50 Cent Begins Countdown To Son’s 18th B-Day!

50Cents Baby Momma Blues

Baby Momma Blue$? Tick Tock!

Fiddy’s taken the liberty of putting a very public reminder to his first baby momma out there! Not only is Shaniqua Tompkins now cued to the nearly three-year mark — when those monthly $25K checks will stop rolling in — we are too!

Yup… Fif put that ish on blast, Son! This, just days after the teen son that he and Shaniqua share put Fiddy’s absence from his high school graduation on blast… AND nearly a year after a now 16-year-old Marquise also leaked that raging Father-Son text exchange to the media. Could Fif still be holding a grudge since that public humiliation?

Check it:


For those of you who may not know, Marquise Jackson is the son portrayed in “Get Rich Or Die Trying”… Nuff Said. According to the G-Unit founder’s ‘starter wife’ — who was given a $2.4M home (you know, the spot that almost burned to the ground in 2008?) — “50 had promised he would supposedly take care of her for life”. That’s the exact argument that she took Fif to court with, back in 2009.


    • In some jurisdictions child support can be ordered up to the age of 21. I believe NY is one of those states.

      • It is. Actually it can go beyond that. I personally know of a case where the custodial parent collected until the child on question was age 23 ( father paid throughout college and grad school). Judges usually access each situation on a case by case basis, factoring in the childs needs and both parents income . Courts also look at non monetary factors when it comes to support. For example if Giddy was teaching his son in the studio, or flying him around the world on tour etc, he could potentially receive a credit for those contributions to the child’s well being as well

      • Fifty is so unkind to the sista! He hasn’t said anything about the baby mama that is white that had him arrested? Willie Lynch shut up

  1. This dude is black trash and when he looks up someday, these same kids he is dogging will not be there for him.

    • Becasue we all have to pay the piper. A nursing bed is when he is going to have all his regrets.

    • Yeah she seems like a typical bird and I hope she has invested well or used the money to further education or career. Or be like the other baby mamas who stop taking trips and work two jobs after graduation.

        • You are dead wrong. Did Mr. Combs rescue her from foreclosure? I am sure Pilar Sanders will also be on a future episode of Life After: ‘When the Child-Support Checks End’

          • Puffy told Misa she is on her own. At first, I thought that was understandable, until his net worth was recently disclosed. He is worth damn near half a billion dollars. JMO, but he could’ve rescued Misa’s house as a last ditch effort. You know folks consider their BM and BD family. Since he has never married and she is the mother of his first child, I guess she thought he would throw her a bone.

            As for Pilar, Deion is dead wrong. He lives on 140 acres in Prosper, TX. He could’ve had a house built for Pilar so she could be close to their kids. He is wack.

  2. I used to like 50 Cent, but now not so much. I guess its just his public perception!

  3. 50 cent is a trouble maker what he did to rick ross buying his baby mama a furr coat buying and her children stuff as well was nasty and disgusting afterward he took them to floyed mayweather’s house for food

    • Making a sex tape with Rick Ross’ children’s mother does not constitute being generous. 50 was being spiteful. He appears extremely emotionally immature. I have never seen a male entertainer kiss and tell the way he does. It’s like he deals with certain women just to disclose what transpired between them. He is really disrespectful, and I know that will come back to haunt him someday, if it hasn’t already.

    • But Ricky Rozay don’t take care of his kids as is, no child support, he does nothing for his two kids, and hopefully a rival stepping up to the plate will provide a f*cking wake up call for that nigga

  4. I can’t wait till this dudes karma come back around, I listen to him talk, the sh*t her post on IG and read articles like this, that man is total FILTH, money or not!

  5. So agree with the anonymous who said he is black trash. He sure is. Through and through. His son is more man right now than Shitty Scents will ever be.

  6. It is sad to see a child in the middle of baby daddy/mamma drama.

    Fiddy should not be airing this shit.

    Although he gave her support and she lost in family court, remember, fiddy is a lil bitch, always thirstin’ for drama and startin’ shit.

    A man who does that don’t like mammas and children. THEY LIKE OTHER MEN.

  7. We know she doesn’t have a job because he tells the world that every time he gets a chance …Old news. She probably didn’t have a job when they were making their son but what does that have to do with NOT showing up for his son’s graduation. In spite of what people thinks about his kid or his baby’s mama 50 continues to show the world his true colors.

    He stays in beefs, running his mouth, The way he did Viv Fox, Miss Lately, Ciara…I think he hates women. Their are pictures out of him in that guys face at a basketball game-inappropriate-
    He’s been in and out of court, law suits, tearing up girlfriends furniture and apartment or what ever-the beef with Ross, Snoop Dog, Holly Robinson and I’m sure I miss some other drama.

    Now his own FLESH and especially to dishonor the women that brought him life- It should be a level of respect regardless- even if she is considered the scum of the earth-she birth Life for him.

    He is a Trouble-Some-Soul- Very unhappy with him self- In spite of his millions. MISERABLE is an understatement. I won’t be surprise if he meets fate very soon- he have sewn too many bad seeds- You must reap what you sew-that goes for all of us- the rich and famous are not exempt.

    He will pick a fight or get into something -that his grandma’s prayers will no be able to help this time. Grace and Mercy will no longer be able to save him- No one can not keep offering trouble and not be swallowed up by it’s like playing with fire. You will eventually be consumed by it.

    Wake up 50. Get a new heart. UR killing yourself.

    • Are u brand new? a new heart? he sold his soul…of course he is all bad things u can think of..whats wrong with u people? do we have to scream WAKE UP with every article?..

      • It was Kool until you said “You People” Yes we must scream wake up- maybe they will-

    • I read that like, “Who tf is Miss Lately?” You mean Chelsea Handler. That whore is no Miss. She is a whore. It’s funny that she is a ‘Miss’ but Vivica and Ciara were not given such respect.

      • LOL- yes I meant Chelsea Handler-she really loved him-she expressed so much how he played with her emotions-and how Ciara would stock them- I felt bad for her-even if she is considered a –hore-lol

        • You must not have watched Chelsea Lately. Handler has made a career of making a mockery of Black people. She acts like Black people are material for her show and not human beings. If he treated her like toilet paper, I don’t feel sorry for her. I am disgusted by the fact that he associated with her, more or less had sex with her. It shows how little self respect he has. He spoke so highly of her, yet all I ever heard her do is belittle him. Then she had Rick Ross on her show, which was obviously to spite Curtis. That’s the bed he made, so he had to lay in it. I still fail to see why she was held in such high regard, other than the fact that she is white, which isn’t a good reason.

  8. No I really don’t watch her but I did catch an episode of her talking bout 50-loving and leaving her-She was so madd- he probably added more hatred towards blacks because the way he manipulated her-got the goodies and dropped her.

    • Lol @ him manipulating her. You must not be Black. I’ve never seen a Black man manipulate a white woman to get her to be with him. It is quite the opposite, especially when it pertains to a Black man of means.

  9. Lol-yes I am black- You gotta know what I mean manipulating her- as if she’s the one and he wants to be with her. Like he did Viv-then you know it’s all a game-after he gets what he wants. Nevertheless 50 hurt a lot of women especially Viv-she didn’t deserve that-

    • I recall Vivica making some unsavory comments about 50’s parenting skills when their relationship dissolved. I think that’s what prompted him to be retaliatory in the media against her. He never really spoke of her until they broke up. IMO, she is the one who broke his heart. IDK why they broke up, but they would’ve made a serious power couple had he been just a little older, a little more mature and accustomed to the spotlight just a little longer.

    • Sis, with most men, it’s all good until they get what they want. Lol. The difference is, with a man like him, you don’t give him what he wants. You give him what he needs. He needs women to keep their orifices closed to him. He is as simple as they come. The brotha likes cranberry juice, American cheese and crackers. He eats beans and franks. He isn’t as complex and people may think he is. He needs to be taught how to love a woman, because he grew up a motherless child since the age of 8. His grandmother is the sh!t, but it isn’t the same being raised by your grandparents. I feel for him, but he really needs to stop the public shenanigans before he ends up ruining his career.

  10. Bella I so appreciate us having a healthy dialogue without disrespecting one other-after all it’s just our opinions- as far as Viv Fox- I recall reading an article about her talking about her relationship with him and how she was devastated –her father was the one who helped her through it. 50 used the excuse that she used his name for fame but we know that she was on the scene way before we knew who he was.

    It’s just his patterns-he keep showing us who he is. I remember really looking up to him another black men ruling against the spirit of poverty-now I’m in utter disgust towards him. I still thinks there is hope for him but he doesn’t think he needs help because of he is blinded by his power and money.

    • I agree with you re: admiring him. I was a huge fan of his DJ Whoo Kid mixtapes (not as much his commercial releases) and I found his business acumen extremely attractive. I wanted him to win sooooooo bad because I honestly thought he would really make a positive impact on the world. As much as you can want the best for someone, if they don’t feel worthy, it really doesn’t matter.

      I appreciate our exchange as well. I’m trying to be diplomatic, but I cannot stand Chelsea Handler. Lol. I feel the same disgust for her as I feel for George Lopez. I despise comedians who make a name for themselves on the necks and backs of Black people. You can be funny and not be offensive/disrespect an entire race of people.

  11. Yes sir- I understand LMBO- I never knew Chelsey was like that-but yet she slept with a black man or men? Don’t like black people but spend thousands of dollars to get tanned – I just don’t understand? But I do understand that I wish 50 would look inside- It’s disheartening another powerful black man-can’t handle their success-

    I believe that money and success is our birthright and when someone taps into his or her divinity-it gives us hope to those who are waiting for their turn and when he then show his ugliness on how he treats others is just a reflection of how he treats God and for 50 too make excuses for not being their for his son is something he has to live with- and his money can’t solve this one. So sad- I wish some one tell him- I hope Jackie forward this to him. The people is what help him get there-Respect us.

    • I love that sentence re: success being our birthright. No one can convince me that Black men and women are not ordained to rule the world. When you look at the contributions of Black men and women throughout history, you see repeat accounts of greatness. That’s why I will never understand or support people like the ones featured in the top story on HSK right now. Black men are allowing their sisters, mothers and wives to be disrespected, all while throwing their capes on to rescue “others.” They fail to realize that people can fetishize you, have sex with you, yet not have an iota of respect for you or your race. 50 is smart and stupid. He has a great head for business, but he chooses potential mates with his wrong head. Lol

  12. Yes they hid our history but we found it. We have ruled the world- Yes I like when you say “people fetishize you yet have no iota of you and your race” We seen it- use the slaves-feed the slaves-rape the slaves-it was not illegal to have sex with 11 year old slave girls-when they reached the age of 20 they had at least 15 children-they were promise their freedom-we were looked upon as breeder-animals not human-of course no freedom.

    Now we see it with the that coach-he donated millions of dollars to black people NAACP-hired our black men but hate us. And some of our black men with power hasn’t done anything different.

    They hate us especially black women- of course not all of you. They talk about weaves but they hate our hair-they talk about us but I don’t know not one women who has never been cheated on-Not that they don’t exist but I just don’t know of any.

    Every black women don’t have kids like me- I graduate from college but you barely read about us. Yes it rachetness- all of the reality shows- but the emphasis is always on the Black women- white women fight, they cheat, they do everything and even better than black women or any other race-but you rarely see-White men disrespecting-their women. Why do they hate us?

    • They hate because they ain’t. It is really that simple, improper grammar aside.

      Black men, specifically, need to be re-taught that Black women are not their enemies. Black men need to respect the fact that in today’s day and age, most women strive to be more than wives and/or mothers. Most women will outlive their husbands, so we better be educated enough to know how to manage a household beyond cooking, cleaning and child rearing. Men fail to realize that, if they are married and cannot work, their wives will likely be the ones expected to step up and sustain their households unless and until the men are able to work again. The male ego is a real piece of work. They desire a woman who is independent/self sufficient, but when she has her own keys to her own home, a vehicle that rivals his, an education, an impressive résumé/CV, he wants to try to compete with her. We were created to enhance one another, not compete with each other. I truly don’t understand how most people function in today’s so-called society, so I keep my distance.

    • re: the NAACP accepting donations from Donald Sterling, all that proves is how corrupt Black “leaders” are. We don’t appoint these people as our leaders, because people with natural leadership qualities don’t look to others for approval or leadership. Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan, Umar Johnson and the NAACP all exist to throw us off of the scent of the U.S. govt. They are all morally corrupt and would do anything for $1.

  13. This convo w/u really spark hope again-It’s more than refreshing for you to acknowledge flaws in our race especially our black men and not attack me. Yes I just had this convo with someone-about men being jealous of women-I never thought that it existed but I experienced it first hand and was thrown back.

    We need more people like you in this world. We were design to help build not tear down. Only if the men and women of power especially of this world’s power can get it but we must be the light that’s all we can do-be the light. I hope that I cross your path again and you will soon read of each other’s accomplishments.

    Bless you and let’s hold up the light. I wish we can continue this dialogue off the record for just the purpose of enlightenment. I want 50 to win on a spiritual level and this have nothing to do with his money. When we leave this dimension money has no value. Yes I know grammatically incorrect but emphatic-

    • I would not attack a fellow woman of color, especially over a difference of opinion or perspective.

      I don’t feel personally attacked by Black men who generalize and stereotype Black women. I pray for them and treat them as individuals, albeit ignorant individuals. Some Black men men are so anti-Black nowadays that they are now attacking the very wombs that enabled them to live and breathe. It is asinine that they are so aloof and brainwashed, that they cannot see how they are sabotaging themselves! The lack of knowledge, coupled with lack of formal education, inability or lack of desire to be responsible men, fathers, husbands and citizens is disheartening and alarming. As a man, I don’t see how one can relish in material possessions yet ignore the needs of his child(ren) and/or family. That is an abomination before God. 50 and men who share his thoughts and actions really better humble themselves, because the wrath of God is real. The Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away. Without his money, what will he have?

      It has been a pleasure chatting with you. Have a blessed rest of your day!

  14. P.S. I love Black men, I just wish they’d rise above the obstacles that have been placed before them. Leave the drugs, strippers, prostitutes, pornography and overall degenerate behavior alone. They need to know their worth.

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