Nick Young Defends Iggy Azalea Against ESPN Anchor


Los Angeles Laker, Nick Young, hopped on twitter to lash out at ESPN anchor Robert Flore. Know why? Because, Flores used his final word to say that the NBA players girlfriend, Iggy Azalea, is destroying hip hop.

Here’s what Robert Flores said on national television:

“We learned that according to the Lakers’ Nick Young, a dolphin recently tried to kill him. So Nick, while dolphins are trying to kill you, your girlfriend’s trying to kill hip-hop.”

Here’s Nick Young responding:

“Its cool to talk about me all day any day I find [sic] with that, I can take a joke.. That what I do joke, but I didn’t see the point of that.”


    • His
      comment reflects his intellect! Yas sur boss I’s gwind to potect Ms Iggy! Sell out house nigga have multiple seats! Iggy isn’t a good rapper. She is killin hip hop in a negative manner.

    • Uh huh and while we’re waiting that for that to happen that noise that it has become is flat out annoying and ridiculous. I take No pride in it and I get absolutely nothing out of it so to me the current state of it is dead..but thanks for the link. The book looks interesting and informative!

  1. it’s truly sad when a poor deluded nicca defend their wrinkly snow bunnies. what black men don’t understand is white women won’t do the same. if you think that then your sadly pathetic.

    Nick young is what you call dumb nicca, iggy is using him to look cool like most up and coming
    white women do, they use black men as a come up, many white women have used black man for fame.

    when it’s black women she’s whore or gold digger, but when it’s white women it’s ok!?

  2. I dont mind him dissin Iggy..its open season and that duck…keep firing shot until she drops. She has no place in hip hop…she is a racist and she needs to get the hell out of town. As for that silly NBA fool…where is his mother at…my sons know better not to bring home a white girl.

  3. Nick Young’s people should be schooling this guy on white whores using him for a career boost and come up. Black males are so excited to have white and whiter looking women giving up the p*ssy to them that they think everything is good. If they knew their recent history, they would ask why?

    This ho comes from Australia – a nation that rivals the US and other Anglo countries in racism, and you can bet there are not many mixed unions out there. With whores like this, now I am seeing how illuminati puppets are passed around. They just call it dating in Hollywood, but they seem to jump from one celeb to the next.

  4. she sucking him off & givin him pu$$y…no shit he gon take his borderline retarded ass & defend her…just like TI, she suckin his balls so when the other negroes go in on her they defend her…whatever hoe (kandi voice)

  5. I can’t stand ESPN but that was pretty funny. It’s not true though because hip-hop has been dead to me for at least 10 years.
    It’s strange Nick has never spoken up for his fake girlfriend before but now he wants to break bad at the ESPN desk guy, lol.
    Does he talk like that in real life?

    • I betcha he wouldn’t have popped off to Colin Cowherd
      or Max Kellerman(two major hip hop fans.) Either of those guys would have run him through the ringer and back. I watch ESPN every day and I have barely heard of this dude who tweeted to Nick.

      • I would’ve never guessed that about Kellerman or Cowherd. Ya learn something new everyday.

  6. I thought she was so fancy. Her boyfriend reminds me of Terry Crews character from White Chicks.

    • Hahaha. I can just hear him all stuttering and stumbling before they send him back to scrape the shit of his massa’s shoes.

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  8. Who’s Robert Flores? Exactly because I’ve never heard of him and nor do I care. He must not be a fan of hip hop because he would have known hip hop died years ago. The garbage out now is not hip hop but garbage.

    • Flores has been with ESPN DEPORTES for a long long time, and now he appears on ESPN and ESPN2 as well.

  9. Damn, does he even play basketball anymore? Everytime I turn around he’s defending her ‘honor.’ I know that’s his girl and all (Until she finds a richer/more powerful white trick who can make her more famous, that is), but still…

    • C’mon now. I’m NOT defending the Australian gecko, but I actually believe that she is genuinely “in love” at least for now. You know she could get plenty of rich dudes right now if she wanted. And I don’t mean that she’s hot or attractive, but there are rich, successful men who totally get off on landing a celebrity. And whether you like her or hate her, she IS all over the media. She definitely is not with Nick for his resources since she is far wealthier than he.

      • Ehh, maybe so, but we’ve seen this show a few times before–She’s ‘black’ to fit in, and will likely become ‘white’ when an even bigger opportunity (i.e. even MORE Crossover success) comes up.

    • Lest we forget, these ducks aka ballets are chosen by handlers of Iggy and other opportunists that rape the culture. If you notice, the template is always the same. Target less than educated blackmen in sports and hip-hop to to act as bodyguards for women who seek to enrich themselves by copying blackwomen dot dot dot…The Game! How long will these cats allow others to punk them for the cash…Who Knows?

  10. No..she just likes ridding black d*ck and she will take any black yuppy who is willing to touch her nasty ass. Did you get a look at that thing thats trying to sue her who calls himself her husband.

  11. Another unloyal hoe BM riding to cape for a white bish who will dump him in a hot second notice this fake bitch didn’t rush to get married cause she is f*cking around on him.

    BM are sambos and sellouts and uncle toms prove me wrong.

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