Iggy Azalea BOMBS DWTS: “Hip Hop is Run By A White, Blonde, Australian Woman”


“Making a name for yourself as a woman in hip hop is laudable enough, forget the fact that she is a white, blonde, Australian woman. In a genre dominated almost exclusively by African American men she sticks out like a statuesque thumb.” ~Forbes

HSK Exclusive – We’ve caught Iggy Azalea’s camp dead in their cover-up tracks, scrambling to bury YouTube video of the Aussie’s bombed DWTS performance. During our digging, we discovered a number of YouTube postings — featuring the self-noted “SLAVE-MASTER” losing her wack flow… before saying “I’m so sorry, but there’s something wrong with my ears”. 

“Azealia Banks [the first Azealia, nuff said] took issue with Iggy’s lyrics on the song “D.R.U.G.S.” where she rapped, “Tire marks, tire marks, finish line with the fire marks. When the relay starts, I’m a runaway slave-master. Iggy later apologized for the lyrics saying it was “tacky and careless.”


Our exclusive findings, which come on the heels of “The New Classic” one’s camp apparent boss’ up move on Forbes… for doing NOTHING, other than telling the TRUTH! Go Figure! Forbes is proven to have backed down… compromised… however you wanna put it. Know why? Because the title that once read “Hip Hop Is Run By A White, Blonde, Australian Woman” now reads “Hip-Hop’s Unlikely New Star: A White, Blonde, Australian Woman”.

Here’s what Forbes had to say about it:



  1. funny how asp rocky had the nerve to tell black women not to wear red lipstick while his white ex girlfriend is wearing it and it do’t even suit her how funny

    • Ahhh yo Iggy go and get a tan! You look like a ghost! Now to the brothas that put this disaster on are so stupid! We(Niggas with a little prestige and cheddar) are always helping others.
      This chick is GARBAGE and really is she fine? Hmmm fake ass and she still gets credit for being fine?
      Not attractive AT ALL! No hating or shading just calling it like I see it!

      • white women are overrated just like white men

        not sure why n1gga’s are humping them

      • Your man Snitch, I mean Clifford Harris, put her on. As it was explained to me, Iggy exists to give white people an alternative to Nicki Minaj. They want her to be the next Nicki, but it will never happen. Nicki will sing her bubblegum pop songs and perform her nursery school rhymes, but Nicki has talent. Plastic surgery and skin bleaching aside, she is also BEAUTIFUL. I’m so glad she stopped dressing like a Harajuku harlot and is now presenting herself like the star she is. Iggy better enjoy the little bit of attention she is getting, because she will never be a star.

        Angel Haze has a spread in the May 2014 Elle. Azealia Banks has been a cover girl for many a publications. Iggy has a fake ass and a dusty looking boyfriend in Nick Young. That’s all.

        • TI was NOT SMART FOR THIS! I understand his business strategy however please make sure they are talented. Eminem is the only white rapper that deserves respect for the game! Iggy aint it and TI I am so disappointed in you! #Trailorparkbarbiewannabe=Iggy

          • Oh boy. Eminem. The governments secret weapon.

            They tried with Vanilla Ice and Marky Mark but Em had what the govt was really looking for..

            A soft asa..

            • Comparing Marky Mark and Vanilla Ice to Eminem is like comparing Chief Keef to Tupac.

              They share only 2 traits, skin color and gender.

          • Eminem deserves respect for what, exactly? Please enlighten me. I love how Black rappers from Detroit, such as Slum Village, were pivotal in putting Detroit on the map in hip hop, yet despite their lyrical abilities, high quality production and numerous dope album releases, they are not synonymous with Detroit, but Eminem is. I will not be sipping that Kool-Aid.

            • Well, for one thing you have to sell product to become iconic. That doesn’t mean that there are not incredibly talented people who are never heard by the masses, there are, but those people don’t put a city on the map, so to speak. Other than the Motown artists, I don’t think anyone is more synonymous with Detroit than Marshall Mathers.

              It’s not about sipping Kool Aid, it’s about the appreciation of art. I don’t care for Picasso, but I understand his contribution to the cultural arts. I have never once met any rapper or hip hop artist regardless of sex or race who didn’t have mad props for Eminem. Just last week I watched a YouTube vid of Rakim who said that if Em were black, he would be judged hands down as the best of all time. Of course, taste is subjective, but when Rakim says that, how could anyone who likes the genre not at least recognize his skills?

            • Anon 11:19

              I wasn’t comparing. MM & VI were the first 2 that the government (our govt) tried out to program the white masses. But they didnt pan out.

              You know, for the PRIVATE PRISONS that HIP HOP BUILT.

              The black masses already had their own rappers by the early 90’s. Whites needed corrupted too.

              So, they found Em. Or he found them. Either way, TPTB saw something in Em.

              Pls remember he rapped about drugs, kidnapping, raping, torturing his baby mama. LET A BLACK RAPPER SAY THAT STUFF. He will be in jail. Screw the First Amendment.

              Talent be damned. Em had a role to fulfill. And everyone who is giving him his due props is as mind controlled as Em is!

              Now this Iggy dummy – shes just got no business rapping.

            • eminem copied his style from esham who was talking about killing fetuses, raping, and drugs 10 years before eminerm hit the scene.

              esham influenced insane clown posse.

              mc breed, top autority, and the dayton family were all good rappers but all detroit talk about is eminem.

            • That’s cause MC Breed was from Flint. Big difference from the “D”. Still talented though. Rip

        • Nicki and Iggy suck ass. Neither of those bitches have talent (apart from blowing record exec’s)

          • And Eminem is corny as f*ck. He’s actually over-rated because he’s white. There are hundreds of underground rappers that would DESTROY him lyrically.

            • If Eminem was black he would just be another rapper. No real rap fan can take that corn ball seriously. He f*cking sucks donkey dick.

            • Thank you. I have never been an Eminem fan. As for the Anon above claiming Rakim gave Eminem props, I would have to side eye Rakim and ask Rakim who sprinkled crack in his blunt.

          • Yep, Iggy is with Swaggy P. I’m so glad the Clippers dropped him. Lol. Is that mean?

            • I wouldn’t call that negro a cab. That’s what he calls himself. He is more like No Swag. He cannot dress and his hair is always unkempt.

              ::Lela Rochon voice:: “A white woman can have your sorry ass, Troy!” Lol.

            • Lol, I think him and awhile woman took point on that suggestion. I just saw where that’s what he calls himself on twitter…lol. Damn, these dudes have no standards. Self esteem non existent.

            • I understand why they do what they do. They are young, corny and feeling themselves. They are not polished. People invested time into developing him into a professional athlete while ignoring the fact that he would prayerfully mature into a man, businessman, husband, father, etc. That’s the trap that catches so many young Black men like Nick. He wants to be young, fly and flashy. The future feels like 100 years from tomorrow. Being thorough is not part of his M.O.

            • Now THAT was a brilliant post Bella. You truly called it accurately. I have a lot of empathy for the young men who are thrown into the maelstrom of fame and money with absolutely no preparation and coping skills(yes fame and shine are entities which require a degree of coping.)
              sticky keys be damned! lol

  2. What exactly was the scandal with DWTS? Her equipment failed and she couldn’t hear the track?

  3. what’s soo damn good about a white leather bags acting to raper like a black women jeez ???

    fed up of white women thinking is soo damn easy being a black women is hard

    • Being a Black Women is Everything! Thats y they mad an paying for our features… Sistahs… We have Every reason to feel like we da shit! Take notes! One.

        • We are so much more than lips and booty. That’s the concept that even young Black women fail to grasp. Our spiritual and physical strength, intelligence, strength of character, maternal qualities, etc. are attributes that they can NEVER buy, replicate or possess unless they choose to hone in on what lies deep within them as women. White women are very intimidated by good Black women. They want so badly to emulate us, but all they have accessible to them are hair extensions, breast implants, tanning salons, collagen, Brazilian butt lifts and weak Black men. Lol

        • IDKY white women wanna be black women, and black men wanna be white women…

          Cant we all just take what God gave us & feel blessed?

          Hey Bella.. time to find us a strong Latin man!!! They love women’s bodies4vvv

          • I missed this post. IDK about a Latin man. It depends on what country he is from. TBH, I would probably fare better with a foreign man.


  4. Well at least she apologized for the goof. Guess we should all cancel our subscriptions to forbes in protest 🙂 this song is the prom track of the year so sick of my teeny bopper relatives playing it though I like the beat and fake gwen stefani hook.

    • Yea, you know they want to completely lock down Hip Hop. Eminem is loosing steam and having a white girl who’ll be willing to jiggle a few chocolate joysticks for “the team” may help secure the win they’re looking for. They know she’ll appeal to the thirsty that long for that white meat(lol) and she’ll recieve compliance. She’s just another trojan horse. I’ll be glad when black folks learn to catch on to the fact that we get the shit used out of us by people who come thru and act like they f*ck with us and once they get their bread or fame they aint thinking about our ass. Artist like Pink come to mind. Someone knows we want to be embraced badly by others and they use that shit to get us in positions to be exploited as well as cause internal stryfe between out people. Iggy as an artist is really no different than any other basic chic putting up songs on the internet(shit some of them are probably better). Thing is she’ll get moey put behind her from the establishment and the zombies will believe she is the end all and from there they’ll have her suckering fans into buying whatever merchandise and taking on whatever ideology they want to be put out here. Entertainment industry is some f*cked up shit and probably always has been the place where new public brainwashing schemes get developed for various agendas.

  5. They are really pushing this thing. I’m really surprised of how much pushing they’re doing.

        • ‘Bytch you ain’t no Barbie/I see you work at Arby’s’, lyrics that rival Jean Grae or Bahamadia. She is from Oakland so I thought her ‘hood affiliation’ would carry her through a minimum 2 albums.

          • Hardcore females rappers don’t make much noise over here. Nikki had some shine for awhile.

            • People out here like the salt n pepa kinda of style. I really hope iggy doesn’t blow up here.

  6. This is one ugly drunk bitch. The definition of A SLORE if there ever was one.

    I look at this shit and I say, there goes YT stealing again from Black folk.

    And this shouldn’t surprise anyone. Australia was founded by convicts. The entire damn country was a penal colony. White trash who treat the aborigines like shit and now, obviously feel the need to steal swag from black rappers.

  7. Iggy, and other women like her need to chill out with the foolishness. Do these women actually know and understand what blackwomen deal with day to day? A lot of women copy black female culture, that’s not a shock to anybody. But, the slave master ish tells the real story. She will never be an Original Woman…It’s Eating Her Up!!!

    • Sistahs shudnt embrace this wanna be rachet hoe, We should really call the thot out an let the bitch know, She is wack an if she talk slick ? Stomp da bitch!

      • @Queen Moe

        Sistas need to understand this basic concept. Whitewomen see us as easy access to fame and fortune. Whites have no culture, so, where do they turn to Come Up?…Black Folk!

        • Ty that is bullshit. I know more white women than I wish to, and don’t any of them want a black man regardless of the size of his wallet. You are talking about a tiny minority of newly rich dudes in the spotlight, and all women are throwing themselves at them. Asian, white, black and Latin. Pookie round the way isn’t having any problem fending off the Beckys of the world and you know it. Ny the way, have you ever been to a St Patricks Day party or an Italian street festival or a Cinco de Mayo party? What in the blue hell do you mean that whte folks got no culture of their own? Italians eat drink sleep and party Italian 24/7.

          • @Anonymous

            The same Italians who claim to be Non-White…Yeeeeeah! So, all the so-called Latinas in hip-hop videos is accidental? Arab whitewomen in France fawning over blackmen, That’s A Coincidence? You miss the bigger picture. These white chicks are serious about this s**t, they’re trying to replace sistas, not just coexist.

      • @Anonymous

        She’s trying to appeal to blackmen, no different than Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian. They stick to the formula…Transform into white chicolate, and the brothas will come. Both women are multi-millionaires because they turned themselves into white blackwomen…Peep Game Sistas!

        • are the brothas 14 year old white girls? because that’s who is buying her shit and causing her to blow up. Black men aren’t buying it. They may want to bang her, but that isn’t bringing any money into her label. She is obviously being marketed similarly to Eminem-to rebellious suburban wigga wannabes who hate their parents. She is no threat to black women of any substance, any more than Eminem was any threat to black rappers with talent. Talent will always shine through.

          • @Anonymous

            Excellent Points! The whitemen that run global media will never cease with the bs…Never! It’s good to get this out in the open, Why? Our chickens are coming home to roost, and it’s not a pleasant sight to see. I see thru it, but every brotha is not wise in that way. What more do we have to prove? Our women provide all that we need and want, no need to play mind games with Becky…Real Talk!

        • We don’t need to peep game about J. Lo or Kim K. They aren’t shacking up with Black women, using us and taking our money, Tyrone. Black men need to take note and stop falling for such tricksters.

          • @Bella

            Hell Yeah, They’re Tricksters! What i was trying to say indirectly, no disrespect intended B. We’re falling behind, and all some negros think about is smashing other women. Some on this blog want to ignore this issue…No! We will have a healthy deate about blackmen who hate black and brown women…Yes!


            • Hey, Ty. No disrespect taken and no disrespect intended. You are on my short list of favorites. Lol

  8. LOL what do they mean by success? Her selling 60,000 in the first week? Is that what they are calling success today? Or the fact that this fraud is able to get away with mimicking black female rappers from the South when she is white and isn’t even American? Or the fact that she has fooled some dumb whites and even blacks into believing she is actually good at what she does? White people have to be the least innovative creatures on the earth. They do nothing but steal from other cultures, especially black people. And Hip Hop is officially dead. When white women like this broad start getting shine like this, it’s over. Hip Hop is wack now. Time for blacks to create a new genre of music. The only reason she is on anyway is because of all the black peen she has probably sucked and because of coons like T.I. and Beyonce who helped push her.

    • @SelfMade

      Well Said…Iggy Is A Sign! The puppetmasters start pushing white females in a genre dominated by blacks…The End Is Near!!!

      • Shit JT and faggy thicke won best r and b at billboard. Yall aint pain attention it’s chess not checkers

      • @Anonymous

        Iggy has stuck around because blackmen in hip-hop love smashing naive white chicks with false expectations. Smashing negros will make her a blackwoman and rich at the same damn’ time. Mike Will Made It and his boys ran thru Miley Cyrus…Turned Her Out! Anytime they want some white sugar, Miley will spread her thighs…All this stupidity because she wants to be Erica, Stacy, Patrice, Kenya, Antonique, etc.

        • The thing is, I dont believe this broad is naive. I believe she’s playing possum and using these dumb ass niggas for comeups. When she gets where she wants she’ll probably fall back and get on some snob shit.

        • Tyrone you’re starting to sound like a female again. No black dude have ever met is as concerned as you are about who other black men get down with. Women on the other hand, all day every day.

          Come out of the closet “Ty”. Fresh yourself at last. I ‘m not even convinced you are black. You sound like some Deniro type dude who fetishizes black women for their personal kink.

          • @Anonymous

            I throw stones at you negros because swirling ain’t doing jack for our race. Yeah, i used to be a knucklehead…p***y is p***y and all that jazz. To hell with the ass-kissing. We trying to make other men look bad, but, we ain’t got shit. Talk crap about Ty all you want, i’m still gonna hit you in the chest. My mental is beyond the bulls**t!!!

        • Ty, when Britney was smashing Columbus Short her backup dancer, was she looking to get rich or be black herself? Just wondering how your theory works in those cases where the woman has more than the man.

          • @Anonymous

            Britney is from “The South.” Again, blackwomen are in denial about this ish. Stop being slaves to statistics. Music is a vivid example. Today, Katy Perry and Adele have kicked Sistas to the curb without blinking. And you wanna debate me on this issue…Come on Sis?

    • Word up! An selfmade…. you on a Roll brotha! Keep tellin it like it is lol! Selfmade 4 President!

  9. She will bounce back with no problem, due to the black entertainers who issue statements in her defense. Smh

  10. F this poser with her fake name wannabe looking fix a flat injected ass. Jimmy Iovine go kill ya self this bitch aint nuttin close to Tupac.

  11. I’m not understanding why everyone is tripping. She is a Blonde White woman. Of course Whites will be more interested in her. Just like Blacks are more interested in blacks

  12. I have no respect for these dirty sluts who try to be something their not. Yes Im speaking to them bitches Iggy, Amber Rose, Miley Virus and the Kartrashians.

  13. Remember when Pink came out posing to be something she wasnt. She had more of an r&b sound then she left laface and is doing rock/pop now.





      • Treach was living out his white ghettogirl fantasies too ask Peppa hahaha old tea but still funny

    • She switched over to her ‘Angry, Boyish Rock Dyke’ persona prior to leaving LaFace, but yeah.

  14. Im waiting for a down south female rapper to destroy this Iggy bitch. Trina, Jackie O, Khia where yall at? Destroy this bitch you hear. Send her fake silicone dick sucking ass back to Australia because her visa done expired!

    • Out of that list, possibly Jacki-O. Trina isn’t even good with her various Ghostwriters, and Khia the Krocodile found some new live game in the Everglades, so she’s booked until Fall.

    • who wants to hear trina, jacki, and khia seriously all they did was sell sex and talk about dudes eating them out but they’re better than iggy.

      anybody’s better than iggy.

  15. female rappers don’t last long in the rap game.

    gwen stefanis hip hop phase did’nt last.

    iggy will pass soon she better keep sucking black dick cause thats all who support her besides the gays.

    • I think Stefani’s ‘Hip-Hop phase’ was just that–A phase or experiment, and with songs like ‘Luxurious’ and her hook-singing on Eve’s ‘Let Me Blow Your Mind,’ she was much better at it than this Australian Gecko. But yeah, it sure took Gwen long enough to get tired of the same ‘ole ska.





  16. I like Azealia Banks her music is way better than this Iggy chic. Iggy tries too hard. You could only be fake for so long. I give this chic Iggy another year or two and someone else will take her place. Dont believe me ask Lady Gaga!

    • I felt so alone until now, Azaelia Banks is slept on. The idgaf attitude hinders her but she has a dynamic flow that can rival twista and busta and is witty as hell (‘ i guess that cunt gettin eaten’ comes out of left field in 212 as you are nodding along). 1991 is one of my workout songs. Sadly, she is harder and reps Harlem better than gay azz A$ap crew. Eve cosigned Banks skills and brushed off Iggy.

      • Azealia has skills. I love Fantasea. By the time folks wake up and recognize how dope she is, it may be too late for her.

  17. She is perfect for self hating down low closeted BM which is about 70% of rap. They floss white beards too stupid to understand they’d get MORE respect if they kept in it the family.

  18. Another WHITE DEVIL begging to be black

    White women don’t like black men they like black DICK…..she’s a blantant racist……she likes the passionate black dick, the culture, the attitude the style…….when will black people get brave and give them a taste of their own medicine….??????? Quit waiting for GOD…..”God helps those who help themselves”

    Who mocks black people by calling herself a slave master and then pretends to not be racist by sexing black people..???

    She’s a USER…….WHITE WOMEN are professional GOLD DIGGERS

    • Disclaimer* You have to be on the path in order for God to help you. Transformation of the mind is dependent upon activating the pineal gland.

  19. There’s nothing special about pink p*ssy…..BLACK LOVE is the most powerful love there is!!!!!!!

  20. Black people are blessed with the most passion……….i.e melanin…….the less melanin the less passion


  21. Sister Zara Alli gave a deep interview about the metaphysics of melanin. It was very informative.

    • Notice how the promotion of Darwinism is socially acceptable, but the melanin theory is considered a farce. There is allegedly no scientific proof supporting melanin being the key to the Black man and woman’s superiority, yet Charles Darwin’s unsubstantiated theories are acceptable. God bless Amerikkka.

      • Darwin was a demonic Satanist and I don’t believe none of that shit! We didn’t come from no monkeys.
        The only book that matters is the Holy Bible and it didn’t say nothing about no Darwin. If God would have wanted us to know about Darwin he would have wrote it in the Bible. Praise God.

        • I never said you believe in Darwin’s theories. I merely pointed out how the promotion of Black inferiority is socially acceptable, while the suggestion of Black superiority is “scientifically unsubstantiated.”

          • Calm down. If you relax your fighting stance just a little bit you will see that person above was actually agreeing w you. They didn’t think you follow Darwinism. Damn calm down. Also just for the record, people like to skip over one very essential part of Darwin’s survival of the fittest species theory…he said that given the proper conditions the slave could easily become the master. IJS. Remember, these “illuminated” types like Darwin know Exactly who the real Israelites are. They know it to this day.

            • Why are you replying for them if they aren’t you? I was by no means in a “fighting stance.” The tone of their reply was my no means pleasant, and I responded the way I felt appropriate.

            • Because I can. You don’t set the rules here either. Some of what you say is spot on but at times you have a snottiness that is offensive. Young minds are on here taking this in. I would hate for them to be so turned off by your tone, they skip over the message entirely. My idea is not to go back and forth with you, I’m merely pointing it out.

            • 10:52:

              You should check your own tone and words before you attempt to correct anyone else. If I agree with someone, there’s a problem. If I disagree with them, there’s a problem. I understand that people here having a problem with me, a complete stranger. Guess what?!. That’s THEIR problem.

      • @Bella

        Melanin Is The Source…No Doubt! It makes us who we are. Despite all the trials and tribulations, our foreparents never stopped loving each other. Us reclaiming our humanity and sexuality, that takes time. God gave us the best, but, we don’t see his grace upon thee. I love being black, don’t wanna lose it for anybody or anything. But, we gotta flip the script. Sistas love themselves, we don’t…It Scares Me Deeply! We still got time to change, but, ain’t no guarantees in life.

  22. In my day we usta beat ppl ass for talkin that slavemaster shit. Times dun changed. Soft ass kneegrows.

    • Not me I’m too brave. I’ve learnt that God is neutral, if you want His/Her help you better do the job yourself and hope for the best!

  23. I wrote it in English. If anything I was applauding your strength……..it simply meant if you want God to help you you have to help yourself

    • This is the perfect place for “Bible thumping.” I am so grateful for the God-fearing, conscious people on this site. It is a blessing. We are spoonfed so many things that attack our spirits as people and our psyches. I am happy to see those who know better encourage others who don’t know better to seek better so they can do better.

      Don’t think that these narcissistic pseudo celebs that Jacky posts stories about don’t visit his blog. I am certain they do, because I’ve seen them respond to his stories on Twitter.

      I hope Jhonni, Mimi, Nikko and people like them learn that they are more than sex and their orientation. They are complete beings who can achieve greatness if they use their minds for a proper purpose. People need to learn to be IN the world, not OF it.

      • And folks like Iggy perpetuating a female Al Jolson 2014 rap shtick need to know that they will not be tolerated by those of us whom they wish to spoof. Black folks need to stop supporting and encouraging such buffoonery.

        • How do you suggest that we stop her? We ain’t buy her music anyways. What can we do?

    • Who are you to create the rules? We can talk about what we wanna talk about. its jackys blog. he removes comments if he wants to. , so stop policing, it ain’t your place to do so.

      • Honey(s), were all gonna need Jesus real soon. Crappy hip hop music is just the tip of what “they ” are doing to us..

        Off topic, but like that damn YOLO. You only live once fool, so be as nasty, ignant, and detrimental to your own future as you can!!

        These kids and adults who should know better out here looking, acting, sounding stupid and raising children to follow in their footsteps.


  24. It’s got nothing to do with the bible……..it’s everything to do with the laws of nature, Melanin, pineal gland, dark matter etc etc etc etc etc etc

    Hide knowledge in a book, black people will never find it……..they’ll use their Melanin for anger rather then progression.

  25. Both the bible and religion as black folk know it were “gifts” from the slavemaster. You wanna keep worshipping what the enemy gave us be my guest.

    • Please stop with the nonsense. The Bible was given to us by Israelites who were mainly darkskinned people – not white Europeans. Now try again.

      • agree& 1 must keep in mind giving us spiritual food was only a business decision.they couldnt completely kill our spirits what good would we have been to them then

  26. @Bella I hope you don’t mind me tagging you…………

    Laws of nature is in our essence……….some just want to continue living with their eyes wide shut…thank god for your existence…..keep spreading the word, I sure know I will!!!!

    • S:

      I have no problem with you or anyone else tagging me, as long as we can mutually respect each other. Please don’t believe the occasional trolls on here who suggest otherwise. I’ve had people post about me and say I made comments that I never made or they were just disrespectful to women in general, so I chose to disassociate myself from them. I don’t play in mud, so I don’t expect to ever get dirty.

      God bless you for spreading His good word and for not allowing the devil to vex your spirit via cowardly anonymous attacks so early in the day. Stay blessed and focused!

  27. Conscious and bible thumping are incongruent. Those who are truly conscious would have far too many questions about the origins of both the bible and organized religion to ever follow it blindly.

    • I’m sorry you missed the sarcasm in my response re: “Bible thumping.” Acknowledging God or the word of God is by no means Bible thumping. It is our job as believers to speak the name of God, speak His word and live in accordance with His will as best as we possibly can. You can be inclined to disagree, but many of us know that human nature causes some believers to interpret the word as they see fit.

    • I’ve tried to teach you guys the process. Just like Beyonce and her clique are desperately doing so. Put the puzzles together. Observe yourself, other people and your surroundings. The clues are all around. It’s a difficult road to walk. “first find the kingdom” (pineal gland i.e third eye). The digestive system is important-the body and mind are connected.

      You lot can insult me all you want; but I’m smart enough to know you must follow that one straight road.

    • God is colorless. None of us will see God until we perish from this Earth. God is in all creation. We know we didn’t plant these trees, hatch these birds, pave these streets, build these houses, etc. When you respect God, you respect life and ALL creation. You may not like it, but you respect it.

      Are you referring to Jesus re: color?

      • Nor did we hang those helpless negroes from those trees or rape those babies. Nor did we paint that stained glass with blonde hair and blue eyes. No worries.

        • Thanks for avoiding my question. I assume you were referring to Jesus. I have seen different depictions of Jesus. If you’ve so much as perused a Bible, you know it says he had bronze skin and hair like wool. His image doesn’t concern me as much as his actions. He was selfless. I wish I could aspire to such greatness.

        • That false depiction of the righteous black man we refer to as Jesus stems from wealthy renaissance era European men , de Medici in particular, who commissioned the paintings to reflect popular persons of their day, and in some cases their lovers. But there are also numerous orthodox depictions of black Madonnas and Jesus

  28. It’s amazing how you churchy types give him all of the credit and none of the blame.

  29. I see you learned a new phrase. Now use your gland and your third eye and question everything the white man has told you.

        • Thank God I am a wake……….I had to struggle to understand this knowledge but I got there eventually………I feel sorry for you, a little cause the rest of me is too smug to give a shit…

          Don’t worry I won’t effect you, I was merely scaring you. I understand about karma……

          The walk on the path is narrow, have to keep it clean!!!!

    • Why should S deviate from what he or she knows? The majority of the people on this site allege intellectual superiority based on “the white man’s knowledge,” aka their college education. They allege things to be factual based on books they’ve read that are published and written by complete strangers. Most don’t base their comments on personal experiences, but rather “information” obtained from other gossip sites. Don’t single S out. Bring ’em all out.

  30. Oooh. I’m scared. Grow up. Your immaturity is disturbing. The world is filled with ppl with differing opinions. You gonna put a spell on all of em? Funny a minute ago you was all godly and shit.

    • You still don’t get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im not threatening you I’m telling you fact……….God is magic you idiot

    • The power of God will turn a naysayer into a believer. Know this.

      It was ok to antagonize S or any other believer a few minutes ago, but when S stood firm and let it be know that he or she will not be HSK’s footstool, now he or she is issuing threats?! Lol. Far from it. You got hit, it hurt, you hollered, we heard you, now bandage your wounds.

      • Not hit nor hurt. You both preach that holier than thou crap then a second later cussin a muthaf*cker out and threatening him or her. Hypocrisy at its finest.

        • It’s difficult to threaten someone when you have no access to them. And last I checked, I responded to you and everyone else sans profanity. I used the word ‘whore’ in response to Kim K. Is ‘harlot’ more to your liking? Lol.

      • your brilliant, your eloquent, everything you say is right, now stfu. Had enuff of your hollering.
        Gotta bandage my eyes from reading your bs.

          • That’s your perception. I don’t perceive anyone here as a threat because I don’t give them that authority over my life. How can someone who doesn’t know you effectuate a threat against you? Clearly, S’s spirit is strong. He or she invoked the power of God, IMO, and let their naysayers know that the naysayers will have to deal with the wrath of God. Who’s mad?

          • You have a real problem admitting when you’re wrong. Threatening someone is a crime whether or not the recipient feels threatened or not. Clearly s hurled a threat not a perceived threat but your god complex sized ego will not let you admit that fact.

            • You don’t know me. I correct myself all the time, and when I misstate things, which I did a few times this week, I thanked the people who corrected my mistakes. You’re studying me but you have a problem with me. God bless you.

        • So it’s ok to belittle my comment? When I stand up for myself you can’t take it? Scroll up you’ll see that i wrote karma is part of this process, I have to keep my path clean.

          I bet you’re white………..white people invented double standards…it’s ok for you lot to treat people any how?!!?!?

  31. Why was my comment about the pineal gland deleted……….the true is too much!!!!!!!!!

    I still know something you don’t know!!!!!!!

    • I’m the lone one using my handle, but there are numerous Anonymous people. Occasionally, I have a clone, but they rarely appear.

  32. I would appreciate some of the Anons posting by the names we know them as. They think they can mask the tone of their words or actions behind “Anonymous” postings, but they are so transparent. Sticky keys, anyone?

  33. She is probably another fraud and some Caucasian’s are becoming rappers because they see there is a profit in it.

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