Mo’Nique Says Lee Daniels Was The One Who Blackballed Her


Mo’Nique said in a interview that it wasn’t Hollywood that blackballed her; it was Lee Daniels. Mo’Nique went on to say that Daniels, is upset at her, because she didn’t mention his name the night she won the Academy Award.

Here’s what Mo’Nique said:

“People were saying, ‘Someone needs to teach Mo’Nique a lesson because she’s not playing the game, and she’s gonna get in her own way of winning this award, because it seems like she’s choosing her family over Hollywood.’ I don’t think Hollywood has turned his nose up to me. I think that those are feelings that Mr. Daniels is having.

Lee said, ‘You know, there were things that Mo’Nique — she didn’t thank the producers and she didn’t thank the studio, and that’s just not things that you do.’ Well, it had nothing to do with the producers, nor the studio. Mr. Daniels had a problem that I didn’t say his name the night of the Oscar awards.

I appreciate that comment because he’s absolutely right — it is show business. A game does have to be played. But why can’t we play the fair game? Why can’t we play the right game? If you’re asking, am I willing to put my integrity on the line for Hollywood? No.”


  1. Time to shut up & move on before something happens to u.

    • Yep, unless its not Monique leaking these interviews
      Its kind of odd how we havent heard anything from her then all of a sudden we getting pieces of this interview day by day
      Seem like it could be possibly some1 else leaking these old ass interviews

      • this site isogus. just the othe day, ey claimed Mo’nique’s husband had er blackballed lmao

        • It wasn’t just this blog saying that tho. A lot of blogs had that story . I think that’s why Monique responded, she didn’t want her husband being blamed. I thought all along it was Lee Daniels . Something about that quote he gave, about her hurting herself…those aren’t the words of a friend. If her attitude really was hurtling her he could have discussed that with her privately and left it at that. Evil queen.

    • Mo is a fat black loud ho and that is all she’ll ever play. End of story. Who doesn’t get that?

    • She:s playing big black women. OPRAH replaced her in Selma. MONIQUE ain’t taking roles from Jennifer Lawrence or Beyonce.

  2. it does make sense because He did call Her and told Her She’s black balled.

    what these celebs need to understand is Hollywood might be all fun and games but it’s a dog eat dog world
    everyone’s in a competition and some people fight dirty.
    jealous celeb’s will have their rival’s black balled or black listed sake of jealousy

    Lee Daniels looks shade when He said he doesn’t like black people that’s when black people should of listen, why
    would you spend your earned hard money on person who hate your races?? the majority of people who watch His movies are black people

    • Well Mr.Lee Daniels can hate all the black folks he wants because he hates himself.Too bad he has to look in the mirror and face himself.Enjoy the demonic industry Mr.Daniels they fooled you into believing you are someone worthy and your riches are not secure or eternal … it up to all who think it’s all glitter and gold .Monique better count her blessings and get the hell outta that industry.

    • Lee Daniels is the norm in an industry that is scared to death of blackmen who actually love their people and have a backbone. This sad reality I had to acknowledge years ago. On top of that, being gay and black is a tornado as is. Hollywood wants us to fork over our dollars to them while presenting us with black actors that have malice for our people. Empire has garnered a lot of pub and ratings, and that’s good. A majority black drama doing it big, Who is against that? However, if Lee thinks that stabbing Mo’Nique in the back is supposed to gain him some stripes…He’s Mistaken! If it was some other Sista in the game maybe, not B-More! The thing is, Taraji doesn’t deserve this. She hella talented from the jump, so, for her shine to be dimmed because Lee got in his feelings due to a moment in time is shortsighted. Mo’Nique may not be loved by The Boule, but we love her same way. My advice to Daniels…Straighten This S**t Out!

  3. If Lee Daniels black balled Mo’Nique why was she offered the roll of Cookie on Empire..She said he offered her the script first…After the Oscars..Hello!This story doesn’t make sense!

    • I think he was toying with her. Trying to teach her a lesson about being humble. He doesn’t want sexual favors from her but he does require that she kiss his gay mafia ass.

      • Well apparently Terence Howard spent the “weekend” with Lee Daniels to secure that role. I’ve read a blind on another site that T.P. & T.H. are having a sexual affair. *tilt head and shrug shoulders*.

    • Lee Daniels offered her the role then “claimed” CBS took it away, it’s a reason he wanted to make that movie precious, you’re lookin at a self-hating c00n out to steal, kill & destroy…

  4. Be quiet Monique!! Megan Fox was blackballed for bad mouthing her Transformers director, but after a while she was given another chance– because she kept her big mouth shut. Ssssoooo be quiet.

    • Megan fox likened her Jewish director,Michael Bay,to Hitler
      That’s why she was blackballed for 5 years and she was the next “It” girl

      Monique has an sense of entitlement

      • she may have been an “it girl”, but she sure as hell couldnt act. Which maybe the real reason she faded away.

  5. I thought the same thing…if she was whiteballed …why was she supposidly offered a role on empire.

  6. What now Monique?continuously Speak’en on it constantly isn’t helping anything

  7. Lee Daniels is the new Tyler Perry – a gay nigga used by Jhews to make cooned out films. If Daniels were not gay, they would not need him…

  8. When this story first came out it was easy to surmise Lee was the person who blackballed Monique but she isn’t as innocent in all this as she’s trying to make herself seem. At this point she’ll be lucky if they let her perform on the comedy circuit.

    • I predict that she’ll never act again after this. She best be polishing her stand up routine, because that’s where her future is now.

    • At this point, unless she sacrifices Lee Daniels, it won’t be enough for her to get a SAG gig. Talk about burning your bridges. Next she’ll be outing Tyler Perry and Oprah.

      • “If you’re asking, am I willing to put my integrity on the line for Hollywood? No”

        I mean COME ON is this B serious??? Didn’t this dumb fool play a nasty disgusting bitch mama in Precious? And she STILL things she has some integrity left? Hahaha!?? These type black people give me jokes for real.

        Now she got a problems when the fruits of her selling out didn’t come to pass. SMH.

        The only blood sacrifice she’s making is coming from the all the fried chicken buckets she’s been crying into as she eats.

        • She had zero integrity when she did the Parkers. What woman, who’s not on a reality show, would chase after some male that’s not into her? Then some of the storylines made fun of her weight. Really? Caught her stand-up once and it sounded like a typical bff conversation. Not funny.

          Obviously not for me but can she shut it down already? At this point, she would be lucky to get a small part in one of those church plays that air on Sundays.

        • Here’s the thing about the movie Precious: its a powerful movie. Moving and raw. I cannot stand Lee Daniels and most of what he puts out is just watered down perversions. But Precious gives voice to a certain type of victim: those who survive horrific childhood or domestic abuse. When I saw the movie I was touched but what has remained with me was the sight of this older affluent looking couple that remained behind as most filed out of the theatre. She sobbed quietly into his shirt. He held her tightly and didn’t say a word. See, many folks have survived and deserve the cleansing or maybe closure a movie like that provides. Remember Lee Daniels did not write it. It’s based on the novel “Push” which I read in 48 hours, it was that engrossing. I think Monique did her job as an actress bringing that Monster of a mother to life. She’s an actress. Doesn’t it require integrity and skill to bring that to life. That’s her craft right? The mother character is not a coon in any fashion. She just a base funky nasty ass bitch who sacrafices her child’s health and well being because she herself is evil. But should actresses not play such women. Charlize Theron played a lesbian serial killer in Monster and won an Oscar for it.

            • Yeah cuz she’s a mother. But Have you heard that she has incestuous relationships? Or abuses her kids or keeps a dirty house? What part was true to life?

  9. I really have a problem with Monique feigning all this integrity. She is a weak woman with no self-worth she married into a union knowing full well her husband would not be faithful to her. So you won’t lose your integrity for Hollywood but lost your mind for your husband who ruined your career and never respected you in the first place?


      PLUS SHE WAS PHUKKING GERALD LEVERT WHEN HE WAS MArried and well that’s no moral;s right there.

      so Monique either did not fully participate in a sex ritual hell everybody has limits.

      but then again she had the big head she thought she was better than everybody cause she won that damn Oscar.

      giving everybody demands oh she thought she was in the 20 million club couldn’t tell her nothing.

      her and countess vaughnn can do the reality show circuit together now.

  10. How come Lee Daniels is the only offering her jobs???? She must be poison
    She doesn’t have an agent?

    • because Monique is a lets say urban actress and only him and tyler perry cast all the black actors and actresses.

      Monique though had a rare opportunity to crossover but she messed up.

  11. To me Monique always seemed to be load and a bit extra. When she had her talk show and you saw her personality, she was somewhat annoying…I was’nt impressed. We have enough unpleasant stereotypes to deal with and I did not want her representing black woman.

  12. Lee Daniel is a tired azz queen that keep a bunch of shit going all he does is talk about black women like a dog he was @ aids function that black women where sponsoring this nut had the nerves 2 say he thou he was @ welfare office b cause of all these black women n attended this sissy needs 2 sit his azz down somewhere hollywood could care less abt his black azz they luvin him now b cause of empire but when the rating drop his azz will b history

  13. If Lee has anything do to with all this..shame on him. If its all because she did’nt mention his name like she stated…he really needs to grow up.

  14. remember ladies thank lee faggot ass for your roles if you work for him fags have fraghile egos.

  15. Remember when Paul Mooney ( may have misspelled his last name ) was on her talk, and He mentioned about the “baphomet ” hand signs?? He warned her.

  16. don’t let that fool you Monique been aROUND TOO LONG NOT TO KNOW THE HAND SIGN.



    • @Angela @crazychris. When did all this happen? I’m gonna have to look it all up. But these fools generally like to play dumb because they know black folks don’t like that shit.

    • @Crazy Chris : You’re correct in regards. What’s interesting that Paul M. put out there for the viewers to see. She was fumbling with her hands.

    • Yup Chris I remember that episode and watching her pretend like she didn’t know what was up. How do you win an Oscar and not thank the director that caste you. I’m not a fan of any of Hollywood’s awards but she played herself. She can’t blame anything but her ego for being in the outs. She took herself too serious way to soon.

    • Can someone go in details about the baphomet. I was listening to one of bobby hemmit old videos on youtube and he said that the baphomet actually came from the black moors but whitey took the ancient symbol and made it evil.

  17. Mo needs to remember the saying “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”. She needs to do some networking to find out who in hollyweird with power hates Lee and join forces with them.

    When you are dealing with huge egos, the only way to take them down (or at least get around them) is with power.

    The mighty Lee will fall, and people like Mo and others that he shat upon will be looking down at him!

  18. I cannot stand Lee Daniels, “Precious ” was a disgusting film and I refuse to . watch any other movie he’s made. I was planning on not watching “Empire” but when I heard that Danny Strong created it and Taraji was in it I gave it a chance. If that show was left to Daniels it would be horrible and he needs to cool it on the interviews before he talks too much and turn fans away from Empire. ( I like Danny Strong because he wrote that Sarah Palin movie and that was well done). I will continue to side eye Daniels his mouth loose

  19. Monique lost a lot of weight, but she didn’t lose the big mouth and Over inflated ego!!!

  20. They need to start a support group for real talented black women who can’t get work cuz they don’t understand that Hollyweird don’t respect talent and it is just a paycheck, not some grand l’ouevre d’art. I’m talkin’ to Janet Hubert and M’nique to be charter members.

  21. real talk, I’m not defending sissy ass Lee Daniels at all…BUT……Monique is Full of shit with her funky ass. You sold your Integrity when did that minus ass negative Percious movie…. So go tell that poor righteous teacher bullshit to some dumb nigga…you trying to expose them same Devils you was riding with. Please don’t compare this idiot to Janet Hubert situation….. Nowhere near the same.
    If That Queen was still feeding you…this wouldn’t be news. Fake ass bitch

  22. Lee daniels is trying not to be …rude to her. I think she should move along

  23. so why is this in the news I dont think Monique has been missed all that much anyway

  24. Pets don’t have the power to blacklist. The Studio execs and the gatekeepers do. That is who blackballed Monique! Lee Daniels is holywood’s number ne pet negro. They love him because he is following their orders to a tee. I urge my fellow brothers and sistas not to support any projects that are produced by Lee Daniels. That man is a self hating coon!

  25. She was very nice to me the night of my birthday when she owned the club here in baltimore in the early 90’s …she was a major sweetheart!..hollyweird must turn people evil

  26. Monique ass got caught slipping. She trusted Tyler and Lee. She should know you can trust no faggot. they worst than broads when it come to being loyal. The same shady shit they used to pull with her, they did against her.

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