Who’s Jacky Talking About? – March 3, 2015


The mother of today’s blind item is commonly known in New Orleans as a slumlord by her neighbors.

Our blind item and his mother own and manage numerous rental properties in the 504, and word is, they treat their tenants like trash. Don’t believe me.. Ask Birdman.

Here’s what a source revealed:

“Him and mom are slumlords. They got people living in sh*t and they don’t care. In front of one of their rented homes, sits a SUV sitting on bricks. They don’t take care of the properties that they rent out.”


    • Real question is why is a birdman snitching he knew this all along now he owe ppl paper he wants too dish gossip lil gangster rappers !!! LMAO

  1. Your wild claims about who is and who isn’t dont get a response anymore. No one cares. Please find either a new tactic or a new website to ply ur bullshit.

  2. Anonymous 03:36 My damn microwave is f*cking up my Lean Cuisines. I wonder if Crista is behind that shit too?

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  4. Lil Wayne and his mother.. Keep these Blind items coming please and make sure that they are nice and juicy…lol

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