of that MIA-N.O running back with the dreads who went to Texas.

      • think tom’s daughter rebelled it recently.

        it took lisa marie damn near 40 years to realize scientology was crazy.

      • Connor Cruise’s appearance has changed so drastically. He was such a handsome boy. He could’ve been a model or actor. Now he is huge. His hair is unkempt and he looks like he gained 100 lbs. I’m not sure what’s happened to him, but something is amiss.

        • Yes, he has gained some weight. But he’s still young having a great time with his straight male friends and he just doesn’t care about looking all Hollywood and perfect. I see t as a good sign that he isn’t too deep into Scio, because they don’t favor that shit. You seldom see any Scio’s who let their appearance slide.

  10. if jaden’s getting into black magic to piss will off think again jaden needs to do research on how hubbard was into all k,inds of crazy chit like triangles and magical threesomes with men and women.

    jada said jaden was a buddisht or at least studying it when he was 9.

    scientology is a part of universalism which means anything goes.

    all new age.

    • LMMFAO, I was reading your post and the word “magical threesomes” caught my attention. I guess that means tat gold dust coochies and magic wand d!@#$ are required in those kinds of threesomes…..thanks for that one, great word…..lol

      • wish I was joking hubbard and crowley were into magicaL SEX ORGIES.


    • This kid isn’t getting into this stuff to tick them off. This kid is getting into this stuff because their pagan beliefs are opening the door to this. What they believe in is the same as magic because there is no such thing as good or bad magic.

      all of it is against God.

    • shit. I was a Buddhist for like 15 minutes in college. Sometimes kids just rebel in order to find their true selves.

      I never had no magical threesome tho-what is that?
      A woman, a man and a goat?

  11. I’m not surprised I expect to see both of them in white jackets that tie in the back I’m not shocked at all cause jada is into that witch voodoo shit so I’m not shocked at all if both my parents were sleeping with both sides of the track I’d be confused to Hollywood ain’t shit poor kids

  12. Child welfare please find out if these Smith kids are being deprived of food. I mean Jada and Will have always been skinny but these kids dont have an ounce of fat on them. I know image is everything in hollyweird but theyre just kids.

  13. Just like with any business all employees have a title and you can’t say someone is a Illuminati member without a job title to accompany it.It lower and higher status groups and either you’re a”Knight Of Columbus”,”Opus Dei”,or a “Knight Of Malta” Ask Obama.

    • Thank you for injecting some knowledge and wisdom on a subject which is frequently mentioned but seldom accurately. Illuminati is not a one size fits all organization, and very little is known of the shot callers at its highest level. They like it that way. the folks whose names are thrown about as Illuminati big wigs may be connected, by I guarantee you very few people can name an Opus Dei bigwig who s really pulling strings politically.

  14. All of the Kennedy’s were Knights Of Columbus” and John was eliminated by so-called Catholics of the Vatican for his disdain for the Vietnam War.The Illuminati has been put on the front lines as a diversion,but they also have bosses.Ask the Vatican.

  15. It’s about time Children Services has been called in. I’ve long though these kids should be looked in on by the authorities. These two kids are completely untethered from their parents so there is no telling what they’ve dabbled in or been exposed to.

  16. I believe the generational curses over these kids will be broken in the name of Jesus eventually! I just don’t know when.

  17. I was reading about this on another site yesterday. The site claimed that he and Willow are both rumored to be a part of some cult along with one of the younger Kardashian/Jenner sisters. Just google it and you will see the other sites talking about it other than this one. They supposedly call themselves the Orgonite Society. Moises Arias – the 20 year old who was in bed with Willow – supposedly introduced them to this cult. Someone or something named Osho was mentioned. There was a picture of Willow on one site reading a book called or by Osho. It’s supposedly a sex cult. Anyway, one of the sites claimed that Jaden was really into it and is trying to be more intellectual or philosophical now since he started studying it.

    • Osha or Osho is a figure in Haitan voodoo. I have heard her mentioned more than once. Candles are lit in her honor before spell casting.
      And no, I am not down with voodoo.

  18. It could all just be biological.

    I read where Jada’s mom was a heroin junkie.

    jada always looked like she was a former druggie to me. It was on this site that it was reported that she was a duffle bag chick — meaning she was a drug mule who took Amtrak up and down the Northeast Corridor with crack cocaine.

    So Jaden has found his drug of choice: alcohol, at least drug of choice for now. It is all in the genes.

  19. These kids are either be very right or very wrong–like most kids of their generation. I can say that Willow is a very deep thinker and that she should definitely be protected from all of the Hollywood drama. She’s multi-talented. She could possibly end up having emotional difficulties if she isn’t loved and protected. I’m sure that she has a therapist just to have someone who she can talk freely to. I’m really impressed by her. She tx her parents that she didn’t want to continue with touring and pursue a career yet. She just wanted to bea normal twelve year old. Will and Nada agreed. That’s good parenting.

  20. I just read that Will Smith is haitian that would explain voodoo stuff he passed down to his kids. Sak passe Will!

  21. Many that I grew up or associate with have grandparents who secretly practiced Santeria, vodun, Wicca or other esoterica – even my peeps with Southern US relatives worked “roots” and also smoked bud (rabbit tobacco). Most were political Christians/Muslim/Bahai. Wouldnt consider them any less dysfunctional or immoral than devout Catholics or Scientologists.

    Dude is probably going through that teenage rebellion phase, like most, where parents have to punch children in the throat until mid twenties before coming to the realization that mom and dad aren’t ‘so’ clueless after life experiences have kicked their asses. Or perhaps too much, too soon Hollyweirdness. And unfortunately Jada is baltimore mom

  22. Why am I always being blocked when I say the least damaging stuff. This must be an evil cult.

  23. It wouldn’t surprise me if Jaden was doing that because will and jada said they can do what they want since it is the way of scientology. Remember how Will would force kisses on Jaden in interviews? You see in the industry they prepare there children for this because they know pedos run wild in the industry and they are going to turn them out and use the children to brainwash other children and I hope Jaden and Willow wake up.

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