Vivica Fox is on FIRE! Kenya Moore Beware Of An OG To This Game!

    Vivica Foxx vs Kenya Moore

    Vivica just leveled Kenya Moore, putting the RHOA on blast as the thief who lifted her jack.

    Buss it:

    Vivica Foxx Blows Kenya Moore Back

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    1. I thought the same thing when I read the title This sites advertising makes it damn near impossible to post!!

    2. Kenya needs to sit her old ass down somewhere! She just hasn’t come across the right bitch yet to verbally put her in her place & whoop that ass. Is it really true she got fired off RHOA??

      • Bitch shut da f*ck up! Kenya is educated an well spoken an aint gon stoop to your kind if trash thot! Put it like this hoe… I’ ll help her whoop yo ass! Shut the f*ck up Jealous ugly bald head Bitch! Vivica mad at her surgeon…. Hacked face bitch!

        • Coon Moe…you need to invest some time in reading, and stop watching TV….sick of these hoodrats..i cant any more sorry…

    3. Nothing worse than two old tricks arguing about a phone. This probably is a publicity stunt but black women really need to stop portraying themselves so ratchetly in public. We have enough problems already without these old, plastic heathens adding to it.

      • SOME black women need to stop portraying themselves so ratchetly in public. Stop stereotyping all black women based upon the bullshit you see on “reality TV.” As already stated this is most likely a stunt to try to get people to tune into racist ass Donald Trumps failing show. Even if it isn’t a stunt stop maligning ALL black women by the acts of these two. People like you make me sick.

    4. Is vivica and crazy chris the same person? They both misspell tongue the same way.

    5. I don’t know about this one. They might be attention seeking fame whores, the lot of ’em. But I do believe Kenya stole her phone. civics has a pay check. Kenya is the hard up one, w her crazy ass

      • Bitch kenya doin waaaaaay better finacially than yo ass so Stop it! Bum ass bitch! Lol Foh dusty hoe!

        • Shut up Kenya, you geriatric old cunt. Take your diseased puddy tat and go back to turning 5k tricks in Vegas you pathetic old thot

          • Bitch 5 gs is better than the $50 he gave you to suck an blow his ass. An the bitch ass nigga cosigning with u is one of the dancers from the Pop dat boy p*ssy video! Lol Cosigning bullshit wit yo gay ass! I just slapt you with my dildo bitch! Now suck the mothaf*cka an make it cream!

    6. Ladies, Ladies , Ladies….
      Must we act like Jr High?

      Have your Lawyer call her. Dont lower yourself to this
      battle by Twitter.


    7. Donald Trump knows Black women wildin out on tv is good for his show so let the f***kery begin!

    8. What the hell happened to Vivica Fox’s career? In the 90’s, she was competing with Halle to become the token go to black actress. For some reason, her career fell off, along with her face. Now she is a f*cking embarrassment, similar to other 90’s black actresses like Lark Voorhies, Jasmine Guy and Stacey Dash. It’s tragic that Vivica has to resort to coonery bullshit like this just to cash a check! She f*cked up big time!

      • Viv went DOWNHILL Fast! after she tried to post up with Fiddy. It looked like a cheap stunt and she played HERSELF!! Foxy should have played ‘Classy’. She was in line to be the next goto Black movie actress. A couple good roles in major movies would have helped her cross the line from ghetto to blockbuster. Whoever is managing her career is STUPID!! They kept her low budget ‘black’ movies instead of sending her to pro acting classes to step up her game. She blew it and I slowly see Rosario Dawson holding out for the quality films that should have been Viv’s. Her “Sell By” date has passed.

        • Agreed. The power of having a good acting coach is REAL.

          Plus- I semi- think that Viv plays around in the white powder every now and again.. Under the guise of medicine for all her plastic surgery….that might explain her ‘tirades’.

          Please also add the following actresses to your step their game up list:
          Reagan Gomez Preston
          Elise Neal
          Essence Atkins
          Rachel True
          Countess Vaughn
          And Basically every black sitcom actress from the 90’s.

          • Damn now I agree with YOU!! All of those chicks knew they’re werent at the top of the acting game PLUS they had to know that was partly because of their lack of top level skills. A couple on that list should have KNOWN they needed more work (Doing ‘B’ level movies and projects). Why they refused to get some pro acting help is beyond me. I guess they got the ‘Big-Head’ and thought they didnt need ANYBODYS help. Stupid and Stubborn (and now Broke and Gone…). Viv was RIGHT THERE though. She had the name, building fanbase and the smart/sassy look at the time. All she needed was to tone down the over-acting and improve her abilty to convey real emotion – All she needed was motivation and the right acting coach. She *REALLY* blew it BIGTIME!!

            • Or they did not want to continue on the casting couch or continue doing perverse things to get to the next level .

            • So true.

              If you haven’t gotten a B.A. or M.F.A. in Theatre or Drama, then you might as well lay on the casting couch.

              And a lot of these black women should have known from the 1990s shit was gonna change up.

      • You all seem oblivious to the fact that women (black or white) are pretty
        much shut out of Hollywood after the age of 40. With the roles for black
        women being few and far betweeen to begin with, you can’t expect
        Vivica (who is nearly 50) to pull the same type of roles she did when she
        was in her 20s and 30s. But she still does pretty good. I’m sure she is
        far from broke or desparate. Check her IMDB. She stays working. On top of
        that, Vivica, Lark, Essence, Rachel, etc. were never mainstream or
        headliners to begin with. Most of them have been in small-medium
        sized projects but none of them were ever “A” list (not that they should not
        have been). Actresses and actors are just like any other product on the
        market and have a life cycle. For black females that life cycle is very
        short. Vivica also produces a lot of straight to video features. Now people like
        to crack jokes about straight to video but there’s a lot of money to be

        • Sorry the text on the above post is f*cked up but so is Jacky’s auto reloader so I had to type my comment and then paste it in here to even get it to go through. Get rid of that damned auto reloader.

          • Most folks just ignore the typos caused by the auto refresh. anyway, I agree with you. I was flipping through channels and she was hosting some type of funniest video show. She seems determined to keep the cash rolling in and she ain’t too proud to take small jobs either.

          • No prob on text. Type into Notepad then turn OFF WordWrap before you [Select All/Copy/Paste] – That how I do my long texts…

      • Exactly! She f*cked her face an was tryin to make 50 deadbeat ass a husband! Stupid dumb bitch! She burnt up lol

        • Stfu. So sick of your dumbassed rants. Fucking one woman . Bitch, Kenya done sold ass, stolen, got evicted, lied, made up family members and she Craycray as fuk and u stay on here talking your Kenya cute…Kenya well spoken, she smart. My ass , bitch. Stop cooinng for Massa Andy .

              • Looky here Queen EBT………please take your Aid check back to your pissy projects and go jack yo mama’s dick!

              • Omg…Queen EBT!!! Bitch just got a high tech upgrade from her aid check. ROTFLMBAO!!!

          • She did everything yo momma wished she did! Including regretin having yo ho ass! Fuck you bitch an if i rattled you like that? You should b paying me bitch! Go to hell hoe! I bet yo nigga if you got one? Is f*ckin a Man! Suck my dick! Cry me a river bitch! FUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCVCK YOU!

            • Lol…the only thing rattling is your teeth while both your latest tricks blow your back out at the same time, you filthy scalawag. My mama doesn’t regret me. I’m the screen saver on her laptop. U can’t say the same can you, Krazee Kenya?

          • Tired ass bum ass bitch! Why u worried bout my viewpoint? Losing ass bitch. One woman army… Dats right! Go get f*cked by a animal bitch! Team Kenya an whoever dont like it! Go smoke a straightshooter! Fuck yall Im too good to be checkin bum rats! Come harder cuz this Sag is on fire!

            • Bitch plz, checking bum bitch’s is apparently your life. You notorious for jumping on here yelling about the virtues(ahem.) Of kenya Moore , like anyone gives a shit. U know u don’t have shit else to do while u wait for that aid check to come . Loser ass illiterate hoe.

              • But u care cuz u crying! Go f*ck a Horse bitch! Worry bout yo $ an why yo man f*ckin me bitch! Hoe f*ck you… Stupid retard ass bitch! Herpe mouth hoe! Lol

      • Kenya ain’t beautiful. She needs a layer of spakle on her skin. Her ass, boobs, eye color is fake and I.don’t know why people talk that long hair shit because she wears pieces plenty. And if she has a chanelbag she probably stole it. Or one of het johns gave it to her. We know she didn’t get it from her mama. Bwahhhahhaahaaa

        • Broke bum hoez need to be quiet! You loser type bitch! Velvet dog shit looks better than yo funky ass! You r jealous an even with pieces ? Kenya hair still longer than yours! Bum hoe! Beyooooooooouuuuuuch!

    9. Vivica need to sit her old plastic looking self in a corner. This is a PR stunt and a way to get some attention…she must have another soon to failed sitcom coming ahead.

    10. For real, if I had to choose, I’d rather look like Kenya any day over Vivica. She’s way prettier and less surgified in the face.

    11. Big made a lil paper producing straight to DVD bullshit but classy women dont do fitty

    12. I believe this was staged. Black people have to do the most on these shows. Donald Trump is getting more publicity for his show. What happened to Vivica Fox? I guess no more roles in hollyweird and too much plastic surgery.

    13. Reject vivica need to be Fightin an shootin the mothaf*cka who hyjacked her face! The bitch look like a Zoo kerper! Gon Kenya!

    14. Vivica mad cuz she Ruined her face an career! Epic fail! Fuck her an Fuck you if u dont agree! Beyooooooooooucccccch! Chitown we da Best!

    15. Is vivicas health ok? Her face and eyes look as she has just left radiation or dialysis lately. Not old age look but as if something is going on internally.

      • and then kick her own azz for marrying that fake no job having rapper she had to pay to get rid of.

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