Actress Reveals Her Role As Aaliyah In Upcoming Biopic

Tristin Mays As Aaliyah

“Getting the chance to portray someone I’ve always loved and admired so much was a blessing.”

Her name is Tristin Mays, and from the images she posted the actress appears to have a striking resemblance to the late Aaliyah. No word yet on details behind the flick: “The Aaliyah Story” — but you can bet HSK will bring you more info as it becomes available…

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  1. The hollywood industry will do anything for money! They will murder a celebrity, then make a movie about them. Randy Quaid warned us about this. Damon Dash, R Kelly and all of Aaliyah’s family shuld burn in hell for what they did to that girl!

  2. She is a pretty chick, but she does not look like Aaliyah at all! A few years ago I remember reading an article about an upcoming Aaliyah flick featuring a chick that looks just like her. What was her name? Does anybody remember?

  3. this chick doesn’t look nothing like aailyah these lite skin/half breeds need to take a chill pill anyway

    in john legend’s his first music video he had a chick who looked just like aailyah

    • This girl does not resemble Aaliyah. She looks like a younger Persia White (Lynn from Girlfriends). That may explain why she wasn’t cast as Aaliyah.

  4. Ummm hLf breeds? Excuse me asshole but they aren’t dogs. Smh. No she doesn’t look like Aaliyah AT ALL..but damn calling her a dog was over the top.

  5. I just looked at her pictures on IMDB. This chick is not black! She looks like Jessica Alba. What kind of bullshit is hollywood trying to pull? They got some non black chick playing Aaliyah? What the f*ck?

    • She is a creole beauty from New Orleans. She may be light but she is A/A. She was also in The Lion King and Gullah Gullah. BLACK roles.
      Don’t hate.


        • No, she was not that young.

          She died from childhood leukemia and she was half-black and half-Dominican.

          They couldn’t find a bone marrow match and she died.

    • I here you. Everything is being white washed. Let’s just hope she is a good actress

  6. they had Angelina Jolie play a biracial women in a movie no one complained about it

        • You are correct. I had forgotten about A Mighty Heart where she played a woman of Jewish/Dutch/Afro Cuban descent.

      • Angelina Jolie played a black woman (Marianne Pearl) in the movie A Mighty Heart. Not one black person complained about it.

        • wow sooner or later white people will be playing black role just like minstrels

          white women play stunt doubles for black women because their no black stunt double

    • Yeah, that was back when the world was drinking Jolie’s bathwater and conveniently forgetting the fact she walked around with Billy Bob Thornton’s blood in a vial around her neck years before pasty, skinny, love-drunk white teen vampires would come back in style

  7. I thought this role was given to Keisha Chante’from 106&Park a few years back.What happened?

  8. Im honestly not trying to start stuff, but that actress looks mixed(latin/black). It only matters because they said they found a pretty close match, I see more of Kelly Rowland or Soloange in the facial features. Hell all they had to do for Prince Harry look alike was die his hair red that is a close match!

    • They couldn’t sell tickets and put butts in the seats. Gotta make the money back.

  9. Theres no such thing as a biracial or mixed looks. There are many blacks who are light skin and both parents are black. This is just sickening how everyone is ruled to be half black.

    • I think you are half right. As someone with a daughter who is part Jewish(Safartic/Aryan) and has strains of red,blonde and golden hair, you can look at her and tell she part black. Yes by the nose! AND ITS MY HUSBANDS! (She got my height weight and inability to eat wheat) Safartic Jews come from Africa, and if we believe in what we are told us about human evolution, then white people also come from Africa. Notice how some white people have pig noses, some just have big noses. There is no such thing as a black nose because it can be found on others…… possibly through mixing longer than we know about. This goes for ALL PEOPLE ON EARTH!

  10. Pretty girl but doesnt look like baby girl. i dont take issue with her look since people who are classified as black have full spectrum features and backgrounds. Aaliyah had some type of mixture you can tell from her maternal granny, her brothers eyes and the back length hair as a toddler. Dont think Lupita with a weave will be believable. Hope Tristin does the role justice. Grew up listening to Aaliyah in middle school.

    • Lupita with a weave is a stretch. There are plenty of light skin to caramel sisters with long hair. We just want the chick to embody aaliyah.

      • Tristan is light brown, long faced and big headed with a slim body. Eva Pigford is caramel to me but complexions are relative. Her childhood photos from Gullah Gullah island doesnt differ much from Aaliyah’s besides hair texture and if Angela Bassett portrayed Coretta Scott and Denzel Malcolm X than Tristin should do ok. She needs to dye her hair back Black and wear that lipstick which makes lips temporarily look like meagan good’s. The comments are merited if a Jessica Alba-esque person with muted features that disassociated from any part of their non-Euro lineage were selected. Unfortunately not going to find a clone or exact admixture from #Team Lightskin and if she is a dynamic actress appearance wont matter.

        • It seems that true essence of this project is going to be lost. This seems to be a trend that is passed off as cultural diversity. But it seems more like white washing.

          • It’s happened in music, the original frequency of many a music genres have been forever tarnished. Point well taken about Angela and denzel’ s portrayals.

            • To be fair there maybe an aaliyah spitting image out there but she may not be that great of an actor. Hopefully this young lady was chosen because of her acting ability and not because she is the “light” version of aaliyah.

  11. This girl does not resemble Aaliyah. Aaliyah was a brown complexian sista and miss thang here complexion is Beyonce’s complexion. That’s like Zoe Saldana playing Nina Simone. Who are they trying to fool.

    • Like non imporante said, Denzel don’t look anything like Malcolm, but nobody complained about that. Skin tone shouldn’t be the most important factor. They might do her like they did Lena Horne and darken her with makeup.

  12. Did you know that Aaliyah’s dad died over a year ago and her mom is stricken with cancer. Pray for this family. Her brother Rashad I haven’t heard anything about except he’s openly gay.

    • Yeah, it was posted on here not too long ago.

      As for the girl, she kinda looks like Aaliyah in the bottom pic, even if it’s black & white. Not sure if I’ll see this movie, though I must say Tracy Morgan in a fat suit and fake fingerwaves would play the hell out of Missy Elliott…

  13. Remember the vh1 tlc movie they had Evan Ross play Dallas Austin. No comparison there. I just hope they dont mess up the Tupac movie. You hear me John Singleton!

  14. tristin has black and indian ancestry she descended from the gullas who were black.

  15. we wanna see justin timberlake play james brown because we know that whiteboy has soul.

    robin thicke as rick james yeah thats it.

    miley cyrus plays aaliyah and she’ll have black men eating her bony ass out.

  16. Don’t remember the girl’s name who played Malik’s little sister Poochie on “The Game” but she looks more like Aaliyah than any one of those chicks..


  18. She is prettier than Aliyah, I look like her. Al was not all that pretty, more like average, saw her in person. And she was a promiscuous girl who practiced the dark arts. May she rest in peace.

  19. @witchcraft is real- the lolita girl? Yesthe second pic? Nope and just for the record I hated will smith playing ALI!

  20. Or fantasia for nina simone ! Or that girl with that new song out I think her name is ALGEBRA something

  21. If there’s any one that resembles Liyah to the T it’s an American idol contestant named LISA TUCKER, she looks more like aaliyah then that Canadian girl who host 106 & park with Bow wow!

  22. Lisa as someone above stated, acted on BET’s “The Game” as Hosea Sanchez aka Mahalik’s character younger half sister, she needs a break out role, & this would most definitely be it!

  23. I never pined over an ex so it is hard for me to have empathy especially if the person who did you wrong gave you two beautiful kids in a perfect boy girl ratio, 20k a monthly and a career boost. There are other short dark muscular funny in a juvenile way in the sea. Probably had one of those old school grannies who foolishly endured drama and waited on the porch each day come hell or high water for a sorry ass ninja bc marriage is sacred. 🙂

    • Ok thought i was on the torrei hart thread. Dammit, so Lupita is still in the running to play baby girl…

  24. Tiffany evans could possibly play a younger version of Aaliyah, she too resembles Liyah alot especially, when she, Tiffany acted in that Tyler Perry movie DOMBW!

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