Tyson Twerkin’ Beckford Signs-On as ‘Diamond’ in the NEW ‘Players Club’

Tyson Beckford Chocolate City Stripper

Model Tyson’s gearing up to turn-up up whatever they call the level beyond ratchet. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Michael Jai White who’s reported to be in talks to join the cast, featuring Tyson’s taking to the pole in the upcoming movie called “Chocolate City”.

Is Lee Daniels doing this? I don’t even care to look.

Here’s the latest from Deadline:

“Tyson Beckford and Michael Jai White are in negotiations…

The story is about a college student who turns to stripping to make ends meet, but struggles with his moral choices. Tyson Beckford will play an older stripper upstaged by the new kid on the block and Michael Jai White is cast as the club owner.”

Chocolate City is set to begin filming in June.”


  1. used to like tyson beckford before i knew he took up with a skanky looking white women

    why do these exotic looking nergo’s alway take up with leather hand bags??

    • That’s what I was thinking. Enticement for the gay crowd. I won’t be supporting it.

    • Do you notice that garbage bag looking codpiece thing kind of looks like a giant camel toe?

  2. Hollywood’s mission is to effeminize, humiliate and destroy black men! I’m not surprised this movie got the green light. What surprises me is that Michael Jai White signed on for the movie. He must really need the check.

    • You can’t humiliate someone who won’t allow it. Tyson fell off because he has a shitty attitude. I’ve seen him royally disrespect people who were big fans of his. He went from being a Ralph Lauren Polo model to modeling for USPA. If that doesn’t tell all…

      This film reads like a gay porn. Tiger Tyson must be the director.

    • I dunno. There don’t seem to be a lot of money in that and the money is what they want.

  3. basically the film is about men shaking their dicks around??? is there gonna be any women?? in the movie??? any drag queens???

    • LOL – I know, right? A production budget of $7 million and a box office take of nearly $170 million. WHAT reason would they have to do this movie???

      I hate to disappoint some of the haters posting here, but gay and DL men aren’t the main target audience for this any more than they are for Thunder Down Under in Vegas or any of the Ladies Nights at clubs aound the country where they have muscular men in skimpy outfits shakin’ their dicks. Y’all need to get out more often and enjoy yourselves or that scowl on your faces will become permanent.

      • Lol well stated. Sounds like a chick flick girls night out movie. I know I would get the side eye if I asked to see this on date night :). Refreshing to see a man who looks good shirtless. Wonder if Tyson will stuff with a sock?

  4. ^^^I just told you why hollywood is doing this! The gay mafia doesn’t want to see us in a strong masculine role. They want to see us wearing dresses. They want to see us act like buffoons (Kevin Hart). Now they want to see us damn near naked playing a stripper. By the way, Tyson is over 40, why is he playing a college student?

      • Don’t nobody want to see an “older” stripper. If you’re still stripping in your 30’s and 40’s then you didn’t manage your money right in your 20’s. Fools and their money are soon parted.

        • Matthew McConahauy is nearly 40 and he was the star of Magic Mike and I didn’t hear no women complain he was too old.

    • Exactly, No disrespect to women but they are not the target audience here. First off any woman with her Gaydar dialed in properly, gets the alarm anytime they see TB. hollywierd knows this. Why would any woman See this dud and run to the movie looking at this guy knowing he don’t want no paaaaaaarts of the pussee. For the last 5 plus years, when the media puts the name TB out there you will alway see gay or DL in the next few words. This cock sucker said out of his own mouth that ” if he was gay, he would go for president Obama “. No real man can even answer a question like that because there is no man that you would go for. it’s something that you can’t wrap your mind around because ther is no way. So yeah he has that gay/DL thing going and hollywierd knows this, they know exactly what they are doing. If this movie was meant for women, they would have cast a dude that does not have that gay stigma attached to them. They know tat the gays will con see it and tey will get the women who ignore that facts and chose Think that it was meant for then. But women are not the target audience here…..sorry but that’s the real.

        • Yeah, lately when I go play basketball, somebody hollers out, who Ol skool, it took me a month to figure out that I was Ol Skool. ….lol. But I still give em the bizness….LMMFAO

          • ROTFL!!! Awwwww! Nothing wrong with being in possession of sound morals and values, ELTHP. If we could clone you, we would. <3

      • Michael Sam is nice looking with a great body, and if he was in the strip club wouldn’t nobody know he’s a gay.

        • Michael Sam is hit. He needs to call 1-800-Dentist and get that grill fixed. I’m glad he is gay. He could give a woman a hysterectomy if he ever went down on one. Smh

  5. Ya’ll are going to find something wrong with everything. They are actors…Let them act!

    • Really? Yeah, they are actors, and its their job.

      But Hollyweird is pushing an agenda on this (and every) movie.

      Its audience is women and gay men. Who has more money to blow on movies? Gay men with disposible income ..

      I wont support it

      • Then they should red light this production stat if you wont support it, smh. WOMEN will go. And there’s way more of us than gay men. damn.
        I’s pay just to see Michael Jai White clip his toenails for an hour.

      • Gay men have more disposable income?.I need stats on that. Look, its simple .If you disagree with the portrayal of black me men is this movie..DON’T GO SEE IT!

  6. ….but where’s his dick?…….seriously I’m looking at them tight ass bikini briefs and I don’t see it.

  7. Skrippas are gross. Especially male strippas. They all are , or end up gay and prostitutes. I don’t have a quarter for their nasty asses.

    • bwahahaha….
      damn you can’t break a brotha off twenty-five cents?….. that’s. jacked up. I’ll put at least five singles on it.

  8. damn holly wood is making black men wear lipstick and a wig just for kicks just like back in the day when they made black actors act dumb and coony just for kicks

  9. …Judging from the description of the movie, it sounds like the male version of ‘The Player’s Club’ *shrugs*

    • Wait, did they just change the title of this article? If so, lol They knew just like I did this shit sounded like a ‘Player’s Club’ rehash, only with less ‘Dollar Bill.’


  10. I think Shemar Moore, Micheal Ealy, or Laz Alonso would be good for the movie. I dont see Tyson bringing in the ratings. He’s old news.

  11. I remember Tyson back in the day. It known here in Ny that he was a freak…with dudes.

    • I agree,they need somebody to play the role who can make us believe it. His penis is way too small.

      • Did you see Boogie Nights? They can make a prosthetic one as big as Long Dong Silver out of silicone and plastic and you can’t tell the difference.

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