Taraji Henson Took Mo’Nique’s Role As Cookie


Mo’Nique said she was offered the role as Cookie on the television show “Empire, but the Fox network executives turned her down.

Here’s what Mo’Nique told Inside Edition:

“Lee Daniels called me up, he offered me the role in Empire as Cookie.

He even sent me a script. Maybe four days had gone by, and I hadn’t heard anything. So I’m trying to reach out to him to say, what time do I need to be in? Where do I need to be? When he finally returned the call, he says listen, the executives at Fox said that you’re difficult.”


  1. I think her big mouth loud ways nd attitude did her in with that ‘precious’ role. She’s not missed.

      • She’s thick but she isn’t ugly. She’s sight/attractive enough. You wouldn’t run away screaming if you saw her at the bus stop. She’s a type of typical African-American woman and relatable.


        • I agree. No matter what you think about T. Howard, he was good in Hustle and Flow and the chemistry between him and Taraji was palpable.
          I LOVED that scene were she gave him the chain. It still makes me tear up when I see it.

        • I totally agree that they made the right decision. The characters are perfect. I like Monique but for Cookies part “NO”! Maybe she can be Cookies mother, sister or cousin when it returns.

          Monique I hope you learned a valuable lesson. You dont have to
          be so agressive and hard. Be respectful and humble and maybe you’ll be blessed with a 2nd chance.

      • first 50 cent now this chick… don’t nobody wanna see Nikki Parker reprised as Cookie…NEXT

    • T.H. is a better actress than Monique, T.H. get a good script and a good part, she completely runs with it, she steals the show from all the other performers

    • Cookie’s character I sincerely believe if you know about “DEATHROW RECORDS” is based on Harry-O’s ex wife Lydia Harris, google her, she was supposed run what was originally going to be “GODFATHER ENT” before Suge Knight and Harry-O’s attorney steal the label and it’s profits

    • Thank God! It was meant to be because I can’t see her playing Cookie’s role. If it don’t fit you must aquit!! Could be Monique being delusional as she was on Baby Boy when she told Jody that she was a size 16.. okay girl if you say so.

  2. The deciding executives made the best decision on this one. Taraji & Terrace have great chemistry together. They’ve worked together several times so they mesh well. I just can’t see that with Terrance & Mo’Nique in spite of her acting skills.

    Her being ousted & blacklisted has been the topuc of industry chatter for a good year now so there may be something to the gossip & whispring going on.

    • I didn’t know that but I’m not at all surprised. They really work well together. I dont keep up with Empire but I’m hearing it’s a hit.

      Taraji has a way of transcending ANY look into her own so again, I’m not the least bit surprised that blogs are buzzing about her various looks for show. She really is an amazing actress & quite a cool person according to my coworkers who got to work with her a few months ago. I was on another assignment but they raved about how sweet & very laid back she was.

    • Agreed. I look forward on Wednesday nights. Cookie is a trip! Gave Anika three names, Boo Boo Kitty,Fake Ass Halle Berry to a Fake Ass Lena Horne. Called Jamal’s ex lover Dora. And if that ain’t bad enough, called Naomi Campbell Yoko Ono. I fell out laughing when she came up with those names! I wonder what names she will come up next. Lmao!

    • There you go trying to act like you had inside scoop. Just stop! You heard about her black listing from the media like everyone else. And for the record I’m not coming at you because you really don’t bother anyone here,but I have never seen you give inside tea that we couldn’t Google.

      • @ 4:20, LMAO I was thinking the same thing. She’s a Fake and fraudulent, everyone who lives on the West Coast knows it.

          • They prolly removed an offensive comment to Ms Reg, so now it looks like she’s talking to no one.
            It happens.

            • Nobody made an offensive comment to her. Sounds like she doesn’t like what was posted, complained and they removed folks comments, but nobody said anything offensive. A few posters have insinuated that she’s a liar, but nobody said anything derogatory.

              • In what world does calling someone a liar not qualify as derogatory? I can tell you that she did not complain to HSK or ask them to remove unkind comments. I know, from personal experience, that when a regular poster who contributes in a positive way is trashed, the mods will occasionally delete the offensive comment on their own. It may not seem fair to you or others, but my guess is that the mods would not want to see Ms Reg get pissed and ditch the site(stop posting.) Whereas when someone calls out an unknown occasional poster who basically adds nothing to the mix, the mods let that remain in the blog.
                I’m NOT Ms Reg, and I’m definitely not with HSK, but I’m smart enough to figure out why that would be good business for them.

              • I saw Ms Reg cussed people out in the past and even though I like her, she has been negative
                b4 just like Christa has

      • So, for the sake of argument let’s say “YOU & SUZY WONG” are right…

        I’m ever so “fake, fraudulent & EVEYONE on the West Coast knows it” coupled with the notion that “I really don’t bother anyone here,but YOU have never seen ME give inside tea that you couldn’t Google…”

        YOU BOTH seem to know an awful lot about whatever it is ” I ” have to say for someone who is supposed to such a FRAUD & oddly enough neither of you are no more than random people on HSK to me.

        It should also be noted by both of you there are MANY people here on HSK who can attest to what I’ve shared first or given accurate detail account of nevertheless…
        you both have a right to your feelings & opinions which I humbly respect until it teeters on calling me a liar which is what you did here.

        You both have a blessed day!

        • I like u a whole lot Ms Reg
          But the person above aint telling nothing but the truth. Everything u say 1st comes from google or it is a little bit of old news
          I just go along with what u say cuz I like u 🙂

            • O Shyt, Anonymous you were right, the site removed your post and mine because we called her out for the liar she is, WOW, you were right.

            • She whined like a whaling bitch she bring attacked for her Google research see why other stop coming here … They get attacked Hsk leaves it and this lame bitch continues to post lies and 1 st claimers .. Gtfoh I’m done they can have this place nobody comes on her interesting no more not even Jacky !

            • Anonymous 9:44, she actually got angry because folks called her lying ass out on her lies and got their comments removed. Wow, so she’s going to come on and continue lying about having inside scoops or knowing where this that and a third is, WOW, guess I gotta keep commit on to and you keep coming on to Anonymous.

            • You font see her personal relationship she has with Hsk bet this bitch knows them all by first name bases! Don’t be surprised she ain’t in there now ratting us out ! Cuz we attacking her lies !

            • @ Anonymous 10:10, irony is, we’re not attacking, just calling out her lies and exaggerations and she’s mad because we’re doing it, wants to keep the lies going on here.

          • Attention WHORE to the max. Tries to make those who live outside of California think she has access to shyt nobody else can get to, when in reality, anyone who knows California can take you from city to city,from shopping store to shopping store and from restaurant to restaurant.

          • One thing that I noticed about Ms reg is that she can be undercover condescending at times and that’s not cool. I’ve seen her a few times try to sneak diss here and there cause something ain’t her cup of tea. Her being a regular poster ain’t gonna make her exempt from being called out. My thing is if she can dish out the attitude on the low then she can take it however it comes back..period.

        • Ms Reg I concur with anon 14:00. You are being attacked because you are classy and because of your insider job. A very few folks here cannot stand the fact that you have such a cool job and get to work side by side the people we read about in LA and elsewhere. They are pea green with envy. So, that small handful of haters make a bunch of noise on this and other threads in an effort to hurt you and possibly get you to stop posting. PLEASE don’t take the bait any longer. WE KNOW who you are and that you are not a phony.
          We know that with the speed and convenience of the internet today, even an insider can report news or a rumor only to have it pop up on Google with the same hour. Those of us in the know don’t have any doubts as to your sincerity and veracity.
          And, not to put too fine a point on it, you also will notice that those who are taking shots at you font like the no good job having dummies they are. Just ignore the crabs and keep moving.

          • Your sentiments are touching but I have no reason to envy anyone’s supposed job on hsk. I myself have an education and a pretty desent career. You assumed that because we called someone out for being a fraud that means we don’t have jobs…Lmao that logic is really stupid. Like I said the tea is always stale and that’s cool but just stop playing yourself by announcing it like it is ground breaking news. That’s all I was saying. The people calling ms. Reg all out her name took it too far. Aside from that, this is hsk and if you are frauding sooner or later somebody is gonna pull your card.

          • You all need to cut this mess out
            The only poster I ever read spilling some real inside tea was this poster by the name
            “I know them niggas” on an old Eddie Murphy thread. Besides him and Jacky, aint no real “inside tea” has been spilled
            And even then, the poster who spilled the tea made sure he went incognito
            because the info was so detailed and accurate
            He didnt want his identity revealed
            So again, as I said b4, I really like Ms. Reg , I just go along with what she says,
            But I really dont believe she is some type of Hollywood Insider

    • Yes and suddenly the gossip about her working attitude if front and center. What’s up??

      • Are you people serious on here lol…who cares what this commenter says are we getting paid here for the scoop? ratings? ok yes we can all google but why act like highschool kids looking for drama on a site.Everyone here is free to offer information and comment.Get a life people and while you are at it examine carefully your anger issues because its not really the commenter you mad at get off this site if you get that angry my lord lol

        • Anonymous @ 09:35,

          I was told by a friend of mine to check out various recent comments pertaining to ME. One comment in particular was made by someone who “actually knows me in my real life” which was a shock to my nerves but sort of funny as well. I was JUST about to respond & make an apology to my friends here on HSK for my part in a recent verbal debacle since they made it crystal clear they didn’t like the fact “I was involved in it all.”

          YOUR comment is SO properly stated & fitting for the situation that there is absolutely nothing I need to add. You nailed it.

          Thank you & your point is duly noted on my end.

  3. OK, MAMA Monique , they are not trying to see your extra wide ass as no Monqiue! Also, Lee Daniels played you girl. Them white folks said “no” and he ran his sissy black ass to the parking lot before they got second thoughts about him. Remember girl, white people are most dangerous when they are smiling and hugging. You did all that shuckin and jiving in Precious……now your black ass washed up. Better put a rose in your head and try to be a black maid on the show.

    • These same hollywood celebs wouldnt spit on you or your children if they was on fire
      They aint “my people”
      My people are loving, kind and willing to do the works of The Lord (The Most High) at the drop of a hat. “My people” are not fake, phony or fraudulent
      or always trying to be the center of attention at the cost of anything or anyone. “My people” are not the type to sell out or sell you out to the highest bidder for prestige or fame and fortune
      So, no hard feelings at the poster above, but please dont put me in the same unit or category as the same “people” you’ve mentioned just because they “proclaim” to be “black” when they want you to buy something or they want to be praised. Because they are not “my people”

      • Thank you and you have right to yours and thank u for such a classy and intelligent reply 🙂

    • @BLK(sam-bo) That’s cold! You better be black cause if so what you said is funny as hell, if not, then not so much.

  4. Taraji is Cookie. Perfect casting. If anyone else had been cast as Cookie or Lucious then it wouldn’t be a #1 show. Maybe 3-4 but not 1-2.

  5. Taraji is a good actress…but everytime I look at her, all I see are those Mac Donald arched eyebrows

    • @Y okay well she can’t help that.. I have the same type of eyebrows and it does not matter which way they are arched that is the way they look. Just nature baby.

  6. Monique I saw your dismissal when you had your talk show, see you became to black you know loud, snappy, smart mouthed overbearing, and attitude, in other words (bitch)in their eyes, see you have to have a less aggressive demeanor and attitude,then you might have gotten by, still working, and you know the rest of how you get to the top in Hollywood you know how it goes, like Lee swallow Daniels said you didn’t play the game and you know what that meant, don’t you? Yeah you know

    • Absolutely, I don’t know what was in her water bottle when she had her talk show but it was way too much. She made herself look stupid.

  7. I think the execs used the difficult reputation thing as an excuse. I’m not convinced Mo is difficult anyway. Not anymore than any other actress that thinks she has a name. Lots of them are demanding and entitled and ask for crazy shit in their contracts. I really think at Fox, They weren’t going to cast a darker skinned actress for that role because they wanted to go the lighter skinned route. Taraji is about as brown as they wanted to go. Besides they figured they would get mote milage out of a sexier, younger looking mother. Nia Long could also have played Cookie. Monique would have been more matronly, but I’m sure they didn’t want people mentally associating her mother portrayal in Precious with Cookies role. All that being said, its still bullshit. Lee Daniels didn’t fight for her, his gay white boss probably didn’t give a shit one way or another and the execs in charge were being vengeful. But bringing up all this now just makes Monique look bitter . She should have come out with this months ago and her story might have made black folks, the target demographic , boycott the show. I often what it will take before we as a collective use our sheer numbers to fight back?

    • We were plenty cohesive in ancient times. Art, archeological, historical and biblical references all bear that out. But we are a scattered people and do not function like a nation. Fake joos do, they have it down to a science. But we as a people are very individual minded, the proverbial sheep without a shepard, but we have so much fire in our veins we don’t see ourselves as sheep, too weak a reference. We are so strong. And yet we seem to be unable to pool that strength into power, which makes no sense. Like Tupac said years ago we aren’t meant to survive this, its a set up. But I feel a momentum now that I don’t quite understand like mind blowing things are going.to happen in this lifetime that will completely upend this system.

      • I love intelligent debates and discussing different points of view with no hostility. So , if you have the time, I would like to hear your opinion . And hopefully others will sound off too .

  8. This woman is really trying to make people feel sorry for her but I don’t.
    I have not watched one episode of Empire but something tells me Taraji was a better pick for that role than Monique. Also the title is misleading because Taraji didn’t take anything from Monique.

  9. I dont believe Monique. Lee Daniels personally sought out Taraji Henson to play Cookie. She then asked Terrance Howard to costar with her. This match was a perfect hit for ratings. Monique would not been able to pull it off like Taraji and neither could Wesley Snipes. They are old, washed up and unattractive for the roles (more so Monique). She is very bitter and need to move on.

    • Wesley ain’t cute either. Never thought he was and never found him sexy or appealing with his Black woman hating ass.

      • Prison made him look old and tired. I saw him in the Expendables 3and he looked like he aged 15 years since his stretch. He needs some of that Blade juice

  10. Actually Wesley Snipes and Monique were both considered for the parts of Cookie and Luscious before Taraji and Terrence.

  11. I read on another site dont know how true it is but daniels wanted wesley to have the role but terrence went to daniels and begged for the role. From what this site was reporting is that the casting couch was involved. Check out blind gossip.

  12. I am sorry but Monique could never have played Cookie I can’t even see her in that role at all no Ma’am.

    • That’s what I said too & I’ve only seen 2 episodes. Taraji took that role & has truly made it her own. Not saying Mo isn’t a good actress BUT I just feel they made the best choice.

  13. This isn’t about Monique versus Taraji this is about Hollywood ran by powerful gay men allways have since the beginning of Hollywood and who would no better than the sissy Lee Daniels, he keeps his knee pads on. I just seen Monique on Good Morning America she stated lee Daniels got mad at her when she failed to mention him during her Oscar acceptance speech. I’ve heard,ms Daniels has a big diva attitude

    • Even if Lee Daniels is a diva, it still doesnt take away the fact that Monique wasnt a good fit for this role. She could have never gotten the ratings Taraji pulled in. Monique just need to move on and create her own opportunities.

    • To Our HSK Staff,

      I want to bring attention to the fact that I am in no way exempt from the same treatment as any other guest here on HSK yet I’m reading comments to the contrary. In addition to that it’s now being said that @Christa, who to my understanding RARELY IF EVER comes here at all is now somehow involved in & the cause of “the disappearance of the comments left by others.”

      When it’s just me who is attacked I can easily withstand it with no problem but when @Chrsta, someone who I consider a FRIEND & whom is NOT here to defend herself is being attacked & wrongfully accused of things that have nothing to do with her…I take great offense. The HSK staff are well aware that neither @Christa nor myself work for the site, receive special treatment or have ANY power to alter anything on the site.

      So, while neither of us have any control or power to do anything I’m asking that you devise a method of curtailing such behavior here. The knowledge of IP addresses may be a beautiful thing since….when I tell you I’m in Vegas or Dubai you can CHECK MY IP address to see where it pings from since I’m told I’m such a liar on HSK! Likewise, in doing so I’m sure you’ll find that all this rhetoric stems from a “one man operation fronting under many screens.”

      Thank you for your time & consideration.

        • Dont you get it? Ms Reg is the head honcho and leading commenter on hsk and even the staff better
          follow her direction or instructions otherwise they will lose Ms. Reg and her followers

      • Bitch stfu is this your way of asking your friends and Hsk buddies to continue to protect your lame lying ass stories you feed them . They must really need a desperate lying bitch like you to keep them a float everybody shit got erased just now , you Must be Christa too! Troll butch you can have if we gotta here the tea from you I might as well Google before stepping in here too .. Attention whore now run to the Hsk staff and snitch on me too !

      • Now that I’ve cleared the air on behalf of my friend Christa who is not here to defend herself & SINCE she & I…I guess have so much power over a damn gossip site of which NEITHER of us own or operate let’s see exactly HOW manycomments get deleted NOW! If I had the kind of control & power I’m said to have NONE of the hatefulness displayed here by some in particular would ever get posted.

        IF your comments get deleted now…GOOD!
        Even if it’s not by my hand…still GOOD!

        • LMAO, hey Ms Reg,are you going to continue spilling your special brand of celebrity tea? Are you going to take us to where no other mere mortal has gone before?

      • You are koo koo for coco pops to sit down and type that whole thesis. You have waaaaaay too much time on your hands. DID I ATTACK YOU?

        • She has to many handles in here is What it is … Who gives a f*ck about a f*ck about Christa … Unless they f*cking and licking each other.. She is a troll and ats Christa too!

          • Seriously Anonymous 10:42, that alone lets you know Christa is another handle she uses, cause don’t nobody give a sht about no Christa. She on here defendin her to the depth.

            • For those of you who actually believe that Ms Reg and Christa are the same person, or that either of them are part of this site, you clearly haven’t been posting her very long.
              Back in 2012 those 2 started posting on the daily and they were BFF’s. They had their share of fans and haters, as a matter of fact one of the haters said that this blog needed to be renamed “Tea Time with Christa and Ms Reg” which then became a running joke.
              Ms Reg really does have a dream job in Hollywood which allows her access to stuff most of us only dream about, and Christa used to be an airline VIP passenger concierge, but she left her job to run her family’s company.
              Both of them did have real life experience with the rich and famous through their jobs.
              It’s weird that people who care enough to frequent a celebrity blog would shit on two posters who actually do have first hand stuff to share about celebs. But that’s human nature I guess.

            • @Anon 16:53 u sound real dumb
              I was here wayyyyyyyyyyyy b4 Ms. Reg and Christa and they only became friends when they used to harass and cuss out old men and anyone who didnt agree with them
              Them 2 was a real terror then and after they ran all the insightful posters off the site is when they became positive and real close “friends”
              Also have you ever been to Ms Reg “job”?
              Not trying to sound mean but how would you know factually where she works unless you’ve been there and had a tour of the place

        • Of course not. We’d much rather read your brief illiterate all caps bullshiggidy.

            • Only dumb, lonely losers type lengthy explanations for people they don’t know and will never meet. You crave acceptance and attention, that’s why you lie and over exaggerate everything on this board. Glad you were busted Ms Google, LOL.

          • 22:27 I am with you on that. We’re talking Jennifer Jason Lee up in this piece.

          • OMG…\(0_o)/

            Anonymous 1874U,

            LMAO…My face hurts from laughing!

            Wait…At the time of your post it was all “that damn day” BUT we’ve moved into a “whole OTHER day, almost two now!!!”
            Seriously, I thought you were kidding but…
            I GUESS NOT!!!

            Don’t even bother to respond to me on this..
            It’s been way too many “friends” expressing their concern over the Kindergarten Hour. I’ve been asked to disengage which I did.

            Anonymous @ 9:51 called it best…
            “its best to read the story headline and scroll on past anyone who types deragotory comments.”

            Remember they dogged Jesus out?
            Surely I’m absolutely NOTHING nearly in comparison so how dare I be upset over nonesense or carry any expectations whatsoever of others!

      • Its becoming a JOKE on here .its best to read the story headline and scroll on past anyone who types deragotory comments it works for me and very simple to do lol

  14. Idiot. Christa was banned from here 6 months ago for pissing off Jacky. Why in the f*ck would HSK mess with your devices because you don’t like her?
    That’s some paranoid shit right there.

    • This site is kinda boot-leggish. When I’m on my laptop and come on this site, these Z list artist are on here, to the right singin. It’s been the same music for that last year at least. Most reputable sites will remove your comment if it include profanity or insults. This site because it’s, ‘FRIENDS’ with some of the poster’s and when someone doesn’t agree with their friend, they remove the comment. No other site does that.

      • Thank s and amen ! But really we just find better blogs this ain’t the only one … Kinda boring now right ? We gotta be stuck with Ms regular and her band of lame gang!

      • Christa is not banned! Maybe her IP was blocked at one point, but it would only have been because of a comment she would have made as an anon..

        Anyhow, Christa is not banned and comments daily, but is not someone commenting under different names. She never was someone who did that.


        • Wow Thanks for that shit Christa … We knew you aren’t the Hsk mod or any other names in here … Gtfoh !

        • What is the difference in blocking a poster’s IP address and “banning” them? If they can no longer post from their home device aren’t they effectively banned?

          • i mean.. each device has a unique IP and if you happened to get your ip banned there are ways around it that dont require much effort.

        • O,OK, we believe you ‘HSK MOD’, *****Eye Roll****
          Wait, let me see if I can post as HSK MOD….

    • Stop it, just stop it. We don’t name call round these parts. This is the site for the most well informed, educated and brightest this country has to offer……O DAMN who am I fooling, this site has an unfit brain of its own, plays music, reloads, removes comments it don’t like and your system will start getting off the wall pop-ups of different types of porn. Yep, yep, yep.
      Some poster’s will want you to believe they have the keys to the stars, like literally. Don’t believe me, go to the archives. Some can come on here and call you every derogatory name known to man and will continually be allowed to post. O well, again, check the archives.

    • I was wondering what happened to Crista.. I thought that maybe she was posting under another alias. I know that she would confront Jacky in her comments about deleting her post’s but I didn’t know it came to that.

      • Christa never discussed anything with Jacky or ever confronted Jacky because he allegedly was already gone way b4 she started posting on here. Maybe she confronted a staff member but never Jacky

        • Sorry, but you are mistaken. Jacky was here in August 2012 which was when she started here(go back in the archives, I checked.)
          She had words with JJ often, it was no secret. He would get pissed and delete all her comments for the previous 30 days, which f*cked up the comment threading.

  15. This is a ridiculous issue. Monique really believes that she would be a better fit for Cookie than Taraji?
    Bless her heart. That’s both delusional and sad at the same time.
    That would be like Melissa McCarthy saying that she was up for the lead role in Hunger Games but Jennifer Lawrence came and snatched it from her.

  16. I wish Lee Daniels ass just come out and say he “blacked balled” her. Gay people throw major shade. Now that Lee is a part of the Hollywood Gay elite, he would throw his own momma on under the bus. Isn’t that what he said in the CNN internview with that coon Don Lemon (both of them queen up there throwing mad shade). Lee pretty much said that if he’s a :”sell out” then at least he’s selling out movies/tickets. Monique did the unthinkable, mess with the Hollywood Gay elite….PERIOD!

    As far as that Cookie situation, I almost threw up in my mouth the thought of her and Terrance/Luscious rolling around on the bed. At best Gabby’s part was more of Monique’s role. The Richard Pryor and the “Butler” role that Orpah played, I could see her in those. Whatever the case, whatever roles or parts she thought she had with Lee Daniels, were toast. Which means Lee should’ve told her upfront than playing her along. It’s as if to say she was too stupid to read in between the lines. This shade was manurfactured, because “Mo” didn’t play the game alright….SMDH!

    • U my dear get The Comment Of The Day Award!!!!!!! @09:37!
      🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  17. Monique was considered for Empire, The Butler, Oprah’s role in Selma. But it was her bad attitude. When she was campaigning for Oscar for Precious she was demanding appearance fees. Now it is well known you don’t do . Meryl Streep & Angelina Jolie don’t ask for appearance fees and Monique ain’t no Meryl Streep, Thats what Lee Daniels was trying to tell her. She didn’t play the game. Monique was unknown in the mainstream. By her being unknown you have to crawl before you wk, you get your name out there, get small roles then work your way upto bigger roles which means a bigger paycheck. Taranji is the right person for Empire

  18. I enjoy this show, but I don’t think it’s as good as people make it out to be. We’re just seeing movie actors on primetime and that’s the big deal.

    Taraji is doing an excellent job and she makes the show…but I feel Terrence Howard is completely wrong. He’s not a good enough actor and isn’t delivering his lines believably.

    This show would have been SO much better with Wood Harris.

    But it’s filmed in my hometown, the Chi, so I watch it anyway!

    • Yes Wood Harris is the truth. Then they wood have had to recast a lot of people. Because Wood Harris would have brought that realness.(he would have out shined them☺)

  19. Monique could lose 700 pounds and people will still see her as a threat. She’s too loud and ghetto.

  20. No needs to blame her fruity ass manager husband for all this f*ckery. He gave her bad career advice. If she ever hopes to work in Hollywierd again she needs to fall back and humble herself.

  21. Why was she ever considered for this roll? I don’t believe her. She knows this show is hot and want in to get her name mentioned daily. And why isn’t she telling fat women jokes anymore? She put down fat women while she was on a diet?! Cop-out sold our. She’s done. The only way she can come back it to sing gospel hymns. Hmmmm

    • But “Empire” co-creator and actor, Danny Strong, says that Mo’Nique is mistaken. In a chat with the good folks at “Sway in the Morning,” he claimed that she was never offered the role because Taraji P. Henson was always the actress they wanted to go with.

    • I believe Monique was offer the role of Cookie. TMZ ask Taraji P. Henson about the role and she dismiss the question. Taraji behavior and expression told the story. I totally agree that Ms. Henson is the right actress for Cookie.

  22. Ms Reg…you are rude. Im relatively new to the site and made a positive comment about our people and for reason, she passed a sly remark about it. And if she had read my comment..she would have noticed she did not even make sence…so I called her a fool. Then when I see her try and make a decent comment…it sounds like she is pretending to be nice.

  23. Ms Reg…you are rude. Im relatively new to the site and made a positive comment about our people and for some reason, she passed a sly remark about it. Totally uncalled for. If she had read my comment properly..she would have noticed that what she said did not even make sence…she was to busy trying to be a smart ass..so I called her a fool. When I see her try and make a decent comment…it sounds like she is pretending to be nice.

  24. Mo’Nique opposite Terrence Howard? Never. Taraji Henson IS Cookie. And even Mo’Nique’s version of the phone conversation doesn’t sound like a formal offer of the role. So, what if he sent you a script? He didn’t call you back. You called him.

  25. Hollywood wants our actors to Buck when told to…Mo’Nique is not about that life! B-More kissing ass to be accepted in by them heathens on the left coast…I Think Not! Real Talk, I’m surprised by some folk on this thread who are now so in love Terrence Howard all of a sudden? I love Taraji and all, but that dude…Never! We want blacks in the industry to be ride or die, and some of you negros wanna attack Mo’Nique…Chat Bout?

  26. Monique and Lee Daniels has sold their souls to the Devil. Monique refuse to play ball with the powers in charge, the Hollywood entertainment world is portraying her as a difficult actress. Next, her finances will be in jeopardy, eventually, Monique will be broke, she is learning that the Devil is a trickster even in Hollywood.

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